My Ideal Country Essays

  • What Patriotism Means To Me

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    person or group who defends our country, knowing that they might die. Patriotism, to me, is people in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and several other branches of the military that fight for our freedom, our right to speak freely, use press, and deadly force if someone tries to harm or kill us, and so we can try to live the lives we want to. The very sound of the word patriotism, it brings to my heart loyalty and pride. I feel loyalty for my country and it’s ideals, and I feel pride for those

  • Ideal Society Essay

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    My opening paragraph: * will consist of what I think an ideal society means? * My ideal society will be based on Islamic beliefs, values, and traditions. However, I will be incorporating other ethnics and religious backgrounds in my ideal society and that is where my goal comes from. * There will be brief description of how an ideal Islamic society will look like and maybe back it up with scholarly references. * - my goals for this particular society. * Ie. To achieve

  • A True American

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    A True American America is regarded as a country full of opportunities, fortune, and freedom, but what is an ideal American? An American is a native or citizen of the United States (“American“). A true American has many characteristics, which puts them apart from others. Since the beginning of American history the ideal citizen was one who was unwilling to settle for anything but the best, including the pioneers who took control over their destiny and established the thirteen colonies. We celebrate

  • Platos Ideal Society essay

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    Platos Ideal Society essay In the Republic Plato talks about what he believes would be the ideal society, in other words what he thinks would be the perfect society which would bring peace to the whole world. He explains that in his ideal society people will all live a harmonious life and not have to fear violence or material possessions. It is important to realize that people have been trying to create the perfect society for years and all have failed trying to. I do not believe that it is possible

  • Personal Narrative: Moving From Mexico To California

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    Never in my life had I thought that moving from Mexico, to California would set a new perspective and direction on my life. Who would have thought that a single person and country could have such an impact in an individual’s life. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember acting or being different of how I am today. To begin with it all goes back to my summer vacation for the 5th grade. I had been told that I would be visiting my dad is the U.S.A. for the first time in 3 years. When finally arriving

  • United States Vs Swimmer Case Study

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    Schwimmer exceptionally displayed more than the nessecary qualifications of a United States citizen. The United States v. Schwimmer case raises the question of what it means to be an American and to what extent ones personal values hold in our country. I found the case against

  • Kennedy Houston Ministerial Association Analysis

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    I chose to do my Aristotelian criticism analysis on a speech given by John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The title of this speech is “Houston Ministerial Association.” On Sept. 12, 1960, Kennedy gave a major speech to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association. This association was a group of Protestant ministers. This speech touched on the issue of Kennedy’s religion, which was Catholic. At the time, many Protestants questioned whether Kennedy's Catholic faith would allow him to make important national decisions

  • Marketing Critical Reflection

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    Critical Reflection Income inequality is an unequal distribution of income throughout a population. Usually inequality is measured using families’ incomes rather than an individual’s personal income. Families annual incomes are divided into groups and the share of total income is calculated (Gans, King, Stonecash, Mankiw, 2011). Income distribution can be represented by a Lorenz curve. A Lorenz Curve shows a Gini coefficient which represents income equality – the figure zero represents total equality

  • History Portfolio: US History

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    future, and reflects the past. Democracy is a type of government where the people are allowed to have a say in electing their new leader. Democracy “is for the people, by the people, and of the people”, says Abe Lincoln. Over the course of the year my history class has discussed many issues from the 1870’s to

  • The Ideals of the Declaration of Independence

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    The Ideals of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence is the most important document in the history of the most influential nation in the modern world – The United States of America. Many other nations and societies that have gained their independence since this declaration was drafted in 1776 have used the four key ideals contained within it as a guide for their own independence. This document did much more than achieve independence for the U.S; it would drastically change

  • Ideal Dreamer

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    wonder why there are so many undocumented students in this country. There is one reason to this the DREAM Act has not passed since introduced in congress. The DREAM Act is a law that grants the undocumented students of this country to gain legal status after studying here for all of high school and 2 years of college or have either joined the armed services. I wonder why the government of this country doesn’t help the undocumented students. In my research I came across the following questions that lead

