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  • The Importance of Learning English Essay

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    Learning to speak English well may be the best thing you can do to improve your life. That’s right. Do you think it would be fun to have access to information that other people can’t get? Talk and write letters to interesting people that others can’t communicate with? Impress people around you whenever you opened your mouth? Make big jumps in your career, leaving others miles behind? Well, You can get all of these if you can speak English well. Ladies and Gentlemen, Indeed, It is a very great

  • Importance of Learning Global English Essay

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    As all of us know that English is a global language that use all over the world officially or non-officially. So, all of us should understand the importance of learning English.  English is a global language so where ever you go English is the only accepted language you can use to communicate between people. Suppose you visiting Bangladesh to explore the beauty of her, now the mother language of Bangladesh is Bangla now how will you communicate with local people? There is a simple solution for

  • Supporting the Efficient English Learning in Morocco Essay

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    Efficient English Learning in Morocco Nihale Ettakkal Al Akhawayn University December 13, 2012 Table of Contents List of Illustrations …………………………………………………… 3 Abstract ……………………………………………………………….. 4 Introduction ………………………………………………………….. 5 Background ……………………………………………………. 6 Problem ……………………………………………………….. 6 Purpose ……………………………………………………….. 6 Scope ………………………………………………………….7 Discussion Moroccan culture and English ………………………………..7 The Moroccan educational system and English ……………

  • Socio Report

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    university for the first time can be quite a traumatic experience for most students. Numerous researches on students’ initial experience of higher learning have identified many complex factors encountered by students in their transition from learning at school to learning at the university. For example, problems with “academic overcompliance, rigidity in learning styles and dependence on routines and teachers” (Wankowski 1991), subject difficulty (Beard and Hartley 1984), lack of motivation and unorganized

  • Important Learning English Essay

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    of your loved ones are not fluent in English, it may be beneficial for you to explain to them the benefits of learning to read and speak the language. People may disagree about the importance of knowing English, but if you fully explain the opportunities that knowing English can provide, it may encourage them to start the learning process. Other People Are Reading * The Importance of Learning English * What Are the Advantages In Learning the English Language? 1. Jobs * Some businesses

  • Importance of English Essay

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    "The English language in all an advanced and flexible one and its teaching should not be discarded altogether. Indian cannot afford to ignore this language". -Dr. Rajendl'a Prasad India inherited' English' from the British who ruled our country for more than two centuries. After independence, there have been a great deal of argumentation in aspect to the position of English in free India. The Orthodox view advocated the complete stoppage of use of English in any forum. According to experts the

  • A Review of a Self System Perspective on Young

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    A Critical Review of a Self System Perspective on Young Adolescents’ Motivation to Learn English in Urban and Rural Setting Introduction In order to enhance capabilities of coping with challenges of globalization, plenty of people in developing countries have strong desire to learn English due to its popularities. However, there are some discrepancies of motivation and proficiency in English learning existing (和 there be 重复) in those countries like Indonesia in terms of unbalanced economic development

  • Instrumental and Integrative Motivation English Language Essay

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    Integrative Motivation English Language Essay Instrumental And Integrative Motivation English Language Essay Robert Gardner established a model of motivation in second language acquisition in 1985. The field of language teaching has been influenced for many years by the model which came from the studies of language immersion in Canada (Ehrman, 1996, p.139). The model describes two forms of motivation, instrumental and integrative. Instrumental motivation refers to learning to accomplish a task

  • Most Important Of English Language Essay

    3077 Words  | 13 Pages e new ordinance A. Yon Jensvold - Well I believe that things will generally improve for us, and especially the local Importance of English Language in Our Life sector. All in all, this will move things forward and drive the economy of the region to greater heights. This is what we need: to put Importance of English Language in Our Life money in people's pockets. Q. A great response, Yon Jensvold, let's move to the more murky

