If I Were A Raindrop Essays

  • Book Analysis - Time to Move

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    Out of the four books that were available at the Troy library, Crossing Jordan, Time To Move, Between Raindrops, and No Labor, No Reward, the one that was chosen for this analysis was the book Time To Move. Then reason why I chose this novel was a mixture of the artwork on the cover displaying a man kneeling, looking up into the heavens and the small amount of pages. It is the fourth book written by Willie Freeman, Jr. that encourages people how to live a motivated life. The outline consisted of

  • Elizabeth Romero: A Short Story

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    lot of spirit trapped in the body of a 5’2 girl. I love laughing and believe every being on this world was meant to live for a purpose and it is our destiny to discover this purpose. My long curly hair is my trademark. I love the way it bounces when I run and caresses my ears as if whispering a secret. My eyes are peaceful and powerful; matching the shades of my dark hair. I am a Mexican-American 17 year old girl and my proud brown skin won’t lie. I don’t like being characterized for an ethnicity

  • “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”

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    the versatile director whose Hollywood movies included "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "The Sting," which won Academy Awards for best film and best director. "Just as I play nothing but Bach for pleasure, so do I read nothing but history for pleasure, Hill said in a 1975 interview in The New York Times Magazine. "I like to be able to sit back and pick out the most fascinating facets of an era. The film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was directed by George Roy Hill in 1969 based on the

  • Metamorphosis Analysis

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    Franz Kafka is the poster boy for 20th century alienation and anxiety. He was well known for having a very straightforward and direct approach to how he wrote his stories. A prime example of his style comes from the first line of one of his more famous short stories, The Metamorphosis. “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from unsettling dreams one morning, he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous vermin.” Though he used a direct approach in his writing, he used subtle

  • Chapter 6 Review Question Paper

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    Volume: (30mi/student)/ 15 mpg = 2 gal/students For an entire class: 10 student (2 gal/student) = 20 gallons 3. If all the (both currently habituated and all the inhabitable land) were divided equally among all the people now living, how much land would each one have?

  • Nursing Exercise

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    Malcolm Yazza Eng. 100B-03 1/29/2013 Exercise 1 1. Woke 6. Keeps 2. Appears 7. Were 3. Are; Hardest 8. Sounds 4. Run 9.Dozed 5. Saluted 100B-03 zza 10. Starts Exercise 3 1. Nobody 6.Confidence 2. Neighbor’s 7.Monday’s, Chris, Bill and I 3. Worry and Hope 8.Dog; Owner 4. My 9.We 5. Airports 10.Teresa Exercise 4 1. Alicia has been wondering about her chances for a job in nursing. 2. An argument

  • Compare the Climax of Macbeth and Dr Faustus

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    and a ‘Butcher’. He was not given the chance to repent like Faustus was yet he was easily influenced by his wife showing his lack of willpower. We feel more respect for Macbeth as his death was more dignified with him fighting to the last. ‘Why should I play the roman fool and die on mine own sword?’ this contextual reference is showing how he will not commit suicide as it was customary for the roman generals to do so in the face of defeat. His wives death was an omen of his ultimate death as she was

  • Descriptive Writing On A Boat Ride

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    ride,” I thought to myself. It is a cozy warm, shorts and short sleeve shirt day at the time that people are arriving onto the big bulky catamaran. The sky is light blue with some dainty see-through clouds and a slight warm western breeze. I am located on one of the tropical islands of Hawaii, Kauai. The glossy white surface of the boat is blinding because of the reflection from the early evening sun. Teeth showing grins from children, parents, and grandparents appear, looking as if it were Christmas

  • Sees Behind Trees

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    story to convey an understanding of the most feared human experience. Death is a word to frighten any person young or old, and this children's book approaches death subtly but masterfully. The book seems to be an explanation for the beauty of death, but I don't remember reading that word once in the novel. Death is described in metaphors such as this one, "Where does a runner run when he has arrived at the only finish line he doesn't want to cross?" (40). The book also conveys the continuation of life

  • Book Report On Fahrenheit 451

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    confused by the question, replying with “Am I what?” He then proceeds to his house, reassuring himself that he is indeed happy and there was no question about it. As he keeps seeing Clarisse for quite a bit of time, after his wife's attempted suicide, his view on his happiness begins to alter. He begins to view the world as a bewildering place, where people were doing strange things for unexplainable reasons. When the old woman in the house the firemen were supposed to burn down didn't leave, Montag

