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Pets for Kids Essay

  • Submitted by: Apowster
  • on August 29, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Pets for Kids" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

For those who love pets, whether a cat, a dog, or a reptile is the best pet depends on several factors. For instance, one’s personality and the role a pet is expected to play in the owner’s life are some of the factors affecting the choice and appropriateness of a pet. Mostly compared in the debate on the best pet are cats, dogs, reptiles (turtle, tortoise, and fish). The other point worth noting is that each kind of pet has its own advantages and disadvantages and it depends on what its owner expects of it. In addition, the nature and behavior of a pet also determines whether it is the best or the most appropriate (Radford 24). For an illustration, a dog may be quite laid back by nature while one may acquire and keep a cat which has uncharacteristically high energy. Similarly, if one wants a pet to take a stroll, play, and go places with, then a dog would come highly recommended. On the other hand, cats are easier to care for and are thus recommended for pet owners interested in a more relaxed atmosphere while dogs are for fun and outdoor people. The comparison is however not always about dogs and cats; sometimes dogs and cats are compared with other kinds of pets such as reptiles and fish. In these comparisons, a good pet is defined on the basis of characteristics such as temperament and the ease of care and upkeep (Radford 43). Many pet lovers also concur that the best pet is not only gentle but also good natured and easy to take care of. This paper compares dogs and cats on one side and fish and reptiles on the other.
There are several advantages that dogs and cats have over reptiles, which make them better pets over the latter. Among the positive aspects of cats and dogs are loyalty, easy to manage, simple feeding/diet, easy to find feed, they are playful, and are fun to be with. However, there are several bad aspects of keeping cats and dogs as pets. For instance, they need medications/shots for diseases such as rabies, mange, cough, worms, and they must be...

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