The Best Story My Grandmother Told Me Essays

  • Puerto Rico Narrative

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    Esteban Lopez Professor White English 101 Narrative Essay I have heard many stories from my mother about life in the United States. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Yes it is part of the United States, but anyone from there could tell you it’s not the same. My brother and I dreamt every day what it would be like to go to the mainland, even if it were just a visit. Every Saturday, we watched the Disney channel to see how life was over there. We wondered if the school was really like how

  • Describe St Shotts

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    Shotts as a Paradise to me. The Friendly people, beautiful scenery, loving nature and the amazing ocean sunset are great characteristics of St. Shotts. St. Shotts appeared on a landmark on a map in 1544. Soon after, it was established as a fishing settlement in 1680. By the 1790’s settlers moved into St. Shotts for hunting and harvesting for the resources of the land and sea. Their surnames included, Best, Corrigan, Davis, Lewis, Mc Neil, & Myrick just to name a few. My Great Grandfather lived

  • My Grandmother and "The Moths"

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    Katherine June 15, 2008 English Paper One My Grandmother and “The Moths” Helena Maria Viramontes is the author of the short story “The Moths”, which is about a lonely fourteen-year old girl who has a broken relationship with her family and is caring for her dying Abuelita (grandmother). At the beginning of the story, the girl reveals how she’s always considered herself to be the family outcast; she is not as beautiful, kind nor as skilled as her older sisters. The girl is defensive and

  • Zora Neale Hurston Drenched In Light Analysis

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    “Drenched in Light” I thought it was just a good old coming to age story. I honestly had to read it multiple times to understand the dialogue and what actually happened in the story. It starts off with a little girl named Isis. She’s sitting on a fence when her grandmother tells her to get down, and she doesn’t seem to be very pleased with Isis. Throughout the story she seems to be a troublemaker. She doesn’t listen to her grandmother and does whatever she pleases. Her first act of troublemaking was

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Grandma's Coming To California

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    that will not take no for an answer. Her name was Gail Ebony Harris, and this is grandmother. She came from Kansas because of many dreams you can for fill the Hollywood lifestyle shown with a dream of new beginnings. “No that’s what everyone thinks when coming to California”, my grandmother says. Actually she came here for a better job opportunity and a better life

  • Assisted Suicide: Most Controversial Issues Plaguing Our Society

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    have faced in their life time. Is it right or is it wrong? That is a question left up to that individual. There are two sides to every story and of course there are two sides to this one. The definition of suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally. To just go by that definition then one might say that it’s wrong. Then on the other hand to say that it was best or to put an end to suffering then one might say that it’s ok. Assisted suicide has been one of the most controversial issues plaguing

  • Altruism Through Storytelling

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    Biggle, Jr., Changed My Life, Part II, Card says “…there is no society that does not have a constantly repeated mythic element in its stories that declares over and over again that the noblest thing a person can do is give up his own personal interests for the sake of others joy or survival…” Altruism is most definitely established through story telling. After all, what are we but a product of the influences around us? This characteristic has been influenced through stories including those of Antigone

  • Personal Narrative: My Heritage

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    or belongs to one by reason of birth. My heritage is that I am 100% Polish. Both my parents were born in Poland and both of my parents grandparents were born in Poland. I interviewed both my parents to find out more about them and my heritage. After I interviewed both my parents I had a new found appreciation for my parents to see what they went through to come to America and the hardships they faced to let me and brothers have the good life we have now. My mother came to America from Poland when

  • Only Guarantees In Life

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    After a shopping trip with my mom when I was four I ran into my house excited to show my dad ‘something’ I had bought. I remember running past the aquarium our guinea pig Oreo lived in, and I stopped mid-run. The aquarium was empty. “Where’s Oreo?” I asked my dad? “He died.” That was all my dad had to say. He didn’t tell me how. He didn’t tell me Oreo went to heaven to play with other Guinea pigs and would be happier and had wings and would watch over me. Oreo was just ‘dead’. Oreo was also

  • Gerard Way Research Paper

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    September 11, 2001, this day affected many peoples' lives, and would have an everlasting effect on Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance, who was in New York on that day and watched from across the river as the twin towers fell. Gerard was in New York that day to work as an intern at Cartoon Network and had just gotten off the train he took to get to New York when he saw the destruction.After getting back on the train and leaving New York, Gerard returned to his home in New Jersey, where he stayed

