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  • If I Could Have Any Power In The World Essay

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    If I could have any power in the world, it wouldn’t be something predictable and unoriginal, like flying, or super strengths. It would be something unique and new. Something like having the power to grow any kind of plant in any kind of condition, even the harshest ones. This power could also change the world in many ways, fix its biggest issues. It could stop global warming and provide a surplus of goods, therefore ending world hunger and most of all it could make the world look much better and

  • Identify Theft Essay

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    being hacked say they have received compensation from the concerned organization, others stress that companies should be legally bound to offer their customers more protection. April 19, 2006 in Statistics | Permalink | Comments (0) April 10, 2006 Study on Identity Theft According to a recent report by US Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 3 per cent of the households in the nation, which implies approximately 3.6 million households, have been made victims of

  • 1. Identify And Explain The Four Elements Of Proof Essay

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    physician, or employer designates the physician or physician panel for a patient. Two. Patients use hospital emergency services more frequently. Three. The healthcare institution has physicians employed on their staffs and in their clinics. Four. The medical practice is more institutionalized and specialized. And five. There is an increase in the number of contracts with hospital-based specialists. Payment of a salary or wage to an employed physician justifies the application of respondeat

  • Worst Inaugural Addresses Essay

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    the annals of history, some for particularly stirring turns of phrase and others for striking just the right note for the nation at the time. Others are totally forgotten, or at best remembered for how bad they were. These worst inaugural addresses in U.S. presidential history represent a laundry list of what not to do on your big day, from boring the crowd with administrative details to droning on for two hours in the bitter cold, ultimately killing yourself in the process. They may serve

  • Identify and explain how the US constitution is formally amended? Essay

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    goes on to the states, a time limit of seven years will usually be put on a bill before it has to be passed. Since the writing of the constitution there have been 27 amendments to it in 221 years. The first of these was in 1791 establishing the freedom of rights, press and expression. To this day it remains a fundamental belief that none should have a religion forced upon them and this is why all state run schools in the USA do not show any signs of religion e.g. crucifixes etc. Not all of the amendments

  • To Have And Have Not Essay

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    wars, such as the veterans in To Have and Have Not and the women in A Streetcar Named Desire. At first these ideas are implied, but by the end of each story the authors are explicitly affirming what the wrongdoings of society are and how distasteful the government actions have been in these post war societies. These actions include poor working conditions, low wages, and women being treated as property instead of integral parts to society. Hemmingway ‘s To Have and Have Not and Williams’s A Streetcar

  • Alternative Essay

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    ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION The United States prison system is in need of a critical fix. The prison system is currently overcrowded. Prison officials, legislators and criminal justice practitioners are aware of the problem. However, there is no easy solution to this monumental problem. An alternative to incarceration is a daunting task that must be addressed. Over the next few pages we will explore several alternatives to incarceration in America’s prison system. THE PURPOSE

  • What Factors Could Have Prevented The Sinking Of The Titanic? Essay

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    What factors could have prevented the sinking of the Titanic? Synopsis: The RMS Titanic was the largest passenger steamship of the early 1900’s. This ship, owned by the White Star Liners, and was deemed to be “unsinkable”. However this assumption wasn’t long lived, when the Titanic RMS sunk on its very first voyage, from England to New York, America, early on 15th April 1912 at 2:20 am, when it collided with an unseen iceberg. The sinking of the Titanic is a minor mystery

  • Ip Addresses Essay

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    solution to the growing problem of IPv4. We are running out of IP addresses with IPv4. Having a larger address space will solve our problem of running out of addresses, but with any new solution there is also problems that arise. There are many obstacles that companies and the everyday consumer will have to overcome before there is a complete transition, which may take years. IPv6 has many strengths which include the larger addresses space and the ability to configure themselves automatically when

  • Identify the Four Roles That Artists Play That Have Not Changed over Time Essay

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    Artists take different approaches towards their work. There are four fundamental roles that they might use when portraying their work. The roles are: 1) they help us to see the world in new and innovative ways; 2) they create a visual record of their time and place; 3) they make fundamental objects and structures more pleasurable by imbuing them with beauty and meaning; and 4) they give form to the immaterial ideas and feelings. Each role will be discussed below. The innovative ways these artists

