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  • Reflection Paper On Community Health Nursing

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    Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection NUR/405 December 10, 2012 Pamela Smith Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection The community health nurses roll in the participating family community is to focus on their health needs. Community health nursing refers to a systemic, comprehensive focus on wellness, disease prevention, and health promotion of a specific population. The community health nurse functions as case manage patient advocate, and educator. The nurse collaborates

  • Late Adulthood And End Of Life Paper

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    night. This is a time of sound reflection of one’s life in terms of accomplishments and regrets. During this time of life one’s accomplishment honestly define how well he or she spent his or her life; new goals are prepared to help the next generation. The regrets during this time are much like a weight on one’s soul in terms of fail relationships, miss opportunities, and personal goal's fulfillment. This paper will evaluate how individuals can promote health and wellness into late adulthood and mitigate

  • Relationship Between Nursing Theory and Practice

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    theory in nursing practice became a core of a nursing profession. “Theories give nurses different ways of viewing reality, such as expanding awareness of concepts never before considered, organizing care activities, and providing opportunities for reflection and the formation of opinions”(Sitzman K, Eicheberger, 2011). Nursing theories are interrelating concepts that create a different way of looking at specific phenomena. “A nursing theory is a set of concepts, definitions,

  • Expert Vs. Coach Approach

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    mental health. Contrary to this, frustration of the basic needs is correlated to less intrinsic motivation, more controlled motivation. The patient will be leaning towards extrinsic aspirations. This leads to worsening experiences, performance, and wellness. Therefore a coach needs to use their abilities to move their client towards self-determination i.e intrinsic

  • Marketing Research And Segmentation Problem

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    70 years. With the addition of our 15 other outpatient facilities including satellite laboratories, a wellness center, imaging center and mental health clinic CHOMP we are able reach out to neighboring cities. Lifestyle Profile After researching two databases, PRIZM and Esri, and pulling information from those databases, the following lifestyle profile was created. This profile is a reflection of biggest percentage of the residents of the neighborhood according to the 93940 zip code according

  • Role Transition Paper

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    can affect a person’s health and wellness. Harold Koenig’s advocacy of holistic care will ensure that patients get quality care for the mind, body, and spirit. Role Transition Paper Dr. Harold Koenig Mind, Body, and Spirit are the three essential components of Holistic care. Each one of these components is synergistic. To focus on the component of the Spirit is to look at what gives patients the will to live or gives purpose and meaning to times of wellness and times of crisis or illness. Harold

  • Anderson Theory Critique

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    biblical vision for relationship 2. Reward of achieving fullness as a person as well as a person in a relationship 3. A celebration of oneness 4. The commitment of resources to the healthy and balance experience of an “us-ness” or “wellness” 5. The creation of a Godly

  • Nursing Reflection Essay

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    Professional Nursing Reflection Amber N. Ratcliff University of Wyoming My main goal in life has always been to do something great, to make an impact on this world and to be a role model for others. I have always been eager to help. I have been a caregiver for as long as I can remember, being the oldest of 5 children. I remember as a child receiving a donation request in the mail with a picture of an orphan from some third world country. I clipped the picture and saved it. I promised myself

  • Dignity, Autonomy and Respect

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    patient care will be discussed, and will be particularly focusing on dignity, autonomy and respect in the pursuit of person-centred nursing care. The assignment will also look at other aspects of care such as ethics, communication, health and wellness and reflection as these are important contributing factors in how nurse’s achieve person-centred care. The Royal College of Nursing suggests person-centred care involves treating all patients equally and of worth, with respect and ensuring they are active

  • Many Hats of Community Psychologists

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  • School Nurse Essay

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    SCHOOL NURSE OBJECTIVES 2 Schools provide services to students throughout the childhood and adolescent years, school nurses must be cognizant of pediatric developmental stages and able to provide age appropriate services and information. A baseline understanding of pediatric developmental characteristics and a general knowledge of appropriate approaches in the assessment and management of the varied

  • Developing a Therapeutic Relationship in Mental Health Nursing

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    Emotional Intelligence and Reflective practice are important factors for nurses when building a therapeutic relationship with clients. Although this is essential in all nursing practices, it is extremely important in mental health nursing as this is based on a lot of understanding and trust between the nurses and client, from first point of contact. It is valuable that the mental health nurse builds trust from the very first meeting with the patient. This paper will discuss on the illness Depression

  • Relational Practices/Wellness Profile

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    Relational practices/Wellness Profile Introduction Nursing is a very sensitive job full of values. As a nursing student we should know how to ensure privacy as well as respect patients and the medical staff. This scholarly paper examines the role of the nurse in relational practices by interviewing a patient over fifty years old, having diabetes. I will describe what technique that I have used in the following paragraph. Pre-interaction preparation I have chosen Peoplau’s theory of interpersonal

  • Philosophy of Counseling

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    accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals. (ACA, 2010) Professional counseling is the application of mental health, psychological, or human development principles through cognitive, affective, behavioral, or systemic intervention strategies that address wellness, personal growth, or career development, as well as pathology and the primary purpose of counseling is to empower the client to deal adequately with life situations, reduce stress, experience personal growth, and make well-informed

  • Roles of Ways & Knowing

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    Running head: ROLES OF WAYS AND KNOWING 1 Roles of Ways and Knowing Charlotte M. Butler University of South Alabama ROLES OF WAYS AND KNOWING 2 Roles of Ways and Knowing The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) plays an important role in healthcare and the promotion of the nursing profession. Scholarship roles, patterns of knowing, conceptual framework, and theory form the foundation for the APN’s practice. The following is a discussion of these concepts

  • Philosophy in Nursing

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    PHILOSOPHY IN NURSING Sarah A Gillespie University of North Carolina at Pembroke Abstract This paper is a reflection and evaluation the author’s personal philosophy of nursing. This is accomplished using the framework of the nursing meta-paradigm that includes: person, environment, health, and nursing. There are many aspects of the meta-paradigm that impact healthcare both in positive and negative ways. In looking at the author’s philosophy

  • Reflective Paper

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    Reflection Paper #1 – Understanding Diversity Amanda Cort N523 Diversity is the heart of life. No two people are born the same, and certainly no two develop in the same way. The nurse’s failure to celebrate this diversity, or at least understand it in a value-neutral way, disrupts the nurse-client relationship and endangers the client’s physical, psychosocial, and spiritual well-being. Rather than viewing these differences as liabilities, nurses should consider them as different aspects of

  • Spirituality In Higher Education

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    The Need for Spiritual Learning in Higher Education B. Williams University of Blah Blah Abstract Spiritual learning has been something that was once considered a principle in higher education, yet has since become a social taboo. The secularization of colleges and universities gave rise to the principle of neutrality in terms of religion. Rather than simply maintaining this neutrality, higher education has instead become almost completely silent in terms of spirituality—an important component

  • Nursing Reflection on Communication

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    INTRODUCTION A fundamental element to everyday life is human interaction (communication). This is evident by observation; a simple handshake (non-verbal), a conversation (verbal) and a letter (written) are all examples (Webb 2011). Communication is not just fundamental to daily social interaction but also professional duties. In nursing, effective communication is a necessity for achieving high-quality standards of care in clinical practise and obtaining an effective working relationship between

  • Old Age Essay

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    Stereotypes are a set of values which outline the way we think and behave in everyday life (Devine 1989). In modern society consumer culture admires youth and beauty in comparison to negative stereotypes are made of older people the portrait of negative reflections of physical and mental decline and a perception of little value or a drain on society, 29% of older people believe health professionals tend to treat older people as nuisance(Help the aged 2008). Older people may feel they receive