In Today S World The Ability To Cooperate Well With Others Is More Important Than Before Agree Or Not Essays

  • Perceptioin is more important than reality Essay

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    Perception is more important than reality. For instance if people think you are intelligent but you are not, then that is a good thing because they highly respect you. But if people think you are not smart and you are, then that’s a bad thing because even though you have primitive knowledge of your surroundings, others are not aware of it. In The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger illustrates how Holden tries so hard not to grow up by neighboring himself in his own world, habitually through recalling

  • Family More Important Than Friends Essay

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    Family and friends are an important part in the life. All of them teach a lot of important lessons. These lessons are always helpful in the life. However, the lessons from family are more important than from friends, because the family taught the first lessons about life and these lessons rule life forever. Some people think that family is the most important influence on people. Other people think that friends are the most important influence on people. Family comes first in terms of influences

  • Is speaking well more important than writing well? Essay

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    In the modern society, the problem of whether to speak well is more important to write well not only draws great interests of linguists, but it also is a prevalent topic undergoing serious debate by citizens in that it affects their daily work. Actually, we are often told that to speak well is more important (than to write well), but is this really the case?留学,考试,TOEFL,GRE,GMAT,IELTS,SAT,VISA,文书,签证,论坛,出国,申请

  • More Than Pretty Essay

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    Interior Design; More than Pretty “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us... Winston Churchill (May 10, 1941).” As a person enters into a bare space, feelings of isolation and emptiness fill the soul, that is until the interior designer begins to frame it into something meaningful. As an interior designer, the main objective is to capture and captivate the client through sensory and perception bliss. This goes far beyond just the space planning or color palate but also

  • Life Today Is Definitely a Lot More Stressful Than Essay

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    “Life today is definitely a lot more stressful than it was yesterday.” Discuss. With evolution taking place every minute in today’s world, changes, be it minor or drastic, are bound to happen, as everyone demands more out of everything and the rate of prolificacy is closely monitored and highlighted. Such changes however, tends to bring about pressure or strain, which is further manifested in poor physical and mental health and emotional problems, inter-personal conflicts that may eventually result

  • The Ability To Cooperate Well With Others Is More Important Today Than In Past. Essay

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    Cooperation is important from the past time until now, also in the future. To cooperate with others could accomplish the subject more quickly and efficiently. In the past, people farm together, currently, people would collaborate in work. While, people are more likely to work or live individually at present, and cooperation decreased by degrees as well. Therefore, the ability to cooperate well with others is less necessary today than in the past. First of all, former people were lack of techniques

  • The Cause of the Crime Is More Important Than the Punishment Essay

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    The cause of the crime is more important than the punishment Introduction: There is no single cause to any disorder, including crime. While clearly we are all ultimately responsible for our own actions, it is wrong to hold an individual wholly responsible for his unlawful act. There are certain factors in our societies, cultures (family values), system (educational, political, law-enforcement...), economy, and so on that endorse the potential of criminal activities of an individual. An organization

  • Working Well with Others Essay

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    The first quality was the ability to function well in a crisis. It was the ability to calmly analyze the facts, gather information, reach conclusions, make decisions, and then mobilize the other people to respond effectively and solve the problem. Your job in your company requires that you know a lot about what is going on everywhere else, as well as be thoroughly conversant with what you do. And the fastest and most accurate way of keeping current with what is going on is to develop and maintain

  • What's More Important Than Material Things Essay

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    What's More Important Than Material Things? In this life some live just to acquire material things. Mankind today is obsessed with vanity. Many lie to achieve material things, many more steal to achieve their desires, and even more die trying to obtain wealth and the things that money can buy. In an essay entitled “What’s More Important? Marjorie Downie adopts the persona of a young man who is of the opinion that nothing on this planet is more important than material things. Sure material

  • Family Is More Important Than Friends Essay

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    English Essay. (307 Words) Family is more important than friends. Family is more important than friends. Family is always there for you, no matter what you do or how you turn out. They give you all the support you need, emotionally and physically. Wether you're going through a tough time, or you just need a friend, your family is always there. They have unconditional love for you no matter what you do, because family is family no matter what you do or how you turn out in life. Family is

