If I Were Milionaire Essays

  • If I Were Superhero Essay

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    IF I WERE SUPERHERO If I could fly, I think the world would me a much better place. For one thing, I’d never have to wait for the subway to come, and when it does come, I wouldn’t have to squeeze into an overstuffed bus. That means I would be on time for things, and probably less stressed, therefore a little nicer to my friends and colleagues. This chain of niceness toward one’s fellow human beings would begin with me (when I was on solid ground, not soaring through the skies) as the vortex and

  • If i Were a Giant Essay

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    If I was a stagering 8ft tall giant I would have to adjust to many things in life. I would have to adjust all my resources such as food laundry clothing ect.. I would also have to upgrade my utilities,decor such as house and furnituer. The first thing I would make sure is I would adapt to my resources such as clothes food and my health products. I just started to grow constantly and by the age of 18 im a 8 foot giant. I would find a pair of huge shoes to fit me. Shirts wouldnt be that

  • If I Were A Boy Essay

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    “If I Were A Boy” Have you ever wondered what you would be like if you were born of the opposite sex? Maybe it should be a question that should be asked more often. Sometimes to understand how someone might feel in a given situation, we should like at it from a different point of view. Putting yourself in someone’s shoes might make you discover that you might find a better way the situation. But how can we get people to be aware of the effects that their actions have other people? Reba McEntire

  • If I Were The Ceo Of Carrefour… Essay

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    If I were the CEO of Carrefour… What is CEO? CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for overseeing the management of an entire organization, as such, it is often the title of a person who holds the highest position in a company or on a board. Analyze For this topic, I’d like to choose the French international chain, Carrefour, which is also the third largest in terms of profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco, for example. In 2008, Carrefour changed their CEO into Lars Olofsson, whose

  • If i Were a Super Hero Essay

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    Sunday, I went along with my friends to a zoo. It is located near Purana Quila in Delhi. It is one of the biggest in India. There were many beautiful birds, monkeys, lions, tigers, cheetahs and snakes in the zoo. Apart from big animals, there were different types of colourful birds in the zoo. The wild and dangerous animals like lions, tigers and cheetahs were kept in different cages. We even saw a white tiger and a gorilla in the zoo. Some of the animals were relaxing while some of them were eating

  • If I Were a Bird Essay

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    I love birds. God uniquely and creatively creates birds. There are ten thousands different species of bird exist in this world. This makes them so unique and interesting. I like to imagine what will it be if I were a bird. If I were a bird I would fly freely, and travel the world. The first thing I would do if I became a bird is fly whenever and wherever I want. I would spread my wings and fly as high as I could. I would feel the wind on the sky. I would pass through the beautiful and fluffy could

  • If i Were a Millionaire Essay

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    IF I WERE A MILLIONAIRE Everyone have dreams andand every dream is different with each others. Some of them want to be a teacher, and some of them want to be an astronaut, but for me, I have in interesting and marvelous dream. My dream is to become a millionaire. If I were a millionaire, would life have to change for me? Would I spend it all on myself and my family.But, how would I do that, I already have all that I want for a comfortable and happy living, how and what would I add? Could

  • Slumdog Milionaire Essay

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    life. The film itself is many films into one, a thriller, drama, crime and gangster, adventure, comedy, musical and romance. The film has much in common with other western Bollywood films of “Boy meets girl, Boy loses girl, Boy ends up with girl”. I would say that this film accurately portrays the poverty in the aspects in a Mumbai life. As the film shows in detail the way living conditions are and the harsh treatments, there are in India. The film actually uses people who are still poverty now

  • If I Were a Love Poet Essay

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    I want you to bite my lip until I can no longer speak. And then suck my ex girlfriend’s name out of my mouth just to make sure she never comes up in our conversations. I’m going to be honest, I’m not really a love poet. In fact, every time I try to write about love my hands cramp… just to show me how painful love can be. And sometimes my pencils break, just to prove to me that every now and then love takes a little more work than you had planned. 
See I heard that love is blind so, I write all my

  • If I Were Born The Opposite Sex Essay

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    Thereasa Wilson If I was the opposite sex I can imagine myself the opposite sex. In my deepest thoughts, I have often wondered how different my life would be if I was born a male instead of a female. I believe that life would somewhat be easier as a male versus a female. There would be many changes and adjustments that I would have to make in all aspects of my life. The first change would be deciding my name. My name would be Timothy. I chose this name because it means honored by God

