My Biggest Regret Essays

  • Randy Pausch Made I Think About My Life

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    Pausch really made me think about my life. I began thinking of the brick walls I am going to have to climb in order to be successful in college and most importantly in my life Going to school feels very different to this time around reason being is that this time it’s the real world the government is not requiring me to attend school I’m going because I chose to, no one is going to push me to get my degree, as for my teachers they are not going to care if I do my work or not, and if I mess up the

  • Importance Of Heros

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    society be without role models and heroes? In this essay I will talk about how heroes positively and negatively affect our society, what qualifies as a hero, and who my biggest hero is. One of the biggest negative affects of heroes in society is that it promotes the thought of a perfect human being, specifically in one certain thing. My guess of the worst idea of a hero is when people look up to too skinny models or people because of the fact that they are skinny. The idea of a role model asks people

  • Short Story Of David Villarin

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    like to say my name is David Villarin I am 16 and am a senior at Lodi High. To describe myself I would say I am a laid back, fun-loving guy that like laughing and is serious at very few times. Some hobbies of mine include long boarding, water polo, swimming, working as a lifeguard, hanging with friends and just all around having fun. I’m really looking forward to this year and I hope I accomplish all of my goals I have set…as well as making the most of my year. One of the biggest and most obvious

  • Lit Analysis For I Know What You Did Last Summer

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    Julie, the main character, symbolizes honesty, Ray, regret, and Collie, who seems to play a minor role, revenge. The first character Duncan uses is Julie. Julie, in my opinion, symbolizes honesty. When the accident happened, Julie was the only one who wanted to go back and try to help the boy. She was also the only one to send flowers to the funeral, which later, doesn't seem like such a good idea. After the freak accident, Julie made the biggest change in character by becoming a better student

  • Motivation in the Workplace

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    people. What motivates people can be a variety of things. According to Forbes magazine there are nine qualities that help motivate employees. The nine qualities are trustworthy leadership, being relevant, proving others wrong, career advancement, no regrets, stable future, self indulgence, impact, and happiness (Llopis). Trustworthy leadership is motivating because leaders are someone that people look up to, leaders are known to always have your best interest at heart, and they always have your back

  • Older Adult Interview

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    Izobo University of Michigan- Flint My older adult interview has changed the way I feel about my health and my future. Having the chance to interview someone who has been through so much and has had so many stories and experiences to share has made me take a look at my life and the things that are most important. I can say that from this interview I will strive to keep me and my family healthy and I will greatly consider planning today for tomorrow as in my retirement. The older adult that I interviewed

  • Boys of Blood and Bone

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    lift? Getcha to the garage before it shuts.' Trott was confident and very helpful, not too shy to lend a hand when he was needed. This character is someone who would make a good reliable mate . Cecelia : P 158 "And that has been the one great regret of my

  • Soliloquy Of Emilia(Othello)

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    Soliloquy of Emilia Oh unhappy day, I can’t believe it’s my husband who told Othello that Desdemona is dishonest. Iago, he is a liar, a villain, a devil, Bring rumors to this world, and smear people’s hearts. How can I live with such a devil for so many years without realizing his true colors? Oh my poor Desdemona, She doesn’t even believe there are such women, who will cheat on their husbands, She is as pure as an angle, And she is killed by her husband who she loves more than anything

  • Great Expectations & Mister Pip: Guilt

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    possibly next actions. This is evident in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and Lloyd Jones’ Mister Pip. It is up to their characters choose to be active or inactive on the problems they are left with, as those characters make wrong choices their regrets build. While not all characters choose to act on their guilt conscience, their guilt still has strong affects and transforms their personalities. This clearly can be seen through the characters of Pip, Dolores, Miss Havisham and Matilda. Great Expectations’

  • Empire State College Admission Research Paper

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    Empire State College Admissions Essay My name is Jane Smith. I live in NY and am married with two children. I am a 39 year old professional with 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry. After I graduated high school in 1990, I attended a local community college for a short time. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I never completed my goal of obtaining a college degree; not completing my degree is one of the biggest regrets in my life. When I was 19 years old, I began

