My Lucky Day Essays

  • Does Success Create Luck?

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    Generally speaking, I believe that people, who are proactive in life, will be lucky or find luck. There are exceptions to every rule, however, in my experience, proactive people find luck. People who are proactive in being successful in achieving something, whether that being a career, or being good at something, can find luck in multiple ways. One way is success with a good career, good income, and stability. One could be lucky in being good at a sport, and achieve higher levels of recognition through

  • Luck Is a Matter of Prepartion Meeting Opportunity

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    Oprah wasn’t lucky to have such a successful career. She worked hard at being ready to take on the task of establishing a successful career. Oprah wanted to let the masses know that by preparing yourself for whatever may come your way, is the only option we have in receiving an opportunity to better our circumstances. It is definitely not a far-fetched notion that great things happen to ‘lucky’ people. Frankly, luck or being lucky is such a subjective word. Many years ago in my career, I received

  • Write About an Event in Your Life That Was Unforgettable and Why.

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    have lived in this world, there should be having a good or bad event. Well, I do have one event that still stay fresh in my mind and it is like just happen yesterday. That is really one of my sweet memories. At the time, I was in high school, my friend Wendy and I joined the scout’s association schools. Since we are seniors, we have been encouraged to participate in scouting days. All members are required to assemble on site scouting rally early in the morning, because we will took a bus that was

  • Dogs Deserve Respect Too!

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    ” This was my immediate response after I read an article from by Emily Lodish, called “What’s wrong with eating dog meat?” This article has undoubtedly made me feel repulsive about the traditional custom of eating dog meat in China and Korea. Their societies have neglected to pay high concern to mistreatment of dogs. In my opinion, eating dog meat should be banned. While reading this article, it also brought back a painful memory of mine. When I was in middle school, my family had

  • Luck or Preparation Essay

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    analysis of my environment and observation makes me land onto my second question, why do some people seem to be the only ones who get lucky time and again yet others fail repeatedly? Based on my two questions, I totally agree with Winfrey when she proclaims, luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Since time immemorial nothing has ever created excitement associated with luck as much as betting or gambling. The idea of chance at its best is what defines betting and thus forming my basic

  • Andrew Mcbrody: Diary Entry

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    25th 2015 I’m lucky to have you, diary. As you hide under my dirty, half thin disgusting excuse for a mattress. I come back to you every day without fail to scream and cry at the world in written form. I’m lucky to have you diary. Today, however, I had a change, something that will change my life forever and would make my family very happy. I am no longer in the presence of those monsters, The Raiders; I am no longer their property. A man claiming to be my uncle, Steve McBrody, my father’s brother

  • What Fictional Character Would I Like to Meet?

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    Many times in life I found myself complaining or thinking that others had a much better life than I did. For a long time, I believed that happiness in life was associated luck. Thinking that only some lucky humans came to this world to enjoy it and the rest came to suffer. I was blind with the idea that my dreams would always be just dreams because I was simply not born with any luck. The book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green helped me get rid of this unwise idea.  This book tells the story of Hazel

  • White Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Huck

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    Looking back it never dawned on me how many privileges were just given to me. I didn’t have to earn the right to continue my education, be a primary candidate for a summer job, or have food on the table every day. My parents may have, but I didn’t. There are kids all over the world who do not share these advantages with me, and why? I never understood why this separation occurred. Then I started to realize how past white cultures went into the non-white areas of the world and began dominating

  • John Cavemen Diary

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    Carolina. My parents tried to escape to Canada, where I would be safe. The hope of going to Canada was crushed when my family and I were captured. I was sold to a ruthless slave owner. The slave owner’s name was John Cavemen. He was extremely brutal. John would whip us 6 times if we sung spirituals. Spirituals were songs that we sung while we worked. When he wasn’t around we would sing. Every day is a tiring day. We felt like we had run 9 miles because of the exhaustion of the day. My job was simple

  • Overcoming Essay

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    Overcoming The essay “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie is about how he taught himself how to read at a very young age. Being an Indian he was expected to fail. However, he was lucky. He overcame the obstacles and barriers that society put on him. To me his essay is about more than just learning how to read; it is about refusing to fail and overcoming the obstacles in life, no matter how old you are. I relate to Sherman Alexie's attitude about not failing. “I [also] refused to fail” (Alexie

