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Parent and Child Conflict Essay

  • Submitted by: sbnbballchick
  • on January 11, 2009
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It is widely known that kids and parents go through tough times in the kid’s teenage years.   But who is to blame?   Is it the parents’ fault for being too strict?   Or is it the kids who have a bad attitude?   Many things contribute to this problem, but one thing is communication.   Is there a solution?   Or is this problem going to continue for years to come?  
There aren’t many families who eat dinner together anymore.   Most families are too preoccupied to set up a time and place where they can all meet for dinner.   This time at dinner is crucial to tell about one another’s lives and what they are feeling.   Many questions are presented at the dinner table along with daily news about the family that if missed, can severely cause issues.   Families discuss topics at the dinner table which include where and when they are going someplace.   Since some families do not have dinner together, many children wait until the last minute to ask their parents about events that are the next day because the child forgot.   This causes conflict and parents get frustrated witch causes them to yell.   The dinner table is also a time to discuss grades.   If there is never this time, parents could be extremely upset once they see their child’s report card and realize their child never told them they were failing a class.   As you can see, a 10 min meal can solve fights that may last hours or days.  
Grace Kaufman 2
If miscommunication is the problem, then clear communication is the solution.   Consistent communication is a necessity for a decent relationship between parent and child.   It does not take long to leave a 10 word note by the door.   With technology like cell phones, it takes a simple text message to advise a family member where you are.   With this, you also know that the message definitely got to your recipient.   Another easier way of communicating is leaving a message on the house phone.   That way, when another family member comes home, they will see a message on...

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