Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates You Never Know What You Are Going To Get Essays

  • Forest Gump Essay

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    Justin Willis Leeper English Comp II 9:00 M, W, F 11-17-13 Essay #3 Forest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re going to get”. In the movie Forest Gump directed by Robert Zemeckis tells about a man with an intelligence quotient (I.Q) of 75. The special effects presented in the film where impressive and won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. He shows us being different isn’t always a bad thing. Inspired by Jenny, Forest could do anything he set his

  • Forrest Gump Essay

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    Life is like a box of chocolate “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get.” This quote holds true for many aspects of life. An important aspect of one’s life that this quote holds true to is the media. When flipping through channels, it’s like going on a journey with an unexpected ending. You never know where you will stop and you never know what you will get out of what you watch. Every film leaves you with different thoughts in your head and a new lesson learned

  • Life Is Like a Chocolatebox

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    Life is like a Chocolate Box “Life is like a chocolate box, you never know what you going to get.” This was the most remarkable words during the movie Forest Gump. The movie, Forest Gump, was made by Robert Zemeckis in 1994. The movie based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom. This interesting movie focuses on young Forest Gump who succeeded amazing life story through his positive personality. The author created this movie’s background in 1940s to 1980s which had remarkable and

  • Forrest Gump Analysis

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    Zemeckis tries to answer in the movie Forrest Gump. Three of the main characters Forrest, Jenny and Lt. Dan are the perfect examples of this. Forrest his whole life was told that “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.” That we make our own fate. The choices are ours to do with life what we want. Jenny gets a poor hand of cards dealt to her at a young age which brings her to some rough roads later on. Lt. Dan finds himself living when he thought he should have died

  • Growing Up Essay

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    “Manhood” by John Wain focuses on the slightly negative sides of pacing, even though the father may not be doing what he does to put pressure on his son. “The Happiest Days of Your Life” written by Penelope Lively, is telling us how childhood actually can be. “Growing up” is represented in both stories, as a period in your life where other people affect you and adjust you into being who you are, and in that way making every single person unique. I chose to analyse and compare these two texts, because

  • Personal Essay About Forrest Gump

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    LIFE IS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES Ever find the way of life getting you down? Do you struggle day to day trying to be happy? If so there is a movie that can give all of your energy back and maybe refresh your look on your life. When I was born I was not born like any other child, I was born with a “hip error”. Because of this, I had to stay in the hospital for a long time, where I went through several different operations. When I was about 7-years old, I went through a long operation, and at

  • White Chocolate Character Analysis Essay

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    Teenager Analysis “White Chocolate,” “Jared,”and “Goin’ Fishing” have something in common. These stories are all about troubled teens. In “White Chocolate,” Wally misses his dad and won’t talk to anyone one about it. This of course brings out violence and frustration. Next in the story “Jared” is about a boy who has his face burned and separates himself from the rest of the world. Then in the story “Goin' Fishing,” Lionel lost his family and all that he has left in his heart is rage. Wally is the

  • Figurative vs. Literal

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    is literal; however, “it's raining cats and dogs” is figurative, unless animals are literally falling from the sky. So in short, figurative language is used to add spice to text/words that would be dull otherwise.   Delivered well, it can cleverly get a point across. However, an improper delivery can potentially lead to confusion. There are ten types of figurative language: idioms, analogy, metaphor, simile, cliché, amphiboly, “flame word,” hyperbole, euphemism and colloquialism. According to

  • The Whole Fishing Hole Story

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    and I, under the care of our single Grandmother, were walking down an old country road to a fishing hole. Grandpa Luiken had passed, and we were the little so-called-angels sent by Ma to help Grandma feel better, which felt more like a demand than a request to me. It was like a 1950 tradition where my Ma thought it was still important to look after the grandparents instead of sending them off to an old folk’s home. My dad was working two jobs and my 2-year-old brother was too young to join us. I was

  • The Time Of Jeso: A Short Story

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    worst sports. She was never much of a help on the team. As she was going home, she met up with her friends Jessia, and Andy. They were her best friends since her freshman year. “Anyone doing anything special tonight?” Jessia asked. “I think a party is great on a Friday night.” “You know my usual answer,” Andy replied, eating away at a bar of chocolate. He had a few more in his backpack. “Okay, seriously.” Jessia said. “Just WHAT do you do everyday that you can’t tell us? We’re

