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    dietitian can help plan meals that meet all the dietary requirements for Mr. Trosack. Physical therapist will help educate, strengthen, and how to use his walker. Mr. Trosack will need training on how to climb stairs and be safe while doing this task. The therapist has goals that need to be met while in the hospital. The therapist tracks progress, when the interdisciplinary team meets the therapist makes everyone involved of Mr. Trosack’s progress and makes recommendations for safe discharge planning

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    Task 3 JCT Supply Chain Tabitha Sterns A: I would recommend the Keiretsu network for this company. This strategy combines the best of the strategies in one. There is partnership, which gives the suppliers a solid stake in the company. In this strategy the company purchases from few suppliers, which compared to the other strategies, will allow for less payables in the accounting department. Also, it includes vertical integration, which allows for the company to provide or produce more

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    Colegio Hebreo Monte Sinai ICELT COURSE 2012-2013 Luis Alberto Chavez Martinez Evaluation teaching assignment 1 February 25th 2013 Luis Chavez Monte Sinai, junior high school February 25th 2013 OBSERVATION TASK 3 Teachers and learners For each line, decide if the statement on the left or right fits best as a description (or somewhere in the middle). You could use the chart to: • Think back to a language lesson you can recall from your past;

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    INTRODUCTION For the purpose of accomplishing this Icelt task of evaluating myself as a language teacher I chose a group of high-beginning adult learners. The lesson I prepared aimed at different but interrelated aspects of language learning. One aim was to promote in learners a sense of autonomy, or self-directed learning, and also to develop decision making actions with respect to their lesson objectives both as a result of individual and team work. Another aim was to provide for a context, such

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    1.We all have our own perceptions about quality of life and health promotion in terminally ill patients. As a home care and hospice nurse, I have worked with many dying patients and their families. My outlook on dying has certainly changed over time, but dealing with it on a daily basis continues to take an emotional toll on me. I have learned to make it a priority as their nurse to not let my opinion influence the care I provide. It is not my job to judge them. The long term stress of dealing

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    Does the use of the Internet and social media influence teen’s attitudes toward their parents? The Internet is becoming a major factor in everyday life all around the world. Because of the Internet we have been able to get live reports from Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. YouTube has allowed the world to see these events unfold in real time. Social media has allowed us to peer into the everyday lives of individuals all over the globe. Twitter allows us to follow our favorite personalities and hear

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    EYMP 1 Task 2 3.1 As a trainee practitioner i need to show the knowledge and understanding of how partnership with parents is important to the success of each individual child in the setting. Promoting an effective bond between the parents and professionals, this provides a source of strength throughout their time in the setting. Consequently practitioners should be very aware that there leading role is very different in the Childs life, compared to their own parents, carers etc. Practitioners

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    Task 2: Evaluation of learner’s spoken language Class Profile: Students of class 4 were approximately between 9 – 10 years of age. The class strength was around 20 – 22 students. Most of them had been studying in this school since starting therefore the level of their English proficiency was beginner to intermediate. The objective of this class was to observe pupils fluency as we as accuracy of spoken language. The aim of my peer was to make students be able to read the story using three stages

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    SECOND TASK One of the biggest social challenges that are faced in the United States is crime. Research shows that in the United States, crime is the main cause of prevalent insecurity in the United States. News articles and police reports have revealed that crime has become a complex affair to deal with in the US. The growth of crime in the US has contributed to increased losses with less gain for the people. The development of crime as a social challenge in the United States is connected with

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    ............................................................................. 7 References ............................................................................................................................................ 8 v. 201102 | 2 Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to evaluate different compensation strategies to adopt for XYZ manufacturing company of 120 employees. The three pay systems evaluated are skill based, performance based, and knowledge based pay. The

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    JET2 Task 1: Competition Bikes Inc. Summary Report Jessica Maurin Western Governors University Executive Summary: Competition Bikes, Inc., a professional bike manufacturer, has been producing bikes for competitive riders since 2001. Company headquarters are in San Diego, CA, but there are also two manufacturing facilities, one in San Diego and another in Atlanta, GA. Financials have been filed for Year 6, Year 7, and Year