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie explores the concept of crime and punishment, in particular undetected, unreported or unpunished offenses. The recently retired judge, Lawrence Wargrave is an intelligent, cold, and commanding sadist who decides that it is his duty to punish people for these unpunished crimes. During his years on the bench, he had a reputation as a “hanging judge”—a judge who persuaded juries to bring back guilty verdicts and

  • If I Were An Entrepreneur Essay

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    If I were an Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is a business owner. They are people willing to risk effort, and money into making a grand profitable business. As an entrepreneur the first thing I would want to do is start out small. I would build a colorful crazy looking candy store. I would want people to come and feel like a little kid again. I need the staff that I can trust, handpicked great people who enjoy serving others. I do want it to attract people so it has to be a nice looking shop, Filled

  • Were Essay

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    mentioned above, S&P expects to develop a more formal Country Governance Classification system in the future. This Country Governance Classification will reflect the degree to which the macro legal, regulatory, informational and market 15 APPENDIX I. INFORMATION REQUIRED PRIOR TO A CORPORATE GOVERNANCE SCORING MEETING Typically, Standard & Poor’s analysts will visit the company to make an inspection of relevant documentation prior to meeting with officers of the company and other relevant individuals

  • If I Were Elected as the President of Indonesia Essay

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    If I were elected as a president, the first thing I would do is taking more serious actions to make Indonesia a better country. I’m going to set aside more money for education system. Elementary school to high school education should be free, and higher education should be cheaper. Maybe we can give out student loans like what they do in United States. Or even make it an obligation for everyone to go to school and university with punishments to those who don’t, just like what they do in Netherlands

  • What I Would Do If I Were Blind Essay

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    I wake up and I cannot see. I open my eyes but nothing is visible. The only way I can see is through my dreams. Fragments of my old sense of sight visit me every night. I heave out a long sigh as I get up. Memories of the accident flood back into my mind. If I didn’t get so angry or if I had been smart enough not to get in the car at all, maybe my older sister would have been alive. Maybe I would still be able to see. Face it, I tell myself bitterly. I am still blind and my sister is still gone

  • If I Were Born the Opposite Gender Essay

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    Imagine that you were born of the gender opposite to what you are now. Looking back at your childhood, your teen years, and however many adult years you have now, in what ways do you think your life would have been different? If I were born male my childhood would have been completely different. I received special treatment from my dad growing up female and if I were a boy I believe I would not have received that. I have two older brothers and if I were the third boy I would have just been another

  • If I Were a British Soldier Essay

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    Jamie Swetnam American History to 1865 September 17, 2010 If I were a British Soldier station outside the Boston Customs House on March 5, 1770 My name is John Smothers, I am an 18 year old British Infantry Soldier. I am a little bit shorter than you would think an average male to be, and skinny to boot. I have dirty blonde hair with a bit of scruff on my face. I am stationed in Boston, Massachusetts near the Boston Customs House. This is my story of the events that happened on March 5, 1770

  • If I Were a Boy Essay

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    If I were a boy… I can only imagine what life would be like if I were to pop out boy. In my deepest thoughts I always wondered and still wonder to this day how different my life could be if I were to be born with a penis. At times I would imagine it’s easier to be a male rather then female. Although boys don’t always have it as easy as walk in the park. I would have to make many adjustments in almost all my aspects of life to be perfect boy. If I were born a male, my name would be Vincent

  • If I Were a Millionaire Essay

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    If I were a millionaire, I would like to use my wealth on some good objective in my life. I would not use my wealth on my personal comforts only but I hope I could do some contribution to others and my own country. First of all, for my own personal comforts, I would like to spend a big portion of my money to have all luxuries in my life. Since my childhood, I have a great attraction on a luxurious life. I will use my money to purchase a big house with a great and luxury decoration

  • If I Were the Leader of the Free World Essay

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    If I were leader of the free world the first issue I would address would be homelessness. It was a bright, sunny, beautiful, Saturday afternoon. My family and I had just got done having a great lunch together at our favorite restaurant. As we were driving home we had stopped at a red light. I turned to look out my window to see a family sitting under a bridge. As I sit there and stare at them I think to myself, “ what are they doing?” As the light turns green and we drive away, I ask my dad, “what

