My Lucky Day Essays

  • Lucky Cement Essay

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    2007-2009 Topic 8: The Business and Financial performance of Lucky Cement over a three year period Analysis of Business and Financial Performance of an organization over a three year period Word count: 6409 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Pg. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 2. -------------------------------------------------

  • Does Success Create Luck?

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    Generally speaking, I believe that people, who are proactive in life, will be lucky or find luck. There are exceptions to every rule, however, in my experience, proactive people find luck. People who are proactive in being successful in achieving something, whether that being a career, or being good at something, can find luck in multiple ways. One way is success with a good career, good income, and stability. One could be lucky in being good at a sport, and achieve higher levels of recognition through

  • Write About an Event in Your Life That Was Unforgettable and Why.

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    have lived in this world, there should be having a good or bad event. Well, I do have one event that still stay fresh in my mind and it is like just happen yesterday. That is really one of my sweet memories. At the time, I was in high school, my friend Wendy and I joined the scout’s association schools. Since we are seniors, we have been encouraged to participate in scouting days. All members are required to assemble on site scouting rally early in the morning, because we will took a bus that was

  • Personal Narrative Essay: If I Full Of Money

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    They say I am lucky. I left the house with a wallet full of money in my back pocket. I take a taxi with Harvey, my closest friend, to the shopping mall where everybody is waiting for us, eager to have our money wasted on them. Once we reach the shopping mall, we take the elevator to the top where the cinema is. So here we are in the cinema, carrying loads of goodies probably worth more than a yacht thanks to cinema prices. And then I think, ‘Wait a second. What the heck, the money isn’t even mine

  • Luck Is a Matter of Prepartion Meeting Opportunity

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    Oprah wasn’t lucky to have such a successful career. She worked hard at being ready to take on the task of establishing a successful career. Oprah wanted to let the masses know that by preparing yourself for whatever may come your way, is the only option we have in receiving an opportunity to better our circumstances. It is definitely not a far-fetched notion that great things happen to ‘lucky’ people. Frankly, luck or being lucky is such a subjective word. Many years ago in my career, I received

  • Luck or Preparation Essay

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    analysis of my environment and observation makes me land onto my second question, why do some people seem to be the only ones who get lucky time and again yet others fail repeatedly? Based on my two questions, I totally agree with Winfrey when she proclaims, luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Since time immemorial nothing has ever created excitement associated with luck as much as betting or gambling. The idea of chance at its best is what defines betting and thus forming my basic

  • Dogs Deserve Respect Too!

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    ” This was my immediate response after I read an article from by Emily Lodish, called “What’s wrong with eating dog meat?” This article has undoubtedly made me feel repulsive about the traditional custom of eating dog meat in China and Korea. Their societies have neglected to pay high concern to mistreatment of dogs. In my opinion, eating dog meat should be banned. While reading this article, it also brought back a painful memory of mine. When I was in middle school, my family had

  • What Fictional Character Would I Like to Meet?

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    Many times in life I found myself complaining or thinking that others had a much better life than I did. For a long time, I believed that happiness in life was associated luck. Thinking that only some lucky humans came to this world to enjoy it and the rest came to suffer. I was blind with the idea that my dreams would always be just dreams because I was simply not born with any luck. The book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green helped me get rid of this unwise idea.  This book tells the story of Hazel

  • About Lucky Dog Company

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    drinks. One is Lucky Dog cider and the other is Caribbean Twist cocktail. I think that these advertisements are meant for all people who are older than 18. And it means that the advertisement is trying to reach all age people above 18. At first I would like to describe the advertisement of Caribbean Twist. In this ad I can see two benefits that are emphasized. The first one is that it is a sparking blend of exotic fruits and the second is that it can refresh you in the hot summer days. On the contrary

  • A Curious Blend Of Comic And Tragic Elements

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    A Curious Blend of Comic and Tragic Elements Waiting for Godot has appropriately been called a tragi-comedy. It is a play which combines comic elements with tragic elements. It is true that the dominant, over-all impression of the play is serious and tragic, but the comic elements occupy a considerable position in the play. There is much in the play to move us, but there is much to amuse us also. And then there are certain situations and remarks that simultaneously move and amuse us. Indeed, it

