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  • The Socratic Method Essay

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    The Socratic Method Emily Laase Mesa State College EDUC 211 Much of what we know of Socrates (470-399 B.C.) comes from the writings of other Greek philosophers like Xenophon and Plato. According to these philosophers, students gathered around Socrates in Athens, and he was well known for consistent questioning and a dedication to the search for truth (Johnson et al., 233). His students shared his views, and the seminars relied heavily on questioning and a desire

  • The Socratic Method Essay

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    The Socratic Method Questions compel us, confuse us, and frustrate us. But could it be possible that a simple question could bring knowledge and enlightenment? Nearly every student from kindergarten to grade twelve knows that the best way to go about finding the answer to a troublesome question is to ask someone of greater knowledge than oneself; however, around 400 B.C., a Greek philosopher by the name of Socrates introduced the idea that, to solve a problem, a series of questions must be asked

  • Socratic Method Essay

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    I read an article called “The Socratic Method”, which is a Green Bag Article from the University of Chicago’s Law School. This article was written by Elizabeth Garrett in 1998, and highlights the Socratic method of teaching and the benefits of this method to law school students. Law school professors at the University of Chicago all engage in the Socratic method, as they feel it prepares their students for the world of law. The Socratic method of teaching can be an effective and important technique

  • The Philosophy of the Socratic Method & Essay

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    is ultimately the choice he made. However before his death, Socrates continued his trek on philosophy and thinking and tried to save himself through his own works and philosophical justifications. This included most famously, his Socratic Method. He used this method to try and convince the men of Athens that he did not deserve death and that his teachings were in fact legit and led to heightened senses and knowledge. He tries to make them see that he too deserved life and deserved to spread his

  • Socratic Teaching Method Essay

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    Option D The Socratic teaching method made its way into America sometime during the Enlightenment period, replacing traditional teaching methods of lecture and routine memorization (Schneider 27). Replicating the method that Socrates used to interrogate Athenians in the agora, this method of teaching offered a way for teachers to get their students to participate in learning (Schneider 26). Though the Socratic method has been altered throughout the years, it can be described as a teaching style

  • Socratic Method Essay

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    Me: My belief in God provides me with such a great sense of morality. Socrates: What is morality? Me: It is the expression of human behavior that is based on the knowledge of right or wrong. Socrates: So, your faith in God provides you the ability to know right from wrong? Me: Yes Socrates: So, does this same faith apply to knowing right or wrong in math? Me: No Socrates: Does this same faith provide right or wrong when practicing medicine? Me: I would have to say no. Socrates:

  • Discuss the Socratic Method in the Apology Essay

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    Discuss the Socratic Method in the Apology. The Apology, one of the four books of “The Last Days of Socrates” written by Plato, Socrates student, follows Socrates trial before an Athenian Jury in 399BC. The text consists of three speeches that were given by Socrates during this trial. Socrates was on trial at the Peoples Court in the Agora in Athens because charges had been brought against him by fellow Athenians Meletus (a poet and principle accuser), Anytus (a politician and power behind the prosecution)

  • Reflections On Plato’s Crito Essay

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    Reflections on Plato’s Crito Plato’s dialogues showcased Socrates love of truth and search for knowledge. Three of Plato's writings relating to the final part of Socrates life come from the earliest "Socratic" period: Euthyphro, the Apology, and the Crito. Euthyphro is a conversation between Socrates and Euthyphro about what makes something holy or unholy. Socrates stood charged with impiety--as Socrates prepared to enter the Royal Stoa to formally answer the charges brought against him by Meletus

  • Differential Instruction Essay

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    student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student where he or she is, and assisting in the learning process. The purpose of this paper is to examine an existing instructional plan, and describe two modifications for each of the four methods of differentiated instruction: the content to be learned, instructional strategies used to teach the required content, the product used to demonstrate mastery of the required content, and the environment to accommodate varied learning styles.

  • Socrates And The Sophists Essay

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    how philosophy itself was to be conceived” (Nails 1). What we know of Socrates comes primarily from the dialogues of Plato and it can be a very difficult if not an impossible task to successfully separate the philosophies of the two men. The Socratic Problem refers to the problem that arises when one tries to separate the views of Socrates from the views of the people that wrote about him. What makes it such a difficult thing to do is the fact that Socrates himself never wrote anything down and