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  • Do Celebs Make Bad Role Models

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    are the people to follow like Paris Hilton because she thinks that she is all that. The truth is that we are obsessed with celebrities. Everywhere you go, celebrities are being advertised. When your son or daughter hears a new singer or sees a new actor on their favourite t.v show, they want to be just like them. Sometimes that is not a good thing. You think to yourself why do people look up to those celebrities? Well it seems to me most celebrities get into these habits because they are too involved

  • The Development of Country Music

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    music? Yes, I like it very much. It can comfort me when I am anxious; make me relax when I am tired; and cheer me up when I am disappointed. Country song just likes the magic. However, I didn’t know much about county music. Through this research, my understanding of country music reached new levels. To begin with, I have to know what country music is: Country music is a blend of popular musical forms originally found in the Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains. It has roots in

  • Grant Proposal - Needlestick Injury in Health Care Workers in Taiwan

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    thesis has not previously been submitted for a degree, nor has it been submitted as part of requirements for a degree except as fully acknowledged within the text. I also certify that the thesis has been written by me. Any help that I have received in my research work and in the preparation of the thesis itself has been acknowledged. In addition, I certify that all information sources and literature used are indicated in the thesis. Signature of Candidate i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Doing a doctoral