My Aim In Life To Become A Teacher Essays

  • Effective Teaching In Schools: Theory And Practice

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    (primary) lesson plan. Professional Context This is a reflective essay on my experiences of my first work experience placement at both a primary and secondary school. I am going to critically analyse my experiences and discuss how the experiences have assisted my progress in gaining my qualified teacher status. As the QTS standards are split into clusters, I will be focusing my reflection on the progression of my professional attributes, professional knowledge and understanding and professional

  • Level 3 Teaching and Learning Assignment 1. Aims, Values, Mission. Why Are These Important?

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    Assignment 1 Understand school Ethos, Mission, Aims and Values. The aim of this essay is to explain the terminology of mission statements, ethos, aims and values with in a school. I will describe how these terms are reflected in a school's every day working practice. I will explain how schools may communicate these ethos, aims, mission statement and values to the staff, parents, and the school community and evaluate the effectiveness of these different communications. ​ 3.1

  • Cfe Music Pedagogy

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    to as CfE. I will end by bringing these pedagogical techniques into perspective with my own experiences in school. Active learning is one of the key mottos in the CfE. Its importance was pointed out long before the Scottish CfE., already in 1995, Witkin realised that “…there is no substitute for an active and spontaneous engagement with musical experience …” (Witkin, as cited by Hewitt, 1995). For a music teacher it seems natural and essential to include music making and therefore active learning

  • Unit 302 School As Organisations Essay

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    well and brings learning and welfare requirements together. The EYFS supports continuity and coherence for all children. The overarching aim of the EYFS is to help young children achieve the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes to: Be healthy; Stay safe; Enjoy and achieve; Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic well-being. The EYFS will achieve this aim with a principled approach to setting standards by promoting equal opportunities and creating a framework for partnership working, through

  • Nhs Application Letter Sample

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    of full time English teacher at NCHS School which I saw advertised on TES. During my time as a PGCE student on placement at your school NCHS School and at MEA, I have found a love for teaching which I know will only increase as my skills advance. I thrive on being presented with challenges and finding ways to overcome them. My skills in reflecting on my own work have developed and I set myself daily targets, ensuring I meet them. The staff that I have worked with at both of my placements have been

  • Why College Education Is Important to Me

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    role model to my children along with others that will be under my care and myself as we enter the classroom each day we as teachers get the chance to inspire some if not all of the children we teach each day the basics of life and every day learning to be as a teacher most of our children only get the opportunity to be love and inspire by some teachers. My goal is to obtain my associate degree in early childhood education by 2015, as I push forward to my goal I will study hard do my best and get

  • Tda 2.3 Schools As Organisations

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    For example, at Broadhurst Primary School, our main aim is to encourage the children to develop a lifelong love of learning whilst giving them the skills and values to become positive citizens of the future. My school upholds this aim by maintaining a good school rating by OFSTED, meaning there is a good level of teaching and that the environment and resources are also good. This will inspire

  • How Important Is Engagement with the Pastoral Curriculum for a Teacher to Fulfil Their Role as a 'Professional'?

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    How important is Engagement with the Pastoral Curriculum for a Teacher to Fulfil Their Role as a 'professional'? Introduction Education is any experience that helps to develop a person’s mind, character or physical ability. It is the process by which knowledge and skills can be passed from one person to another. Schools aim to provide the best education for all of its attending students in order to provide a more skilful society in which the school is based. In order to improve the area and

  • Do Essentialists Aim To Teach Students To Reconstruct Society

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    ESSENTIALISM 1. Do essentialists aim to teach students to reconstruct society? * No. They aim to transmit the traditional moral values and intellectual knowledge that students need to become model citizens. 2. Is the model citizen of the essentialist the citizen who contributes to the re-building of society? * No. The model student is the one who show mastery of the basic skills and that one who lives by traditional moral values. 3. Do the essentialist teachers give up teaching the basics

  • Significant Others Essay

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    enjoy life without other people. Since we are a rational person, it is expected that we are dealing or mingling with many type of person in our daily life. You may consider them as your significant others or just nothing. Significant others are the persons that exert an influence on the growth and development of an individual. They are the one that serves as my motivation in travelling the journey of my life. Maybe you are familiar with this line,” I am studying hard because I want to help my parents

