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Interpersonal Coflict In The Movie Hitch Essay

  • Submitted by: robinvereen
  • on January 16, 2012
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The movie that I decided to watch was Hitch. I have seen this movie a few times. This time while watching the movie I actually paid more attention to the conflicts that was going on rather than just watching the movie. I have found the interpersonal conflict in the movie Hitch is miscommunication and misunderstanding. A lot of things could have been handled differently if only Hitch and Sara have communicated better. One fight they had could have been avoided if they would have just communicated. It takes them awhile to talk things out and communicate. At the end of the movie they did end up communicating together and working things out. I believe that communication is very important in a relationship. You cannot have a successful relationship if you do not communicate.
There is one interpersonal conflict between Hitch and Sara that I would like to talk about. Sara and Hitch were dating one another. Sara found out that Hitch was a “date doctor” Sara then blame Hitch for being the reason her friend is dumped. When Sara finds out what Hitch does for a living they go out on a date and Sara explains that she knows what he does for a living now. At this point she does not give Hitch the time to explain himself. When Hitch shows up at a speed dating event they briefly exchange words but again they don’t really communicate and work things out. Later Sara goes to Hitch’s house to say she is sorry but he just blows her off.
The next time they meet they actually get the chance to talk and work things out. I believe that if Sara and Hitch would have sat down and talked to work things out a whole lot sooner they would have had a better understanding of each other sooner rather than later. He could have explained to her what his job was all about and what he did. When she found out about what he did she would not have been surprised and could have prepared herself better.   Sara could have stayed at Hitch’s house and listened to what his explanation of the situation at hand...

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