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Modernist Poetry Essay

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  • on May 23, 2009
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Modernism describes an array of cultural movements, which developed and began due to a change in western society in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century and included a series of reforming movements.   The modernist era affirmed the power of humans to create, improve and reshape their society.   It encouraged the re-examination of every aspect of existence.   Modernism embraces change and the present, and was created because it was believed that the traditional forms were becoming outdated.   This era directly confronted the new economic, social and political conditions of the emerging fully industrialised world.   In literature, thematic characters included breakdowns of social norms and cultural sureties, dislocation of meaning and sense from its normal context, disillusionment, rejection of history and the substitution of a mythical past, borrowed with chronology stream of consciousness and indirect discourse.  

During the modernist era, there was no longer the same ability to create a vision of order and unity; there is a far more dominant impression of the world as fragmented, of life being too complicated and painful for any real sense of order and peace to be found.   In place of the old certainties about the way in which human life fits into the pattern of existence there are new, disturbing ideas about human beings and the darker, hidden aspects of their social and psychological selves.   Society itself was becoming increasingly complex.   Modernists were fully aware of the disorder, injustices and hardships of the world they lived in, there was an increasing sense that life is overwhelmingly confusing and complicated.   There was a feeling that the world has become so baffling that it is impossible to make sense of it, particularly as the decline, and in many cases the total eclipse, of religious faith robs writers of and secure perspective or frame work of shared values from which they can interpret and make sense of experience.  

Modernism presents...

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