The Person I Admire Essays

  • Descriptive Essay - the Person I Admire

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    When asked whom I most admire in this world, I do not need to look at large political figures, or athletes, nor anyone else society sets so high above the rest of us. For me, the person I admire most is much closer to home. All of us have individuals whom we think of as greatly influential, and inspirational and in my opinion, my father is a shining example of both. hold my Father dear to my heart, and demand the praise of most admired.  There is nothing spectacular

  • Person I Admire: Henry Ford

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    Person I Admire: Henry Ford When I look at myself in the sense of where I’m now or what Is my current status in life now, I could tell that pretty much I’m heading the right direction. I decided to enroll at UCC to finish a nursing course and give myself a self-recognition. I enrolled at UCC for LPN course this year and plan to continue it to become a Registered Nurse with self motivation. Even If I knew that I will encounter a lot of problems and difficulties to pursue my goal I’d still want

  • Three Things i Admire

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    Three Things I Admire About My Mom A mother loves her child when they least deserve to be loved. A mother is a teacher, adviser, and greatest inspiration. Everyone needs that motherly affection in their life. What do I admire the most about my mom is her ability to love, intelligence, and her strength to keep the family together. The first thing I admire the most of my mom is her ability to love. My mom is the most caring person I know. She is always there for someone who is need of any type

  • Why I Admire Carlos

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    The word admire is defined as “To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval” (admire. (2009). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Retrieved March 8, 2009, from When giving admiration mean someone would love to carry the life with the same goals and quality as that person does. The person that deserves my respect is my husband, Carlos Urbina. Carlos, the middle child of four brothers

  • Larhonda Anderson Research Paper

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    Who I admire On February 12th 1988, an adorable little baby girl was born. She has since then turned into a well-respected young lady. She is 23 years old with two intelligent children and a single parent. Her name is Larhonda Anderson; she is one of the most beautiful women I ever met. She shows her children a lot of love and attention and she works hard to be a good mother. Loving, hardworking, and a great parent best describe her. LaRhonda Anderson is a loving person. She never treats me wrong

  • Why I Love Ellen

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    reasons about why I admire her. Many people have tried to dictate her what to do but she didn’t submit to it. She has always stood her ground and lived her life the way she wants to, and has never listened to what others say or think about her. She remains true to herself whatever happens, indicating that she is an extremely strong-willed person and deserves respect. Any of you who have watched her show at least once would know that Ellen is a very charismatic and active person. She is funny,

  • What Does My Mentor Mean To Me

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    Many people have that one person who they admire, their mentor in other words, that helps them through thick, and thin, that believes in them when no one else does. That one person that, other then yourselves, you feel that you know inside and out, that’s a true admiration to you. It is the one person who you admire so deeply that you feel that you share a common mind, in many cases but not in all. It is hard to think that one person can change the way you think in common life that will impact your

  • Ke $ Ha Research Paper

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    2011 The One and Only K$ Although most people tend to ridicule this famous person, Kesha Rose Sebert happens to interest me in a very positive way. Known as Ke$ha, this girl knows how to bring skill to the stage and stand out tremendously. When it comes to celebrities, I only admire the ones that have a great personality. I also feel that a unique style is crucial in order to hold my attention. Last, but not least, I remain fascinated in those who have awesome talent. In my opinion, Ke$ha definitely

  • The Big Bam Book Report

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    His prowess at bat was what made me admire him the most. He was also the best baseball player of all time giving him nicknames such as "The Great Bambino'' and ''The Sultan of Swat." His kindness to unprivileged children made not just me, but many other people admire him. He was a fighter and never gave up, his attitude affected many other kids who looked up to him and were very inspired. He also

  • Narcissus And Echo

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    Narcissus and Echo In the story of Narcissus and Echo, the author has showed how he defines love through Narcissus. To Narcissus, love is self-love, and self-admire. Narcissus never fell in love and he did not know what love was till he fell in love with his own reflection. Narcissus’ love is self-love. He loved himself more than anyone else. Narcissus was beautiful as a child and grew even more so as he matured. By the age of sixteen, he had broken so many hearts of young girls and boys. He enjoyed

