My Favorite Things Essays

  • A Few Of My Favorite Things

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    Honors English III 20 December 2011 A Few Of My Favorite Things Good afternoon, my name is +++++. When I first heard this prompt I immediately thought about my hair. When I got to thinking more in-depth about it though, I discovered that my best quality is my artistic passion. In everything I do, I like to add my own personal style- in my hair, my clothing and my art. One thing you should know about me is that I don’t like change that I can’t control, but if I have the option to change it

  • Personal Essay: My Favorite Things To Do Is Drawing

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    My favourite thing My favourite thing to do is drawing. I can draw whatever I want. Not what everybody else wants me to draw and I like it that way because then I can do whatever I want. It takes me away from this world if I don´t want to exist for a while. I like it because I can express my feelings through art and drawing. It´s like my feelings are on the paper I´m drawing or painting on and it´s my own. If I feel sad, I´m going to draw or paint something sad. If I feel happy, then I´m

  • A Favorite Place

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    OUTLINE A FAVORITE PLACE Topic sentences: My favorite place is a paradise not only for me if not for all those who visit this place because have so many interesting things. DETAILS: Where is my favorite place? Why is my favorite place? My adventures Concluding: For all and all this is my favorite place. I thing many people should know not only this place if not all the beauty that our country has. A FAVORITE PLACE My favorite place is a paradise not only for

  • Favorite Holiday Essay

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    December 25th instead of waking up to school and homework, I wake up to the anticipation and excitement of Christmas day with my family. Christmas is my favorite holiday because my family and I have an extravagant dinner. We decorate the Christmas tree at Christmas time together too. Family, decorating, and a great dinner I think make a great Christmas. I truly love having my family around at Christmas time. I like having family around at Christmas because we make yellow sugar cookies that give

  • Favorite Thing About Nature

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    Danielle Morris Flowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. A lot of people might say they smell as amazing as they look, but personally I can't smell anything. Besides that I really enjoy flowers. Beautiful as ever, flowers are my favorite thing in nature. There are so many different kinds of flowers in the world. Maybe some that haven’t even been discovered yet. Many people don't relies that there are so many different kinds of rare flowers out there. We all just stick to the common

  • My Favorite Day

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    My favorite day of the week. By the beginning of the week all I want is for the week to end already. By Monday I am already waiting for Friday to get her. Is probably because I know that Friday means that the weekend has arrived. After having a week full of compromises, lack of sleep and no entertainment all I want is some rest, and there is not a better time to do it than the weekend. I would not say that my favorite day of the week is Monday because honestly I hate Mondays, Monday means time

  • College Essay Topic B: Describe a Circumstance, Obstacle or Conflict in Your Life, and the Skills and Resources You Used to Resolve It. Did It Change You? If so, How?

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    we were friends. One specific difference that we both had were favorite soccer teams. His favorite was Las Chivas de Guadalajara while my favorite team was Las Aguilas del Club America. These two teams are rivals in their country of Mexico. By this fact, my friend and I would go to each others houses to judge each others teams. The trash-talking would never stop and we would continue to tell each other things about each other's favorite team for days. This all ended when he left for Houston. At the

  • My Favorite Place

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    Jasmine Queen April 17,2012 My Favorite Place Through out the whole world, there are plenty of places where people love to go. Some may be a certain area, a store, a home, or even a different country. One place can hold special values to one person. Whether it’s a memory or memories, a feeling, or even just being in the environment. All of it leads up to being a persons “favorite place”. Everyone has a favorite place in their home, a place where he or she can be him or herself. Somewhere

  • Should Students Use Cell Phone in Class

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    TLW: I will recognize the letter Tt by tracing the letter and write it with a pencil and drawing things that begin with the letter Tt. II. Today we are going to talk about how to form the letter Aa. We are going to try to write the letter Tt. GP. TTW model how to trace the letter Tt and guide Ss. IP. Ss will recognize the letter Tt by tracing the letter and write it with a pencil and drawing things that begin with the letter Tt. Begin with the letter Tt | TEKS: V.B.3. Child experiences sharing

  • Description on the Book 'Thirteen Reasons Why' by Jay Asher

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    who has committed suicide and has sent out a tape that will be given to thirteen people explaining how they were all a part in her suicide. This book is narrated by Clay Jensen. My favorite part in this book is when Hannah Baker is talking about a rumor that that was started about her. The reason why it’s my favorite is because she is so accurate in what she says. What she says is, “A rumor started a reputation that other people believed in and reacted to. And sometimes a rumor has a snowball effect

