Kombs Engineering Essays

  • Landscape Architecture Personal Statement

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    Today when the dynamics, designs, structures, materials, forms and functions in the world of architecture are changing so rapidly, this is one of the most exciting as well as challenging periods in the phase of architecture. The different branches or specializations in this field have made it possible for man to find solutions of various important issues through architecture. To be able to s succeed in such times at global levels, our skills have to be polished. Thus graduate study in a university

  • Hypatia Speech Essay

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    Hypatia Speech I am Hypatia, daughter of the famed Theon of Alexandria. I am very happy to be able to speak to you today; the wonders of modern science are amazing. I suppose I should start from the beginning, with my childhood. My father Theon loved me greatly, and did not let gender get in the way of my early education. He wanted to raise me to be the ‘perfect human,’ and so educated me in science and philosophy as well as physical activities such as rowing, swimming, and horseback riding. It

  • My Mission Statement

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    towards the center of the page because it also represents family and my family is very important to me in my life. Also on the mission statement I have MSOE. This is because I want to go to MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) for either architectural drafting or aerospace engineering. It may be a very big goal but I’m willing to work toward it and accomplish my dreams. The next thing on my mission statement is all of the buildings that are on the bottom of the page behind the anchor. I put these

  • Iem Pi Question

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    revise the engineering curriculum and directed to increase the number of graduates. From the standpoint of professional conduct, describe the necessary curriculum contents which must be included so as not to compromise the engineering standards. Answer by Lee Choo Yong G29738 Engineering education is important to train good quality engineer who would be able to take up challenging task and responsibility in carrying out the duty. I shall take few factors into account when revising engineering curriculum

  • Paper Airplane Science Fair Project

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    Even with a paper airplane science fair project (which sounds quite simple) we need to become scientists. And a good scientist always asks questions. So... ...let's ask some questions about paper airplanes. These questions are only for reference so we can get our feel for the project. We'll ask our really important question a little bit later. Let's think about our paper airplane science fair project for a little bit and ask ourselves... What is a paper airplane? What makes it fly? Are there

  • Describe How a Purdue Education Will Help You Achieve Your Personal and/or Professional Goals.

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    decided to do engineering and channel my skills for the betterment of society. But I was a bit confused about which branch of engineering to select. Seeking advice from parents, relatives, teachers and friends I planned to pursue a mechanical engineering course at the undergrad level. Then arose a question on what courses to study under this field. Exploring the Purdue website, I found that the university offers many courses that help students to explore this field of engineering. Whenever I visited

  • From Cradle to Grave: The Life and Death of a Circuit Board

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    Anjelica Hernandez Mr. ********* Senior Project February 25, 2008 From Cradle to Grave: The Life and Death of a Circuit Board I am writing my Senior Project Paper on circuit boards and their effects on the environment. A PCB is a printed circuit board, also known as a printed wiring board. It is used in electronics to build electronic devices. What has gotten me interested into this topic is my shop. My shop teacher, Mr.Cardoso actually gave me the idea. In class

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Intership

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    document is to provide the Whitacre College of Engineering with a detailed documentation of the work done during my 2012 summer internship at Trinity Forge, a closed-die and CNC machining facility in Mansfield, TX. Forging engineers, at Trinity Forge, design the tooling to meet customer’s needs and lay out the many steps/processes that go into manufacturing a forged part. During my employment at Trinity Forge, I had to complete many engineering related task and work with other engineers on their

  • The Iem Pi Questions

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    Question 1: If you were a consulting engineer and were submitting Turnkey tender on behalf on a Turnkey Contractor, would you consider a conflict of interest between the role of a consulting engineer and contractor? Enlarge on the ethics of this subject. Question 2: Identify the areas in which conflict between the Resident Engineer’s staff and contractor’s staff can develop and give your views as to whether good relationship can be achieved without infringing on the code of ethics. Question

  • Initial Reflection Essay

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    Initial Reflection My school experience in China taught me hard work and perseverance. In China, we have to work really hard to be a competitive student. Having arrived the UK at the age of 16, I have developed resilience, cultural awareness and integrated with students from all over the world. I enjoy contributing to the school community, for example I was a member of the International Society at high school and gave a presentation of China to other members. I love communicating with

