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  • I Want to Hold Your Hand Essay

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    I Want to Hold Your Hand People enjoying the music of today, whether it be on an Ipod, in their car, or even at work, tend not to know the origin of which popular music came from. Perhaps they didn’t know that much of the music that Elvis made derived from early blues artists, such as Muddy Waters, and “Big Mama” Willie Mae Thornton, who originally sang the song “Hound Dog” (wikipedia). Yet, the most influential of all music origins, came from a small island off the west coast of Europe. That

  • My Hoobbies Essay

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    dreams | by Kharisma | Theres this guy I love so much, I love the sound of his voice and his warm feeling touch. He means everything in the world to me, But no, he doesn't care, he doesn't want to see. He acts like I have no feelings, no feelings at all, Its like he has no heart, its like he just stands there till I break down and fall. I spend every breakin' night and day, Cryin' my broken empty heart away. Just patiently waiting for the day, For him to hold me in his arms and tell me it'll be

  • Dear . Essay

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    Dear mom I know its hard for you to expect the fact that I'm gay I don’t want you to think that I would ever expect you to change your believes or to compromise what you live by for me I want you to know that I recognize the fact that you tried to except me and I want you to know that ,that’s enough . dear dad when I first came out to you, you’re the one person that expected it and completely took it to heart even though you believed in the same things that you've always believed in , you loved

  • Amazing Essay

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    I was a liar I gave into the fire I know I should've fought it At least I'm being honest Feel like a failure Cause I know that I failed you I should've done you better Cause you don't want a liar (come on) And I know, and I know, and I know She gives you everything but boy I couldn't give it to you And I know, and I know, and I know That you got everything But I got nothing here without you So one last time I need to be the one who takes you home One more time I promise

  • Rapid Induction Essay

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    Rapid Induction Begin by having the subject hold their arms stretched out directly in front of them, so that the palms of the hands are facing each other. Have the hands about 6 inches apart. (Spoken to the subject ) You may now lower your hands back to your side. In just a moment I am going to have you bring your hands back to this position, and you will find it very easy to go into a deep pleasant level of hypnosis in just a matter of seconds. Would this be all right with you? (You must

  • Hunting Like the Native Americans Essay

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    Blake Burk Ms. Myers IDS 110 26 March, 2013 Hunting like the Native Americans Ever since I have been a little kid I have grown up around hunting and when I get older I will bring my children into the hunting life. The very first thing my grandpa had ever taught me to hunt on was a recurve bow. This bow was what the Native Americans used back in the day when they were out hunting. My grandpa never skipped a beat on training me or anyone who wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and get into archery

  • Le Sex Essay

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    sheets, the rumble of thunder getting louder and closer. I open all of the windows and raise the blinds and then turn off the TV and all of the lights. You ask me what I’m doing and I tell you to get naked as I quickly undress. You do as I say with a puzzled smile on your face. I stand in front of you and hold your face in my hands. You lean in, looking up at me as I push your hair back and hold it at the back of your head. I gently push your face down on my cock as you moan, squeeze my ass and pull

  • Error Essay

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    end? Am I breaking down? I'm breaking!  Even still I want to keep ...breathing breathing Did I just see you?  Like in the last dream? Even the words are blocked ERROR  On a distant day a faint light  Is flooding the sky What have you decided on? Tears are welling up Afloat, the consciousness In that body is melting, And completely blurred. What are you comparing it to? It's sad. I've forgotten. When will it end? Is it distorted? It's distorted! Even still I want to keep

  • American Lesion Essay

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    GREG GRAFFIN / AMERICAN LESION 1.Opinion 2.Fate's Cruel Hand 3.Predicament 4.The Fault Line 5.When I Fail 6.Cease 7.Maybe She Will 8.The Elements 9.In the Mirror 10.Back to Earth OPINION the first thing i remember was the friction in the room and that brown spinet piano that never played in tune the cruel impatient tyrant, the frustrated malcontent, the need to find the pieces, and the absence of cement no one ever told me about the right way to love and no one ever showed

  • Self Massage Essay

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    Self-Massage for Laryngectomees and other Head & Neck Patients Touch has always been paramount in the history of being on earth. I am sure that the dinosaurs had a way of nurturing their young. Research shows that primates would rather live without food than without touch. Being a massage therapist, a primary and secondary caregiver to hundreds of willing participants, I have done my own bit of “research”. The results: touch is just plain good for you. It is necessary to the growth and survival