  • Tansey Stafford Analysis

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    Character Analysis I have chosen to write a piece on the character Tansey from the book ‘A Greyhound Of A Girl’ by Roddy Doyle. I have chosen Tansey above all other characters from ‘A Greyhound Of A Girl’ because she was distinctive (from all the other characters) in physical form as she is a ghost but predominantly because she seemed quite mysterious and was introduced by the author in a very unique way. Tansey is first presented in page 6 of the book, Mary O’Hara, the main protagonist, meets

  • All Summer in a Day

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    perspective of children and variety of vivid metaphor to portray the life in Venus. The story occurs in a girl Margot, a nine years old girl, who comes to Venus five years ago and has the memory of sun, and the children living in Venus. Therefore, the point I concerned is the significant role that the sun plays in the short story. It can be expressed in two aspects, which are the behavior of children when they treat Margot, and their performance when they see the sun. In the first half of this short story

  • Saul Bass Essay

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    artless trade. In the world of Saul Bass letters walked and roses turned to raindrops (“Saul”). Bass possessed heightened sense of expression and an ability to convey atmosphere, theme, and story line through the preliminary title sequence of a feature film. “Aesthetics are your problem and mine. Nobody else's. The fact of the matter is I want everything we do, that I do personally, that our office does, to be beautiful. I don't give a damn whether the client understands that that's worth anything

  • The Catcher in the Rye

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    essay was one of my favorite essays I wrote this year. This is because the essay involved not only the book itself, but how the book reflects my own life. Unlike the other books I have read in this class, The Catcher in the Rye’s main character relates to my own life in some kind of way.  The theme of the essay was the coming of age, which I learned a lot about from last year. There were five other choices of themes to choose from, but when I saw “coming of age,” I knew this was the theme to write

  • Discuss the methods of characterisation used by Hesse and Kafka to portray the personalities of Siddhartha and Gregor.

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    Hesse and Kafka make specific use of their main characters. Kafka’s Samsa is a trapped man. We are introduced to him just after his “metamorphosis” into a bug. He remains in this state until his death at the end. Hesse’s eponymous character is portrayed as an enviably successful – attractive, intelligent, revered - character that nevertheless chooses to set out upon a spiritual journey in order to reach enlightenment. Thus, Hesse emphasises the quality of his main character and shows us that a

  • All Summer in a Day - Short Story

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    sunshine, and in their astonishment and joy, they all forget about Margot. They run, play, skip, jump, and prance about, savoring every second of their newly found freedom. "It's much better than sun lamps!" one of them cries. Suddenly, a girl feels a raindrop on her. Thunder sounds, and they run back inside. Then, one of them remembers Margot, who is still locked in the closet. They stand frozen ashamed for what they have done, unable to "meet each other's glances." The precious sun has come and gone

  • All Summer in a Day

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    If you were asked to write a lit analysis of “All Summer in a Day,” think about this…. “All Summer in a Day” intro (motivator, mention title, mention author, thesis) Children grow up not knowing how the world works. They don’t understand why people are different from each other, and sometimes they react to differences with jealousy or cruelty. In All Summer in a Day, by Ray Bradbury, the children are jealous and even angry with Margot because she has had experiences that they have not, and

  • Aubrey's Gone: A Short Story

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    Aubrey’s Gone Watching my oldest daughter Aubrey fade into the airport on her way back to Georgia was heart wrenching. After moving to California, I decided to send Aubrey back to Georgia to finish her high school years. I felt sharp pangs in my stomach, a steady stream of tears, and as though my heart was being torn out of my body. Aubrey is around five feet tall, long sandy blonde hair that has a slight curl to it and is a size 5. She has brown eyes, fair skin and beautiful plump

  • Dissemination Of Women

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    East Asia during the colonial periods. It was so common that many women were simply used to it and for a long time did not voice any concern about the disparity between sexes. The reason for this was because the process of disempowerment had been built in into the very traditions and laws which people were raised by. By examining the story An Umbrella by Ma Sandar, we can see how merely by following social norms, women were disempowering themselves. And of course it was the men who incorporated

  • Symbolism: Subtle and Striking

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    Lisa Jones Professor Delisa Brand Eng11238A November 8, 2014 Symbolism: Subtle and Striking The symbolism in the literary works “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers,” “Everyday Use,” and “The Storm”, are various and many. Each author uses subtle and striking symbolism. The symbols in the stories draw the reader into the works and make the stories come to life. The symbols present in each story’s analysis give the reader insight into deeper feelings of the authors’ meanings and represent the themes of the