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  • A Life Changing Event

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    day. I had been outside playing with my horse, Cash, that morning and had just come back inside for some lunch that my mom prepared. Cash was my first horse that I had ever had, and we were always very close from the beginning. I knew that a bad storm was approaching from looking at the sky and felt a bit anxious as we were eating lunch. Afterwards, as we were about to take a nap, we saw a huge crack of lightening across the sky. I immediately shrilled and the hairs on my arms raised and I had a

  • Ethical Dilemma in the Workplace

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    they believe (Neal, 2012). I was once unfortunately faced with an ethical dilemma in my workplace only a few months ago. I am a server at a local restaurant, and each server is required to keep his or her own money bank to make change for the customers. At the end of each shift the server will tally up with the restaurant and either pay in or receive cash, depending on how many people paid with credit cards or cash. I was especially close with one of my coworkers who I will call Kevin. He was a

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Narrow Escape From Death

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    vacation. I really wished for a change outside of this house. But I knew my mom wouldn’t like to miss a day at her work place because it was where we earned our living. One day, I was really astonished as she told me we were going to the beach. I never fancied the beach, but at that very moment anywhere outside the house was fine with me. The sun was setting as we arrived at the beach, which was crowded with people. We got a little cottage for ourselves. My mom went for swimming while I stayed ashore

  • Journey We Call Life

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    me eight years ago I would be trying to complete my bachelor’s degree right now. I had planned on riding my twenty years out in the military and to start my own farming operations when I retired. Little did I know that education plays a huge role in military progression? I had intentions on completing my degree but it was going to be at the ladder part of my military career. So now I’m writing about the “Journey we call Life” to sum up my life and some of my future goals. I can remember my early

  • Essay On My Own Car

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    It was the spring I turned sixteen, I was full of excitement that I had gotten my license. I wanted to drive around wherever I went. I had just gotten a job and could not wait to be able to drive myself around. The only problem was that I did not have my own car, if I went to work, school, or to hang out with my friends I had to borrow my parent’s car. In the beginning, this was not a problem because my parent's schedules and mine rarely came into conflict. Once the summer began I started to get busier

  • Home Sweet Home

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    made me feel safe. This can also be defined as an environment that I can always call home. I grew up in a little town called Clemmons, North Carolina. The town of Clemmons is only five minutes from the city of Winston-Salem and I only lived in the town for a couple of years. The memories I developed in Clemmons are still very vivid in my mind today. The town of Clemmons is one of the couple of places I would call home. The second place I call home is nicknamed “Nowhere, North Carolina” otherwise known

  • Allegory Cave Essay

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    Socrates goes on to explain to Glaucon how as human beings we tend to only believe what we’re accustomed to and that we never “step outside the box”, and how we are all in a cave at one point in our lives. Being a young African American male growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the Harold Ickes Homes, 69th Harper, and Wentworth Gardens throughout my younger years I too live in a cave so to speak. When you live in poverty you only knew three things being in a gang, selling drugs, and playing sports

  • My Life Going Through Adoption

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    GOING THROUGH ADOPTION This is my life. I am a 23 year-old student going for my GED. I recently found out I was pregnant with my second kid. I am raising my 2 year-old son all by myself. His dad was never around when I needed him. I learned to take care of my son as a single parent. With this second pregnancy, I knew it was going to be harder. I would have to do it all over again and alone. With this pregnancy, the dad didn’t know about it, and I knew he wouldn’t help me because he has two girls

  • Reflection In College Life

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    our lives. Our choices shape not only who we are presently, but also who we will be in the days to come. College is one long learning experience in life. Most of the time, we stop, think and choose. There were certain points in my college life where i am faced with a challenge that requires thought; demanding a final decision. I went through a crucial point in my freshman, where i was challenged to either drop or pursue my CWTS 1. The semester was about to end and i still hadn't submitted all the

  • Why I Want To Be A Doctor Essay

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    Why do I want to be a doctor? It used to be that I just wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps but eventually I realized that was not good enough and I knew I needed to really think about it so like any student, I procrastinated. I knew I always loved helping people, it’s why I chose to work as a tutor, a Teaching Assistant and a Resident Assistant at the University yet I kept putting off answering the question until my sophomore year at the University - the year I took the EMT course. The class