  • Night; by: Elie Wiesel Essay

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    How to do a correct handstand I. Hello everyone. Today I am going to teach you how to do a correct handstand. And I know you are probably all thinking, ‘I don’t need to be taught how, I know how, its easy, blah blah blah’. But you probably don’t know the secrets to staying balanced and holding it as long as you can. a. First you will need a mat, of any kind, appropriate clothing, which I hope we all have, a personal spotter, and a wall. 1. Now the first step is to, start with a wall. Make

  • Watch Essay

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    MO1103-EA Operation Guide 5114 5214 ENGLISH Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. Applications The built-in sensors of this watch measure direction, barometric pressure, temperature and altitude. Measurement results are indicated by the second hand of the watch and on the digital display. Such features make this watch useful when hiking, mountain climbing, or when engaging in other such outdoor activities. Warning ! • The measurement functions built into this watch are

  • The Songs Essay

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    Girl, Cos your are mine And tomorrow goin be a better day Verse 1 been longing for these moments Been Scared too long Girl, im feeling I’m your first See, I’m gleeming Now it’s over It’s Gets better You’re the one Verse 2 See we Soring Like a bird of a feather Over sorrow Ain’t you heard We Gleaming You and me Why they are Hating You cant see? Mission in Distance Verse 1 : It's a mission, far as shit Home from your door Girl

  • Christian Marriage Essay

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    You can give your heart away. But Love is the only kind of fire which is never covered by insurance. And when your heart is broken by the one(s) you thought you loved, and they loved you, everything in the world seems to dissipate. Things around you become fragile, friendships fade, love doesn't seem real any longer. You break away from your family in fear that they themselves will hurt you. You question God, awaiting on no actual answer, because you feel that no matter what you do the blame for

  • Romeo Essay

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    Romeo & Juliet Dennis/Britt English I 4/26/13 A Portrait of Romeo Montague in Romeo and Juliet through Music Act I: In the first act of Romeo and Juliet, the reader is introduced to the character of Romeo Montague. He is painted in different lights throughout the play, but in Act I he is mainly portrayed as a lovesick fool. As the character begins to formulate, we see Romeo go from a man so in love with Rosaline that he doesn’t want to even think that there might be someone prettier than

  • Wiccan Essay

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    resting peacefully, with a knife held tightly in her right hand under her pillow. A noise is made and Candice is awakened. Candice Dad? Is that you? Int. Living room. Candice father stands in the middle of the living room having a “meeting” and doesn’t want Candice to know. Dad Yes, sweetheart. Everything is fine. Just go back to bed. Candice begins to quietly get out of bad and makes her way down stairs with her knife in her hand. Candice Are you sure? Do you need my help? Dad No sweetheart

  • Essay

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    over volleyball would be. Volleyball isn’t a sport that is televised as much as others so I am going to go through the basics! B. Central Idea: With volleyball being a sport anybody can learn it is important for you to know the basics. C. Purpose: This is important to you because maybe you need a little extra exercise or just want to learn the fundamentals. D. Preview of main points: Today I will be demonstrating how to perform the basic fundamentals of volleyball, beginning with

  • One Direction Essay

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    But I need that one thing And you've got that one thing [Niall] Now I'm climbing the walls But you don't notice at all That I'm going out of my mind All day and all night [Louis] Something’s gotta give now 'Cause I'm dying just to know your name And I need you here with me now 'Cause you've got that one thing [All - Chorus] So get out, get out, get out of my head And fall into my arms instead I don't, I don't, don't know what it is But I need that one thing So get out, get

  • Lkolko Essay

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    My heart's a stereo It beats for your, so listen close Hear my thoughts in every note Make me your radio Turn me up when you feel low This melody was meant for you Just sing along to my stereo [Travie McCoy] If I was just another dusty record on the shelve Will you blow me off and play me like everybody else If I ask you to scratch my back, could you manage that Like it read well, check it Travie, I can handle that Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks 'Cause this the last

  • Process Essay

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    properly ride a bike in traffic. Today, I will tell you all how to drive a sport bike and avoid injuries that could have been prevented. First, one important thing to know is that riding sport bikes looks much easier than it actually is. You can’t just jump on it and take off; it is more complicated than that. Like anything in life, this takes practice to get better. Actually, quite a few people do not know what a sport bike is or what it looks like, so I will give you a mental picture. A standard

  • Beatles Versus Glee Essay

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    elements such as melody, harmony, rhythm, etc. A perfect example is of The Beatles song “Hold Your Hand” in contrast comparison to Glee’s version. The song is different in regards to the singer and band members, the time-frame in which the song is sung and, the overall mood of the video. Although the words of the song are same it’s obvious that it can have different meanings. The first difference I noticed in the two videos was that the Beatles were a group and harmonized as one. The Beatles