  • Descriptive Essay: My Best Friend

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    mattered to us and I believe that many of these same things and people have also affected us in some profound, meaningful and permanent way. Regardless of this, there is one person in my life who has done more for me than anyone else. When people asked me “who is my best friend?” no doubt, my answer for that question is my mother. She is so considerate and generous that I admire her and realize her as my best friend. My mother is my best friend that I ever had in my life. I realize that my

  • “Terwilliger Bunts One”

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    Dillard expresses many feelings and emotions towards her mother through her essay “Terwilliger Bunts One”. Nevertheless, Dillard showed us in different ways the attitude that her mother took through the examples and anecdotes that Dillard reveal and admire about the personality of her mother. Also, by mentioning her mom possesses some qualities and she is always focusing on the great impact of Dillard’s mother. One of the most obvious qualities that Dillard’s mom is to be expressive in everything

  • Mgt/311 Self Assessment

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    their job, their lives and where they work. I gave the assessments to three of my co-workers and could not wait for the results. The employees that completed the assessment were Vanessa Begley, Barra Touray and Mike Stachura. They are all employed at St. Regis Atlanta. Vanessa is a Captain in Private Dining (Room Service), Barra is a Bar Attendant in the Lounge and Mike is a Bartender in the Lounge as well. Vanessa was the first to complete the assessment. I was quite surprised by some of her scores

  • Franklin Roosevelt: Non-Fiction Project

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    in a word document following the format below: Class: Success Date: 3/9/12 Title of Book: Franklin Roosevelt Author: ------------------------------------------------- 50 word summary of the book: My book I am reading, is Franklin Roosevelt and about his life. This book contains some highlights of Franklins life. To be specific some highlights in his life are when Franklin had polio ( bad disease). Also another highlight in his life is when Franklin marries

  • Who Is Brutus A Modest Man

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    friend, chew upon this; Brutus had rather be a villager than to repute himself a son of Rome…” (I.ii.171-173). Brutus wants the best for all of Rome but does not to be the center of attention through the hard times right now. Just the same, everyone admires Brutus. Cassius explains to Brutus what he and the romans think

  • The Lincoln Memorial: American Icon And Symbol Of Our Freedom

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    As a fan of history for my discussion topic I naturally choose the Lincoln Memorial, a person whom I admire very much. The Lincoln Memorial has various shades of neoclassical architecture in its design. It is a American Icon and symbol of our freedom. Located in the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. across the Washington Manument. Henry Bacon was the key architect of the statue which began construction in 1912 and was officially finished in 1922. It is one of the national icons of our great

  • Ben Quilty Analysis

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    Ben Quilty – Margaret Olley Ben Quilty is a young artist who recently won the last Archibald prize with his portrait of his idol Margaret Olley, a fellow Australian artist that he deeply admires. Quilty’s technique, image and use of elements and principles reflect on his feelings towards his model. The materials used in his portrait of Margaret are suspected to be oil paint because the texture of the paints looks to be think and gloopy. It doesn’t look smooth of blended anywhere, there are also

  • Motifs In The Kite Runner

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    What would it feel like, being one of the most wealthy people in your town? Having people admire and envy you, the things that you have? The person that you are? The novel takes place in Afghanistan, more specifically in a small town named Kabul. Most people in the novel aren’t very wealthy and don’t have the luxuries that they do. However, Amir’s father, Baba is wealthy and highly admired, and no one seems to question anything that Baba does or what they hear about him. No matter how broad the

  • Person-Centred Thinking And Planning

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    1.1 Identify the beliefs and values on which person-centred thinking and planning is based? There are four beliefs and values for person-centred thinking they are:- • Choice- At times people have very limited choices, or may not even be able to choose important aspects of their lives. • Ownership- Self-directed support helps service users to have more choices in their lives. Ownership implies more than just decision making. It means the individual is the final and total authority on their own

  • Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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    pride in storytelling, and the simple haughty pride of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Mary describes it all when she says: ““Pride,” observed Mary, who piqued herself upon the solidity of her reflections, “is a very common failing, I believe. By all that I have ever read, I am convinced that it is very common indeed, that human nature is particularly prone to it, and that there are very few of us who do not cherish a feeling of self-complacency on the score of some quality or other, real or imaginary”