The Best Day Of My Life Essays

  • Lifechanging Event Essay

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    My Lifechanging Event A wise man once said, “Never take life for granted.” A few years ago, I never really took that quote to heart. When you’re young, you feel like you’re going to live forever, and you don’t realize how valuable life really is. You have this attitude towards life that is mostly about having fun and doing all that you want to do without actually thinking about the consequences that could happen in your life behind the decisions you make. I never thought too much about how every

  • Narrative Essay On High School Wrestling

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    regulary endured five hour practice days with sweat dripping down my body, drenched as if I just step out of the shower. My legs would tremble as I would rather fall down to hit the floor which death seems more peaceful then where I am right now. My heartbeat pounding a million times per second like a jackhammer destroying the concrete of the street. An everyday feeling a daily routine practice time you might say but to us this is what we live for becoming the best pushing ourselves to the limit we

  • The Fifth Agreement

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    guider: ways to back on track INTRODUCTION: The book “The Fifth Agreement” shows that how people should treats others in real life. Personally, I have been inspired by the book a lot and lead me to the right track of my life. I used to be the person that get mad easily, but thing have changed. I am no longer the kind of person anymore; I am now smooth and happy. It makes my life way easier and nicer compare to the past. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORDS: First of all, the first agreement said” be impeccable

  • Personal Narrative: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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    words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” My best friend and I were inseparable as we went to high school during our freshman year in Jamaica together. We would study together outside in the scorching Jamaican humidity for our twenty-one subjects. During lunch, we oftentimes shared money in order to feed ourselves as well as sitting together on our favorite bench. However, I began to realize that my best friend was not always at her best. She came to school sometimes with bruises and welts

  • Philosophy Of Personal Development

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    Development Personal Development Strategy Final Project Personal Leadership Philosophy: I would like to be a complete optimist and enjoy everything that happens to me and everything I do. I want to be known by my family as a man who loved and cared; by my friends as someone who was always there; by my employers as an honest, hardworking, fair, and responsible person. I would like to make certain I respect anyone who ever worked for me and to receive his or her respect in return. I truly believe that every

  • San Diego, Descriptive Essay

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    famed for having the best weather in the United States because of its beautiful year round clear skies, low precipitation, and temperate climate. I) Main Idea: Year round clear skies a. Statistics of how many days a year of sunshine 1. on average, San Diego enjoys about 266 days of sunshine each year 1. 1 b. Sun soaked beaches c. Outdoor life II) Main Idea: Low

  • Personal Essay "The Long Walk"

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    impact their life. The boys in the book "The Long Walk" had a constant fear of losing their life by breaking any of the rules for the walk. A fear can change a person's life completely and it can hold you back from a lot of new opportunities you may come across in life. I feel that every day that goes by , we are always facing our fears because you never know what could happen anytime anywhere. I am going to talk about 3 of my biggest fears and how they impact my life. To start off, one of my biggest

  • Why My Education Is Important

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    children has become my inspiration to finish my degree. Coming from a strong military background, I firmly believe that education is a privilege. I should give it my all, since they have given so much. Having a higher education means commitment not only to the school I attend, but also me. I can do anything that I put my mind to. I will be the first in my family to achieve any degree in college, that inspires me to not only want to “just pass”, but also to do my best. What

  • OL 125 Graduation Speech

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    will join me on this day. I’m sure there will be some tears shed and huge smiles on their faces as I accept my diploma. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my mother, my two amazing children, my grandmother, God willing she is still alive, and my best friend will all be there to join me in my accomplishment. I know that my mother and my grandmother will shed tears of joy as I accept my diploma. My children, although will not fully understand the importance of this day for their mother, they

  • Significant Event Essay

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    There are many occurrences in life that shape you into the person you are today, a wiser more experienced person. Many people can actually recall the exact moment in their life which was forever changed by a single event or chain of events. When that event happens it becomes an unforgettable memory for you and impacts you and your decisions for the rest of your life. The event that forever changed me and was most significant to me was when my best friend dropped out of high school, and was unable

