My First Day Of College Essays

  • Why Is College Education Important to Me

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    November 23, 2013 “Why college education is important to me” "Nelson Mandela once said "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". This statement is more significant today because of the difficult times we are facing. At this stage in my life a college degree is the only thing that can help me to get a change. It’s becoming harder to find a well paying job that enables one to support their family. A College education means that my daughter will have a good

  • Why College Is Important to Me

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    Why college is important to me By: Monae Rivera Why college is important to me well there are a lot of ways for me to be able to answer that question. For starters my family was the kind of family that always made sure my education was always my main priority. They always pushed me to work harder in everything I would in life I always had plenty of help from teachers, tutors and family members .They wanted to see me be the first member in my family to graduate from college and if that isn’t

  • High School vs. College

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    High school and college are complete opposite from each other, literally. In high school there are so many limitations to what you can and cannot do. Classes and time are structured and arranged by others; while college on the other hand is freedom. Everything is done on your own, from picking classes and arranging the schedule. The choice of even going to college is entirely one’s own choice. High school is like a mother holding her child’s hand helping her child cross the street into another street

  • Items Students Need to Survive in College

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    a Student Need To Survive In College Most of the students, who get an opportunity to attend a college, find surviving in a college to be harder than they had imagined. For most students, beginning of the semester seems to be easy, however it becomes harder and harder to survive in a college as the time pass by. Being in a college, for a student, is a feeling of being in a war. Like a soldier in any war needs weapons to survive, in the same way a student in college needs some items to survive. Unlike

  • Why College Education Is Important to Me

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    “Why college education is important to me” Success and happiness is the key to life. If one pursues their dreams and ambitions, he or she can be open to many more of the opportunities this world has to offer. College is the very first step to becoming successful and these days a college education is not something that you should have; it is something that should be essential. That being said, it is nearly impossible to get an excellent paying job without a college degree. I have learned that college

  • Family Interview Essay

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    O’Connor Family Interview My Mother My mother has been one of the hardest working women that I have ever known in my life so I decided to sit down and have an interview with her. See how she got there, why she chose to take the jobs she did. I learned a very interesting thing talking to her. Her first job was at Social Security as soon as she got out of High School. At this time you did not need a college degree to work in this industry and she got the job after her first interview. She said she

  • First Year Of College

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    First Year of College During my first year of college I faced many challenges and changes in my life. Everything I went through from simply moving to Houston, to finishing my first year, and all in between was a tough task. Even though at the time it was hard, I appreciate everything I was encountering in my life. I look back and appreciate it all because it made me the person I am today. The plan was when I get to Houston to move into my own apartment when my financial aid came through, and to

  • First Year College

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    First Year in College It was not difficult at all when I was faced with the decision of choosing my career path. It has always been my plan to graduate high school, and attend college to become a doctor. I am a kind hearted person that has always had a passion of voluntarily helping others out as best I could, whenever I notice someone is in need of help. However, at the time I was not aware of the effort and responsibility it would take to actually become successful at my goal of

  • Why I Chose Baker

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    Why I chose Baker College English: 091 Sections: 0830 Baker College Essay #1 Why I chose Baker College The reasons I chose Baker College is so I can work on getting my certificate as a phlebotomy technician. So that I can work toward the area of working in a big business. In hopes one day being able to find a good stable job, close to home. Also, it’s not that I need my certificate, I want it. I have hopes of one day working in a hospital. Phlebotomy first interests me when a friend

  • Compare and Contrast High School and College

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    High School vs College October 24, 2012 Writing Skills II High School vs. College Throughout the many different schools I have attended in my life, I have had a new and great experience at each one. I have met a lot of people, some of which I am still friends with today. I have had the best experiences in my high school as well as my college career, but the schools do differ. The schools differ in socialization, lunch, and schedule. The first difference is socialization. In high school

  • My Journey to Become a College Softball Player

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    My Journey to become a College Softball player Raegan Nunez 09/30/2012 3rd Period Honors English--Descriptive Essay Mr. Cornutt I love the thrill of standing at home plate, waiting for the pitcher to release the ball because in those few seconds I get to decide how, if and when to swing my bat. My dad signed me up for softball when I was only about seven or eight years old. I had watched the women’s college softball world series and Arizona State University

  • One Amazing Thing

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    life in college and the relationship she had with her parents while in college. This particular story resonated with me because I a freshman in college living at home with my mom. I feel that, out of all the different characters in the novel, I am most like Uma in my life and experience. By sharing my college experience so far and connecting it to Uma’s experience, I will show how Uma’s story is true to life in the way that it really connects to my own. Before I began my first semester

  • Why College Is Important

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    At my age ive learned the hard way that with only a highschool diploma options are very limited. it seems like jobs are demanding higher education requirements by the year .college is important to me because I am determined to build a better will give me a good foundation to start towards a career.Making a living my first priority in life and college is the first step.i feel furthering my education is key to becoming stable in today's society. Over the years businesses has been raising

  • My Experience’s with Writing

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    Elementary school, high school and my personal writing are at the top of the rollercoaster, and college writing is at the top plummeting down to the bottom through an upside down loop. When it came time for me to go to college it became stressful, challenging, and frustrating. My perspective on writing started to change. The expectations in college were set to a higher level, and there was a variety of different writing that I wasn’t used to. My very first experience with writing was in elementary

  • Honor College Essay Examples

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    Honors College paper The introduction to my college experience has been honorable. I have been presented with a breath taking amount privileges I never expected to come my way. For instance, initiation into the Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Phi Eta Sigma honor society, and now I have the opportunity to be a representative of the honors college at Florida Gulf Coast University. I could not ask for anything more out of my first semester of college. My desires to be affiliated with the honors college

  • Worst College Fears

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    Going to college is definitely intimidating at first, because everything is new and you are alone to figure it all out for yourself. There are some fears that I believe everybody has on the first day of college like classes, teachers, and making new friends. I think my worst college fear would be that I wouldn’t be ready for the advanced work and additional homework that comes with college. I was a procrastinator in high school and I wasn’t always caught up on my homework. I had a habit of doing

  • High School vs. College

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    High School Vs. College Everyone needs a good education in order to sufficiently make it through life these days. In order to achieve this, a person must graduate high school and college. Many people seem to think life as a high school student and a college student are very similar, but to me they have many differences. When I graduated high school, I decided that I would go to college and I became very aware of not only the differences, but the

  • Learning Style Essay

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    the time to absorb more information depending day or night and some prefer to watch television or listen to the radio while studying. Each and every person has a process by which they learn, but they also need to know what style does not work for them. My personal learning style tends to be on aural, the “noisy” kind of environment. I can never sit at one place either at home or school without any sounds at all. I just need a bit of noise to do my homework and any other assignments. However I

  • Why College Is Important to Me

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    - Ashworth College “ Why College Education Is Important To Me” According to Scott Reed, “As long as you know what it is you desire, then by simply affirming that it is yours -- firmly and positively, with no ifs, buts, or maybes -- over and over again, from the minute you arise in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night, and as many times during the day as your work or activities permit, you will be drawn to those people, places, and events that will bring your desires to you”.

  • Things I Expect To Gain From College Essay

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    students start college and begin and an education to make a better living or maybe just because their parents of family pressure them. In the other hand I began college for many other reason. The things I expect to gain from college are to get a better job, to improve my English, and to meet new people. To begin with one of the things I expect to gain from college is to get a better job in the future. Jobs now a days are not very easy to find especially not having a college degree. Finding