  • Immigrant Experience Essay

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    I faced with my family, but that I have survived and managed to make a life with my family in this new place. My family’s decision to come to America, to escape the famine, was a difficult one, yet one of necessity. We were not among the lucky ones, who could afford first or even second-class passage. I spent months in the belly of the ship, sleeping on narrow bunks stacked three high. The food was horrible, barely warm soup, boiled potatoes, and stringy beef, but at least we ate. My mother would

  • Reflective Essay of a First Year Nurse on Med Error

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    occurrence, and how it has changed my practice. My first nursing job was in an acute care rehabilitation hospital, where we would have on a regular day, 8 patients. There were times when I had had as many as 10 patients with admissions. Some nights the patient load seemed easy, when it seemed to be a run of orthopedic patients. This particular night, I had 9 patients, one with IV medications through the PIC line with a dressing change, a wound vac that was due to be changed on my shift, and a variety of other

  • James Smith: My First Voyage To Virginia

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    My name is James Smith, and I am an Englishmen who farms his neighbor’s land, but I have a dream of owning, and working my own land with my wife and two sons. So I sold all my livestock, my wagon, and my land to made the journey. The fees were high, but I had enough funds for our passage, lodging aboard a small ship. Lucky for me King James I established the Virginia Charter Company. The main purpose of the company is to help increase England's coffers. Our voyage to Virginia started on July

  • The Rocking Horse Winner And The Jewels: A Literary Analysis

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    Humans beings go through a lot of troubles and obstacles every day of there life, some people go through more troubles than other people , the only thing that gives people a boost is the thought of coming home and spending time with there families. Sometimes people are to absorbed into there own world and they start to neglect the people they love and when people get neglected they start to change. In “ The Rocking Horse Winner” and “ The Jewels” it is shown how neglect can effect not only the

  • My Worst Splinter (Narrative)

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    My Worst Splinter The sun was shining bright, and the trees were swaying in the gentle breeze on this warm spring evening. Life was good and school was almost out; the summer of 2006 was nearing and that meant baseball season was about to begin. I was outside playing tag with a few of my neighbors. We were all running and chasing each other without a worry in mind. One of my friends decided to chase me down, for I was trapped on top of his swing set with only one way down. He hurriedly climbed

  • Rocking Horse Winner

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    story where morals are told through the detached tone and moralizing love and luck through a young boys obsession with achieving both. Lawrence uses Paul’s unhealthy relationship with the males in his life to emphasize his fixation with becoming “Lucky”. Lawrence mentions Paul’s father not as a predominate figure in his life, but as a catalyst for Paul’s unhealthy quest to receive love from his mother by providing where his father cannot. Both parents seem to have an obsession with wealth

  • Compare And Contrast The Recognition Day Of My Life By Andre P. Coronado

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    with the strings of my guitar. I am a jester behind the serious facade. I am Gerard Andre P. Coronado, Bon to my friends and @bon_coronado on Twitter. I was born on November 30, 1990. I have lived the best of both worlds from the prim and proper people of my mother's side of the family to the simply chaotic lifestyle from my father's side. I have a pretty awesome famly. My mom is just the coolest mom ever and my classmates who met her can attest to that. I am lucky to have my crazy siblings who

  • Hrm 300 Week Writing Assignment

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    For this week’s writing assignment, I actually found it actually quite interesting. I interviewed my mom and my boss. The question was,:” How did their expectations and strategies for managing family responsibilities and paid employment change over time? (In other words, when they first became adults, what did they expect their roles to be in the family, and did that change over the years)? My mom’s response was how I pictured it to be. When she got married at 21 she had no idea what her future

  • Desiree's Baby

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    belongings into the blaze and all of her memories into the smoky air. Then, after all of Desiree’s belongings are destroyed, Armand takes out a letter that was written from his mother to his father. In the letter, Armand’s mother writes, "night and day, I thank the good God for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery." With this letter, Chopin concludes the

  • How To Comunicate With Reindeer

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    Art Essay In this essay, I will discuss some methods of communication between the Reindeer people and high school freshman. I will also give my own suggestions on ways I think they could communicate. There are a few ways a high school freshman could communicate with Reindeer People. One way would be if the high school freshman learned the language