  • My Job/Safety Audit

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    MY JOB My job is one that I’m sure you will be quite familiar with by the end of this assignment, given the fact that there are six members of this class that I currently work with. Having said that, I will attempt to explain it in a way that I hope won’t put you to sleep. I am a bus driver for. I have been driving for four years this March. I believe this assignment, identifying the hazards in my work place, will benefit me immensely. So let’s get indentifying. HAZARDS Some of the obvious

  • The Importance Of Nuclear Engineering

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    science and turned my thoughts towards the nuclear field for a career. In Calculus, I learned the importance of math, and its relevance in careers and real life situations. However, my desire truly began to solidify when I toured the College of Engineering at Utah State University. I was able to see with my own eyes the work of engineers. Through my experiences, I have seen how desire shapes future goals, and without desires or goals, I am blown around aimlessly by the wind. To obtain reliable energy

  • Essay On Intuitive Physic Knowledge

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    Over the last two decades, a significant body of research has documented the nature of intuitive physics knowledge the knowledge of the world that students bring to the learning of formal physic. However, this research has yet to document the roles played by intuitive physic knowledge in expert physic practice. In this problem, I discuss three related questions: (1) What role, if any, does intuitive knowledge play in physics problem solving? (2) How does intuitive physic knowledge change in order

  • Comparative Criticism of Two Architecture Schools

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    Comparative criticism of two Architecture schools: Art and Architecture school, Yale University, Connecticut, USA. Architecture school, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Educational buildings are the host of new ideas and new generations and consequently; control the development of the society where it belongs. There for; educational buildings should be inspirational spaces that always encourage their users and students to create, innovate, and share new ideas. Specially

  • Flight Simulator Case Study

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    enlisted some of the minimum prerequisites that Microsoft have suggested to be inscribed within each and every motion flight simulator, below: I. Flight simulator RAM with about 256 MB [18] II. Flight simulator RAM for windows Vista should be about 512 MB III. Flight simulator video card with about 32 MB compatible to a Direct X9 [20] IV. Flight simulator processor with about 1.0GHz [20] Additionally, in 2000, Theodore conducted a study on helicopter flight simulation dynamics. He proposed a coupled

  • Why Welding Is Important To The World

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    This essay is about how welding is important to the world. It will tell how that welding is important to everyday life and how it may effect the reader indirectly. The essay will show the reader that it plays a big roll in our government. Welding has a very big big impact in the world. Without welding we would not have heavy machinery such as bulldozers, dumptrucks, crains, ect. Without welding if some thing broke that was made of metal people could not fix it the right way unless there was a welder

  • Analysis of Ted Talk Video

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    Analysis of Ted Talk Video Should kids be allowed to play with fire? Kids should explore the world because they will gain valid knowledge and learn boundaries for safety. Gever Tulley, founder of the Tinkering school, talks about five dangerous things you should let your kids do. (TED Talks, 2007) Gever Tulley also enjoys building things with kids. Not only is he the founder of the Tinkering School he also is a software engineer. He is interested in helping kids learn how to build, solve problems

  • Biomed Engineer Essay

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    advancement of medical technologies. Some of the latest trends in medicine, from MRI machines to CAT scans, have been made possibly through the efforts of their talent and research. Biomedical engineers are primarily tasked with using their knowledge of engineering processes and medical procedures in order to create new equipment and procedures for the advancement of medical science. Along with leading physicians in their fields, these men and women often conduct research in order to create better medical

  • The Orion Shield Project

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    I. The Orion Shield Project Gary Allison accepted a position at Scientific Engineering Corporation (SEC) soon after graduating with a Ph. D. in mechanical engineering. Over the last 14 years he established a reputation as a respected and talented project engineer. Everything changed once he accepted a position as Project Manager on the Orion Shield Project. "This is impossible! Just totally impossible! Ten months ago I was sitting on top of the world. Upper-level management considered me one of

  • Nursing Philosophy Essay

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    discipline of nursing. However, I have never thought I would become a nurse one day. I came to United States of America in 2001 after finishing high school to pursue a higher degree in electrical engineering like my father. Being competent in mathematics and sciences, I always had the passion for engineering. That all changed when my elder brother, who himself is a computer engineer, advised me to become a nurse. I was skeptical at first, however, had no choice but to follow my brother’s and my father’s