  • If I Could Have a Conversation with.... Essay

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    Topic 1) If I could have a conversation with… All these constant reminders are stabbing at my harsh reality, like the shining silver cutlery mom uses for visitors. “Accept it Kirstie and move on!”- Common phrase yelled to me by my loved ones. How could I? How could I walk away from something that made my heart smile? If only time would freeze and I could speak to him between those cold moments. If only I could have a conversation with Bevan. When your vision and path for your life no longer

  • It Could Have Been You Essay

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    Undocumented Immigrant – It Could Have Been You In her article “Undocumented, Indispensable” Anna Quindlen claims that too many Americans assume that undocumented immigrants are a financial drain on our society rather than contributors. One way Quindlen appeals to our emotions is by pointing out that it is offensive and demeaning to use the term “illegal” to describe millions of people who are an integral part of our society. Criminality is implied whenever this term is used, but the vast

  • Could the South Have Won the Civil War? Essay

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    The Loss Was Not Inevitable History 443- Dr. LaFantasie Davis Sexton “After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.”[i] The Confederate army mobilized somewhere in the area of 750-850 thousand troops for battle during the Civil War, which was between 75-85% of the available drafting age population in the South. While the North mobilized over 2.2 million

  • Identify and Describe the Four Management Function. Essay

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    Identify and describe the four management function. Management has four main functions. The four main functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning is when a manager identifies and select appropriate organizational goals and courses of actions. There are three major steps evolved in planning. The first step is deciding which goals the organization will peruse, the second is deciding what strategies to adopt to attain those goals. The third step is deciding

  • Explain Aristotle’s Theory of the Four Causes Essay

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    Explain Aristotle’s theory of the Four Causes Unlike his teacher, Plato, Aristotle believed that the world could be explained by physical observation. This approach of using the five senses, cataloguing and categorising, is the foundation of scientific enquiry and study. The approach is known as empiricism. Plato believed that we needed to look beyond the physical for a metaphysical explanation of the universe in the guise of the World of Forms. Aristotle refuted this. Aristotle’s understanding

  • "Big Five' Could Have Been Essay

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    “Big Five” Could Have Been… Michelle L. Brown Oklahoma Wesleyan University HISTORY Arthur Anderson LLP was built from determination, dedication, and hard work. The founder, Arthur Anderson, was orphaned at the age of 16, and went to work as a mailboy during the day and attended school at night. By the age of 23, he became the youngest CPA in Illinois then five years later started his own accounting firm (Wikipedia, 2012). The same mind set Anderson possessed in his teen years carried over to

  • Identify and Explain Two Functions of the Nuclear Family Essay

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    Identify and Explain Two Features of the Nuclear Family The first feature of the nuclear family is social control. Family is an important social institution as it policies the behaviour of societies members to ensure they learn the norms and values of wider society. Parsons argues that nuclear families are 'personality factories' who produce socially controlled young citizens who conform to the value consensus of society. Parsons argues that the traditional sexual division of labour in nuclear families

  • Identify and Essay

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    Identify and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches (unitarist, pluralist, radical) to the study of the employment relationship. Introduction The nature of the employment relations could be regarded as any actions, impacts, operations and systems related to the study of it. The different stakeholders involved in employment relationships could be seen as examples of workers, management, the state and trade unions. The three major frames of reference approach in industrial relations

  • Alternative Medicine Essay

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    Definition of Alternative Medicine ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE describes treatments which are not orthodox or mainstream - treatments which are an alternative to orthodox.  Alternative healing arts are not taught in traditional Western medical schools and promote options to conventional medicine. An example of an alternative therapy is using a special diet to treat cancer instead of undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy that has been recommended by a Western physician. Complementary medicine

  • Could the Civil War Have Been Avoided? Essay

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    ever since the war began. Was the Civil War brought on by poor leadership or was the United States setting itself up for war? Although many believe the Civil War was inevitable, the decisions of the American citizens and of the presidents of America could be blamed for the Civil War. “Even before slavery became a major issue of sectional conflict, George Washington recognized and warned against the development of sectional differences” (Section 2. How did Sectional Differences Threaten National Unity