  • Their Eyes Were Watching God Reflection

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    Their Eyes Were Watching God By: Zora Neale Hurston The story I read is called “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, by Zora Neale Hurston. The author’s purpose of this story to me is showing how black people lived in the 1930s. Zora show the way expressed love and how people were raised around that time. My impressions of the author’s purpose are very exciting and interesting. When I first started reading this book, at first I wasn’t interested then I started reading more and it started getting interesting

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

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    his marriage: I couldn't think of a decent thing I'd done in the past two years. In New York, those first few years of marriage, I'd been desperate to please my wife […] For two years I tried as my old wife slipped away, and I tried so hard—no anger, no arguments, the constant kowtowing, the capitulation, the sitcom-husband version of me […] Each action, each attempt, was met with a rolled eye or a sad little sigh. A ‘you just don't get it’ sigh… Nick Dunne This excerpt shows Nick’s frustration

  • Washougal River Road Narrative

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    1113 Second Chance The story starts off on a bright blue skied sunny day in the pacific northwest, its Thanksgiving day and the plan was to go up to Grandma’s house which is approximately 35 minutes up the Washougal river road in Washougal Washington. In my car it was three of my best friends and I these aren’t just your ordinary friends they were my family. The friends I’ve grown up with, went on vacations with and was always with them 24/7. We load up the civie, my car, the classic 2004 red

  • Spirituality in Hmong Culture

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    we also read about Kalia’s grandmother being a shaman. If you’re Hmong and have a sickness that won’t go away, you would go see a shaman. The literal translation for a shaman is “master of spirits” (PBS par. 2). Youa Lee (Grandma) stands by her Shaman tools and her remedies to cure others, including her granddaughter Kalia. Not everyone can become a shaman, but if you are called to it there are many duties you’re responsible for. From the beginning of the story, there was a sense of spirituality

  • Native American Letter To Family

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    Dear Family, I know that you have been praying for and awaiting my return home. However, I must refuse your wish. I have chosen to stay with my new adopted life and refuse to return home. Growing up in Deerfield, I remember my simple life. I would play with the other village children, go to school, and go to church. I was quick in my studies and became a good reader which is why I memorized catechism early. I heard many stories about the Indians and wild creatures of the forest. When walking

  • Personal Narrative: AP English Language

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    Nick Cortese 8-29-12 AP English Language What's my name? 3,660 days, or approximately 10 years, and I had no idea what my name was. There I was, my first day of 4th grade at Pacific Coast Christian Academy, sitting in my seat at 8:15 A.M when the bell pierced my ears. “Hi, my name is Mr. Lawrence and I'm your 4th grade teacher for the year. I first want to start class by each one of you introducing yourself to the class. Please say your whole name, that means first, last, and middle name.”

  • The Evil By Shene Yolen Analysis

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    they do in the plays when someone forgets a line." (Yolen 5) | This text recaps me of the time when my best friend was very tense for, she had to recite a quote the day of our fifth grade graduation that was going to be the day after. The reason for being panicky was because she had to memorize the quote and she wouldn’t have the facility of inspecting any paper that would allow her to recall the missing words. I told her, as her

  • The Ways We Lie

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    The Ways We Lie A little over a month ago while in the checkout line at the grocery store, a lady came up to me asked if she could cut in line. She held a single gallon of milk in her right hand. My basket was filled to the rim with miscellaneous food items so I smiled and told her yes. The woman took her new position in line and thanked me for being so kind. Had I known that her intention was to have her husband following soon after with an even larger cart than mine, I would have

  • Southern Values In My Life

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    chose this time to forget my family and their troubles to be a kid open to adventures. During my years in middle school and the beginning of high school I found the real me while being outside without supervision. I lived my life by asking permission to break rules through deception, manipulation and other’s ignorance. Though I am not proud of what I did, those were the best times of my life until I became part of God’s church. Raised in a small town in Mississippi, my father was never predestined

  • Personal Narrative: I Am Georgia Weathers

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    Some call me Chels, CD, roo, sweet heart, babe, cutie, and some other names that I do not find appropriate to add to this list. All of these names have a story, or a meaning behind them; from cutie being what my best friend has called me forever, to CD being yelled at me as I rounded third base to go home. They all have their own meaning, but one name I sometimes get called is an accident, and that is Tammy. I have been mistaken as my mom for as long as I can remember, because I am told I look exactly