  • The Ability to Cooperate with Others Is More Important Today Than in the Past Essay

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    It is generally accepted that nothing is more important than cooperation. By cooperating with each other, the chances are that people tend to succeed more easily. Some people consider that there is no need to cooperate. However, as far as I am concerned, cooperating is one of the most significant element in one's whole life. Firstly, cooperation has been seen as a tradition ever since people lived in groups. Prehistoric people gathered together to hunt, believing that to do so would deter animals

  • Noe Other Than Essay

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    M.E.A.L. PLAN (My English-American Literature Plan) Consuming a Variety of Literature as the English Teacher of the Humanity Literature always comes with timeless stories, as well as universal truth about everybody’s life; and so when we eat the words from every literary piece discovered and shared, we also tend to consume healthfully what’s beyond the plots and the stories of each written piece. So, here are some recommended healthy literary choices for you to consume and have a healthy recognition

  • More Than Slaves Essay

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    More Than Slaves Today, a great majority of the world is satisfied with the bare minimum, the pre-paved path, the easy way out. Cicero says, “If we do only what is required of us, we are slaves, the moment we do more, we are free.” I can’t help but become inspired comprehending such truth. Why should we stand frozen and lazy after completing the minimum plan of life? Choose the unknown path and blaze a trail, go above and beyond, and obtain that sense of freedom. In my own mind

  • Safety Is More Important Than Privacy Essay

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    Safety is more important than privacy Safety is the word that is important for the each and every people in the society. There are two different meanings for the word safety. First one is when you are safe. It is both food and road safety. Second one is how safe something is. Safety at the factory has been improved and also we have to know about the word privacy. The word privacy means when peoples are alone or the people do not know about what you doing. To know about which one is better for

  • The World Today/ Hunger in the World Essay

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    The world in its current state is quite literally, wracked with hunger and grief. Our nation is not exempt from this terrible predicament, and we should not act as if it is. Now as we speak, one in seven people in this country toss and writhe in their beds, tormented by the agonizing pain of hunger. I plead to you; leaders of our fine country, the threat of starvation should not simply be shrugged off like some bothersome insect on a hot summer day. The Anti-hunger Empowerment Act of 2011, though

  • The Resolution of Conflict Is More Important Than Conflict Itself. Essay

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    out today and I know mum has it waiting for me on the kitchen table. It took me five and a half minutes to get home, a new record. I rushed inside and threw my bag against the wall. “Mum!” I yelled, “Where’s the game?” Mum came walking down the stairs. I knew from the look on her face that I wasn’t going to like what she was going to say next. “Luke” she replied, “I didn’t buy you your game. I want you to know that I’m doing this for your own good. I want you to finish the school year off well first

  • Reading Is More Important Than One May Think Essay

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    Peers, let me educate you on something important, humankind needs to read more often than they do currently. Humanity is known for neglecting such a wonderful pastime for mind-numbing activities such as watching television or playing video games. Literature can do so much more than those uneventful activities. Literature has the ability to transport it’s reader back in time or to a different dimension! Reading is very enjoyable. Novels have so many unique and intriguing storylines. When you read

  • Todays World Essay

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    Today s world is very competitive. Today s world is so competitive college is a must. Without college it would be very hard for anyone to find a good job and be happy with that job. Getting a good job requires hard work in college. Hard work in college will not only make you smarter and a better person, but will make it easier to obtain a job. College students goal is to maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA; however, grades do not come easy to some people. People who have a hard time making good grades

  • More Than a Photograph Essay

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    More than a Photograph Said’s essay “States” makes several good points, but one paragraph stands out in particular to me. The one on page five hundred forty-three paragraph three really caught my attention and really got me thinking about something that I look at frequently. Seeing the pictures of families that had lost everything and the people viewing the pictures not thinking anything of their pain is eye opening to me. The first sentence says, “Exile is a series of portraits without names

  • More Than a Place Essay

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    More Than A Place Each person has their own story, their own joys, and their own pains. This story will take a person too many different places in life, many places we’ll never even dream of until we’re there. Yet one place in particular sticks out among others, and is very much an under looked walk in life. The place is of course, the beach. The beach has a strange power to pull people in to visiting it for an assortment of many different reasons, and at that point, the beach becomes something

