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  • Socialization Into Professional Nursing

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    through beginning in infancy and continuing throughout our lives. Nurses experience socialization as well. It begins as we start our education in nursing and continues throughout our careers as nurses. Although there are many stressors, transitions and new experiences that a nurse will go through as part of the socialization process, it can also be very rewarding, leading to more confidence and more opportunities. New graduate nurses often experience the socialization process as something of a reality

  • Why I Wan to Be a Nurse

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    Why I choose nursing as a career. Throughout my educational career, I have dreamed of becoming many different types of professional employees. The one common denominator among all of these goals was that I desired to be part of a profession that cared, nurtured, healed, and educated others. Although, I had finally decided on a collegiate and worked in a professional environment as a biologist. I knew my love for science and medicine was something in which I truly needed to be involved

  • My Genogram Reflection

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    Ambition is like a strong desire to achieve one’s goals or succeed. I do have different dreams and career ambitions since I was 7 year-old. I still remember my first ambition was to become a teacher. I felt that it was so powerful to become a teacher as everybody has to follow what teacher said. I liked to look at teachers when they were teaching in the class and day dreamed I would become a teacher one day too. In year 2001, I spent my time after PMR in hospital to take care of my grandmother

  • Nursing Theorist Essay

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    Theorist Discussion To us nurses, Florence Nightingale set an example of commitment to patient care, compassion diligent and thoughtful hospital administration. The theorist we identify the most in team C is Florence Nightingale. Florence Nightingale carefully assessed problems, analyzed them and was able to think about them in novel ways in order to find solutions. In difficult situations with complex patients, these skills are essential. Assessment and analysis of patient needs are fundamental

  • Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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    because my desire for monetary gain spoke volumes more than my love for helping people. A length of time passed before I gained the wisdom to identify what my purpose here on Earth was. As a high school graduate I was into whatever career could make me the wealthiest. Maturity set in and I was wise enough to realize that monetary wealth does not guarantee happiness. I found an inner peace, an inner joy and a larger sense of self-worth when I devoted my time and attention to pursuing my nursing

  • Essay On Why I Want To Become A Career

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    teenager working a part time job in high school, I couldn’t imagine working in fast food for the rest of my life. On my feet 8 to 10 hours a day, tips if I was lucky, bills needing to be paid, and wanting to be anywhere but there; I needed to find a career. I knew I didn’t want to work fast food and receive a minimum wage check the rest of my life. My family encouraged me to do nursing for the check, my peers reminded me that I was able to react to a situation quickly, and I knew I wanted to travel.

  • Nursing Philosophies Essay

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    is to understand the beliefs and values that go along with them. Philosophies help guide nurses in their day to day practice and influence professional actions and decisions. By developing and living by a philosophy, a person can understand how they care for patients. This paper will explore the meaning of philosophies, how they are used in nursing and explore my own personal philosophies as it pertains to my nursing career. Philosophies “Philosophy is defined as the study of the principles underlying

  • Agree To Disagree

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    current RN student I started out my career in nursing from the bottom. I started at the beginning as a caregiver. The ability to shape and mold future nurses – andthereby indirectly impact countless patients’ lives “downstream” – is what makes a nursing faculty career so rewarding. Educatingthe next generation of nurses is an awesome responsibility that should never be taken lightly. Indispensable qualities that one needs to be credible and successful inthe nurse educator role include empathy, genuineness

  • Comprehending The Caring Relationship

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    of our fellow professionals place blame on time constraints with the ever expanding responsibilities that the nursing shortage has caused; however this is no excuse to neglect the duty and accountability that we as nurses share to our fellow human being. With this presentation, it is my sincerest goal to open the potential described as the caring relationship. Objectives for this presentation will center on the explanation of the caring-healing practices created by Jean Watson with

  • Paying Attention Pays Off for Andra Rush

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    the treatment of others and learned from them to make a difference. My grandmother always told me that “It pays to pay attention”. In Rush’s case, my grandmother was right as usual. Paying attention is what sparked the idea for her to start her own trucking business after hearing a patient describe his experience in the transport business. Her job as a nurse put her at the right place at the right time. To go from being a nurse to starting a trucking business shows a lot of determination, especially