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    Running head: EGT1 Task 2 EGT1 Task 2 Elasticity Western Governors University Element A: Elastic Demand, Inelastic Demand and Unit Demand Understanding the law of demand pertaining to the elasticity of demand with other things equal measures consumers’ responsiveness or sensitivity to change in price of a product. The measuring of the degree of change or percentage of change will result in either elastic, inelastic, or unit demand. Elastic demand or “elasticity means the extent

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    LET 1 TASK 4 Section A The importance of a performance evaluation resides in the fact that it needs to be a fair accurate representation of each employee work performance , duties and the degree of efficiency employees perform. In the scenario given the first evaluation of the engineer led to him being angry and mad with the manner he has

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    Running  head:  Task  1   Issues in Behavioral Science Task 1 Rita B Reutter Western Governors University Task  1     Western nations can have a direct or indirect influence on under-developed societies 2   through the concepts of globalization and modernization. Modern advancement for nonWestern countries seems intrinsically positive, but in many instances the effects of globalization have a negative impact on the culture, lifestyle and progress of underdeveloped

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    skills one of the most important abilities to develop in our learners, as we can be able to notice the progress that they are making, whether in daily routine activities such as asking permissions, to simple dialogues or conversations. For this task, I had the opportunity to observe a colleague during a regular vocabulary lesson and in the following paragraphs I will describe 10 examples of the learner’s spoken language that I found during my observation to the extent of describing the English

  • Unit 2 Task 1 Essay

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    relations with friends, feel like a stranger and not recognised as an individual. Intellectual effects: poor performance in work tasks or exams, lack of skills, loss of motivation, lack of interest in anything and increased absence from eduction, work or other settings. (Stretch, B. 2007) Reference list Stretch, B. Whitehouse, M. (2007). Health and Social Care. Book 1. Oxford: Heinemann.

  • Icelt Task 3.1 Evaluation of Teaching Essay

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    areas of most immediate relevance. They like being active and willing to participate in the English class, however, they are very teacher-dependent when producing the language, as they demonstrate certain ability to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. III. LESSON OUTLINE During this chapter of the syllabus, we have been working with Natural Disasters as contexts i.e. Hurricanes and Earthquakes, and

  • Icelt Task 3.4 Learners and Learning Essay

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    taken place and consider ways in which the quality of learning can be improved. II. Class Profile. , My class consists of 35 young learners with an average age of 10. Their English level is A2. They are able to communicate in simple routine tasks and daily matters. They are familiar to English as they are third graders and have practiced English every day for the last two years; however, they are on their way of dominating L1 interference while speaking as they tend to use Spanish to communicate

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    RTT 1 Task 1 Julie Villa Western Governors University RTT 1 Task 1 The nursing profession has an obligation to advocate for patients and provide safe, quality care. By providing evidenced-based practice, nurses can improve care and create better outcomes for patients. In reference to the case study provided, I will be discussing how an understanding of nursing-sensitive indicators can assist nurses in identifying issues that may interfere with patient care, how analyzing hospital data on

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    Ans A: 1) Elasticity of Demand: The elasticity of demand is a measure of the sensitivity of demand for a good to the change in price of the good provided all other determinants of demand are kept constant. Mathematically the elasticity of demand is measured as the percentage change in the quantity demanded for a good in response to a unit percentage change in price of the good provided all other determinants of demand are kept constant. Thus Elasticity of Demand = Percentage change in quantity

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    Performance management project Submission details Candidate’s Name | | Phone No. | | Assessor’s Name | | Phone No. | | Assessment Site | | Assessment Date/s | | Time/s | | The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective The objective of this assessment is to enable you to

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    they start getting ideas and picturing the situation. Afterwards I showed them Pictures of the items they would need or find on a beach (see appendix 1). At first I asked the learners to identify the objects in the photos. When they reached a consensus, we all checked the vocabulary and made corrections. After presenting the vocabulary I handed out 2 exercises for them to finish in pairs. The first one was a Crossword and the second one a matching exercise. Before moving to the production part I asked

