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Personal Ethics Statement Essay

  • Submitted by: mwhite47
  • on June 21, 2012
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My Personal Ethics Statement: I believe that gay marriage should be legal because everyone should be treated with equality no matter what their sexual preference is. It is legal in more states to marry your pets than it is to marry your “life partner”. It has been said that gays make marriage look bad and give marriage a bad name but I disagree with that. Celebrities give marriage and its meaning a bad name when their marriages only last for 72 hours.

My Ethical Lens Inventory Discoveries: Through the Ethical Lens Inventory, I discovered that it is designed to help you determine which category of the four ethical lenses you belong to. There are four primary ethical perspectives that will help you to determine exactly how you would act in a grey situation where no “regulations” can tell you what to do. Also, your preferred ethical lens depends on your own core values. Core values are the principles that move you toward taking action and each ethical lens accentuates underlying core values in a couple different ways. The ways that the ethical lenses differ are: the Rights and Responsibilities Lens emphasizes autonomy and rationality; in other words using your head. The Results Lens emphasizes autonomy and sensibility; in other words using your heart and intuition. There is also the Reputation Lens and this emphasizes equality and sensibility. And lastly, there is the Relationship Lens which emphasizes equality and rationality.

My Preferred Ethical Lens: My preferred ethical lens is the Relationship Lens because it highlights equality and rationality. This ethical lens goes with my personal ethics statement because this is what the gay community is looking for; Equality and Rationality. I chose to fit this into my ethics statement for a couple of reasons and I too believe that the gay community should have the same rights as a heterosexual couple and be allowed to marry the one that they love, their life partner.

My Blind Spot: My blind spot would...

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