  • What Could Have Been Essay

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    WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN By Jason Roberts ITT Technical Institute [EN 1320] Composition 1 Ms. Tiffany Earvin April 15, 2013 What Could Have Been It’s ironic how things have changed since we were young children. The dreams and hopes that once was as an adolescence is merely a blimp in the past now. As a human it’s natural for us to have those dreaded thought or regrets of why life has took the direction it has. The paths that could’ve been took and the ones in which you wish you

  • Alternative Essay

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    המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן ואז הוא גדל להיות יצור גדול המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן ואז הוא גדל להיות יצור גדול שרק קטן שרק הופך גדול המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן ואז הוא גדל להיות יצור גדול המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא יצור קטן המצב אצל שרק כיום הוא שהוא

  • Identify the Industry Essay

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    the needs High technology (high R&D) There are four with a R&D cost, and from the highest to lowest will be 7, 8, 6 and 4. In this section, 7 and 8 should be CS and SM Computer software (8) As software should concentrate more onthe development and limited inventory and raw material are needed, so for 8 could be software, as inventory and raw materials are low. Preparations and semiconductor manufacturer (7) For the other one with high R&D, 7 could be semiconductor manufacturer, as there is an

  • Explain How to Identify the Target Market Essay

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    consumer groups they lie in, the consumers will have different needs. Also they will find different things that appeal to them. So before you launch a marketing campaign, you need to identify which set of people does your business cater to? What we mean by this is, that you need to know who your customers are? What kind of life do they live? Who influences their buying decision? What kinds of media are they exposed to? How much purchasing power do they have? Etc. Knowing this information, you can target

  • Alternatives To Incarseration Essay

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    One of the breakthrough innovations in the criminal justice system in our country would be alternatives to incarceration programs. These are a collection of alternatives to the normal methodology of state run correctional facilities and have the potential to be a large part of the future of our developing justice system. I will discus several of the alternative methods developed today such as restorative justice, drug and alcohol programs, and community service programs. Some of the benefits of

  • Identify and Disucss Essay

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    identify and discuss the major factors to consider when estimating task durations. What are the major approaches used? Estimating Task Durations Page 70 The one good thing about working in software for many years is that you actually can relate to some of the material I'm reading in the book (some not all ;) ). I've worked for 6 different companies and only one used one of the 5 techniques presented on pg. 50 under Time Estimation Techniques. The 5 are listed below 1. Relying on experience

  • The Four Cruelties Essay

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    The Four Cruelties 1. The extended moral of these four engravings is that if society allows cruel behaviour amongst young children to go unchecked, then when they become adults they see cruelty as a natural part of everyday life leading to criminal acts against that same society. 2. Nero’s name may have been inspired: a) By the homonymous Roman Emperor Nero who is known for many executions, including that of his mother, and the probable murder by poison of his stepbrother. b) Or

  • Identify and Explain Some of the Changes That Have Taken Place in Family Structure over the Last 50 Years. Essay

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    Identify and explain some of the changes that have taken place in family structure over the last 50 years. (20 marks) Over the past 50 years, there have been many increases and declines in types of family for several reasons. One of the biggest changes has been the rapid decline in the number of nuclear families. A nuclear family consists of a heterosexual couple and normally two children. In the 1970’s, the divorce laws changed meaning that a person could divorce their spouse for any reason, rather

  • Identify Essay

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    IDENTIFY / SELECT FOREIGN MARKETS A market may or may not be best market for your product. Then how do you choose? MARKET SELECTION STRATEGIES * Reactive – choose markets with demonstrated success * Use past sales * Past leads * Competitive sales * Participation in Trade shows * Discussions with Industry Experts * Proactive – choose market based on independent analysis * Global Indicators * Trade Barriers * Tariff Barriers

  • Could It Be Essay

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    not been in regular contact with Ryan since he was two years old. The stressfulness of the relationship caused Barbara to withdraw from trying to have any romantic relationships, thus her primary focus was on being the best parent she could. As a child, Barbara was very close to her mother and father. Her father died five years ago causing her to have an even closer relationship with her mother. Barbara lived in a two bedroom upper flat in the low-income housing section. She lived 10 miles from