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    Task 2 ICELT:  Focus on the learner’s spoken language Class background  (100 – 150 words) This is a class of 35 Junior 7students. They have been learning English since they were in primary school. They are in about upper Intermediate level of the grade. According to Ms.Tang, their English teacher,  about 2/3 of the students in the class are quite interested in English language learning, and they are always active in classroom activities. Yet there remain some students who are weak at English

  • Task 1 Essay

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    Financial Analysis Task 1 Financial Analysis Task 1 Competition Bikes, Inc. is a company that makes bicycles for professional riders who compete in bike races, biathlons, and triathlons. They have had an extraordinary success rate among competitive bike riders due to effective sales promotions and word of mouth advertising. In order to evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses we must evaluate the company’s financial status using horizontal analysis, vertical analysis

  • Icelt C1.1 Essay

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    ICELT In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching Declaration I Jocelyn Ailed Salinas Solis , declare that the following Component 1 Assignment 1 from the ESL articles “Learner Autonomy” & “Teacher’s Role in Developing Learner Autonomy” is entirely my own work and that it is written in my own words and not those copied directly from any other source, except for those that are properly acknowledged. Signature ______________________________________ Jocelyn Ailed Salinas Solis

  • Vwt 1 Task 2 Essay

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    VWT 1 Task 2 LaNora K. Davis, RN WGU Online Analyzing Communicable Disease Outbreak While vacationing at Disneyland between December 15 and December 20, 2014, some park visitors were exposed to an unknown person carrying the measles virus, [ (California Department of Public Health Confirms Measle Cases, 2015) ]. Initially, the number of reported of cases was seven. As of recent reports, the outbreak that originated in California has been linked to cases in at least three other states and

  • Assignment 1 Icelt Essay

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    In order to complete this ICELT task of evaluating myself as a language teacher. I selected a group of intermediate adult learners. They are in upper intermediate level. My lesson focused on two aims. One aim was to promote learners to be able to provide their own opinions about hotel architecture and describing it. The other one dealt with the grammatical language components necessary in order to do it. I inferred the lesson was successful since all students were eager to participate and they were

  • Unit 2 Task 1 Essay

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    Unit 2 task 1: Physical and Technological Resources In this task I will be describing the main physical and technological assets that are important for the Virgin Active gym in Thornbury. Physical resources are resources that businesses need to continue doing business for example the building and the equipment are considered physical resources because they are essential for Virgin Active to continue offering a service. A technological resource is anything related to machines that are vital to the

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    Task:   Note: Be sure to submit a copy of your Excel workbook when submitting your JET2 Task 1 work.  The evaluator will need a copy of your data to ensure correct evaluation. A.  Prepare a summary report in which you do the following: 1.  Evaluate the company’s operational strengths and weaknesses based on the following: a.  Horizontal analysis results b.  Vertical analysis results c.  Trend analysis results d.  Ratio analysis results Note: Multiple strengths and multiple weaknesses

  • Icelt C1 - 1 Essay

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    COMPONENT 1 LANGUAGE TASK NO. _READING AND PRESENTATION_ CANDIDATE: |Date Set: |November 7th, 2014. | |Date Hand- in: |December 5th, 2014. | |Marker: | | |Return

  • Component 1 Language Task No. Reading and Presentation Essay

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    IN-SERVICE CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING COMPONENT 1 LANGUAGE TASK NO. READING AND PRESENTATION CANDIDATE: MARIA ESTHER DIOSDADO RODRIGUEZ Date Set: October 8th, 2014. Date Hand- in: November 17th, 2014. Marker: Arturo Navarro / Orlando Delgado Return date: COURSE TUTORS: Orlando Delgado, Arturo Navarro, Ricardo Fajardo, Juan Monfón ICELT In-Service Certificate in English Language Teaching