  • Importance of English Nowadays Essay

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    laboral work, has to feel very close to the difficulties of English. The technology, science and advances of the world, shows us this “foreign” language as an element for the construction of an excellent life-project, giving positive support  to the people who are interested in a language that nowadays  the Universal Language. Computers, Electronic, and health world require English. Most of the theories are written and spoken in English, even more when the globalization phenomenon has come and shorter

  • Learning English by Watching Movies Essay

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    |Can Movies in the English language contribute to increased learning of accent for students at Malmö University? | |Riling, Dominik | |2012-10-06 | Introduction In this field study, we are discussing film and

  • Culture Differences and English Teaching Essay

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    Traditional English teaching mainly focused on pronunciation, grammar, vocabularies and incorporate several basic language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing. This structural teaching approach stresses the internal structure of language, making a separation between form and meaning as well as function. Students adopting this learning method may be good at dealing with the tests focusing on grammar and structure, while they may often fail to communicate with English speakers effectively

  • How To Improve Adult Oral English Essay

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    Approach to Adult College English Abstract: This paper discusses some problems in current adult English teaching and learning; analyses the disadvantages of Grammar-translation method; and emphasizes the necessity of relating the structures of a foreign language to their communicative functions in real situations and the importance of the oral approach to adult college English language teaching and learning in adult university. Provide some effective ways such as like English Corner, instilling culture

  • Strategies in Education Essay

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    objectives of updating education systems. Professional learning communities (PLC) is a temporary process that contributes effectively in the development of an educational system to achieve more success, raise student outcomes and help sustain knowledge (Viscio et al., 2008). The purpose of the professional development plan, as noted in the website of Missouri: department of elementary school and secondary education, is to “identify specific learning goals and provide a structure for professional growth”

  • Morphology Essay

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    and Linguistics (10 Marks) Choose any ONE of the assignment questions below. 1. Language in Education brings about the focus of the importance in using language at school in the teaching and learning of all subjects in schools at all levels. There are many issues in Language in Education that may hinder language to be used aptly in teaching and learning. Write an essay of 450 words discussing ONE issue in Language in Education that you feel to be a problem for teachers/students/ parents to

  • Importance of English Essay

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    Importance Of English Author: Ameena Zafar This study investigates the importance of English language in the corporate sector in Pakistan, where the official language (English) is different from the national language Urdu. It will also gauge the need for, and the role of English language trainings in the field of Business. This data will be used towards a research to develop English language training modules for mid career professionals. Past research showed, according to Khan that learning

  • Learning to Read English Essay

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    (2007). Orthographic learning via self-teaching in children learning to read English: Effects of exposure, durability and context. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 96, 71-84 Dyslexia BLINKSJuli This is an investigation which sets out to challenge the hypothesis that “phonological decoding provides the essential and and fundamental basis for reading development” Share (1995) and in particular the correlation between phonological decoding and orthographic learning and the methods employed

  • What Should Be Taught in Tesol Essay

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    and discuss what should be taught and what would be beneficial to students of other languages throughout the deliverance of the Teaching of English to speakers of other languages, which is universally referred to as a TESOL course. The knowledge and exposure to cultural aspects are highlighted as vital for students to be successful in the learning of English Language and this appears to work extremely well when other important factors are incorporated; such as, classroom factors, age of learners

  • The Role of the English Teacher Essay

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    THE ROLE OF THE ENGLISH TEACHER Smt. Vidya Patil Assistant Professor of English Govt. First Grade College, Humnabad. Email : Abstract My paper discusses about the complicated role of English teacher in the contemporary era. It throws light upon the important steps, latest technologies and innovative methods to be adopted by the teachers while teaching English. Gone are the days where education was teacher-centered where students were just passive listeners. Now the

  • The Reflection for Multimedia Teaching Essay

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    problems make the main role in learning of the students can not materialize and can not promote the learning positivity of them. The purpose of multimedia teaching can not reach. So, teachers should consider the problems about how to overcome the disadvantages of multimedia classroom teaching and build new-type teaching structure and teaching mode that can reflect the subject role of students (He, 1998; Xie, 2010). 2. Advantages of multimedia teaching Taking the English teaching, for example, as

