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How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay

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How I spent my summer vacation

      I could easily say that this summer was one of the most memorable and fun in my life. During these three month I got to see so many new places and people. Also I met my family and friends, who I was apart with for almost a year. Half of this summer I spent in the United States getting my exchange year till the end and then I returned back to Kyrgyzstan. So, so many new challenges were waiting for me back in my home country.
      My summer started from very exciting preparation on going to the Graduation Project of East Chapel Hill High School. Although, it was pretty sad time, because I had to say good bye to all of my friends at school. Therefore, me and my friend decided on spending those last weeks together very cool. So, we went shopping and to the movies, had exciting parties and went on the trip to the beach. Then we got to the time to sign the yearbooks and say bye to each other. Since there were just two more weeks left till I leave to Kyrgyzstan, I flew to Houston to visit my cousin. That was pretty fun trip. The time flew by, and finally I had to leave United States.
      When I got home I was so happy to be back with my family again. I have missed my little brother Amantur and sister Kanykey so much during that year. My baby brother has grown up   a lot, so it was pretty cool to see him all big. I would say that the first week was pretty amazing. So many people were asking really funny questions about the life I had in America. And then few more weeks after everything was the same again. A little boring.
      But that wasn’t the end, some more challenges came up. I had to apply for college. So, I put all my time, energy and skills in getting into the AUCA. I was so happy to hear the news that I got accepted.   It was my lucky day. So, from that on I could do whatever I want and party with my friends. And believe me, I didn’t loose that chance.
      My summer vacation was absolutely great. And I...

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