  • Comp 1 Task 2 Essay

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    Page 2 To see or not to see When you hear let’s go see a Jane Austen Movie, you may think really, do I have to? They are so boring and slow. Who wants to go and sit for an hour or longer to watch something that is old fashioned and dull? Others would jump at the chance to take themselves back to the era of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy and Jane era, of simplicity and romance. Austenland is a movie that is based on a book written by Shannon Hale, called Austenland. In which Shannon Hale based

  • Icelt Syllabus Essay

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    ICELT In-service Certificate in English Language Teaching Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines 2005 Teaching Awards 1 Contents A Guide to to ICELT ............................................................................................................................................2 Introduction ................................................................................................................................................2 Modular options .....................

  • Jct 2 Task 1 Essay

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    inventory holding costs in Quarter 2 were very low at $2,849 and the excess capacity costs were at $0 telling the business to expand for that Quarter in order to produce more inventory. I expanded the production capacity by 25 in Quarter 2 to keep the excess capacity costs and inventory holding costs low. In Quarter 3 I decided to expand the business a lot more by increasing the capacity to 100 which in turn made the inventory holding costs higher than Quarter 2 but not too high at $11,213. The excess

  • C3.3 Icelt Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- COMPONENT 3 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- METHODOLOGY ASSIGNMENT NO. 3 ------------------------------------------------- CANDIDATE: Monica P. Palafox Date Set: | February 6th , 2015 | Date Hand- in: | March 9th, 2015 | Marker: | | Return date: | | COURSE TUTORS: Ana Rosa Vargas, Angelina Del Campo, Gerry Mugford ICELT In-Service Certificate in English Language

  • Task 2 Essay

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    1. Discuss budgetary areas that raise concern in the budget planning. The Sales during 2008 were 3,400 units and for 2009 a projected sale of 3,510 has been made this represents a 3.2% increase in sales while the sales for 2008 over 2009 reduced by 15%. Managements anticipation of moderate sales increase will need to come true for the company to meet the targeted sales of 3,510 units considering the current environment and expected trends for the next 3 years. The Company has a gross margin

  • Icelt Component 1 Task 2 Essay

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    Table of Contents Index Introduction Page 1 1. Class Profile Page 2 2. Brief Lesson Outline Page 2 3. Correct Samples Page 2 4. Incorrect samples Page 3 5. Aspects of the language to be developed. Page 5 6. Final reflection Page 5 Bibliography Introduction It’s important to evaluate the spoken language of our students to identify the areas that need to be improved and the areas they have managed to develop. The spoken language provides a good indicator that

  • Task 3 Icelt Essay

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    FOCUS ON THE LEARNER’S WRITTEN LANGUAGE Writing Sample 1: Learner 1: Student A Level: Upper Intermediary Writing Task: An eyewitness report Fully Corrected Copy – Appendix 1 Student Copy – Appendix 2 Feedback to student on Appendix 2: I’m really impressed with the progress you’re making. I enjoyed reading your report. I like the fact that you are using strong vocabulary. I was actually able to visualise the events that you were reporting on. Also, you seem to have

  • Icelt Essay

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    IN-SERVICE CERTIFÍCATE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING COMPONENT 1 – LANGUAGE FOR TEACHERS TASK 4- Focus on the teacher's language The students that I worked with were in the 6th grade here at the private school Instituto Cenca,S.C. The class consisted of 25 students between the ages of eleven and twelve .They are all level between level A2+ and B1, and they are able to communicate with other people. The lesson that I decided to do in my class was about The Avengers. During class, I had my

  • Component 1-1 Essay

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    acivities. When I prepare the activity, I need to have in mind the type of activity and the language focus. There are two categories of activities. Single-.Task Activities, the whole class does the same task. Split-Task Activities, teams does a different work. The Single-Task Activities are Scan . Predict, Dictate, Recall, etc. The Split-Task Activities are Split gap fill. Split questions. Split reports, etc. Planning. The Teacher needs to choose the T.V. programmes for particular classes.