  • Jamel Smith Short Biography

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    reality after Jamel graduated from high school. Jamel was awarded a full four year scholarship to Harvard University. At Harvard University Jamel practiced in the Medical field, due to the fact that he wanted to become a pediatrician. Jamel was the best wide receiver to step foot on the Harvard football field by far. He set records in every aspect possible, made it into the hall of fame, and won the Heisman Trophy his junior and senior years in college. Jamel was the first round first Draft Pick of

  • Fitchburg State University Experience Essay

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    in Massachusetts.” After that day this automatically I put Fitchburg State as my number one school. Unfortunately, I did not get in right away so I had to attend another college before attending here. I worked extremely hard because I knew there was something about Fitchburg state that I had to experience. The day I got accepted was one of the best days of my life. Little did I know but Fitchburg State had a lot more to offer me then I ever expected. Since the first day I stepped onto this campus the

  • Why Am I Returning To School

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    school. I thought I had my whole life set to conquer the world but I veered off my set path and suddenly life was passing me by. I have had many obstacles in my life that have made the person I am today and even though it has taken me twelve years to get back in the game I am proud to be returning to school. We all make excuses in our lives for one reason or another to not return to school. I will share with you my reasons for returning to school to show you that if life gives you a second chance

  • Why Should I Get Accepted?

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    dreams and hopes for the future. Like many others one of my many dreams in life has been my college education and obtaining the degree in a profession that I have a passion for but for many years unfortunately helping my parents has been a priority and I have fallen behind on my commitment. One day on a pretty Monday morning when taking my daughter to a doctor’s appointment is when I realized that I must dedicate my life to her and be the best role model I could. In this paper I will discuss how she

  • Death of My Best Friend

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    Death of my Best Friend! Standing on the beach walking along the shore for hours, I never thought I would be 15 walking on the shorelines of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia getting ready to spread a part of my best friend halfway across the world. A year ago today I thought we would be getting ready for junior prom and having our first real relationships. I definitely thought wrong. I was a changed person for the better and Nessa helped me become the person I am today. But let's start and the

  • Religious Experience Essay

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    experience is somehow part of the life of every human being, I think that the best religious experience that I can share which I really remember is when my goddaughter was baptized. It was on the morning of July 29, 2012. Her mother (my best friend), was not able to be there so I stand as her mother on that day. It was a very special day because it was the day that I was given the gift to be her godmother and I was there for her when she needed me, and it was the day that she was welcomed into the

  • The House That Built Me

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    from is a world of life-learned lessons, love, and admiration. I was born and raised in Visalia, California by a very strong catholic woman, my mother along with four brothers, two younger, two older, and four older sisters. So as you can imagine, space was always really tight in my house. Growing up, I was taught right from wrong, just like any other kid, and I was given all the love I could possibly know, and that didn’t require expensive gifts or trips to places like Disneyland. My mother was always

  • Special Occasion Speech

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    My Special Occasion Speech     My grandmother is my hero and someone I always look up to. She raised my brother, sister, and me on her own. My grandmother was my provider, and she taught us everything that we needed to know. I lived with her from the time I came home from the hospital until I moved out when I was seventeen years old because I was going to start my own family at that time.    I moved in with my boyfriend. After giving birth to my healthy baby boy my grandmother came to my house

  • Reason For Returning To School

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    “DO IT NOW CAUSE LIFE IS TO SHORT” DO it now cause life is to short simply tells it all, in life we have to do what we think is best for us, if not then that means that you really don’t won’t anything in life. So for me I decided to get up off the couch and make something out of myself, waiting on someone else give me something is not going to work. You will be waiting forever. I decided to return to school and my degree business so that my child could have something in life not only for her

  • Personal Narrative: Everlasting Blossom

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    scholar’s life. It is a time where family and friends come together and watch scholars go across the stage and receive their diplomas. Graduation is a rite of passage that every person should go through no matter if you are young or old. I can tell you from experience that graduating from middle and high school was great but graduating from college was the BEST memory of all time. In the fall of 2006, I started my first year of college at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Within my first