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Overpopulation Problem Essay

  • Submitted by: benjammer112
  • on March 12, 2012
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This world has a major problem with overpopulation, This may not seem to be a problem to some people but the fact of the matter is that is is a serious problem. The reason overpopulation is such a problem is because the rate at which the population increases is directly proportional to the amout the population grows. So this means that, the more people there are to reproduce, the faster the population will increase, which will in tern, be a problem.
Overpopulation has more to due with it then just population density (amount of people per landmass). Overpopulation also applies to the number of people one area can handle, before it becoming innefecient. A lot of attention when it comes to overpopulation is put on poor, thrid world countries, but the problem also lies here in the unite states. Americans only makeup about 5 percent of the worlds population, but we use 26% of the world recourses and energy, that is very inneficient compared to a lot of other countries. We should consider the amount of recourses that are used by Americans, it has a very damaming effect on the world. Because we are very quickly usin up the worlds recourses, almost every nation is overpopulated. This applies the the wealthy countries even more then the poor countries, even though more emphasis is put on poor, thrid world countries.
Many counties experience hardships due to overpopulation, especially thrid world countiries. The key reason behind this is simply because the infrastructure, things like water system, waste treamtent systems, and road ways are not devoloping fast enough to keep up with the growing population. Then water sanitation systems, and food supply become a big problem to the health an well being of the individuals living within the highly populated areas.
Overpopulation then become a problem of scale, since the affects of living in areas on the enviroment and water are very clear, when the number of people living in these areas increase, do...

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