  • Collapse of Idealism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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    meetings to discuss the matter of developing other countries or areas like Africa. Conrad mentions one of the European bands “this devoted band called itself the Eldorado Exploring Expedition” (43). Moreover, the main character of the novella, Kurtz, represents the Europeans “‘he is a very remarkable person.’ Further questions elicited from him that Mr. Kurtz was at present in charge of a trading-post, a very important one, in the true ivory-country” (25). In fact, Kurtz is a remarkable character and

  • Flagburning (Pro)

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    the freedoms of the people- including the freedom to protest the government which is supposed to strive to protect those freedoms. Though the people may be offended by these actions, we must attempt to defend the ideals the flag represents instead of their physical form; for these ideals cannot be destroyed by fire, but they can be damaged by the restrictions of the freedoms the flag represents. The Amendment proposed to ban flag desecration would affect many Americans. Strict laws would prevent

  • Themes Of Globalization In Canada

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    multicultural society. Canada to some people is considered a “new country” and it is fascinating to see how we can have such diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world. In this book Immigration Canada by Alan B. Simmons, he shows us three main themes, transnational, globalization, and Imaginative future and how they relate to immigration in Canada today. The first major theme in chapter 1 is globalization. This has been very

  • Ideal Body Image

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    The “Ideal” Body Image in American & African Culture Candice Strachan November 16, 2014 The “Ideal” Body Image in American & African Culture Body image is defined in many ways. The correct definition of body image is the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. The perception of body image affects all women of all ages. Body image perception can affect many things such as one’s self confidence and also one’s lifestyle. I have taken interest in this topic and I asked myself

  • Definition Of America Essay

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    Many different people define America in many different ways; there are not two groups of individuals from around the world that would define America in the same way. In my opinion, America can best be defined as a country founded on ideals, opportunity, and ethnic diversity. The majorities of individuals that live in America do share a sense of opportunity, and do desire to make their lives the best that they can be. Some hope for a two-story house on the beach, while others hope for a good education

  • Philosophy of Education and the Ideal School

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    methods of teachings and education systems that exists throughout the globe, I do have to admit that if I had the authority and influence I would probably change the way the schools are currently managed in the twenty-first century. In my opinion, my “Ideal School” would be an independent school that educates children from Kindergarten through Eighth grade. In addition, I will incorporate a classroom for toddlers and infants for parents who do not have the luxury to spend time with their children

  • Samuri Dbq Essay

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    Samurais are mostly known for the honor that they have for their country and themselves. This is honor evident in their peaceful ideals, prejudice outlooks, and combat lifestyle for samurais between the thirteenth century and the sixteenth century. The way of a samurai can be peaceful which is exhibited mostly in Document 2 when Dogon said, “...avoid evil, do nothing about life-and-death, be merciful to all sentient things, respect superiors and sympathize with inferiors...” Dogon’s point of view

  • Module B Close Study- Discussion Format on Wilfred Owen Dulce Et Decorum Est. & Futility 19/20

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    welcome to tonight’s special of the “Past Wars”, featuring a courageous man whose poems have helped inspire and change the perception of individuals and groups on the controversial idea of, war. This is a man who once was all about holding patriotic ideals when the outbreak of the German and French war arose, a man who encouraged the people of England to fight. I’m sure we are aware of the current situations with minor wars arising such as the Israeli and Palestinian war and the terrorism arising around

  • Cowboys, Masculinity, and the American Condition

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    become so integrated into American lives that children play “Cowboys and Indians” games without really even knowing about the true history of Cowboys or of Indians. Yet it isn’t just entertainment that we derive from the Cowboy image. We also find an ideal – a heroic personage – that we can follow without thought and with near total faith. It is because of our faithfulness to our Cowboy hero that the adoption of the Cowboy image is common in the American presidency, first by Lyndon B. Johnson (36th