P6 Unit 11 Essays

  • P5 Unit 6 Team Analysis

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    Travel & Public Services Course: BTEC Level 3 National in Uniformed Public Services Unit Title & Number: Unit 2 Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services Assignment Number: 2 of 2 Unit Tutor: Caroline Kelly / Shane Spafford |Issue Date: | |Task 3: (P5, P6, M4, D3)

  • Assignment 1 Developing Effective Communication In Health And Social Care

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    | |Learner Name | | |Unit No | |Unit Title | | | |1 | |Developing Effective Communication in Health

  • Unit 11 Impact of Diet

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    Unit 11 The impact of diet on health Task 4,P5,P6,M3,D2 Student name: Naomi Binanga Student code:576836 P5 Outline relevant legislation in relation to preparing, cooking and serving food The food safety act 1990 The food safety act is the important part of legislation that rules the safety of food. The act domain that it is illegal to sell or keep for sale food that is unsuitable for people to eat or causes food to be dangerous to the health, or is not acceptable pleased or quality, or

  • Unit 4 Making It Better Assignment

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    BTEC Assignment Front Sheet | | Learner Name: | | | | | | | | Qualifications: | L3 Diplomas in IT: for (Business) or (System Support & Networking) pathways | | | | | | | Unit Title: | Computer Systems | Unit Number: | 2 | Assignment Title: | Making it better | Assignment No: | 2/2 | Hand in dates and times: | First Draft: | Thu 13 March 2014 | Room 348 | | Final submission: | Thu 3 April 2014 | Room 348 | Copied work will be graded as a FAIL and

  • Unit 1: Government Policies And The Public Services

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    Unit 1: Government, Policies and the Public Services Unit code: K/600/5979 QCF Level 3: BTEC National Credit value: 10 Guided learning hours: 60 Aim and purpose This unit enables learners to develop knowledge and understanding of the UK government policies and the democratic election process. It also enables them to demonstrate the process of developing government policies and how these policies impact on the public services. Unit introduction A major part of the UK’s government process

  • Unit 7 D2

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    Temple Moor High Science College BTEC Assignment Brief Award – BTEC LEVEL 3 SPORT (DEVELOPMENT COACHING AND FITNESS) Unit – THE PHYSIOLOGY OF FITNESS 2 Investigation into the physiological effects of exercise Assessment Criteria Covered – P5, P6, M3, M4, D1, D2 Assessor – |Learning Outcomes | |3. Be able to investigate the physiological effects

  • Outline Of Unit 5 Anatomy And Physiology For Health And Social Care

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    UNIT 5 – Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care. |Outline of programme of learning | |Week based on 5 hours per |Topic Area |Suggested Learner Activities |Key Skills | |week | | |

  • Effective Communication In Health And Social Care Report

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    Edexcel level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Health & Social Care | | 2011-2012 | | Unit 1- DEVELOPING EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE | (Assignment title: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE) | Learner’s name: | Submitted on: | | Assessor’s name: GENNY PHILLIPS/STUART CARRINGTON | Date issued: | | Assignment pre-verified by: | LOUISE KIRKHAM | Date: 22/9/11 | Date Due: | SEE INDIVIDUAL TASKS | | Grading Criteria | Evidence | Met | Date | Initial

  • Level 3 Public Services 3.2

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    [pic] Level 3 Extended Diploma Public Services Unit 3: Citizenship, Contemporary Society and the Public Services Assignment 3.2: Diversity in Society |Learning Outcomes Assessed: |Know the legal and humanitarian rights that protect citizens and promote diversity | | |Understand the role of public services in enforcing diversity and providing equality of | | |service

  • Leadership and Teamwork

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    BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN UNIFORMED PUBLIC SERVICES UNIT 2 Leadership & Teamwork [pic] Student Logbook Record of Team Building Activities Tutor: Michaela Tucker-Blackford Learning outcome: Be able to work as a Team Member DIARY OF TEAM WORKING EVENTS [pic] In this unit you need to take part in five team building activities, you need to discuss what your role was within the team and on at least one occasion be the group leader. You need to also discuss if the task was successful