  • If I Were in Charge for a Day Essay

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    If I was in charge, and I had the power to change things I would first make it mandatory for all people who live in America to vote. No one would be forced to vote a certain way and they would still be entitled to their own opinions but everyone most vote and if not they would be fined or lose their rights to vote and not be counted as part of any survey. This would give presidential elections a more reliable view of who the country really wants the president to be. And as far as bills and acts that

  • If I Were a President for One Day Essay

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    Theme: If I were a president for one day If I were a president for one day I would be very honored. Only the idea of me being a president gets me excited and happy. PRESIDENT – this word means a lot, it’s a huge responsibility and it doesn’t just mean to stand on the stage, give a speech and then go back to your big luxurious house and sit there all day. It means that you should imagine yourself in somebody else’s shoes, think about what your people are suffering and going through. Think

  • If I Were the President of Pakistan Essay

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    If I were The President of Pakistan Why would anyone want to be a president? Though I think it is a great honor to be one, but with that honor comes great responsibility. Firstly, I have no interest in politics and I don’t belong to a family with a political background. Secondly, if ever, unfortunately, I was made a president I would like to make many changes. One of the main problems in Pakistan is regional conflicts which arise due to lack of distribution of resources. Plus the

  • If I Were the Mayor Essay

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    If I were the Mayor If I were the Mayor, I would take every advantage of it. Being the Mayor comes with great authority and also great responsibility and I would use both of these traits in order to achieve my goals. To start off, if I were mayor I would try to focus on and improve the marketing, advertisement, and publication concerning community wide events and fundraisers. I would work to help reach out to the youth of Burleson so that our generation can become more involved with our community

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    And Then There Were None Key Facts full title And Then There Were None (originally published as Ten Little Indians) author Agatha Christie type of work Novel genre Murder mystery language English time and place written 1939, England date of first publication 1939 publisher G. P. Putnam’s Sons narrator The narrator is an unnamed omniscient individual. point of view The point of view constantly shifts back and forth between each of the ten characters

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Grace Reid 8ENG3 Book Report The book I have chosen is ‘And Then There Were None,’ By Agatha Christie. I chose this book because it has a puzzling plot with lots of mystery, being the genre that interests me the most. This book is about 10 individuals who are invited to stay in an isolated house on Soldier Island by a Mr. U. N. Owen and his wife. Each guest

  • If I Were a Butterfly Essay

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    borders. Being a butterfly, I wish I could also enjoy all the tastes of nature and also spellbound and bring smile to the faces that would enjoy my flight. Butterfly is one insect which is attractive and harmless. I wish to be one so that my acts would please others and never hurt anyone. Nature is a butterfly’s home and I would love to make it my home too. If I were a butterfly, I would take the pleasure of sitting on colorful flowers and chosen my way myself. I would not be bound by anyone

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    mother, her son's past and the times she lived in.  What might she hope for?  What might her expectations and fears be?  What might she be worrying about?  Mrs. Higgins was thinking about how disappointed she was in her son. She was worried about were her son would end up in the future. Also she is worried because he has stolen in the past, and doesn’t want it to be his future. She doesn’t want her husband to find out because she is worried about what he would say to him, and take things harsher

  • If I Were a River Essay

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    in several ways. If I was a river, I would just love to flow everywhere as per my fancies. My flow would depend upon my mood. But, no matter what the mood or time, I would in the process of my flow avoid habitations for fear of destroying human settlements. This would be done because I know that my movement in the thickly populated areas would damage man and his property. I really never wish to harm anyone, as I respect man for several reasons. He has earned it from me. I love and respect man

  • If I Were the President of United States Essay

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    With this election being the first in which I could vote, I paid more attention than in the past. The amount of intelligence and passion that each candidate puts into campaigning and speeches is inestimable. As I watched the final two candidates work toward becoming our country’s 44th president, my thoughts were constantly consumed with things I felt were important and should be changed. If I was the president of the United States, I would try to be a great leader by showing integrity. With the power

