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    Stem cells are nonspecialized cells which have the potential to divide and create new cells, such as blood, brain, tissue, or muscle cells. Scientists are optimistic that stem cells could contribute to great medical advancements, such as treating a wide range of diseases and other health problems as they can potentially repair or replace damaged tissue or cells. Stem cell research are cells that are grown in laboratories where tests are carried out to investigate properties of the cells. This research

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    approximately four months later, he had been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. In 2000, he suffered a stroke. As unfortunate as this event often is, it turned out to be a lifesaver for Anthony and his family because the incident qualified him to participate in a research program offered at the Batson Children Cancer Clinic in Jackson, Missouri. Anthony’s family began to learn about the possibilities of curing sickle-cell disease with stem cells. After an expensive attempt of in vitro fertilization had

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    Stem Cell Research Prepared by Jeremiah Nathaniel History Adult stem cell research on humans began in the 1960's, first achieving success in the treatment of a patient with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder in 1968. Since the early 1970's, adult stem cells have been successfully used for treatment of immunodeficiency’s and leukemia’s. (Deem, 2012) Many are in support of the scope, nature, necessity and urgency of stem cell research. If the possibility is there to preserve life

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    Possibilities of Stem Cell Research Stem Cell Research is a new breakthrough in medical technology that could aid in the prevention and cure too many complex diseases and disorders. Stem cell research is not just a simple cure some doctors found by chance. It took many well trained and educated doctors to find this new age cure. There are many different kinds of stem cells including embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and brain stem cells that could help in this solution. This research is great

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    Stem Cell Research ENC 1102 Amber Shank Ever since 1998, when researchers discovered that stem cells extracted from embryonic tissue could regenerate to become any type of cell, the nation has stood sharply divided on the morality of such research. When stem cells are taken from an embryo, the embryo losses its visibility: it cannot become implanted into a womb or develop into a fetus. To knowingly damage an embryo in order to remove stem cells is, for some, equal to destroying human life

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    Stem Cell Research: The Solution to Solving Humanity Sidney Chow Marcus Minarik San Jose State University The Solution to Saving Humanity Cancer, Parkinson’s, heart diseases, and Alzheimer’s are all diseases that have no cure or treatment. However, there is one answer to solve these incurable diseases which is Stem Cell research. Stem Cell research is used for the investigation of basic cells which develop organisms. These cells are observed, tested, and grown in labs which are investigated

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    The status of the human embryo and human embryonic stem cell research is a controversial issue as, with the present state of technology, the creation of a human embryonic stem cell line requires the destruction of a human embryo. Stem cell debates have motivated and reinvigorated the pro-life movement, whose members are concerned with the rights and status of the embryo as an early-aged human life. They can believe that embryonic stem cell research instrumentalizes and violates the sanctity of life

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    The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research Before deciding whether or not one is for or against stem cell research, it must first be defined as to what a stem cell is and what stem cell research involves. They are nonspecialized cells which have the potential to create other types of specific cells, such as blood-, brain-, tissue- or muscle-cells. Everyone has stem cells within them but the stem cell of a fetus is much more potent than that of an adult. Some stem cells have the ability to create

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    Stem cell research has been a point of much discussion in recent years. Some feel that it is not morally responsible; however it would not be just as irresponsible if we had the technology to stop certain diseases and sicknesses from affecting our children and we did not use it. My arguments for stem cell research: The benefits of stem cell research are as follows: • Stem cells are thought to hold the key to cure many sicknesses including: Spinal cord injuries (ex: a soldier comes home and due

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    Stem Cell Research Litigation The debate over stem cell research, and whether or not it should be made legal, is very complicated and long-standing. Stem cell research involves investigating whether or not embryonic stem cells can be used to potentially cure a number of diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and many others. The theory is that, since stem cells are able to differentiate into any other cell in the body, that they can be used to create healthy cells where once there were