  • Dxhkjgfcbghh Essay

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    jobs Importance of English Language Communication English is a language which is important, useful and helpful for every citizen in today's world. By learning English, we can develop four important skills like: Listening Speaking Reading Writing Knowledge of English is important as we can get to know how to frame sentences, how to use words in dialogues while speaking to others. As every word has a particular context where it fits right, using words in such a manner in English is a

  • English Vocabulary Essay

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    EFL Classroom Practices in Teaching English Academic Vocabulary: Interview with Atyrau University Teachers Nurzhanova Aktoty Academic Reading and Writing Professor Smagulova October 9, 2012 Data and methods The problem under investigation was EFL classroom practices in teaching English academic vocabulary. The main research goal was to define vocabulary teaching strategies used by teachers in Atyrau University, assess their effectiveness; to gather

  • Thought Piece Essay

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    Introduction Growing up, studying and reading English and American books, I had no understanding of how to relate most of the content and characters to everyday life in Nigeria. These books mostly emphasized children playing on the snow, talking about the weather and how lovely it is that the sun has come out. Despite the fact that all I have ever know in my life is how the sun rise and set every day, it was difficult for me to understand what snow is and why we never had any. This paper aims to

  • English Literature Review

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    Course: Tutor: Date: ENGLISH: LITERATURE REVIEW Al- Bustan, A.S. Investigating student attitudes and preference towards learning English at Kuwait University. English Language Unit, College of Engineering and Petroleum Language Center / Kuwait University, 454-463 The paper investigates the preferences and attitudes of non-English major ESL students towards learning English. The study is conducted at Kuwait University in December 2006. The were 787 non- English major students who participated

  • The Official Language Movement Essay

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    Bilingual Education Act. It was started by Ralph Yarborough a Texas Senator, it was to support the use of Spanish in schools along with the study of English. The bill was a help for the bilingual movement. The bill has been updated four times since 1968 and has helped schools support bilingual education by offering grants for supplies. English as a second language or ESL classes are offered for new students and full immersion classes are offered to the more advanced to help advance the movement

  • Children's Literacy Essay

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    Publication: Malvern, South Australia This essay will explore the importance of teaching literacy to children and the value in developing oral language skills by examining Possum Magic by Mem Fox. Literacy will be explored in detail and highlight the changing definition of literacy to now include, not only the written and spoken word but, other semiotic symbols. Two activities will be discussed to illustrate the importance of oral language development for a Year 2 class. Literacy education in

  • The Importance of Pronunciation in Teaching English Essay

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    The Importance of Learning Phonology and Pronunciation for Teacher A. The Nature of Phonology and Pronunciation Phonology is the study of the sounds systems. Phonological analysis involves determining the rules that govern how phonemes are produced at the surface level by investigating the environment in which each allophone is produced. Meanwhile the pronunciation is the practice of sounding a word in correct pronunciation. Since English is a language that has no consistency between the

  • The English Way Essay

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    PROGRAMMES D'ÉTUDE S English as a Second Language Elementary Education Québec PROGRAMMES D'ÉTUDE S English as a Second Language Elementary Education Direction de la formation générale des jeunes E ducational institutions are authorized to reproduce this document in whole or in part as needed. If it is reproduced for sale, the selling price should not exceed the cost of reproduction. © Gouvernement du Qu é bec Minist è re de l' É ducation, 97-0703 ISBN 2-550-32323-8 Legal

  • English Is a Winner Essay

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    English Is A Winner English language, as of today, has come to be known as the global language of the world. And apt it is, as the language almost single handedly, links the entire globe together. It is an international language as more than sixty percent of the world population can communicate in the language. The language truly has become the unofficial language of the world. Look around and you most certainly would find something or the other that is written in the English language. The importance

  • Childcare Essay

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    your point * Screen shot bibliography showing the internet searches you completed to research your work at the end. When you have completed your work, save to Therefore. Link to EYE standards: U1.2.2, FS ICT, English Link to CYP Standards: U12 1.2  U15 2.1 U15 2.2 English FS ICT * 1.2: Design a method of gathering data from the children in your setting to examine the different relationships they have as they get older, and identify how this links through to theory. You should include:

  • English Essay

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    PAPER 6 SECTION 2 ENGLISH METHOD UNIT 1 – The Role of English Language Q. Importance of English Language. When India attained freedom in 1947, many educationists, including Mahatma Gandhi, firmly held that English should be detained, its role should be redefined and it should be studied. This found root in the fact that – 1) English is a living language – It is growing, developing and assimilating words from other languages. 2) English is an International and Intra-Continental

  • English In The National Curriculum Essay

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    place of English within the school curriculum, by reference to your reading and interviews carried out with school staff (and children if possible) 1. Introduction The intention of this assignment is to discuss the place of English within the National Curriculum. This particular focus has generated many debates and contrasting opinions about what English is, what English should teach, and how English should be taught . For example, the following statement represents just one view of English teaching:

  • English as Taught in School Essay

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    The report says that English is usually being taught through Bengali in classrooms and this practice hinders proficiency in English. The committee was assigned the task of identifying the obstacles to learning English and put forth recommendation to the government. The report also says,” Presently only reading and writing skills are exercised in our teaching and testing system. But it is of paramount importance to design an English education scheme, giving equal importance to all the four skills

  • Age Factor Essay

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    FACTOR AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR TEACHING ENGLISH TO YOUNG LEARNERS by A.Yuvaraj AGE FACTOR AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR TEACHING ENGLISH TO YOUNG LEARNERS A.Yuvaraj Author A.Yuvaraj is a Lecturer in English, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sri Perumbudur. He teaches Technical English and Communication skills to learners at the tertiary level. Currently He is pursuing doctoral research in English Language Teaching, Anna University, Chennai

  • The Rationale of Dwelling to Speaking Skill Enhancement for Language Use in School Environment Essay

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    The Rationale of Dwelling to Speaking Skill Enhancement for Language Use in School Environment As a senior high English teacher, the researcher often get startled on finding inadequate language proficiency among newly enrolled students who has accomplished three years learning English in junior high. Not only do they have fairly poor grammatical knowledge, but also, particularly, hesitation in producing oral language even when dealing with responding to some basic language functions (i.e. greeting

  • Motivation Essay

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    toward English and desire to learn English. Motivation is positively and significantly related to students’ achievement. It is understandable because it is also consistent with the results of some researchers. Motivation has been widely accepted by teachers and researchers as one of the key factors influencing the success of foreign language learning (Ely 1986; Dornye 1994; Williams and Burden 1997). When the subjects really have a positive attitude towards the target culture and English -speaking

  • Communication Essay

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    these problems. Teachers must be aware of the importance of language in the learning process. They must understand the importance of the development of language. Technology and its incorporation into the classroom procedures is an area of increasing importance in communication. Language Development the main responsibility of any school. Early childhood educators who have developed skills of language development and its implication for learning are more likely to make effective instructional

  • My Experience of Learning Esl Essay

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    My Experience of learning ESL During independence and partition of the country my grandfather came to India and settled in a remote rural area as cultivation of land was his only means of livelihood. In the new found land while my father was helping my grandfather in his agricultural pursuits, he organized a primary school in the locality for the refugee children. A few years later, Government of India provided approval to the school and also appointed a head master retaining my father as assistant

  • True Meaning of Reading Essay

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    high school. At the earlier stage of my career I got the opportunity to work with a group of secondary school teachers in a development project. The main objective of the project was to improve the English Language Teaching techniques of secondary school teachers. While preparing the language learning materials I had to face lots of challenges regarding the reading skills. As part of our program I had the opportunity to observe some of the teacher’s classroom teaching. Once I was observing a teaching

  • Restaurants Essay

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    Is It Important For Immigrants’ Parents To Learn English? Spanish is the primary language of most South American countries. When my family, as many other families, came to the United States, they did not speak any word in English. I remember, as if it were yesterday, when my family would get mad at me because I used to watch Spanish instead of English programming. They always said, “The more you listen to English the better you will understand it, when you do that, then you will be able to speak