  • If I Were to Be the Mayor of Linden Essay

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    certain areas which leads to many illnesses is a vital concern of the residents also. If I were to be the mayor of linden, I would enhance this community by ensuring the contractors build the roads durable with proper drainage system alongside the roads. Secondly, place garbage bins around the community and implement a system whereas if persons are found disposing their garbage improperly they would be charged. Next I would create a program to train both skilled and unskilled persons and provide job opportunity

  • If I Were a Boy Essay

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    their life. A song that contains social issues is Beyonce “If I Were a Boy” released in 2008. The song is closely related to gender issues and the feelings of a girl who wants to be a boy. It demonstrates the dissatisfaction of being a woman in society and critics male domination towards female. This paper will analyze further the lyric of Beyonce’s song “If I Were a Boy” in relation to gender roles in society. Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" song focuses on male and female interactions while in

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    There Were None” is a book full of mystery, and a great book to read. In the book, there are many different people who are all invited to a huge house on a remote island by letter. A total of ten different people were all invited for a dinner party, by a person who signed the letters “U.N. Owen”. Nobody had any idea whom this person was, but decided to take the chance. They all met up and got on a boat to be taken over to the island where the house was. The only two people on the island were the maid

  • If I Were the President of Pakistan Essay

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    only a handful of credit cards which he doesn’t even know how to use. The girl laughs and tells him that it’s her purse, the boy instantaneously gets up and starts running, throwing the purse there and then. She runs after him yelling “Wait up. I can help you. I can help you.” After a good 3 to 4 minutes run, the boy stops and asks “How?” She tells him that she can give him lots of money if he helps her in return. The boy quickly lured by the bribe, asks her what he has to do. She tells him that he

  • If I Were President of Pakistan Essay

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    Principles of Perceptual Organization 1) figure-ground - this is the fundamental way we organize visual perceptions. When we look at an object, we see that object (figure) and the background (ground) on which it sits. For example, when I see a picture of a friend, I see my friends face (figure) and the beautiful Sears brand backdrop behind my friend (ground). 2) simplicity/pragnanz (good form) - we group elements that make a good form. However, the idea of "good form" is a little vague and subjective

  • If I Were Julius Caesar Essay

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    If I were Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was a Roman military and political leader. He played a critical role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. He spent all his life being a king of Roman Empire, but unfortunately, he failed at last. Although he did not success, he is still a great man in the history. Julius Caesar was a great talented militarist rather than a politic statesman. Chinese often say that it is easy to win the world, but it is hard to govern it

  • Were Essay

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    THE MOLE CONCEPT WORKSHEET 1. . Calculate the molar mass of each of the following: a. (NH4)2Cr2O7 __________ g/mol b. CoCl2 . 6 H2O __________ g/mol 2. Determine the mass in grams of the following: a. 3.00 x 1020 N2 molecules b. 2.35 moles of NaHCO3 3. The molecular formula of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), one of the most commonly used pain relievers, is C9H8O4. a. Calculate the molar mass of aspirin. b. A typical aspirin tablet contains 325 mg of C9H8O4. How many molecules

  • If I Were Mayor Essay

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    By: Emily Wiggins If I were Mayor I would If I were Mayor I would make this economy grow. How you ask? Well a Mayor most commonly have a four year term in office. That would give me enough time to save animal that are roaming the streets, and help provide homes for the homeless. This could improve the economy by 93%. This improvement could reduce the number of cold and sick people, and dangers the animal; could cause being tourtured. They might look like

  • Essay of If I Were a Teacher, Principal, Prime Minister

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    infinitely lasting influence on the wards. I really believe in the saying that teachers make the destinies of the children they teach and they do not know where, if at all, the influence of a teacher stops. This is because a teacher is in close contact with children when they are at a very impressionable age. This is why a teacher acquires the status akin to the parents as, these childhood contacts are the most far reaching and mostly even permanent. If I was a teacher I would be a blend of strictness and

  • Everyone Shoul Become Milionaire by the Age of 35 Essay

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    become rich, whether it is possible or not, is the wrong set of mind, parents, politicians, the people in general, support this kind of mentality thus agitating the innocence of a child toward the importance of materialistic harsh world.                 I am well aware that money is an important commodity in modern civilization, but the civilization itself compulsively requires stabilization, it is a capitalist mentality like this that would lead our children to ruin, segregating personal importance of