  • Refugees in the World Today Essay

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    Essay Refugees in the world today Refugee crises have increasingly become a problem in today’s modern day society.In my opinion, developed countries of the world should tackle this problem by taking more refugees. There are several reasons for it. First of all, the main reason why developed nations should help is that we live in modern society and it is no longer possible to ignore what happens on the other side of the world.This is a moral issue because they suffer from hunger, ill health

  • More Than Simple Essay

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    More Than Simple When looking at art, you think of the meaning in the artwork, and why the artist created it. Mostly all artists create their artwork for some reason. Some create it to express emotions in a visual way, while others create artwork to signify a major event in their life that they feel the need to present. Either way, art is a great way to get what you want out into a vision. However, I tend to examine both of these concepts. The artwork of an Ohio State football game is one

  • Avon S Cooperate Strategy Essay

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    markets hence not giving more emphasis to their growth in the US market. There is the need to understand how Avon operates its distribution system to be able to appreciate why they perform better in the external market. They depend on direct contact sales contracted by independent sales persons mainly women working part time by selling to household through demonstration and giving advice. The above strategy though does not work well in the US; It works wonderfully in other areas such as Brazil, Venezuela

  • Are Americans More or Less Literate Than Before? Proposal Essay

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    2013). They wrote on clay tablets but this was no writing like we have seen in today’s world; simple pictures or pictograms were the means of communication by the Sumerians. I will be writing about the age of information and the question is asked, are Americans any more or less literate than they use to be? The proposed paper will begin with an examination of the sub-language, which is commonly seen today whether by text message by a mobile device or social networks such as YouTube or Facebook

  • Playing Is More Important for Children Than Studying Essay

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    Playing Is More Important For Children Than Studying There are two main things that has become controversy about what should be begun in our children’s childhood; education or playing time. Some people think that children should begin their education as early in their lives as possible. They believe that education is the most important. Others think that children should spend most of their time playing. Since one can only be young once, and once a child goes to school he/she can never go back

  • 60's to Today Essay

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    much more tumultuous though no less interesting: the 1960s. In many ways, particularly in the political mobilization of the youth, our times bear striking similarities to the 1960s. Other similarities include pervasive racial bigotry and a strong resistance against such intolerance, imperialist wars based upon specious rationales and with dubious value to the average American, pervasive poverty largely obscured by images of prosperity, trivial concerns and entertainment prioritized over more serious

  • Love Is More Important Than Money Essay

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    Love is more important than money. Money and love are always be the issue in today's era of materialism . Money and love are also need for people to survive . In my opinions , I strongly disagree that love is more important than money as without money ,our life can become very difficult .In this essay ,I will discuss why money is more important than love and elaborate on the influences of money to individuals ,society and the country. First and foremost, most individual is lured by money in

  • Rehabilitation Is More Important Than Punishment Essay

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    Often this issue is framed as rehabilitation vs punishment, as if it's an all or nothing choice between the two options. In reality most people would agree that some kind of balance between the two is favourable. Yet all too often rehabilitation seems to be a mere footnote and punishment is seen as the priority. I will be arguing that this emphasis should be inverted, and that when dealing with convicted criminals rehabilitation should be society's main aim with punishment given less priority

  • Other Worlds Essay

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    Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, fairies and sprites work magic and dabble for a time in human affairs. Shakespeare drew inspiration for these otherworldly characters from oral tales filled with fairies, imps, hobgoblins, boggarts, elves, and many other spirits often believed not good enough to be angels or bad enough to be devils. Oberon and Robin Goodfellow, two of Shakespeare's main fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream, are traditional Renaissance characters. Oberon is a legendary fairy lord

  • Muhammad: The Life and Impact on Today’s World Essay

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    Muhammad: The Life and Impact on Today’s World Muhammad was born to be a great man; he separated himself from the already-established religions of his society and created, or as many Muslim people know it, renewed pure monotheism, in the religion of Islam. Who knew that it would last until this day, with such a big impact on the world? Muslims don’t regard him as a founder of a new religion, but as a restorer of the monotheistic beliefs in Adam, Eve, Abraham and so on. Muhammad had

