My Ideal School Essays

  • My Ideal School

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    Though i have spent eleven years of my life in schools , i have my own dream of an ideal school. i i would want my ideal school to be built on humanistic values . since i am a naturalist and an environmentalist , i would love my school to be bulit surrounded by tress , plants and animals . This may sound weird , but it is definitely better than building a school in the concrete jungle . Schools currentle are built in the middle of towns , cities and houses . Students have to rush everyday through

  • Why People Behave the Way They Do

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    After I learn about human behavior and “why people behave the way they do” it is reminding me one of my cousins. She has been neglected in her early age. She is the person who does whatever to call attention from others. She learns how to develop the skills to influence other to adoring her. From the emotional hole that has been created in her childhood has been developed throughout her life. She has been reacting in varying personality in order to fulfill her emotional hole for example she likes

  • Philosophy of Education and the Ideal School

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    probably change the way the schools are currently managed in the twenty-first century. In my opinion, my “Ideal School” would be an independent school that educates children from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. In addition, I will incorporate a classroom for toddlers and infants for parents who do not have the luxury to spend time with their children on a full-time basis. In this school I will try to provide challenging programs for all grade levels. The school will offer classes in a variety

  • Your Ideal Job

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    What is your ideal job and how will you get there I have always wanted to run my own business whether it would be running a big corporation or just selling beef. I have ran into many problems on my way to get there, one of the biggest is where to get my education, I have looked into a lot of colleges and how to accommodate the schedules to my own with 2 kids and trying to work around all of that has been a big hurdle. I have looked into a lot of online schools but half was no accredited and would

  • The Importance of Balanced Diet

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    friends at home and at school. Of them, I consider Sunil as my best friend. Sunil studies with me in the same class. He sits by my side in the classroom. He helps me in all matters. If there is a quarrel or dispute between me and any other boy in the school, he always takes my side and stands by me. Sunil lives with his parents near the hospital. His father is a doctor who has been provided with an office quarter. Sunil attends school by a bicycle, while I go there afoot, because my house is not far from

  • Ideal Computer Essay

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    An ideal computer must meet and exceed all the requirements you expect of it. From the hardware, software, and peripheral devices my ideal computer must perform flawlessly. Of course this involves tons of research in order to gather the right parts for your computer system. But ultimately though all the parts gathered are from the user’s preference. First off the most important parts for my ideal computer would be the hardware. The one place where I would purchase my hardware would be from newegg

  • The Qualities Of Family

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    families ideal and dysfunctional. An ideal family is a family that helps the children learns the important life lessons and skills needed for their life. A dysfunctional family is one that tries to get along with each other but it doesn’t work out so well, and in the end they realized it could have been worse than what they did. My ideal family I have chosen was from The Cosby Show, The Huxtables. My dysfunctional family I have chosen is The Simpsons. The Huxtables where my pick for an ideal family

  • Gender Inequality Essay

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    and stereotypes. Our authors’ state that, “Our behavior in almost all situations is framed within our knowledge of ideal gender” (p 159). As our country becomes culturally diverse, this becomes a problem as not all cultures fit into our values and expectations, especially as related to masculinity and femininity. We have learned to ‘do gender’ throughout our growing lives in school, at home, and through the media. I believe that some of this ‘gender doing’ has relaxed and broadened in the recent

  • Personal Essay: Who Am I?

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    are relatively my attitude, my personal values and beliefs to life that developed throughout my life. “Values are the constructs that we hold as important and beliefs are constructs that we hold to be true (Collins & Chippendale, 1995)”. Meanwhile, attitudes are relatively lasting clusters of emotions, beliefs, and behavior tendencies directed towards specific ideas, people or objects (Baron & Byrne, 1984). Generally, my family members, friends and the experiences I had contribute to my sense of who

  • Siop Lesson Plan - Assessments

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    Background Theme: Relating fractions, percents, and decimals as a part of a whole Lesson Topic: Practical applications of fractions, percents, and decimals: Designing my school’s playground Background to Lesson: The students have studied the common use of fractions, decimals, and percents, and their meanings. Students also explored the equivalence between fractions, decimals, and percents, using 10x10 grids. Grade: 5 Standards: N.V. 1.5.9 Recognize and name commonly used

