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  • Reflective Nursing Essay

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    Reflective Essay 1500 words Reflective Essay In this essay I will discuss a clinical skill, which I have become competent in. I will use a reflective model to discuss how I have achieved this clinical skill. The reflective model I am using is Gibbs model of reflection, Gibbs (1988) which uses the following, description, thoughts and feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. I will do a conclusion, which will discuss my personal and professional development, as well as

  • Reflective Essay, Nursing

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    Name: Topic: Reflective Essay Tutor: Date: Introduction Comprehensive Health Assessment is a successful clinical system usually used to provide comprehensive medical history for patients. The information collected becomes stored in one essential location for easy access in the future (Lenox (2007). Furthermore, a comprehensive health assessment is a process of steadily collecting and analyzing data to be used in making important judgments about patient’s health and

  • Reflective Nursing Essay

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    Reflective Journal This week in clinical before the start of my shift, I discussed the goals that I wanted to achieve with my preceptor. My first goal was to have my own patient assignment with minimal help from my preceptor. Also, I needed to perform all the charting on my patient and plan the care for the day. My rationale for this week’s goals is that having my own patient will help me to learn the whole nursing process. In addition, I will learn how to work as a critical care registered

  • Reflective Essay On Nursing

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    The journey through this module has given me the opportunity to reflect on my ways of being in groups and the impact my actions have on the groups. This course has benefited me by helping me become aware of my strengths in listening and some self-esteem weaknesses by acknowledging these enhances my self-awareness thus allowing for positive development of my professional identity. For me, one of the most significant elements I noticed about how I was in groups was how I acted differently depending

  • Reflective Nursing Essay

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    The course “Introduction to the Profession of Nursing,” comprised of a class section as well as a lab section. Within the class section, I learnt the value of time, teamwork and effectiveness of my work. It allowed me to become more health conscious because in order to proudly tell an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I must be living by it as well. The class informed me about the steps to take when administering patient care. Each class was also very informative because we had sufficient

  • Reflective Writting on Nursing Essay

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    Firstly, I am going to reflect on practice using Driscoll’s reflective model. The first stage is to describe what happened during my experience. While on my second placement, myself and a nurse had to bed bath patient A in a side room. The patient was in the side room due to having Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff) which was found after sending a loose stool sample. I had already gained consent from patient A for myself and the nurse to give a bed bath in accordance with the NMC code of conduct (NMC

  • Reflective Nursing Journal Essay

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    Reflective Nursing Journal Boyi Bokar Sr Winston-Salem State University Reflective Nursing Journal Reflective journals are important as they attempt to provide account of events over a time frame. However, it becomes a memory challenged when specific information required cannot be retrieved to produce an orderly context. But, this journal entry required some specific information as they relate to the group project. The research critique project was reviewed and completed by four dedicated

  • Reflective Mental Health Nursing - Nurse Patient Essay

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    Throughout this essay, the author aims to discuss a service user’s experience of an episode of nursing care from a person centred perspective, continuing to explore the key issues which emerge from the experience. Adhering to the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s code of conduct (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2008, p.2), the names of service users, staff and hospital wards have been changed to protect and maintain confidentiality. The author has gained the verbal consent of the service user to discuss

  • A Reflective Nursing Care Study of an Older Adult Essay

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    Introduction This is a critical analysis of the nursing-care interventions used for an older adult during practice placement. This care study discusses the patient’s ageing effect of common pathology, critical analyses of the bio-psychosocial issues, clinical implications and how they determine the nurse-patient relationship and care-interventions delivered. Background The patient was an 82year old female (Mrs Smith) in-patient, undergoing treatment for confusion and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

  • Reflective Essay to Discuss the Nursing Process and How It Was Applied in the Clinical Area in Which I Was Placed

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    Reflective Essay to Discuss the Nursing Process and how it was Applied in the Clinical Area in which I was Placed INTRODUCTION This is a reflective essay to demonstrate the nursing process and how it was applied in The clinical area in which I was placed. Atkinson et al (1983, p2) describes “The nursing process is a system of planning the delivery of nursing care, consisting of four steps: Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation”. This is a client focused assignment;