  • Unit 22 Research Methodology For Health And Social Care

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    Unit 22: Research Methodology for Health and Social Care Bushra Yassin Health & Social Care Ms John Introduction Aim and purpose: This unit aims to develop learners’ understanding of the purpose of research in the health and social care sectors and the implications and ethical issues relating to this research. Learners will be able to explore different research methodologies, enable Introduction: Aim and purpose: This unit aims develop learners understanding of the purpose

  • Is3350 Unit 4

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    BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma/Diploma in Business |Unit: 4 Business Communication |Subject Tutor: | | |Amie Cushion/James Hulme | |Assignment Title: Corporate Communications |Ref: 2 of 3 | |Student Name:

  • Public Service Skills: Team Activities Evaluation-Shapes

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    Date: 14-11-13 Name: Craig parsons Unit 1 – Public Service Skills Team Activity Evaluation - Shapes Scenario: You are in the fire service. Your watch is on duty and you are four hours into your shift when the alarm sounds. You race to the waiting fire engine and board, the WM jumps on board and you start putting on your apparatus. En route, the WM gives the team a sitrep, the sitrep identifies the incident you are racing to as class A and IDLH in a factory that is used to manufacture vehicle

  • Unit 6 Fitness Testing And Training Public Service

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    Unit 6: Fitness Testing and Training for the Uniformed Public Services F/600/6023 BTEC National 10 Unit code: QCF Level 3 Credit value: Guided learning hours 60 Aim and purpose The aim of this unit is to enable learners to know the fitness requirements for entry into the uniformed public services and the different methods of fitness training. It also teaches learners how to plan, monitor and review a fitness training programme. Unit introduction This unit introduces learners to the

  • Qcf Level 3 Unit 12 Public Health

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    Unit 12: Unit code: QCF Level 3: Credit value: Public Health M/600/8964 BTEC Nationals 10 Guided learning hours: 60 Aim and purpose This unit aims to enable learners to gain knowledge of the origins of public health policy and the current strategies in place. They will also develop an understanding of how public health is monitored, the origin and development of systems for promoting and protecting public health, and the range of key groups in influencing related policy. Unit introduction

  • Btec Unit 1

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    BTEC Level 3 in Business – Unit 1 – The Business Environment Context Think of a business as a ship on the high seas. The captain and crew of the ship are steering the ship on its journey but the ship is also affected by other influences such as the weather, tides and currents. The captain and crew have no control over these but they must be able to respond effectively to the intervention of events such as a storm in order for the ship to successfully complete its voyage. Just like a ship

  • Assess the Effectiveness of Safe Practices When Preparing, Cooking and Serving Food in a Health and Social Care Setting.

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    Unit 11 Task 3 P5, P6, M3, D2. Unit 11 Task 3 P5, P6, M3, D2. Outline relevant legislation relating to preparing, cooking and serving food. Page 3-4. Explain safe practices necessary in preparing, cooking and serving food in a Health and Social Care setting. Page 5-9. Discuss the effects of unsafe practices when preparing, cooking and serving food in a Health and Social Care setting. Page 10-11. Assess the effectiveness of safe practices en preparing, cooking and serving food in a Health

  • Cttls Task 1

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    Assignment T2 (CTTLS/DTTLS) Analyse the purpose of assessment and produce a written justification of your chosen assessment methods. Date : 23rd November 2012 The Purpose of Assessment Initial, Formative and Summative assessment are all equally important, not only for the student, but also the tutor. Without an initial assessment, a teacher will not be able to ascertain their student's abilities or previous subject knowledge. Initial assessment is imperative for considering the pupils

  • Ppd Health and Social Care

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    B-TEC Health and Social Care Level 3 Year One. Unit 6 – Personal and Professional Development in Health and Social Care Unit Booklet 2011-2012 Student Name:______________________________ Please Note: You must keep this booklet safe. It is a requirement that, at the end of the unit, you will submit this booklet as evidence of your learning. A second copy of this booklet will not be given so if you lose it you must reprint it at your own expense and complete every

  • Nt1310 Unit 8

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    Last name 1 Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Networking: IEEE standard: The IEEE standard that will be applicable is the IEEE 802 standard since a local area network will be implemented. This standard affects LANs and MANs that have variable size packets transmitted over the network. Introduction: This report contains the design of a fully switched network. The network design is as per the specifications that of the organization. The price of the network, engineering statement work of work and drawings