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  • The Odyssey: Themes In Homer's Odyssey

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    In the end, most of the problems are solved by Odysseus using his cunning and tactics to outsmart the suitors, monsters, and any obstacle that gets in his way. New problems were created by him because he couldn’t control the urge to keep his mouth shut. Most of the obstacles were caused by Poseidon and his ship mates. Because his shipmates couldn’t control their urges and had to know what was in the bag, or had to taste the cattle, a lot of his problems could have been prevented. Also, if Odysseus

  • The Odyssey Essay

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    What makes The Odyssey an epic? An epic is a long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds. To explain, epic hero, epic plots, epic settings, archetypes, and epic themes will be explained to help better understand why The Odyssey is called an epic poem. For The Odyssey to be an epic poem it has to have an epic hero. The epic hero in The Odyssey would definitely be Odysseus. Odysseus is the epic hero because he is the main character faced with all kinds of crazy challenges and comes out victorious

  • The Odyssey Essay

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    The Odyssey Essay As Peter Drucker once said, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes” ( Odysseus expressed many character traits throughout the Odyssey. Although courage and decisiveness, Odysseus encounters many challenges on his way home to Ithaca. TS: One of Odysseus best trait that was revealed in the Odyssey is courage. CD: For example, making the Cyclops blind, “Straight forward they sprinted, lifted

  • Adventure In The Odyssey

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    ate the cattle, all of the men died in a storm except for Odyssey. The situation didn’t get any better. Odyssey landed on Kalypso's island and was held captive there for seven years. Luckily, Zeus took pity on Odyssey and forced Kalypso to let him go. There were many obstacles on his way home, but fortunately, Odyssey told his story to the Phaiakians, they were touched by his suffering and decided to help and sent him home. After Odyssey arrived his house, he dressed up as an old beggar and told

  • Essay On The Odyssey

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    The Odyssey The Odyssey is both Odysseus’s adventure story more of literal survival but also of emotional survival. Odysseus shows many personalities of himself including, humility, hatred, anger, love, stupidity, cowardly, bravery, unfaithfulness, and reasonable, but compassion is one personality that is missing in this interesting man. Odysseus does many things (with the help of the gods of course) in order to live through his adventure home. Throughout attempting to survive this adventure, he

  • Odyssey Essay

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    The Odyssey Essay Most of society today views heroes as cape-wearing super stars who fight crimes. However in reality a hero could be anyone. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus was considered a hero in mythological times. He didn’t wear a cape or fight “evil doers”. He was just a mortal who had fought in a war, and when the war was over all he wanted to do was go home. However, on his journey home, he had to overcome many obstacles. Odysseus was a war hero. Also a hero in modern day

  • Odyssey Essay

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    Odyssey Essay In The Odyssey, there are many lessons that can be learned. Three major examples are the importance of home and family, the need for respect, courage, trust, and discipline, and how intelligence can be more important than the size or amount of an opponent. Homer did an excellent job of representing these morals through the tales of Odysseus. The first lesson, of the importance of home and family, is seen in almost every book of the textbook version of the Odyssey. On a few occasions

  • Odyssey Essay

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    Greek Values Revealed by the Odyssey The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer. It tells the story of how the Greek hero Odysseus returns home after the Trojan War. In book nine, Odysseus’ adventure with the Cyclops reflects specific ancient Greek values. Hospitality and religious faith are the most significant ones, whereas honesty plays a minor role. The Greeks tradition of treating guests and strangers with hospitality is showed in many cases. After Odysseus and his men arrive the

  • The Odyssey Essay

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    bravery strength and leadership. We follow Odysseus in Homer’s The Odyssey as he tells his story of great hardships, temptations, and love. He embodies the traits that his society values. In addition, he is also clever, and resourceful. Odysseus shows how intelligent he is, by outsmarting monsters, and tricking people. In general Odysseus is a hero because he displays epic hero qualities (traits) throughout Homer’s epic, the Odyssey. Odysseus shows a great deal of bravery throughout Homer’s epic

  • Odyssey Essay

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    What roles do the gods and goddesses perform in the Odyssey? How important are they to the story? In the Odyssey, the lives of the mortals are in the hands of the Gods. The main hero, Odysseus, greatly depended on the roles of the Gods and Goddesses in securing him a safe journey home to Ithaca. The mortals in the Odyssey are scared of the gods of their great power and influence in their lives. Therefore, they try to act in a manner which will not offend the Gods. The roles of the Gods and