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Belonging Needs And Self Esteem Essay

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  • on May 4, 2012
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Maslow Hierarchy Stages of needs
Physical Needs
These types of needs are those that help basic survival, for example, air, food, water, and sex (for propagation).   These are metabolic needs which are required by almost every living organism but humans have a larger range of needs.  
Safety and Protection Needs
Also as every living organism humans need security. Security comes in many different aspects, for example, financial security, home security, personal security, and health security.   When it comes to communication, warning others the risks or dangers that may exist in a particular situation are also security needs.
Belonging Needs
Everyone needs to interact with others in order to grow socially and for communication learning, so that is why everyone needs to belong (belonging needs). This can be acquired through friendship, family and partnerships.  
Self-Esteem needs
Everyone need to be respected but most importantly, to be self-respected. Self esteem represents the normal desire to be valued and to be recognized by others. People need to have a positive vibe since a very early age.
Self Actualization
Self Actualization needs is about the individual development and what are the types of talents, capabilities, and potentials that makes people unique. Marlow describes this as a desire to become more than one can be or become.
How belonging needs currently applies to you?
Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to have a big and united family from an early age. I have also had friends throughout the course of my life and was part of baseball team and clubs that helped me develop socially. But I have been living abroad in the past 6 years, far from my family and my friends. I have been with my wife and kids but I still need to have social interaction with others outside my family core. Thankfully, my family and I have friends that are also expats and share the same or similar interests that we do. Of course I still have the need to communicate with my...

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