  • Hero Essay

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    Timeless I am not willing, to hear you say give up A tired heart, like it has lost all its strength How I wish that I can continue to hold you Let love continue walking with a smile Timeless, this is not goodbye. If love can't be turned around, this moment will be forever. Hold tight, baby Timeless, preciously stored away in my heart Like a long sickness that leaves one weary, slowly recovering We both agree, This is timeless love. No more breathing, I go away slowly But sorrow, continues

  • Freeks Essay

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    BABY I LOVE YOU Baby I love you and I’ll never let you go but if I have to boii I think that You should know all the love we made can never be erased and I promise you that you will never be replaced (2x) I love you, yes I do I’ll be with you as long as you want me to until (until) the end (the end) of time From the day I met you I knew we’d be together and now I know I wanna be with you forever I wanna marry you and I wanna have your kids thinking never compared to the feeling of your kisses

  • Song of God Essay

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    Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fears are gone. Because I know He holds the future, my life is worth the living just because He lives Fire, fire, fire, fire fall on me. Fire, fire, fire, fire fall on me. Like the day of Pentecost, fire fall on me Like the day of Pentecost, fire fall on me. Give thanks with a grateful heart. Give thanks to the Holy one. Give thanks because he has given, Jesus Christ his son, -2x and now let the weak say I am strong. Let the

  • My Significant Object Essay

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    objects that hold significance in our lives. We keep old books, old blankets, old trinkets that remind us of someone or something special to us. It may be a specific memory associated with the object, or it may be a lifetime of memories associated with a specific individual. This idea is built into our society. When we pass an important milestone in our lives, we are given a small trinket as a reminder. Often it is hard to part with these objects, not because of any value they hold but because

  • Personal Responsbility Essay

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    responsibility for your actions and emotions and how you relate it to your personal, professional and educational life. To be responsible for one’s self requires overcoming the obstacles and consequences as well as putting in the hard work and dedication that comes with being a responsible person. You have to accept the responsibility for your own decisions and blame no one other than yourself. The only person who can make things happen in your life is you! You are responsible for your own choices. You

  • Anywere Essay

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    Megan took his hands and admits she feels exactly the same thing, took her things make a note to her parents and run off with Gabriel. They didn’t know where they going, but meanwhile they are together anywhere was the perfect place. Anywhere (Evanescence) Dear my love, Have not you wanted to be with me And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free And dear my love, Have not you longed to be free I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you I cannot keep pretending That I do not even

  • My Life Essay

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    sad, mourns his death, and doesn’t want anything from his belongings for inheritance. (Ms Conroy) Dawn – wants the company so bad for the love of her life who likes her not but for her wealth (Eldest daughter of De Caprio.) Sam Ohio – son of De Caprio who wants the company hot but knows of what his sisters’ fiancée plans to do with it. (Jessie) Assistant manager – thinks she can outsmart them both and keep the company to herself. (salamah) Dawn’s fiancée – wants to use the company for illegal trading

  • Healthy Relatiopnships Essay

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    Relationships  You care for and focus on yourself, before and while in a relationship, and caring for your partner.  Respecting individuality, another person only and neglect yourself or you focus only on yourself and neglect the other person. meet the other person's standards, you are afraid to disagree, and your ideas are criticized. Or, you pressure the other person to meet your standards and criticize his/her ideas.  You feel pressure to change to embracing differences, and allowing

  • Phrasal Verbs Essay

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    Verb | Meaning | Example | abide by | respect or obey. (the law, a decision, a rule) | If you want to stay at this school, you must abide by the rules. | account for | explain, give a reason | I hope you can account for the money you spent! | aim at | point something in the direction of  a target | The policeman aimed his gun at the hijacker. | appeal to | 1) plead or make an earnest request  2) be attractive or interesting | 1) The organizers appealed to the crowd to stay calm. 2) A trekking

  • My Hrt Essay

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    promise me u’ll never cry in your heaven… that one day u’ll give me my little children… when my tears journey to your sleeping womb, take them to be your babies forever… a boat of cascaded dreams cries by the river, clinging to her shores as if it was her home… I dreamt of sailing with her to my heaven… O why u god took her to your own…? Make me a grave of her ashes in the sand, Where I find my dreaming heart sleeping in her hand… Ur grave is so silent…but I feel somewhere u’re watching