  • Working with Ip Addresses Essay

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    Working with IP Addresses - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 9, ... The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 9, Number 1 Working with IP Addresses by Russ White, Cisco Systems IP addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, appear to be complicated when you first encounter them, but in reality they are simple constructions, and a using a few basic rules will allow you to find the important information for any situation very

  • Gender Identify Essay

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    on cars, and get dirty; yet there are some females who are out there that have a masculine aura and they seem all “masculine guy”. This is from the way they were raised. If you have a little boy and you have tea parties and put him in dance classes he may become more feminine; if you have a little girl and you play war games and play football with the other boys she may become more masculine. Two types of gender identify is transgender and transsexual. A transsexual has a desire to be of the opposite

  • Explain Why It Is Important to Identify and Meet Individual Essay

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    Explain why it is important to identify and meet individual needs Meeting the Needs of all Learners Student Diversity Aptitude Achievement Interest Motivation Needs Ability Learning and differentiation When planning to introduce an individualised approach to learning, as in personalised learning, teachers need to be aware of the ways in which learners prefer to learn. It has become common practice to identify preferred ways of learning during course induction. While this is clearly good

  • Alternative Medicine Essay

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    Discuss the roles of alternative medicine today. Since the dawn of human civilization, the mind was considered an integral part of healing and health. But with the emergence of the Renaissance, these ideas were redefined. As the mind split asunder from the body, diseases and pathological changes were emphasized greatly over balanced state of body and mind. Today, centuries later, the ancient healing techniques are being revisited in new light. Though scientific community receives its benefits and

  • Alternative Essay

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    put consists of a long position in a put option combined with a long position in the underlying shares. It is equivalent to a long position in a call option plus a certain amount of cash. This follows from put–call parity: [pic] Problem 11.2. Explain two ways in which a bear spread can be created. A bear spread can be created using two call options with the same maturity and different strike prices. The investor shorts the call option with the lower strike price and buys the call option with

  • Identify Essay

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    1.1 Introduction This paper aims to analyze the common-sized balance sheets and ratios of 12 companies in order to identify their respective industries (Please refer to the Appendix for an overview of the financial data). The balance sheets of the 12 companies are analyzed in four steps, as shown in the following table. The companies involved are - Regional bank - Temporary office personnel agency - For-profit hospital chain - Warehouse club - Major passenger airline

  • Identify the Changes in Educational Philosophy That Have Essay

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    Grammar schools, secondary modern and technical schools. Children would take an “11 plus” exam to determine which school they would attend. This was to ensure all children received a level of education based on their ability. All three schools were to have a ‘parity of esteem’ thus having equal status with similar funding for buildings, equipment and staff of similar quality. However in 1959 Crowther made a report which argues that the philosophy behind the tripartite system had failed and there was

  • The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents Essay

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    The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents Lecture I President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Address – “Our journey is not complete.” President Obama’s 2nd inaugural address this week was a brilliant example of using metaphors and rhetorical strategies to persuade his audience towards a viewpoint of working together to achieve common goals.  The dominant metaphor used in the speech was a journey metaphor.  However, there were also many other examples of metaphorical expressions including those from

  • He Could Have but He Didn't Essay

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    HE COULD HAVE BUT HE DIDN’T It was 6 in the evening and I was inside the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Seeing the rush, few questions were coming in my mind. “Itne log aate kahaan se hain aur aa bhi gaye toh jaate kahaan hai” (From where, so many people come and even if they come where do they go). If you want to go in the direction of the crowd, just stand still and you will automatically reach where you want to but if you want to move in opposite directions, it is the test of your strength. The

  • Logistical Issues with Respect to Customers Essay

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    Logistical Issues with respect to Customers & Retailers Logistics is the management of the flow of goods and services between the point of commencement and the point of delivery in order to meet some requirements or needs and wants of customers or corporations. The resources managed in logistics can include physical items, such as food, materials, animals, equipment and liquids, as well as intangible goods, such as time, information, particles, and energy. The logistics of physical items

  • Converting Ipv4 Addresses Essay

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    L – Co Lab onvertin IPv4 Address to B ng A ses Binary O Objectives Part 1: Co onvert IPv4 Addresses fr A rom Dotted Decimal to B D Binary Part 2: Us Bitwise ANDing Opera se A ation to Dete ermine Netwo Address ork ses Part 3: Ap pply Network Address Calculations k B Backgroun / Scenar nd rio Every IPv address is comprised of two parts: a network porti on and a hos portion. The network por v4 f st e rtion of an address is the same fo all devices that reside in the same ne twork. The ho portion