  • Movie Review: the Lucky One

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    Movie Review: The Lucky One Stephanie Obert DeVry University Movie Review: The Lucky One The Lucky One is a typical Nicholas Sparks movie. Nicholas Sparks writes his books and makes movies specializing in the romantic drama genre. Nicholas Sparks’s most popular known movie was “The Notebook.” The Lucky One was released in 2008 as a book. Then it became a movie and hit the theaters April 2012. It reached number 2 in the box office opening weekend with gross sales of 22.5 million. It very

  • A Birthday Message

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    A Birthday Message-- To My Sister The gods must have had too much of a good mood when they gave you to me! An insane, out-of-this world, bright as the sun; an example of a perfectly imperfect individual with a mind as wide and open as the green prairie. Over the years, you never failed to warmly touch the lives of the people you meet. Your friends are quite lucky to possess a space in your heart, for you are one hell of a great friend, a keeper, indeed! You are too blessed, for you no longer need

  • Overcoming Essay

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    Overcoming The essay “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie is about how he taught himself how to read at a very young age. Being an Indian he was expected to fail. However, he was lucky. He overcame the obstacles and barriers that society put on him. To me his essay is about more than just learning how to read; it is about refusing to fail and overcoming the obstacles in life, no matter how old you are. I relate to Sherman Alexie's attitude about not failing. “I [also] refused to fail” (Alexie

  • Most Embarrassing Moment

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    with gossipy teenagers? Well, if not consider yourself lucky. Once upon a time I wasn’t so lucky. I had the most embarrassing moment of my life when I was just a teenager, and that day still haunts me today. It happened during an ordinary mid-week school day. I decided first thing that morning; I was going to wear my white Reebok high top sneakers, my stone-washed Parasuco jeans, and my white polo t-shirt, with a white ribbon tied around my hair. I walked out of the house that morning feeling and

  • My Accident Essay

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    My Accident It was February in the spring when I was 17 years old. The age was beautiful and I had a lot of dreams of my life such as: career, family, and friends. I usually thought about that. One day I met an accident. This was an accident very important for me. It helps me change my live. In the afternoon, when finished lesson I rode the bicycle from school to house. I rode and thought. Just then I heard the motorcycle behind me. Then I felt myself falling down the road. I began cry. I could

  • Gulp And Gasp

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    station master who is on duty at the platform. Lord Septic stomps up and down the platform under a gas lamp. Crouch carries his bags, running along behind him. LS: Is the bag that you carry heavy, Crouch? C : Yes…I mean no, sir. It is my pleasure to carry the bag for you, sir. Although it is quite heavy. LS: Well, I’m still very angry. C : mmm… LS: And do you know why I’m angry, Crouch? I hate this foul, filthy, nasty, awful, dirty, disgusting and uncomfortable night

  • Immigrant Experience Essay

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    I faced with my family, but that I have survived and managed to make a life with my family in this new place. My family’s decision to come to America, to escape the famine, was a difficult one, yet one of necessity. We were not among the lucky ones, who could afford first or even second-class passage. I spent months in the belly of the ship, sleeping on narrow bunks stacked three high. The food was horrible, barely warm soup, boiled potatoes, and stringy beef, but at least we ate. My mother would

  • Reflective Essay of a First Year Nurse on Med Error

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    occurrence, and how it has changed my practice. My first nursing job was in an acute care rehabilitation hospital, where we would have on a regular day, 8 patients. There were times when I had had as many as 10 patients with admissions. Some nights the patient load seemed easy, when it seemed to be a run of orthopedic patients. This particular night, I had 9 patients, one with IV medications through the PIC line with a dressing change, a wound vac that was due to be changed on my shift, and a variety of other

  • Symbolism in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot

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    problem is that only one of the Evangelists writes about the saved thief, which decreases the chances of salvation more.     Later in the play the names Adam, Abel and Cain are mentioned, which are also Biblical symbols. Estragon calls Pozzo Abel and Lucky Cain, but Pozzo answers to both. “He’s all humanity”, says Estragon. Previously in the play Estragon called himself Adam. Being the first men on earth, they do symbolise humanity. Furthermore, Cain and Abel can also symbolise good and evil for Cain

  • My Second Day Of Mr. I's Class

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    In my second day of Mr. I’s class I learned how to be aware in an exercise that was very what I call unusual. I also learned to outline a speech in the proper way. And the last thing that I learned was that Mr. I is a very smart man and that I am very lucky to have such a good teacher to help me to learn to be a better public speaker. In the exercise in Mr. I’s class he told us to stand up close our eyes and to try and be aware. What I got from this was that we should be aware of our surroundings