  • If I Were the Director Essay

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    Christin Chiles Professor Aaron Spjute Theatre Appreciation 07 February 2015 If I Were the Director... In my opinion the most important theme in Rabbit Hole is death and mourning, it's about how to move on in life after a tragedy. The mourning process is different for everyone, this is something that we see very clearly in the play. Blame and wondering why are always a big part of death, always seeking out to find a reason as to why you had to loose that person and who's to blame for their dying

  • If I Were President Essay

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    If I were president Are wonderful nation seems to be falling day by day into a black hole. It's long overdue for the people to see the reality, reach down and pull our nation up. If I was President I would ensure that all religion is kept out of politics, I would grant certain illegal aliens citizenship, create more jobs, I would keep the US out of other nations business, and last but not least I would be completely honest to the citizens of the United States of America. Everyday there are many

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    in the novel and then there were none, Agatha Christie describes what goes around, come around. There are ten people who are guilty of murder on an Island and one of them is a mass murderer. The Island is called Indian Island which gives the murderer the idea of using the Ten Little Indians rhyme as the theme. There crimes are announced, and then they feel anxious. People get killed one by one following the nursery rhyme. On the fourth day after all ten are dead, the reader still does not know who

  • If I Were President Essay

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    Hello, my name is Trachell Ellis. Thank you for having me here today. I’m running to be the president of the United States because, I know that if I were president I would strive to accomplish these three major things. First, I would strengthen our educational system, second, I would make certain that everyone has equal and fair treatment in our society, and lastly, I would like to provide unlimited housing to homeless people. Our education system in America is not one in which we should be very proud

  • If I Were the Principal of My School Essay

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    proven ability can be offered the post of a school-principal. I, for one in the capacity of a student, do not possess the qualities that made principal of an institution. I cannot aspire to be one. However, if something like that happens in fairy tales were to work its magic and give me an opportunity to be the principal of my school, it will be wonderful. I will then implement the schemes I have cherished all these years. I would not allow students to remain in tents any longer. The tents

  • If I Were Invisible Essay

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    impossibility to happen is thrilling as well as highly exciting. I wish I could equate myself with God who is invisible and escape from all cares and tensions of life. That would give me a long-desired opportunity to be away from the torments and tortures of the bitter realities of life. I would be saved from the humiliation of facing my creditors, who come and ask for the money lent to me. No guest would be able to feast himself upon my hospitality. I would get rid of the humdrum of life and enjoy roaming

  • I Were President Essay

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    declare my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States of America. I vow to never allow my personal views (spiritual, religious, and, etc.) to affect any aspects of my policy making. It is my belief that public office is not the place for private ideologies or hidden agendas so I promise that each decision I make is truly within the best interest of you the people. As the Commander Chief of the military and Armed Forces I promise to withdraw all troops from Iraq, Iran, and various other parts

  • Life If I Were A Bug Essay

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    Life if I were a bug I am a grasshopper.I am a bug that is often misunderstood by others. I am good with my feet and I love to jump around. People sometimes compare me to a prey mantis because of our similar looks. I prey on other insects such as mosquitoes. I also eat plants and grass like materials. The food that I eat would probally seem weird to others. As a grasshopper , I search for my own food, I occasionally cause damage and I also help out in the environment . I am one of

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    One little Indian boy left all alone: He went and hanged himself and then there were none (Christie 31). And Then There Were None is a murder mystery by Agatha Christie. It takes place on the eve of World War 2, on the newly purchased Indian Island. Ten victims were invited to spend a weekend as guests to a Mr. Una Nancy Owen, a person that no one is familiar with. As soon as they arrive, the sooner they began to get killed off. Sometimes called the Grand Dame of Mysteries, Agatha Christie is one

  • And Then There Were None Essay

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    And Then There Were None, is an intriguing murder mystery novel that follows the lines of a poem called "Ten Little Indians". The story is intricately written to keep the reader in absolute suspense from the beginning to end. The novel involves eight people being mysteriously invited to spend a summer holiday on "Indian Island". Among the eight are a judge (Justice John Wargrave), doctor (Edward James Armstrong), military general (General John Macarthur), former inspector/current private detective