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    by Christian Anu. In contrast to that, Due to some barriers and cultural differences, sometimes it is difficulties and challenging for some individual to develop meaningful connection with people, This ideas was further explored in the memoir Unpolished Gem by Alice Pung. At the begging of Rabbit proof fence Noyce has emphasises that, individual are naturally connected with their own natives habitat and with their own family. ,At the begging of films , with the tracking shot of vast desert landscape

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    ------------------------------------------------- Interview Questions for Alice Pung ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Written by Laura Gordon 1. Tell us a little about the experience of writing your first novel Unpolished Gem? What was the inspiration and what did you find the hardest? Growing up, the only kind of literature that involved people who were from my kind of cultural background seemed to be Oriental Cinderella stories and migrant narratives of success

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    Unpolished Gem Quotes * Next, my Grandmother says her versions of grace. “Ah Buddha bless our Father Government,” she exalts. “Treating us better than our sons do. Giving old people money fortnight.” (25) * When my Grandma and I return from our walk, the laundry is done and my mother is preparing lunch. My Grandmother sits at the table and starts counting her Father Government money. Her Father Government money includes the money my father’s earns because he gives everything to her.” (25)

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    Alice Pung addresses the idea of multiculturalism in her novel ‘Unpolished Gem’. Two of the themes in this novel where she portrays her culture are through personal identity and the impact of the past. ‘Unpolished Gem’ is the story of Alice Pung and her Chinese-Cambodian family as they migrate to Melbourne to pursue the “Australian Dream”. Alice experiences Melbourne life through school while her mother becomes an outworking jeweler and her father opens an electrical appliance franchise. Alice moves

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    abilities, she is just as talented and able as the young men in this country. But whatever you do, you must make sure she is not exposed to any of them. Better yet, you must make sure that she doesn’t have to make any choices about men in her life’ Unpolished Gem is an open story of Alice’s life struggles and experiences, which are conflicted between her family as well as her cultural heritage. Her memoir identifies her cultural and family’s traditional

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    and past experiences. It is also influenced by the people around, place or even the environment. From the three texts I realized that sometimes people need to change and adapt to their surroundings to find that sense of belonging. Her memoir “Unpolished Gem” tells the story of young Alice Pung as the main character and her family couldn’t fully belong to the Australian society because of some barriers. Alice is a Chinese Cambodian immigrant who went to Australia. In her early childhood in Australia

  • The Great Australian Dream In Alice Pung's 'Unpolished Gem'

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    Unpolished Gem Text Response The great Australian dream What is the great Australian dream? In the novel ‘Unpolished Gem’ by Alice Pung she tells us of her families quest for the great Australian dream and later in the book her own quest for the Great Australian dream. She tells us of her childhood life and how difficult it was for her to fit since she didn’t know English, she tells us about her teen years and how her family strived to have the great Australian dream without forgetting their Chinese/Cambodian

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    outcome of the journey. In the novel Unpolished Gem, Alice's family plays a crucial, yet disputed role on Alice's self-discovery journey. Ed's friends in The Messenger become like his family, as a family does they guide and support him through his journey. We also see the theme self-discovery throughout the poem Fifteen. All three texts have a varied yet definite connection to a family's influence on someones journey to self-discovery. Alice's family in Unpolished Gem have a fateful influence her. Alice's

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    individual’s behavior and actions deviates too far from what is generally considered normal in society, then questions are raised and that person is looked upon very differently.   There are many cases where Alice Pung the author and main character in unpolished gem does not conform to the regulations of society, and therefore, is given odd looks by the people around her. An example of this is when it was a History dress up day at her primary school. She was expect to wear a dress but instead her mum dressed

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    attempt to belong. Peter Weir’s film Dead Poet’s Society highlights the drastic consequences that may result when the need to meet the expectations of others comes in conflict with the desires of the individual. Additionally, Alice Pung’s memoir Unpolished Gem depicts the journey of three generations of women trying to live the Australian dream without losing themselves. Succeeding to varying degrees, Pung shows us that the journey to belonging can be difficult, but that satisfaction can be reached