  • More Than Perfection Essay

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    without any faults; it’s about how kind, beautiful, wonderful this thing succeeds in becoming a masterpiece in it whole. In my opinion, my perfect world wouldn’t be the one where all my dreams come true, it would be the one where everyone’s dreams come true, a place that combines all humanity’s hopes. It would be perfection indeed. My perfect world does not belong to The Wonderland or Fairytales. It starts with a sunny summer day, at the window, while allowing our thoughts to fly towards freedom

  • The World Today Essay

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    The world we see around us today is ruled by rhetorical appeal.  Every advertisement we see on T.V., in magazines, and in papers has a rhetorical appeal to it.  There are three main types of rhetorical appeal; pathos, logos, and ethos, which are all used commonly.  In this paper I will analyze an article out of the magazine “Cosmo Girl”.  The article I analyzed is a perfume advertisement.  In the advertisement analyzed the three main rhetorical appeals: pathos, logos,  and ethos are used in appealing

  • Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement? in Today's World, the Ability to Cooperate with Others Is More Important Than It Was in the Past. Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer. Essay

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    was the ability what was very important for human’s life. However, in my view, belong to the chronological sequence, its influence was decreased. It is caused by the technological development and the occupational requirement. There is certainly no denying that the technology that develops day by day is able to helps people in many works. In the past, people lived in tribes, earned a living by exchanging goods, horticulture and pastoralism with rude tools, so they must collaborate with others. On the

  • Violence in the World Today Essay

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    Violence in the world today has increased rapidly with technology playing a key role in the progression. There have been many changes throughout the years as to which we would expect; however, many of these changes involve increased levels of violence and many tragedies within society. There are some individuals that feel the world is no more violent at this present time than it has been through the ages of civilization…I will address the history of violence and follow the progression as to show

  • Important Issues Today Essay

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    John F Smith The following are the social issues that I find most pressing. They are not necessarily the most important, I believe all social issues are quite important in their own ways, but the following have hit home with me for different reasons and experiences I have had throughout my life. Pollution The problem of pollution is a global problem, but I would like to focus on our major cities. I believe in our major cities pollution should be considered a major social issue because

  • Is Intelligence More Important Than Feeling in Poetry? Essay

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    With close attention to elements of Donne`s poems, and the disagreement between Samuel Johnson and T.S. Eliot which you Encountered in your seminars, investigate whether intelligence or feeling is more important in poetry. Metaphysical poets such as Donne, George Herbert, Richard Crashaw display intelligence and wit throughout their poetry, however Johnson found fault with these poets for their overly elaborate conceits and metaphoric distortions. It would be very difficult

  • More Than a Good Story Essay

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    Case Application More Than a Good Story 1. Jake and Rocket a cartoon guy and his cartoon dog, can be found on most of the apparel and other branded products sold by the Life is Good Company. With his perky beret (or other appropriate head gear), Jake has that contended look of being able to enjoy life as it is and finding reasons to be happy right now, and Rocket? Well he is just happy to be along for the ride. And what a ride it’s been for the two! They’ve been part of the company growth to over

  • Todays World Essay

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    Higuera 1 English 3 Prof. Andrade March, 9, 2014 First Essay Today's World Since 2004, the growth of social media has been near exponential. Before these social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, many people had trouble communicating with their friends or families. They had trouble fulfilling many of their needs such as information, to be educated, to fulfill their entertainment needs, to enhance their social interactions or even to escape from their stresses of daily life. There

  • Duty of Self Is More Important Than Duty to Others Essay

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    Duty of self is more important than duty to others People who lives in different times have different values. However, the 19th century’s playwright Ibsen, the writer of “A Doll’s House”, had a modern thought. In that play, Ibsen looks critically at 19th century beliefs, and in particular, the ways that society limits an individuals personal growth and freedom. Also, all the laws are in favour to men, it gives more obligation and rights than women. During that time, the expected role of men and

  • Cameras Today and Before Essay

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    Pictures are the most important thing in our life nowadays, and camera has been helping us to do that and much more. Camera has a great importance in our life; it is part of our life. Hadn't it been around, we would probably forget the faces of our loved ones after a really long absence. Three subtopics to be mentioned here. History, where is it used, portability John Berger, you have done great work in your Chapter 1 of your book "Ways of Seeing". I have had a pleasure reading this chapter as an