  • Schools as Organisations

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    governors * Senior management team * Other statutory roles e.g. SENCO * Teachers * Support staff Role | Responsibilities | School Governors | Volunteers, who with the Head Teacher ensure the school, provide a good quality education. Set the aims and policies of the school. Set the school’s budget. | Senior Management Team | Usually made up of the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and senior teachers with curriculum responsibility and Senco. Set strategic direction of the school

  • Stress Proposal On Teachers

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    causes of stress of teachers at Rossburgh High School. I am currently associated with Rossburgh High School as the school counsellor and I am concerned with the dissatisfaction at the school which ultimately impacts on each teacher's well-being and the children they teach. I attach a proposal for further research in this field. The reason for approaching is so that some help can be offered in saving education by addressing the problems of the teachers and to help to keep the teachers satisfied which

  • Tda 3.1 Summarise Entitlement And Provision For Early Years Education

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    Schools as Organisations TDA 3.2 Schools as Organisations. 1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early years education * All age 3-4 year olds are entitled under the “Every Child Matters” and the “Childcare Act 2006” agenda to receive free part time education of up to 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. * This is Government funded through the local authority to ensure every child receives up to two years of free education before reaching school age. * Early year’s

  • The Miss Dennis

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    “The Miss Dennis School of Writing" is the story, which is written by a freelance writer Alice Steinbach. The story is about her nine-grade creative writing teacher - Miss Dennis who is a small, compact woman with apricot hair. Miss Dennis asks her students to pay attention about things that happen on the way to school in the morning, and write about them. Then, Miss Dennis teaches her students that if they want to write a great descriptive essay, they have to make the readers see what the writers

  • Ocr Gcse Health and Social Care Coursework

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    officer. | GCSE Health and Social Care text book. | To ensure correct focus for my research I looked in general but decided to concentrate on one particular service. Chalkwell hall infant school. | Wednesday 4th September- Friday 13th September 2013 | Decide and select and attend work experience placement. Complete work experience booklet. | Complete my work experience at Chalkwell hall infant school whilst filling in my early year's placement booklet. I will also write some additional detailed information

  • Teaching in Clinical Practice

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    learning theories, learning styles and learning strategies use in the teaching process and a health related topic in relation to nursing titled the development of pressure sores in adult patients. Finally I will conclude on the strengths and weaknesses of my experience whilst preparing the teaching session to make further improvement for the future. According to Hinchliff, (2009) reflection is a process by which the students can look back on a passed event and make changes in their action. This is important

  • Unit 1 Summarise Entitlement And Provision

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    Questions on Unit One RESUBMISSION 1. a) Summarise Entitlement and Provision for Early Years Education Under the Children’s Act 2006 and Every Child Matters agenda provision is made for all 3 & 4 year olds to be entitled to free education of 15 hours per week for 38 weeks per year. Additional hours may be charged for. Early Years Education is provided by Nurseries which may be attached to or independent from a school. Nurseries may be run privately or by the Local Authority. Education

  • Cognitive Therapy In PTSD

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    cognitive error. After that, it introduced several cognitive restructuring techniques that aim to alter one’s belief regards to the meaning of traumatic event and re-experience symptom. These techniques require PTSD patient to gather further evidence in order to challenge his/her distortion thought. Introduction Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the anxiety disorders. This disorder disrupts one’s life significantly after one has been exposed to traumatic event. In most of the occasions

  • Unit 2 Health And Social Care Essay

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    The aims in my report are to research my local area and produce an article on lower schools, years 1, 2 and 3.The article on the early year’s service will include the following points listed below: * How the service and service providers help the clients meet their needs. * How the service can be accessed by others. * How legislations has effects on the service

  • Purpose Of Education

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    me that education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of man and in society: the one is utility and the other is culture. Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the ligitimate goals of his life. Education must also train one for quick, resolute and effective thinking. To think incisively and to think for one's self is very difficult. We are prone to let our mental life become invaded by legions of half truths, prejudices, and propaganda