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    Othello: Tragic Hero? Out of all the tragic heroes that Shakespeare wrote of, Othello would have to be the most tragic. Othello tells the story of a virtuous hero and how his emotions bring about his fall from grace. In the story of Othello, Othello is sent to Cyprus with his new wife Desdemona. Othello`s friend and fellow soldier Iago is mad at Othello for skipping over him for a promotion to lieutenant and wants to get revenge for what he views as a personal insult and betrayal. Iago is

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    In Act one, different characters portray Othello in different ways. Characters such as the Duke and his contrary view of Othello compared to Brabantio and Iago depict the way that everyone in that play has a different opinion about the main character. Although there is a common theme of racism characters like the duke, who are still increasingly racist also have a high regard and level of respect for good Othello. Brabantio has all reason to hate Othello in scene one. Iago and Rodrigo approach

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    just as Othello enters because he does not wish for a confrontation. Iago seizes on this opportunity to play on Othello's insecurities, and make Cassio's exit seem guilty and incriminating. Othello then speaks to Desdemona, and Desdemona expresses her concern for Cassio; she is persistent in his suit, which Othello is not too pleased about. Othello says he will humor her, and the subject is dropped for a while. Iago then plays on Othello's insecurities about Desdemona, and gets Othello to believe

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    In the play Othello, written by William Shakespeare, there is evidence of racism present throughout. Othello is a black general of the armies of Venice. From the beginning of the play, when Brabantio is informed that his daughter is going to marry Othello, he reveals his inner racism. Emilia reveals her racist views toward black people when she becomes angry after finding out Othello killed Desdemona. Iago is the character that shows the most racism and prejudice toward Othello. He is upset that

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    OTHELLO Dramatis Personae Duke of Venice Othello: Moor, married to Desdoma Iago: Solider in Othello's army Cassio: Lieutenant in Othello's army Desdemona: Othello's wife Emilia: Iago's wife Rodreigo: Solider, love Desdemona Act I Scene 1 Othello begins in the city of Venice, at night Roderigo is having a discussion with Iago, who is bitter at being passed up as Othello's lieutenant. Though Iago had greater practice in battle and in military matters, Cassio, a man of strategy

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    one’s life. According to the book “Othello” by William Shakespeare, they assumed that the relationship between Othello and Iago is one of restrain/ repressed homosexuality. It was assumed that Iago wanted the place of Desdemona while felling betrayed by Cassio. To my understanding of Othello some of these suggestion does not explain Iago’s apparently and senseless but obsessive hostility. In the novel Othello, there was an African man by the name of Othello who went to Italy to be in charge of

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    through the centuries. Consequently it is no revelation that when these themes become the root of the plot in Othello, the play’s appeal to the masses of individuals remains. Today’s audience still find Othello relevant. It is the capability of a piece of literature to provoke the crowds by the central values and human sentiment of each and every individual that makes it popular. The play Othello has succeeded in achieving that. All of these themes are considered to be universal, as they are all constants

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    OTHELLO ESSAY Can a single reading explain the meaning of the play? The play Othello by William Shakespeare has been and continues to be interpreted and contextualised ever since it was first performed in 1604 for King James I. Hence multiple readings must be considered in order to explain the full meaning of Othello. One perspective could be that Shakespeare made Othello in such a way as to please his intended audience, the people of the Elizabethan era. Hence Othello could be read as a traditional

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    order to gain the spotlight next to Othello. Iago felt that he deserved to be the one standing aside Othello instead of Desdemona and the honorable Michael Cassio. I have found that Iago’s success as a deceiver entails manipulation, trickery, and deceit. He uses race and youth as a weapon to achieve his revenge. “I am not what I am”.(I.i..67). I believe that Iago’s mission of revenge is directed toward Cassio and Desdemona while pretending that he hates Othello. Iago begins on his treacherous journey