  • The World Today and Yesterday Essay

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    We have become much different than what we were considered before by history. By “we” I mean humankind, and by “today” I mean the year 2184. I am writing this for the descendants; I am not an idealist and do not build shiny illusions for myself, but perhaps they will find another way of development and evolution than we had. Perhaps they will manage to regain the essence of being human. What is life like in the 22nd century? Well, it is unquestionably different than even a hundred years ago. Of

  • Religion in Todays World Essay

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    2. In a short but consistent essay explain the role of religion in today’s world. Give consistent reasons for your explanation. In today’s world religion seems to have a different place than in times before. Throughout history religion is what governed countries, brought people together, and gave morals and rules for everyday life. People abided by the rules of the church and followed exactly what priest and other religious leaders said to do. The vast majority of people in earlier times had a

  • More Than Miles Essay

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    Joseph Adamo ENG 101 Mrs. Brady 9 February 2014 More Than Miles There once was a boy named Aaron. Aaron is 22 years old and has lived in a really busy city all of his life. His family loves it. They live in the middle of the city and anything that they need is within reach. Because of this fact no one in his family owned a car. They either walked or took public transportation to wherever they needed to go. Except for Aaron. Aaron owned a car, but not just any car. Aaron owned a 1970

  • Is Family More Important Than Friends? Essay

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    lives, we socialize with a lot of people, because we have been evolved to cooperate with our species in needs of survival against extreme weather and wild carnivores. generally, in our social life, we are personally closest to two groups of humans : families and friends. Families are the group of humans who shared genetic material with us such as: father,mother,brothers,sister,wife,and son.naturally, family is the most important group of humans to me,because of default characteristics of human genes

  • Push Factors Are More Important Than Pull Factors Essay

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    factors are more important than Pull factors Upon reading the statement it is possible to suggest that many migrants have different reasons of moving to another countries. These occasions can be classified into «Push» and «Pull» factors. Push and Pull factors influence on migrant’s decision whether to leave country because of some reasons, which push people away from their countries or to find a better life. However, I fully agree with given claim that Push Factors are more considerable

  • Money Is More Important Than Love for a Happy Life Essay

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    continue to give you more factors on why love and not money is more important for a happy life. My team mates and I believe that love is more valuable than any material substance exist in our world. We strongly believe money cannot buy you true love nor does it give you good health. Having someone love you with all their heart and knowing they will stand by your side whether you are poor or wealthy or in good or bad health is probably the best remedy one could find in this world. They are not just

  • Encouragement Is More Important Than Praise Essay

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    Encouragement Is More Effective Than Praise in Guiding Children's Behavior Many child care providers try to help children feel confident by praising them. But encouragement is actually more effective than praise in building children's confidence. But overusing praise can actually lower children’s self-esteem and make them more competitive and less cooperative. The Difference Between Praise and Encouragement Praise and encouragement are very different. Praise focuses on what the adult thinks

  • Compete or Cooperate Essay

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    Compete or Cooperate Both competition and cooperation play a large role in the advancement of society, both in business and non-business areas. Competition forces people to improve their products or services, and hence benefits the recipients of these products or services. Cooperation, however, plays an even more important role in development of individuals and the society as a whole, because it drastically increases the scale of these improvements. Working in groups and teams far increases the

  • Our World Today Essay

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    Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings. We live in a world that, although it has borders, it is limitless. People can travel anywhere, see anything, experience every feeling that ever existed, but we are not satisfied. We try to impose borders on ourselves, we fight today to be recognized as not belonging to “their community”, to be labeled as part of a smaller group. We fight today to impose limits to a world in which yesterday people have

  • More Than a Walk Essay

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    clear, and there was no opportunity that it would rain today. When it was 12 o’clock, I sat down on a grassy hilltop, where I could see this incredible landscape. The sky was clearly azure and those grey mountaintops seemed to be brighter than ever. I took a sandwich with chicken salad and a battle of water from my bag and began to eat my lunch, so I could have more energy to discover the landscape. I have always loved the ocean more than mountains, because when it was really, really warm, then