  • Understanding Inclusive Learning Essay

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    | PREPARING TO TEACH IN THE LIFELONG LEARNING SECTOR | UNIT 2 – UNDERSTANDING INCLUSIVE LEARNING AND TEACHING IN LIFELONG LEARNING | | | | Background My role involves working with learners of aged 19 plus from who are all out of work and looking for work, with various levels of literacy, numeracy and IT skills, although all are above entry level 2 in literacy. Presently most learners will be working towards achieving IT entry level to level 2, workskills and specific work related

  • Films As Teaching Tools Essay

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    Films as Teaching Tools This paper focuses on the importance of using films as an effective method in the teaching-learning process and it explains both the main language skills that may be developed by watching movies and the strategies that are employed in using films as an educational material. As Connell et al. (1996:10) argued: ‘no generation has a bigger media history because no previous generation has had access to so many different kinds of media and such a range of media products.’[1]

  • B Ed Syllabus Essay

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    certificate to the university. Medium of Instruction: Medium of Instruction at the B.Ed. course will be Marathi or English. However the medium of Instruction for course in. method in Marathi, English, Hindi or rdu will be respectively Marathi, English, Hindi, and Urdu, The candidate appearing for B .Ed. examination wilt have the option of answering all papers in part one either in English or Marathi. This option can be exercise a paper wise and not section wise or question wise, 0-4.2 The Examination

  • The Importance of Learninig English in the World Essay

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    THE IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING ENGLISH THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE Since the creation of the human being, the humankind has had the need of communicating to be able face up to his needs, for example: to get food, knowledge, job, money, to make friends on and on therefore he has created many kinds to communicate. Therefrom issue the idea of the communication that gives as result a language characteristic of a place, country or region therefore it must take into consideration, that the languages are not

  • Importance of English Language in India Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- The Importance of English Language in India ------------------------------------------------- The Importance of English Language in India The official national language of India is Hindi but with globalization the importance of English language in India and in all other countries cannot be denied. English is the medium of communication globally. The Britishers introduced English medium schools in India so that they can have a common mode

  • Icelt C1.1 Essay

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    ICELT In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching Declaration I Jocelyn Ailed Salinas Solis , declare that the following Component 1 Assignment 1 from the ESL articles “Learner Autonomy” & “Teacher’s Role in Developing Learner Autonomy” is entirely my own work and that it is written in my own words and not those copied directly from any other source, except for those that are properly acknowledged. Signature ______________________________________ Jocelyn Ailed Salinas Solis

  • Immersion Education Essay

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    The Importance Immersion Bilingual Education SUNY at Old Westbury Professor Serrano April 12, 2012 Abstract Initially if an individual was bilingual, he/she was thought of as having a handicap; programs were formed to convert bilingual individuals into speaking more than just the majority language. In recent years, studies have been conducted to show the benefits of being bilingual. If someone is not bilingual, then in today’s society they are thought of as having the handicap. This paper

  • The Importance Of English Essay

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    The Importance of English Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here. I would like to talk to you about the importance of English. First, English is the language for communication. More than 1.5 billion people speak this language everyday. It is indeed one of the most widely languages in this world. Second, English is the language for science and technology. Many books are written in English. Many research papers are presented in English. If you are good in English, you

  • Studying English Essay

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    Studying English It cannot be denied that today English is the most widely used language in the world. A great number of people understand and use English in every part of the world. Because of its importance I have chosen English as the second language. In fact, English has become the international language.  Being good at English, we can travel to any place or any country we like. We shall not find it hard to make others understand what we wish to say. English also helps us to learn all

  • Fgfg Essay

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    see an English word when you are surfing the Internet? Do you ever realize that more than 80% of home pages on the Internet are in English? Being an international language, the importance of English cannot be doubted with any demographics. With the advance in the Internet and computers around the world, it seems obvious that electronic means will provide an English learning environment in the future. Some people think that the Internet is a valuable resource for English language learning, offering