  • Gender and the Body - Anthropology 1001

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    and society that you belong to. While different genders face different body related issues society pressures each gender in its own way. Cultural standards of gender and the body can be hard to meet. While they effect everyone differently they lead to my personal battle with anorexia. Many men and women go to extreme lengths to meet society’s demands. Looking at this example through the three bodies paradigm we will be able to more precisely see where the cultural and societal pressures of gender and

  • Spm Analysis

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    |Report |Letter |Talk |Kedah |ARTICLE Member Counselling Club – school magazine – study tips | | | | | | | |Melaka |ARTICLE Final yr student – school magazine – last 5 yrs spent in school | | | | | | | |Perak |REPORT Disciplinary cases rising – Causes & Suggestions to overcome | | | | | | | |P Pinang |ARTICLE Secretary ‘My School, My Home’ campaign – how to make classroom conducive to study | | | | | | | |Pahang |ARTICLE School bulletin – Do’s & Don’t when attending an interview | | | | | |

  • Effective Study Habits

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    Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each: 1. Describe your ideal study environment. My ideal study environment is in an area that is comfortable, safe, and free of noise and other types of distractions that can get in the way of me studying. I want to ensure that the environment is organized and relaxing, so that I can think clearly and complete my work accurately and in a timely manner. 2. List some of the distractions that might hinder your study

  • Reflective Journal: Literacy and Numeracy in the Primary Classroom

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    Introduction Throughout the past six weeks I have been exploring some of the key concepts involved with the teaching and learning of literacy and mathematics. Through the weekly readings and activities I have been able to develop my knowledge of these concepts. During this time I have considered the similarities and differences of the English program in the Australian Curriculum, as compared to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, and the implications that these factors will have on myself

  • Effective Study Habits Worksheet

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    each: 1. Describe your ideal study environment. My ideal study place is somewhere quiet with country or classical music playing low. Somewhere with no television unless that is what the music is playing on. It would be somewhere with a large amount of coffee and where no one can bother me. 2. List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom. Some of the distractions that might hinder my study progress or my performance in an online

  • Who I Am Today

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    thrown into maturity at a young age. While other girls of my age were too concerned with school, the mall, going out to movies, being into boys, and going out with the family, I was at home raising my brother and myself. I did not have the ideal life nor family, I thought I wanted but I did make the most of it. The contributing factors to whom I am today as a person are due to my father being incarcerated, my mother not being around, and my best friend’s death. [ Revise this sentence to exclude your

  • Ideal Society Essay

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    My opening paragraph: * will consist of what I think an ideal society means? * My ideal society will be based on Islamic beliefs, values, and traditions. However, I will be incorporating other ethnics and religious backgrounds in my ideal society and that is where my goal comes from. * There will be brief description of how an ideal Islamic society will look like and maybe back it up with scholarly references. * - my goals for this particular society. * Ie. To achieve

  • Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Staff Analysis

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    School Administration BARRY CREVISTON Key Assessment     You are the new principal in a new school building.  Based on your philosophy of the fundamental principles and concepts of educational leadership you have developed in this course, it is your duty and responsibility to create and implement the organization and operation of your school.  Based on models, theories and research you have adopted as your own beliefs, build your ideal school by describing the elements, procedures and techniques

  • Changes in Education: the 21st Century Classroom

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    How Changes in Education Influence the 21st Century Classroom in an Ideal World I’ve been considering changes in education and what the ideal 21st century classroom would look like, and I’ve come up with ten possible things that would revolutionize education. Some of them are simple changes; others are costly and time consuming (and therefore unlikely). But I’m interested to see if other teachers and authors of education articles agree. What is 21st Century Learning? I read a lot of education

  • Imagination on Ideal Vacation

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    I love having the opportunity to learn new things in school and to have a job to help me pay for it. I love doing what I do, which is going to school to get my associates degree in fashion merchandising and being able to work in retail. Both of these together become a stressful situation that makes me want to get away. I would love to be able to leave home, even for one night, just to have some time to myself and help me relax. My dream vacation spot would be somewhere warm with a view of the ocean