  • Medicine Personal Statement

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    My fascination with the sheer complexity of the human body, its propensity to go wrong and the application of science and technology to remedy it is the chief reason why I have chosen to study Medicine. I am intrigued by the myriad of challenges that face doctors on a daily basis, from simple influenza cases to much rarer diseases such as Necrotizing Fasciitis. My desire to help people compels me to strive to achieve my lifelong ambition of becoming a successful doctor in the ever-changing and challenging

  • Why I Want To Attend Husson University

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    day. Without ambition and the willpower to succeed you will surely be wasting your money and time. Since my freshman year in high school I set my mind to graduating my junior year, and as of June 7th, 2012 I met that goal. Attending Southern Maine Community College for Medical Assisting has allowed me the smallest taste of what college truly offers in hopes to progress as a person, in life, and in a profession. The experience and knowledge is something I look forward to building after my transfer to

  • Lightbulb Moments Essay

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    moment kind of life, not that it’s a bad thing. The first little light bulb that popped over my head was when I was little. I always knew that I wanted to help people with my life, career wise. Whenever adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up it was always things like pediatrician, or just doctor. Years went by, and my ambitions didn’t change much. My options widened to Social work, foster mom or a nurse for pine rest. When I was a little older, I became more aware of things like self harm

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    that and realizing I should be who I want to be not what others want me to be. Because of my Caring, optimistic, and original qualities, I plan to take on college, my career, and everything else life has to offer me, head on, with goals and dreams. Caring, optimistic, and original are three personality traits that describe who I am. People around me say that I am a very caring person; I passionately care about my friends and family. I like to talk to them about their lives and truly hear their voice;

  • Cover Letter: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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    Objective I am a sincere, loyal and productive individual who has a great deal of ambition. I have a great deal of experience in the medical field and feel as if I could be a great asset to your company. I get along well with others, while also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel while giving the best to my employer. Qualifications I have 5 years’ experience in the medical field. Excellent background in working with a variety of patients, staff

  • Reasons for Attending the Dlc and Choice of Diploma

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    Reasons for attending the DLC and choice of diploma For 15 years I have worked in the healthcare sector as a dental nurse. After exploring the different career paths within the NHS I realised that I wanted to work in a hospital theatre as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP). The role of the ODP is very similar to the position I have held in dentistry and because of this I knew that it would be an ideal career choice. To achieve this requires a university Diploma so to determine the appropriate

  • Windshield Survey Reflection

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    Windshield Survey Reflection By NUR/409 07/11/2011 The neighborhood is a small area on the outskirts of my town. The majority of people who live in this country block area are Spanish speaking with minimal educational and even more minimal ambition. The only way for any of these people to break the cycle of their lives is to seek outside help but most do not know where to look for help. The purpose of community health is too help those who are not able to help themselves by teaching

  • Qcf Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2

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    My desire to do this course is because; I have always shown a growing interest into Health & Social Care and Nursing, as it strikes me as a worthwhile and satisfying career to choose. I am a confident student willing to provide the university with good communication skills, supporting others, and being able to interact closely with them. I feel that health & social care would be rewarding and create different pathways for my future. My career plans are centred in the future of the NHS and in the

  • Well Rounded Person

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    “The Goal of Liberal Arts” The Well-Rounded Person: RP2 The term well-rounded doesn’t necessarily have a definite definition. Characterizing someone as well-rounded depends upon personal views and outlooks. In the essay The Goal of Liberal Arts: Continual Education for all of Us, Ralph Hickman delineates the goals of a liberal arts education. The question posed by Ralph Hickman is, “by earning a liberal arts education does this make you a well-rounded person?” Different people with different

  • Use Less Agency Nurses

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    agency nurses. Objectives of Project: Understand if, and why there is a shortage of Nurses in the UK Research different recruitment methods. Understand the implications of using a recruitment agency. Understand the implications and process of recruiting Nurses from overseas. Research Question: 1. Is there a shortage of nurses? 2. If so, why is there a shortage of nurses? 3. How can this shortage be overcome? /What are the short and long term solutions to the nurse shortage