  • Person I Admire: Henry Ford

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    Person I Admire: Henry Ford When I look at myself in the sense of where I’m now or what Is my current status in life now, I could tell that pretty much I’m heading the right direction. I decided to enroll at UCC to finish a nursing course and give myself a self-recognition. I enrolled at UCC for LPN course this year and plan to continue it to become a Registered Nurse with self motivation. Even If I knew that I will encounter a lot of problems and difficulties to pursue my goal I’d still want

  • Antigone’s Courage

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    not, however, it is believed that there is only one afterlife for both good and bad. Those who are not given a proper burial will rot where they are left and be eaten by dogs in disgrace. Although Antigone was right for wanting Polyneices to have a proper burial because he was family, Creon was trying to take that right way from her as one of the few things women were allowed to do was mourn the dead. Creon abused the power he had and in the end, he only hurt himself. Creon’s order offended

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In Today's Life

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    As Quinn walked towards the door, she knew she was in big trouble. Her mom was standing beside the door with both her legs and arms crossed. ¨Where in the world have you been?¨ She asked with a stern voice. ¨I was just taking a walk.¨ I walked into the kitchen. I could feel my mom's eyes burning a hole through my body. Ever since she found out I was going to parties, her mom started making sure she knew exactly where I was going at all times. ¨You´re taking walks for 3 hours now?¨ Her stern

  • To Kill a Mockingbird Comparison Essay

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    without any substantial evidence. The only reason he is convicted is because he is a black man fighting against a white man in a court with a prejudiced jury. The theme of prejudice and discrimination is evident in both of these cases because the defendants were charged and convicted merely because they were deemed to be “different” by their close minded societies, questionable evidence from prejudiced sources was used during their trials and because the accusers knew that all those charged could easily

  • Passion For Fashion

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    Something that I could relate to. In High School I was having difficulty finding my own identity. I tried a computer graphics class and that didn’t end so well. I knew that wasn’t my passion, I became easily bored. So I tried my hands on the fashion classes that were offered in my high school. I was correct to choose such a wonderful class. I have to say that during the 4 years in high school that was the only thing keeping me going to school. I was happy for those 3 periods a day. Every time I sat on

  • Mice And Men Argumentative

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    been able to live with himself if he didn’t kill Lennie himself. George also did everything he could to kill Lennie in the most humane way possible. Lastly George knew couldn’t just run with Lennie like they did after Weed. But by no means was this an easy choice you can tell that George was troubled when asked how he killed Lennie…“ ‘I just done it,’ George said tiredly” (Steinbeck p.107). The first and most prominent reason that George shot Lennie him self was the fact that George would not

  • Comparison Essay

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    reader knows about waitressing. Mike Rose the author of the essay “The Intelligence of the Waitress in Motion” tells a story about his hard working blue collar mother trying to support her family by waiting tables. Rose’s mother only knew the restaurant business and she knew it very well. Rose would observe how hard his mother worked day in and day out. Rose could see how great she was as he and his disabled father watched her work from a distance. Rose saw his mother like he never saw her before

  • Maria Conception Essay

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    wrote a short story about a young woman who catches her husband cheating with another woman, whom she knows. This story was very interesting to me. Although at times I felt like I didn’t understand some of her writing, I did however follow along with the story. Maria Concepcion seemed to be a vivacious young woman, only 18 years old. She was hard working, as she went to the market every day to sell her fowls. She would walk several miles barefoot, stopping to pick cactus thorns from

  • The Biggest Mistakes of My Life

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    brother was quite a bit older than I was, and I always tried to follow in his footsteps as much as possible while growing up. The normalcy that I grew up with was one of my parents already being gone before I woke up in the morning, rushing myself off to school then coming home to an empty house. This might have seemed strange or unusual to many people, but it was all I knew for many years and this also included many of the families that I grew up around. I was alone most of the time which

  • Plato's Cave Philosophy

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    Plato’s Cave Plato believed in the idea of a cave where prisoners were kept and shown images on a wall by fire and people holding up objects. The images that were projected was the only thing the prisoners knew existed. The people holding up the objects control what the prisoners see and what they know. This is the same in the movie Dear Frankie. Frankie is the prisoner being showed the images and his mother is the person holding the objects. Frankie believes that his father is writing to him and