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  • Star Trek Versus Star Wars Essay

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    STAR TREK VS. STAR WARS Star Trek and Star Wars are always compared because they share half a title but they're actually very different. Star Wars was inspired by the Flash Gordon adventure serials of the 1940 and presents an elemental struggle between good and evil. Star Trek was conceived in the style of the TV western Wagon Train and the adventure stories of Horatio Hornblower but adopted a more adult tone, providing an idealistic, utopian prospect of future human society. While Star Wars creator

  • Music in Star Wars Essay

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    Hollywood film industry, music has played a great role in the success of Hollywood films. Star Wars: A New Hope, commonly considered one of the greatest films of all time, launched the space era craze backed by lovely and memorable music. John Williams created the musical score of Star Wars, reviving the grand symphonic scores from the early film era with the leitmotif inspired by the works of Wagner and Steiner. Star Wars: A New Hope is a film with a successful storyline, inspiring characters, and amazing

  • Monomyth in Star Wars Essay

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    series, Star Wars, from Joseph Campbell’s idea of the monomyth. The monomyth is a series of steps a hero experiences before reaching his goal. In Star Wars our hero, Luke Skywalker, lives with his aunt and uncle on a small farm. Luke dreams of becoming a pilot but his uncle wants him to tend to the robots before anything else. One day when he has to take care of two stolen robots, C-3PO and R2-D2, he realizes they came from a Rebel ship and that one of them holds the plans that could end the war. He

  • Star Wars Toys Essay

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    99 Mr. Carlander 4 April 20012 Star Wars Action figures Looking back on the toys I used to play with, Star Wars action figures were one of my favorite toys I enjoyed as a young child. My grandma first introduced me too the set of action figures when I was around the age of 5. She had a set of five action figures and three space ships that the figures could fit in. As I grew older in the early 2,000’s new movies started to come out to add to the Star Wars trilogies and new action figures would

  • Physic And Star Wars Essay

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    Physics in Star Wars Aaron Macaulay The Star Wars series is one of the most famous movie franchises of all time. It is famous for its lightsaber fights, space fights, story, and it's funny lines. The physics in Star Wars however, there are errors in the movies that defy the laws of physic. For example, sounds in space, light speed travel, and pod racers. In the Star Wars series, there is a lot of space battles. If the space battles were realistic, you wouldn't hear anything at all. The

  • Star Wars Film Analysis

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    “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope” is a very popular, successful, profitable science fiction/action; adventure/fantasy films of all time. This film is also the fourth installment in terms of the series’ internal chronology. “Star Wars” was the groundbreaking film because of the special effects, unconventional editing and the storytelling for science fiction. This movie just happened to have that epic fantasy adventure to keep everyone happy. These are a few of the reasons why “Star Wars” was the

  • Star Wars Philosophy Essay

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    In the first scene we watched in “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”, Anakin Skywalker meets with Chancellor Palpatine. The Chancellor informs Anakin that he suspects that the Jedi Council is planning to betray him because they want full control of the Republic. Chancellor Palpatine, who is part of the Dark Side, represents evil within the Force. He tells Anakin a story about the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. He says, “Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise that

  • Star Wars Character Essay

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    Star Wars character essay This essay is about one of the epic films in the star wars series, this is Star Wars IV, A New Hope (1977) directed by George Lucas. In this essay you will find out why Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ben) is such an asset in this film, this will cover what Ben Kenobi looks like and how it helps the audience understand his role in this film, the role he plays in the film, and how he faces an internal conflict. Firstly, Bens physical appearance. Ben wears an old brown cloak and hood with

  • Star War Effect On America Essay

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    most basic level by the standard pattern of the adventures of a mythic hero” (Star Wars: a Myth for Our Time p.2). This passage above explains how Star Wars was created because at the time Americans had no real hero or icon to look up to. So as a result this masterpiece was fashioned from existing resources and turned out to be a stunning success. It is a perfect example of “how the old may be new again”. Because Star Wars is only a made up television illustration of myths the plot is based solely

  • Star Wars As A Romantic Epic Essay

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    Star Wars as a Romantic Epic Star wars is related to a romantic epic because it has the 3 phases of a hero’s journey: departure, initiation, and return. These 3 things make a science fiction hit into a romantic epic. The departure is where the hero is sent off to train. In star wars the hero is Luke. In the beginning Princess Leia intercepted some classified data from the Empire. Darth Vader finally captured her but by that time the message for help and also the data had been sent to Obi-Wan