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  • How I Made 1 Million Legally Online Essay

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    [pic] HOW I MADE MY 1ST 1 MILLION NAIRA LEGALLY ONLINE AND BECAME A MILIONAIRE WHILE UNEMPLOYED! [pic] WARNING!!! Please do not read this material if you are not ready to be a millionaire. Let me start by saying, GOD punish YAHOO YAHOO SPIRIT and may it never develop in you! I have carefully complied step by step details of how I made my own million a year after I graduated from university while searching for a job and you too can

  • Everyone Shoul Become Milionaire by the Age of 35 Essay

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    become rich, whether it is possible or not, is the wrong set of mind, parents, politicians, the people in general, support this kind of mentality thus agitating the innocence of a child toward the importance of materialistic harsh world.                 I am well aware that money is an important commodity in modern civilization, but the civilization itself compulsively requires stabilization, it is a capitalist mentality like this that would lead our children to ruin, segregating personal importance of