In 'an Inspector Calls' How Does J B Priestley Use Dramatic Devices To Convey His Concerns And Ideas To The Members Of The Audience As Well As Interest And Involve Them In His Play Essays

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    Stylistic Lexicology 23 Chapter 4. Morphological Stylistics 30 Chapter 5. Phonetic and Graphic Expressive Mean sand Stylistic Devices 34 Chapter 6. Stylistic Semasiology. Lexico-semantic Stylistic Devices. Figures of Substitution 46 Chapter 7. Stylistic Semasiology. Figures of Combination 63 Chapter 8. Stylistic Syntax. Syntactic Stylistic Devices 73 Plans of Seminars 85 Practical Assignments for Seminars 90 Practical Assignments for Independent Work 143 Approximate Scheme

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