  • Explain Aristotle's Theory of the Four Causes Essay

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    Question A) Explain Aristotle’s theory of the Four Causes. (25) Four Causes refers to an influential principle in Aristotelian thought whereby causes of change or movement are categorized into four fundamental types of answer to the question "why?” Aristotle wrote "we do not have knowledge of a thing until we have grasped its why, that is to say, its cause." While there are cases where identifying a cause is difficult, or in which causes might merge, Aristotle was convinced that his four causes provided

  • Identify Essay

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    things. Pronouns are words that take the place of nouns—words like she, her, hers, he, him, his, they, their, it, its, that, andwhich. Say you begin with this sentence: Bernie felt better after going on a shopping spree. | A pronoun is a word you could use to replace the noun Bernie: He felt better after going on a shopping spree. | Whenever you see an underlined pronoun (she, he, it) in an Identifying Sentence Error question, go on high alert. Pronoun errors are the most common error type on

  • Identify and Explain Two Reasons for the Emergence of Deviant Subcultures Essay

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    Identify and explain two reasons for the emergence of deviant subcultures (12 marks) Subcultural Theorists argue Deviance is the result of individuals conforming to the values and norms of a social group to which they belong, if you belong to a social group whose VALUES and norms differ from those of the main society then you will become deviant. Albert Cohen said lower-working-class boys want to achieve the success SPELL OUT WEALTH as Success which is appreciated by mainstream culture. Due

  • Identify and Decribe Essay

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    Identify and Describe the Site For my Identify and Describe the Site assignment, my partner Matt and I chose to do how City Creek has an impact on the downtown area of Salt Lake City. City Creek is located on 50 S. Main St. City Creek is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or otherwise known as the Mormon church, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when you find out City Creek is right across the street from the Salt Lake City Temple. The temple itself can be considered a huge

  • Identify and Explain the Advantages of the Use of the Scientific Method in Psychology Essay

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    behave in an alternative manner. By being objective therefore, the data collected will be accurate as they have avoided researcher bias. Loftus and Palmer collected objective, quantifiable data in their 1974 laboratory experiment into leading questions. The numerical estimations from the participants could not have been affected by the researchers input as they had little contact with them; participants gave their responses based upon video clips, not on descriptions, which could have been biased

  • Alternative Policing Essay

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    Chicago Alternative Policing Strategies August 3, 2015 AJS/504 Donald Savell University of Phoenix CAPS Community policing is a collaborated effort between the police, community agencies and the people living in the community to identify and solve community problems. Throughout the past decade, community policing has become a widespread strategy to help law enforcement control and deter crime. The following paper will examine one such program. This paper will explore the Chicago

  • Identify at Least Two Factors That Could Affect the Reputation of an Organisation Essay

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    Quality of Products. Poor quality products or faulty products could lead customers to question the value for money of products and in such cases, customer recommendations will drop especially if the complaint / problem is dealt with effectively. How a complaint is handled. Various issues can affect the result of a complaint. 1. The attitude of the employee dealing with the complaint. If the employee seems dis-interested and unhelpful, this will only lead to a poorer customer service and

  • Explain The Changes That Have Taken Place In The A Essay

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    than “part of the landscape.” Indeed, paternalistic attitudes through the Policy of Protection ensured that they were not counted in the Australian census, instead considered fauna. These attitudes and the rights and freedoms corresponding to them have been altered by the gradual policy changes between WWII and the present era. In 1950, the policy of Assimilation was introduced- the first step away from the restrictive policy of protection. Assimilation was completely culturally insensitive- in

  • Explain Aristotle's Theory Of The Four Causes? Essay

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    a) Explain Aristotle’s theory of the Four Causes As an empiricist Aristotle saw it as his duty to formulate an explanation to a challenging question: why do ‘things’ exist as they do. Aristotle used his scientific observations of objects and events to conclude that everything is in a state of change from actuality to potentiality. In order to understand this change you must first recognise an object by looking at its cause. Anything can be defined with the use of the four causes as it explains a