  • Beautiful Night Essay

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    내 손을 잡아봐 푸른 달빛이 아름다운 밤이야이야 나와 저 하늘을 걸어봐  I’m yours~ 너만이 나를 설레게 해 I’m outta control I’m yours~ nobody 아무도 널 대신할 수 없어 날 미치게 해  Left 그리고 right  넌 나를 흔들어 disco night 아래위로 날 앞뒤로  내 마음을 뒤집어 inside out 그런 너는 솜사탕 아 질리지가 않아  오늘 이 밤이 다 가기 전에let’s love all night 아직 난 사랑을 잘 몰라  너를 처음 본 순간 강하게 밀려오는  파도를 느꼈어 내 마음 속 한구석까지도 깊이 적셔  오오오오오 girl  별이 빛나는 아름다운 밤이야이야 이 밤이 영원하길 내 손을 잡아봐 푸른 달빛이 아름다운 밤이야이야 나와 저 하늘을 걸어봐  I’m yours~너만이 나를 설레게 해 I’m outta control I’m yours~nobody 아무도 널 대신할 수 없어 날 미치게 해  Something good

  • Occupation Review: Parole Office

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    prison terms parole officers do the opposite. Many may say the job of the parole officer is much more dangerous however I feel that this job is well needed. Because the new found freedom that the ex-convict will soon face they need a significant amount of direction and management in order to prevent a return to prison. This is the reason why I chose this field to pursue after I obtain my bachelor’s degree. The job of a parole officer is unlike typical careers that most people go into. Unlike

  • Process Essay

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    What about finding an alternative to a normal braid? Are you looking for something a little more stylish on those hot and humid days where your hair is stuck to the nape of your neck? A French braid is a stylish alternative for medium length or long hair in keeping cool during those hot and humid summer months. In as little as these 5 easy steps: gather your supplies, brush out the hair, sectioning the hair, braiding/weaving, and polishing, you can create a stylish alternative to the ordinary braid

  • College Vs High School Essay

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    between high school and college. First in high school most teachers will let you turn in your homework late if you give them an excuse such as, “I forgot it at home” or “It’s in my locker.” However, in college if you give your professor one of these excuses they will say, “Well that’s too bad” or “the assignment was due today there is nothing I can do.” Also there are a lot more tests in high school than college. In high school there

  • Literature Skit Script Essay

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    Scene 1 Krogstad: Well, then, if you want to chance it. But at least there’s one thing I can do right away- Mrs. Linde: (listening) Go now, go, quick! The dance is over. We’re not safe another second. Krogstad: I’ll wait for you downstairs. Mrs. Linde: Yes, please do; take me home. Krogstad: I can’t believe it; I’ve never been so happy. (He leaves by way of the outer door; the door between the room and the hall stays open.) Krogstad steps into the street outside, into the late night. The streets

  • Abdominals; How To Constrain Them. Essay

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    don't worry, but this one is pretty powerful - so try and remember to do it when you get up - it takes so little time. 1. Stand with your feet facing forward, hip width apart and with your knees bent a little and your hands on your thighs. 2. Breathe out fully and then, before you breathe in, pull your tummy muscles back and up as far as you can and hold for a count of 10. Release and breathe in. 3. Repeat 2 more times Abdominal Contractions You should do the Abdominal Contractions

  • Admin Essay

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    Silently, invisibly. I told my love, I told my love, I told her all my heart; Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears, Ah! she did depart! Soon as she was gone from me, A traveler came by, Silently, invisibly: He took her with a sigh. I love you When I'm sad you make me happy,  When I'm trapped you make me free,  When I feel blind to the world,  You always manage to make me see. When I'm in pain you heal me,  When I'm lost you help me find my way,  You guide me when I feel I can't go on,  When

  • Only One Essay

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    eokkaereul billyeojulgeyo I pray no tears in your dreams I know you’ll fly high in your life i sesangeun jageun nuneuro tto geudael boryeogo hajiman boran deusi dangdanghage malhal su isseo You‘re the only one jogangnan kkumeul chajayo an doendaneun mareun haji marayo geu kkumeul dasi irul su itge naega dowajulgeyo sumi chaoreul ttaemyeon jamsi nuneul gamgoseo geudae miraereul sangsang haebwayo I pray no tears in your dreams I know you’ll fly high in your life i sesangeun jageun nuneuro tto

  • Life Essay

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    My angel My angel is the one who looks over meMy angel is the who cares for meMy angel is the one who loves me My angel has beautiful brown eyes My angel has beautiful black hairMy angel will be there when I get hurtMy angel will be the one that is always on my mindHe is the angel that keeps me breathing He is the angel of my dreamsHe is the angel that keeps me aliveMy angel will cheer me up when I’m sadMy angel will love me for meHe is my angel of my life money and me Money and me, we’re

