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    OTHELLO STUDY QUESTIONS 1.1 What is Roderigo complaining about in the opening scene? Why does Iago say he hates Othello so much, and what does he mean when he says: "In following him, I follow but myself." What do Iago and Roderigo hope to accomplish by shouting insulting remarks about Othello and Desdemona under Brabantio's window? 1.2 What are Othello and Iago talking about at the opening of this scene? When Iago warns Othello that Brabantio is "much-loved" and may try

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    Othello Study Questions PLOT 1. Despite his cleverness and luck, Iago eventually suffers a downfall.  Discuss three reasons why Iago meets his doom. 2. Othello is often seen as a play that represents a struggle between good and evil. Explain. 3. The subject of loyalty plays an important part in Othello. Discuss in terms of at least three of the characters. 4. Discuss how irony operates in Othello. Give three examples. 5. Discuss Othello as a tragic figure and the reasons for his fall. 6. Discuss

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    Compare and contrast how Shakespeare, Chaucer and Atkinson present marriage ceremonies in ‘Othello’, ‘The Merchant’s Tale’ and ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’. Shakespeare, Chaucer and Atkinson present marriage in different ways. ‘Othello’ by Shakespeare first published in 1622, is a play set in the Elizabethan period. It explores how society disapproves interracial marriage between a black man and a white woman and tries to separate them by causing the man to be suspicious of her, and he ends

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    * Shakespeare’s “Othello”, written in the Elizabethan era, is a play which presents us with the critical facets of humanism, and through the incorporation of manipulative characters like Iago and the victimisation of Othello, as well as a harmony of dramatic techniques, he effectively conveys the importance of distinguishing appearance from reality. By utilising human aspects which relate to the audience, Shakespeare applies a universal appeal to the play and delivers it in a manner which accepts

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    Despite the years that divide Shakespeare's "Othello" and the contemporary Sax adaptation the play resonates today due to universal ideas. Discuss how the composers convey their ideas to their audience. The tragedy, Othello by William Shakespeare explores the lust for power and revenge, and the corrupting nature of deception and jealousy that still resonate today. In an attempt to re-contextualise the tragedy, Geoffrey Sax has created Othello, which similarly surrounds the tragic fall of a powerful

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    English: Text response, Othello “Othello has a propensity to jealousy and possesses a weak character: the stuff of which he is made begins at once to deteriorate and show itself unfit” F.R Levis 1952 To what extent is Levis’ evaluation of Othello, true? In Shakespeare’s Othello, the character of Othello shows himself unfit due to his propensity to jealousy and then showing his weak character. Techniques are used to develop ideas and influence the reader’s response. To a very far extent Levis’

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    The play, Othello, intertwines complex characters, twisting storylines, and valuable life lessons. Many different and equally valuable themes, such as racism, jealousy, hubris, and honesty, are derived from this play, with some being more obvious than others. However, throughout the story an important, and more predominant, theme that occurs revolves around the idea of things being not as they seem. This idea of appearance versus reality reoccurs constantly from beginning to end. In fact, this

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    does Cassio greet Emilia and Desdemona, and how do they respond? How does Iago respond (2.1.168-176)?| 3.|Compare Desdemona and Othello in 2.1.179-196 with what Iago says to Roderigo about them later in the scene (2.1.211-272). What assumptions is Iago applying in trying to understand Desdemona and Othello? Are his assumptions solid, based on what we have seen of Othello and Desdemona? How does he get Roderigo to accept his conclusions? What keeps Roderigo from seeing the truth?| 4.|What plans does

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    Othello Shakespeare In Act II, Iago’s scheme to undo Othello becomes more calculated and involves more victims. Explain the steps he takes to achieve his goal and how he traps his victims. March 15th , 2010 Did you know that throughout the play of Othello the adjective generally preceding Iago‘s name is honest? Othello, Desdemona, Cassio, Montano, and Roderigo all consider Iago as an honest person. This is ironic, because in act two of Othello Iago’s scheme to undo

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    Character Analysis - Othello In Shakespeare’s play Othello, we are introduced to a determined, brave, yet intellectually naïve and simple character named Othello. Othello is a military general with a reputation for being strong-willed and having a never-give-in attitude, which is why he managed to gain such position and notoriety in spite of him being black in a predominantly white society. However, as noble a character as Othello is, his strength, in combination with his simple-mindedness leaves