  • Song That Inspires Me

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    Every one of us has a favorites band, and of course a favorite song. I feel that we can see an image of ourselves or even our lives played out in our favorite songs. Like the artiest have written it only for you. Well this is how I feel about my favorite songs. Not only do I have song where I see myself, but songs which helped me get through hard times, maybe this is why I have so many favorites. On my father’s side of the family my cousin exposed me to rock and techno, and on my mother’s side of the

  • My Bedroom Essay

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    My bedroom is my favorite room in my house. I enjoy my bedroom because it describes me. The things that describe me the most in my room are the wall colors, bedroom suit, and the decorations. Over the years, my room has changed from being a “kid” room to being a “teenage” room. When I was younger my mom decorated my room. When I was younger, I could not wait until I was older so that I could decorate my room however I wanted. When I was younger I had to share a bedroom with my sister. I finally moved

  • Time Capsule Research Paper

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    Three Things I Would Put In A Time Capsule I would put three things into my time capsule, a set of my favorite books, my cherished Star of David, and some family recipes. A time capsule is a big metal capsule that can contain things that are important to the person, and important to the future. After the time capsule is filled with items then it is buried so people in the future can dig it up and learn about the past and the people through these items. My time capsule will be opened on January

  • The Once and Future King

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    the book “The Once and Future King,” I would have to say that my favorite character is King Arthur. There are plenty of reasons why I chose Arthur to be my favorite character and it was hard to narrow the reasons down. One reason why he was my favorite character was simply because of the person who he was. He was an ideal child and carried the characteristics of his youth to his royal status. Another reason why Arthur was my favorite character was what he does when he comes to royalty and how he

  • Favorite Guitars Essay

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    My Favorite Guitars_________________________________ Casey Payne 1 In fact, I have many favorite instruments, but when I think of my favorite guitars, I can limit the number down to three. While choosing your favorite guitar, you should search for three factors. First and foremost is if the guitar is reliable. What I mean by reliable is will it stand the test of time? Secondly, how well does it sound? Every guitarist must have a great sound from his

  • Examples Of My Favorite Genre

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    Do you have a favorite genre? I know I do. My favorite genre is science fiction with an abundance of romance. This is my favorite genre because with science fiction you never know what will happen next, it’s not real so you can continue dreaming about what happened in the story and continue on it, and with some romance in the story it helps keep the book interesting for me. With science fiction you never know what will happen next. When you are reading you are always guessing, the main character

  • My Favorite Person

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    1 My Favorite Person My favorite person is my mother Jacqueline Denise Lillie. She was born March 16, 1957 in Gary, Indiana, by Willie Neal and Futha Mae Neal. My mother was the fourth child out of ten children. My mother didn’t have a lot of things growing up, but she knew how to survive, and make sure my sister and I was taken care of. My mother is my favorite person because she is a strong and a god fearing woman. I can always count on her to support my choices I make in life, and she loves

  • My Grandmother Essay

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    Edward Amador Ms.Rosales 3/19/12 Women History Project Sadie Charrington (My grandmother) • What is your full name? Why did your parents select this name for you? Did you have a nickname? Sadie Evadinie (Monroe) Charrington; father chose the first name because that was the name of his boss. She was a perfect example of what a lady should be. • When and where were you born? Barbery Hill ,Lucea, Hanouver, Jamaica; Dec. 10. • How did your family come to live

  • Happy Place Essay

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    My Happy Place There are certain places people like to go to get away from it all the stress that comes with life. Some may find their favorite peaceful place in the shade under a tree, or playing a sport and being physically active. My favorite place to be when life is starting to get to me is at work. I work on a little farm called Silver Maple Farm in a tiny town called Jackson. Driving through Wisconsin, other than the big cities like Milwaukee, all there is are little farm towns. Some are

  • My Favorite Place

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    Montana is my favorite place to be. Thompson is a small town not many people know about, located 119 miles NW of Missoula, MT. The people are nice and the foods in the restaurants are excellent. This little town happens to not only be my favorite place but the summers are incredible, the river is relaxing, the sky bi and beautiful with the never ending sunsets, but the best part is that Thompson Falls is my home town. Thompson is my favorite place because I grew up there, and spent all of my time there