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Cultural Competence in Video Games Essay

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Module 08 – Cultural Competence in Video Games

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Cultural Competence in Video Games
Cultural competence can be a wonderful inclusion when developing video games. It can help bring out the design of the game and make it stronger. The concept of cultural competence within a video game is to make something within the game behave such as something in real life would, and define to the player the cultural differences between different groups of society throughout the world. Including cultural differences and objects within a game usually helps draw consumers toward the game because it is a sense of reality. During this time and age, most people like reality. You barely ever see developers making games, or TV shows, that are not life-like. The main reason behind this is technology. Technology has developed greatly within the past ten years and has been a major influence on the creation of these “life-like” games. With technology on the rise, it allows creators to integrate more and more into their games. With all of this room for more design, we can now put the little details in such as cultural tendencies.
One of the best games that I have seen recently that portrays some very deep cultural competence is Socom: Special Forces. This game comes packed with details! All throughout the game you see all types of different cultures, people, places, etc. It is hard to miss some of the things throughout this game. You begin as a NATO Forces Operations Commander who is actually an Australian, and have to work your way through the game with the help of many other allied country’s Special Forces units. Throughout the game, they point out the differences within the different allies to show how culturally diverse they are. The best part about it is they always stay allies, despite their differences.
Defining these cultural differences, even subliminally, within video games is a simple, yet incredible idea. You can teach people these different cultures and how...

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