  • Jgt 2 Task 1 Essay

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    Decision Analysis Task 1 by okmike | A. 1. I recommend that the Rugged Boot assembly line be rearranged to provide a more efficient process. Based on the diagram provided by Catherine Pang showing the layout of the production line, the current line uses eight stations. I determined the efficiency by using the following formula: Efficiency = _____________Σ Task times___________________ (actual number of work stations) x (largest cycle time) The total task time for the work

  • Icelt C1-1 Guidelines Essay

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    IN-SERVICE CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING COMPONENT 1 - LANGUAGE FOR TEACHERS TASK 1 - Reading and Presentation Task outline You are required to: • select, read and make a summary in note form of a reading source that is relevant to an audience of peers on the course • give a brief ten-minute oral presentation of the selected reading source to your peer group, and include two discussion questions that are relevant to the text or topic being presented

  • Task 2 Essay

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    Task 2 The current increase in customer returns within the boot division has tripled within the last few months and has caused an increase in cost across all departments within the company. | Manufacturing:-Cost of maintaining the wear and tear on the equipment to produce the products.-Cost for extra equipment to keep up with the workload of the replacements and reorders.-Need for more employees adds costs such as employee benefits, salaries, insurances, etc. | Customer Service:-Receiving

  • Icelt- Language Task 3 Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ICELT ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- LANGUAGE TASK 3 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

  • Icelts Po8 Essay

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    TeacherObserved: | Secondary 1 | School: | Colegio Suizo de Cuernavaca | Course level: | B1 | Number of students: | 15 | Average age ofstudents: | 12-13 years old | Date of theObservation: | July 3, 2015 | Main aim of the observation (Task no.) | 8 | Reflection upon the aspect(s) observed: Reflection included at the end of the observation task | Marker : | | Return Date: | | ICELT Peer Observation Task 8: Learner’s Autonomy | Task Objective. Traditionally we

  • Icelt Essay

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    …………………………………………. 31 • Achievement of learning objective …………………… 31 • Design and implementation of tasks and activities… 32 • Classroom management……………………………… 32 • Teacher and learner language ………………………. 33 • Unsuccessful areas ……………………………………… 34 • Achievement of learning objective ………………….. 34 • Design and implementation of tasks and activities .. 34 • Classroom management……………………………… 35 • Teacher and learner language

  • Icelt C1 1 Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- COMPONENT 1 ------------------------------------------------- LANGUAGE TASK NO. 1 READING AND PRESENTATION ------------------------------------------------- CANDIDATE: César Ricardo Ramos Beltrán Date Set: | May 22nd, 2015 | Date Hand- in: | June 26th, 2015 | Marker: | Ana Rosa Vargas | Return date: | | COURSE TUTORS: Ana Rosa Vargas Angelina Del Campo Gerry Mugford ICELT In-Service

  • Language Task 4 of Icelt Essay

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    | Language Task 4: Focus on the teacher’s spoken language Candidate name: Matthew Hong Candidate number: Date submitted: Sept.14th Word Count: 899 (Limit: 750-1000 words) I verify that the work submitted is all my own work and I have sourced and referenced any published materials used. Signed: _____________________ Before the assignment: Record yourself teaching a lesson through English. Listen back and choose a minimum of 6 samples of your teacher

  • Lit 1 Task 2 Essay

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    Running head: LIT1 TASK 310.1.5-02, 11, 13 LIT1 Task 310.1.5-02, 11, 13 Western Governors University 1 LIT1 TASK 310.1.5-02, 11, 13 2 LIT1 Task 310.1.5-2, 11, 13 Situation A The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) contains several important provisions that are applicable and will be considered in Situation A. I have outlined these provisions below. First, according to U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, Fact Sheet #28 (U.S. Department of Labor, Wage

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    Economics and Global Business Applications EGT1 Task 2 July 17, 2014 Elasticity of demand can be described as the percentage of change that occurs when the demand for a product or service changes because of a change in the price. An organization can reduce the price of a product or service, which in turn, will increase the demand for this product or service. This will increase the revenue for the organization. There are three ways to measure the elasticity demand in a product. The first