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Logical Fallacies Essay

  • Submitted by: spizike10027
  • on November 17, 2011
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Logical Fallacies

In our everyday life we use fallacies, without realizing that we do. Our conversations and interactions with people are at times involving “logical fallacies” which are mistakes in reasoning. This term comes from the Latin word deceit, and there is some form deception behind most of these lapses in logic (Current Arguments). The use of fallacies can be effective; the usage comes naturally to most people when conversing with one another and in a debate or argument. I will give a few different examples’ of common fallacies used today. The usage of these fallacies is effective and deceitful in every way. The logic in winning an argument by the technique of the fallacy is useful. From politics to our everyday ordinary people, fallacies are applied subconsciously.
Attributing guilt by Association is the first fallacy I will be discussing. An example of this would be The Arizona
Immigration law. At any time it allows police to racial profile and question anyone who fits the illegal immigrant criteria. They’re association would be a certain ethnicity, and if they are not carrying proof they are automatically guilty.   This fallacy is effective, because ultimately the police will catch someone without proof of citizenship. The fallacy is deceitful, for it allows the questioning of innocent civilians. The invasion of ones’ privacy for looking a certain way is not justifiable.
A second example for this fallacy would be any one who hangs out with the “wrong crowd.” If someone is seen with people who are known for mischief such as crimes or usage of illegal drugs, chances are that one person will automatically fall into those criteria. If someone is associated with a certain crowd does not mean that person automatically has the same judgment as of whom they are associated with. This fallacy can be effective, for some can argue “you are who your friends are.” It is deceitful; because we are all different people one makes their own decisions regardless...

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