  • The Fifth Agreement

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    guider: ways to back on track INTRODUCTION: The book “The Fifth Agreement” shows that how people should treats others in real life. Personally, I have been inspired by the book a lot and lead me to the right track of my life. I used to be the person that get mad easily, but thing have changed. I am no longer the kind of person anymore; I am now smooth and happy. It makes my life way easier and nicer compare to the past. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORDS: First of all, the first agreement said” be impeccable

  • The Five Influences in My Life

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    The Five Influences In My Life I’m 17 years old this year and it’s still an immature age for me. But there are 5 influences in my life, to lead me how to be a good person, how to handle affairs in the rest of my life. The first influence is my grandmother. She left me 3 years ago. But nobody can replace her status in my eyes. She always teaches me with patience, even though I make mistakes. When I was a young girl, I studied at her school. But she never let me to call her grandma. No one realized

  • Like Water For Chocolate Cultural Analysis

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    Thackeray cultivated subtle analysis of contemporary life and love by virtue of depictions of all classes and their cultures. Laura Esquivel’s novel, Like Water for Chocolate, portrays another analysis of family tradition and love in 19th century Mexican culture. These cultural distinctions and their repercussions can draw the reader into identity comparison with the novel’s heroes and heroines. Tita, the heroine of Like Water for Chocolate, and Elizabeth, the heroine

  • Heartwarming Interview Essay

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    A Heartwarming Interview Is there someone whom you could just listen to for hours and hours on end without yawning or getting the slightest bit bored with your mind wandering on better places you could be? As a young child, and for as long as I can remember, my maternal great grandmother, born Mildred Beatrice Mayo whom I call “Granny Tiller” due to the fact the other grandmother on my dad’s side of the family is also called “Granny” has always shared her delightful stories with me. There is not

  • My Family Genogram

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    I am going to give a multi-generational diagram of my family background. The purpose for this genogram is to learn something about my family. I almost know everyone in my family, but the people that I really know are the ones that are closest to me. When I was 16 I moved in with my grandmother to help tak care of her. One thing I enjoyed most was stories about people in my family I didn’t know. My great grandfather name is Lee Merriweather, he was born on December 7 1889. He worked as a janitor

  • Figurative Language Versus Literal Language

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    definitions of the words of which it is made. Examples are “keeping my head above water”; “pulling your own weight and “feeling under the weather”. I think idioms are used a lot to really “paint the picture” of what we are saying. Idioms could be misleading for example to a person who doesn’t know the English language. They might take the words that we say and think we mean the things literally. A person not knowing could think from my examples that keeping your head above water meant a person in the

  • Like Water for Chocolate- Passion

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    In the book Like Water for Chocolate, Tita has to choose between true romance, or love that will provide security for her. Tita knows in her heart that her desire for Pedro is greater than her desire for John, but John is more likely to make a better husband. Although Pedro is not very caring and supportive, he and Tita have an enormous passion for one another, one that makes the two almost inseparable. John on the other hand does everything humanly possible to try and make Tita happy. John cares

  • Lawrence Junior Autobiography

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    If you are reading this it means I have died; I am the wife of Lawrence Exeter. I am going to tell you the story of from the just a few days before my one and only son Lawrence Exeter Junior was brought into the world. I remember going to the Goosie Gander Baby Shoppe and buying the highchair, crib, rocking chair, changing table, and all the clothes that a baby would ever need. Then just a few short days later I went into labor and it was a long a excoriating labor I was in labor for 12 hours the

  • Personal Narrative: When I Came To The Epipany

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    101-Rough Draft #1 September 1st, 2012 When I came to the epipany that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the women of my dreams I didn’t even have to find her. We had already been dating for the past 6 years. I knew that Desiree NicoleGarrett was the one for me. I knew there was only one thing to do. Ask her to spend the rest of her natural born life with me. I knew there was going to be a lot of planning and work ahead of me. Desiree is very hard women to please and impress and I knew

  • Figurative Language Essay

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    could be considered a double edged sword when it comes to engaging in productive thinking. While the use of them may seem pertinent at the time, sometimes the meanings of the words are lost on those that are conducting a brainstorming session with you, and force the group to think harder as a whole to try and understand the reasoning behind the use of the word. Below are definitions and examples of figurative languages that could be misconstrued or misunderstood when engaging in productive thinking