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Daylight Savings Time Synthesis Essay

  • Submitted by: Reen94
  • on April 26, 2011
  • Category: English
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Reena Villariz
AP English- Period 4
Ms. Cunningham
March 31, 2011
Conserving energy is definitely crucial in improving a nation’s economy, environment and society. Throughout the years, scientists and other experts developed various ways on how to save electricity. Daylight saving time, which was initiated by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, is one method in which individuals can properly maintain the environment. Due to its massive significance to mankind’s society and surroundings, the daylight savings time should be continuously regulated for its outstanding benefits such as crime reduction, energy conservation and traffic safety.
Daylight saving time offers a more harmless environment; it decreases crime rates that usually happen during the evening. As criminals often plot their malicious acts at night and crimes are heavily influenced by lighting conditions, DST simply prevents offenders’ chances of committing assault or theft (Source C). If the federal government continues to regulate DST, protection for individuals is more guaranteed. Going home from work will be much safer, neighborhoods will be at peace, and families will sleep safe and sound. Daylight saving time offers a huge advantage for it eliminates danger, and instead employs security.
Conservation of energy is wonderfully demonstrated through the employment of daylight saving time. Energy consumption is lessened which greatly impacts the preservation of the environment. This is evidenced by Source B, which states that electricity usage is reduced by about one percent during each day. By DST, if less energy is being consumed, the opportunities of mankind having a safer and more presentable environment are much higher. Furthermore, DST not only aids the surroundings but also teaches people to use energy wisely. Individuals will be fully aware of the benefits that come with saving energy. Continuous application of DST provides a well preserved atmosphere.
Lastly, daylight saving time does not...

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