  • The Birthday Boy Essay

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    shimmying further and further up my legs but with a bottle of whatever it was in my hand I was far too drunk to notice. The tents were already set up outside and people had slowly been making their way out there. Euan had not left me alone for one minute. Though I enjoyed his company and he made me laugh, I knew his feelings for me went much further than just friends. He had been trying to make a move on me all night but I just wasn’t in the mood and so far had managed to cleverly dodge him. The

  • Drinking Alcohol Essay

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    to say hello to your parents also. I heard that you are still drinking alcohol a lot is that right? I know it is annoying, but I still have to tell you that drinking alcohol is bad for your health. It sounds funny that I am saying this to you as I drink alcohol a lot before right? I had already quit drinking alcohol, although sometimes I will still drink but I am not drinking every night and day now, because of what happen to be last year. And do you know what will happen to your body after drinking

  • Hillsong United Zion Album Essay

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    away in Your blood PRE-CHORUS Too much to make sense of it all I know that Your love breaks my fall The scandal of grace You died in my place So my soul will live CHORUS Oh to be like You Give all I have just to know You Jesus there's no one beside You Forever the hope in my heart VERSE Death where is your sting Your power is as dead as my sin The cross has taught me to live And mercy my heart now to sing PRE-CHORUS The day and its troubles shall come I know that Your strength

  • Wordle Essay

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    .” – Christina, Romance Junkies “The sexual tension and the sexual culminations were so hot I was wiping the fog off my ebook reader’s screen." – Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews “Jade Buchanan has created a marvelous saga packed with emotional dilemma, breathtaking intimacy and humor.” – Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs “With an erotic edge that keeps me coming back for more, this book will knock you off your feet.” – Tara Renee, TwoLips Reviews “Ms. Buchanan built a rich world for her characters to

  • Essays for Admissions

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    To start with, the fork is on the left side of the plate and the knife is on the right side. 2. To cut into items on your plate, pick up and hold your knife in your right hand. The index finger is mostly straight and rests near the base of the top, blunt side of the blade. The other four fingers wrap around the handle 3. 3 Hold your fork in your left hand. The tines (prongs) face away (downward) from you. The index finger is straight, and rests on the back-side near the head of the

  • i Dont Know Essay

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    make-up on You think I'm funny When I tell the punch line wrong I know you get me So I'll let my walls come down, down Before you met me I was a wreck But things were kinda heavy You brought me to life Now every February You'll be my valentine, valentine Let's go all the way tonight No regrets, just love We can dance until we die You and I We'll be young forever You make me Feel like I'm living a Teenage Dream The way you turn me on I can't sleep Let's runaway And don't

  • My Words Essay

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    speak More than what I can say………. This sketch represents you in my thought. The sketch is incomplete but there is a reason behind it, I did not draw your legs in the thought that stones would hurt them, I did not draw your hands in the thought that thorns would prickle them, I did not draw your lips in the thought that they often turn sad, I did not draw your eyes in the thought

  • The Best Girl Essay

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    Hey babe all I ever do is think about you now all day and everyday ❤️ I'll always be here no matter what and I would show you off to the world and take the cutest and craziest pictures in the world with you there's honestly just so much I want to do with you baby girl I want to take you to those Ontario fireworks and hold your hand and walk around ❤️ Then when it gets a little darker we can lay on our blanket in the grass and cuddle and kiss during the fireworks❤️☺️ And just have the best time

  • A Dualistic Struggle Essay

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    painting of “Two Fridas”, has depicted what I see as a self-portrait of a separation of two parts of her. Being described best as surrealist art, Kahlo’s meaning is hidden in its symbolism. The background of the painting is shaded with various blues, greys, and whites, invoking a dream-like setting for the scene as the clouds are commonly associated with our lullabies, fairy tales, and other childhood bedtime comforts. Clouded backgrounds like these I find myself associating feelings of ease, relaxation

  • Bodybuilding Book Essay

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    1/3 of the muscle mass on the arm. When people asked us to show our muscle progress, biceps is the most popular one to be shown off. Functions: There are 3 functions of biceps: Elbow Flexion: When we bend at the elbow joint, an example when we want to show our biceps to impress our friends. Forearm Supination: When we rotate our forearm. An example is when we turn a key to open a door. Curling and Pulling: The biceps grow when we do pulling and curling something not pushing or pressing.