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  • The Opium War: The Qing Dynasty: The Last Imperial Dynasty Of China

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    with Commissioner Lin, leading to his expulsion and exile. Although Lin was quickly replaced by a new governor general Ch’-i-shan, he too was dismissed when agreements made between the British forces and himself were deemed inadequate (i.e. the Ch’uan-Pi Convention). Unmatched to the modernized military power of Britain, the Qing government began to realize its inadequacies. In February 1841, Canton was besieged only to be lifted on the payment of six million dollars, and by August, Xiamen and Dinhai

  • Poisonwood Bible Essay

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    The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver Contents: Author’s Note Book One - GENESIS BookTwo - THE REVELATION BookThree - THE JUDGES Book Four - BEL AND THE SERPENT Book Five - EXODUS Book Six - SONG of THE THREE CHILDREN Book Seven - THE EYES IN THE TREES Author’s Note THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. Its principal characters are pure inventions with no relations on this earth, as far as I know. But the Congo in which I placed them is genuine. The historical figures and events described here

  • L'Amour, Louis - the Riders of High Rock

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    IN I .S. IN CANADA $23.95 High upon the ridge, Pod Griffin wiped the sweat from his hands and took a new grip on the rifle. Hopalong Cassidy was less than four hundred yards away and coming nearer. Pod Griffin lifted the rifle and cradled the heavy butt against his shoulder. He took a deep breath, put the sights on Hopalong’s temple, held his breath, then fired! Hopalong slumped suddenly, then slid from the saddle and fell into the sand… Hopalong Cassidy is one of frontier fiction’s most popular