  • Going To Puerto Rico: Personal Narrative

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    experience of my life. Two years ago my mom decided to send my sisters and I to Puerto Rico for summer vacation, at first I was really excited because I was going to be able to spend time with the people I love the most which is my family but in reality I didn’t know I was on my way to an awful place. The first few weeks of being in Puerto Rico were the best because I was spending time with my mom sister, she was the most caring and lovable women that I’ve ever met in my entire life. At my aunts Maribel

  • Reasons To Be Sophomore Class President In The United States

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    Hi, my name is Katrina Rivera and I'm currently your freshman class president and running for sophomore class president. When I first started thinking about what position I wanted to run for next year, I knew in my mind that I wanted to make the biggest difference possible on your sophomore year of high school. To me, being president is not a title, but an opportunity to make a difference. As sophomore class president, I would really like to raise our class's spirit. We as freshmen, look at the seniors

  • Having a Positive Relationship with Your Parent!

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    Horney. My opinion on this theory is that I totally agree with Horney beliefs that children and parent relationships are very important. And, children should never have to endure harsh things coming from their parents. I have learned that children may have resentment toward their parents later on in life, if they feel that they were being neglected by them. “Living alone and impotent in an inimical world.” The person I choose to reflect my theory on is Shantay Fields. She is not my biological

  • A Lesson in Mastering Loss

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    audience for this poem. She expresses denial, anger, blame, regret, humor and in the end she exclaims “Write it!”, which looks to be directed from the speaker to herself, either way it can be construed as acceptance. In the poem she goes through increasingly bigger losses that she quickly dismisses in a sarcastic manner until she reaches the loss of her lover. Bishop hesitates with accepting this final loss suggesting that it is the biggest loss of all. In her poem “One Art”, Elizabeth Bishop uses

  • Alanis Morissette - You Learn Essay

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    of the states you must go through to reach your goals. The song also tells you that you can’t go a whole life without making mistakes and if you those not to stand up after you has failed, it’s will be your biggest mistake of them all. After I heard the song I was thinking about one of my favorite quotes By Sam Wells - "The most powerful person in the world is the one who isn't paralyzed by the fear of their own failure" That the way to success! - By stand up every time world is against you

  • Meaning Of Wealth

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    Meaning of Wealth One of my favorite sayings is, “Spread the Wealth!” Wealth can be understood many different ways. When this quote is said it could be referring to food, money, laughter, and many more things. I sometimes see someone with a huge cookie or a fifty dollar bill and I might as well say “Hand it over!” Wealth is a large amount of money or possessions. Many people consider Bill Gates, Larry Miller, Ted Turner, or Steve Jobs wealthy men. They all had to work hard to earn their money

  • A View from the Bridge - Catherine Monologue

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    Eddie’s attitude of over protecting me. * I found it hard to stand up to my father figure, Eddie, because he raised me up as his own daughter and he had done so much throughout the course of my life. I am in need for independence but I didn’t want to let go of Eddie “Gee, I’m was all mixed up. See, I – He looked so sad and it hurts me.” that’s what I say to Beatrice. I wanted Eddie’s approval for everything I did. My attitude towards Eddie has changed ever since he kissed me the night he was drunk

  • Comparing Passion In Salter's Last Night And Disgrace

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    destructive path. It can end up causing devastation and distress for oneself, as well as others. Salter and Coetzee captured the essence of passion through the characters in both novels; Last Night and Disgrace. Whether in the form of love, hate, lust, or regret passion played a major role in these two works of literature. Salter’s Last Night depicted many characters faced with problems that stemmed from their passions. The first story; Comet, Phil was living his life in Adele’s world. “They settled into

  • Ophelia Character Analysis

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    famous play, Hamlet. In this essay, I will be focusing on Ophelia’s portrayal in this great work. She was shown as one of the main characters, but one that was rarely around for any of the plot’s pivotal points. In fact, her death was one of the biggest plot points, but she obviously was not around to witness this. Ophelia was not a protagonist, nor was she an antagonist; she was actually more of a catalyst for change. I chose Ophelia to study for this specific purpose. She was a young girl

  • Power Hungry In Macbeth

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    is determined to become king. He uses the quotation ‘let not light see my black and deep desires’ this shows his ambition is immoral and he wishes to no-one to find out about it. He prays no light illuminates his ambition to become royalty showing his plans are very deep and grim. The quotation gives a very evil deathly feeling in the atmosphere forming a scared uncomfortable