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    Grammaropolis.com - Videos, Books, Songs And Games For Learning Grammar Grammar polis is a multi-platform educational website for learning English grammar including animated episodes, books, songs and games. The parts of speech are personified by cartoon characters. Grammar polis is a fresh, fun and exciting new way to learn about the parts of speech. When students associate human qualities and characteristics with the parts of speech, they can make sense of abstract grammatical rules.

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    FURTHER PRACTICE ON SENTENCE TRANSFORMAATION Part 1 1. My father took up bowling 3 years ago. (been) My father ______________________________ 3 years. 2. I have never tasted such good food before. (ever) It is the ______________________________ tasted. 3. The robbers took all the money, and then left. (after) The robbers left ______________________________ all the money. 4. It was John’s first visit to America. (never) John ______________________________ America before. 5. They dated

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    forms of American English. The human voice was unrecorded before the late 19th century, and until the late 20th recordings of casual speech, especially of ordinary people, were rare. Meanwhile, written evidence of local, as opposed to standard, language has tended to be cursory and of shaky accuracy. For example, the story of New York speech, despite the rich documentation of the city over all, is frustratingly dim. On the one hand, an 1853 observer identified New York’s English as “purer” than

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    2009 3 3 a) i) An atom or group of atoms which carries an electrical charge. ii) Attractions between positively and negatively charged ions holding them together. b) Correct electronic structures for i) Na 2,8,1 and Cl 2,8,7 ii) Li 2,1 and O 2,6 iii) Mg 2,8,2 and F 2,7. Diagrams (similar to those in the chapter) showing transfer of electrons, and the charges and electronic structures of the ions formed. (or words to the same effect). In (i), show 1 electron transferred

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    SENARAI KOSA KATA Sumber: Buku Teks Jendela Bahasa 4A/5A 1) mengatur diri- mendisiplinkan diri 2) meleset- tidak tepat 3) meningkatkan diri- memperbaik kelemahan 4) sepenuh perhatian- tumpuan yang khusus 5) berhasil- berjaya 6) terkilan- kesal 7) membantu seseorang- menyumbang seseorang 8) kelasakan- perihal lasak (selalu bergerak, tidak mahu diam) 9) menghimpunkan- mengumpulkan 10) belulang- kulit yang kering, keras dan tebal 11) Reput- buruk atau

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    Feixisme i nazisme: • Feixisme: Moviment polític i social nascut a Itàlia de la mà de Mussolini, basat en l’aplicació d’una ideologia totalitària i nacionalista. • Nazisme: Doctrina i ideologia política elaborada bàsicament per Hitler, de caràcter ultranacionalista i expansionista, que defensava la superioritat racial del poble alemany i l’eliminació d’altres, com el jueu o el gitano, per considerar-los inferiors. • Totalitarisme: Règim polític en què la totalitat dels poders estatals està en

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    that I started a blog that I'm writing it in English they would be pretty surprised ... Why you may ask ? The truth is : now I love the English language it's one of my favourite languages and I realized that I read so much articles, blogs in English and not so much in French... When I was 13 I told one of my friends that I would prefer to learn each language of each country I would be travelling to than learn English. That's true, when I was a teenager, I didn't like the English language. I thought

  • Standard English Is the Yard Stick of Measuring Forms That Deviate in Phonology and Grammar, from the Standard English of England" Essay

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    discuss "Standard English is the yard stick of measuring forms that deviate in phonology and grammar, from the Standard English of England". Firstly, it will identify what is meant by Standard English. Secondly, it will discuss grammar and phonological variation and their causes. Finally, it will identify three examples of phonological variation that Arabic speakers use in producing English sounds, three examples of syntax variation that Arabic learners use in producing English sentences, and three

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    English Poetry By: Yasmin Abdullah Alshahab Academic Number: 211522452 Dr. Fedaa -Al Tammie Index: Definition of the poetry. - Types of English poetry and examples.- - Two Periods of English poetry and the difference between them. . Example of English poem that I like with my opinion- - Example of Arabic poem and comparing it with English poems in the beauty of the words. - Conclusion. English Poetry Poetry is the most commonly used

  • Grammatical Problems Produced by Speaking Ii Class Students in English Department, University of Brawijaya Essay

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    Shakespeare is one of the best writers who moved others’ hearts deeply. I believe that if he was a composer, he would have been equally successful, if not more. This is shown through his pieces, such as ‘Romeo and Juliet’, because there are many elements which enable me to imagine one big symphony with various movements. Although it seems that the symphony should entirely be dark and tragic, there are some portions with happiness, such as Act 2. Act 2, in fact, is the happiest act in the play. Shakespeare

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    dad, brother and friends. I haven't always worded my self convincingly - honestly, my first words have usually been "Because its seems FUN" But you can't spend several thousand dollars on capital letters fun. There is something appealing with "the land of opportunities" for an aspiring writer. Big dreams have been my signature since I could walk. I've grown more realistic with time, not less hopeful or less filled with dreams - just realistic, which is a good thing if I want to spare myself for

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    Negation in English The scope of negation is the domain in which the polarity item any gets negative interpretation. It is usually a simple clause in English and the scope is not enlarged to other clause in a complex or compound sentences. (1) Main-Subord. Peter cannot hear anything [ when anything covers his ears. =free choice / * negative (2) Subord.-Main Although I did not invite anybody [ any students can come. =free choice / * negative (3) Main-Main I did not eat anything

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    rights reserved This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Contents (Note: This version of the Songs and Sonnets follows the 1635 edition, excluding only a single poem ‘Deare love, continue nice and chaste’. To view the original texts you can access the excellent Digital Donne website which contains texts and images of the source volumes.) The Flea. The Good-Morrow. Song. Woman’s Constancy. The Undertaking. The Sun Rising. The

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    Honors Latin I — Mr. Dolan — Diēs Martis ixx September MMVI    I.  Principal Parts  • In English, there are usually three principal parts of verbs, e.g., go, went, gone; eat, ate, eaten; see, saw,  seen.  All the different forms of verbs derive from these three principal parts.  ? In English, the first principal part of the verb is the base form.  The base form is used in the infinitive (“to go,”  “to eat,” “to see”) and the present tense (“I go,” “I eat,” “I see”).  ? In English, the secon

  • My Experience of Learning to Read and Write in Thai as Arterial Language and English as Lingua Franca Essay

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    MY EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING TO READ AND WRITE IN THAI AS ARTERIAL LANGUAGE AND ENGLISH AS LINGUA FRANCA Atthaporn Youngyoo Naresuan University MY EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING TO READ AND WRITE IN THAI AS ARTERIAL LANGUAGE AND ENGLISH AS LINGUA FRANCA True confession “15 pages for you to write about your experience of learning second language” I never thought it would end up like this. At first I thought “Maybe, Dr.Pongsakorn is just kidding and maybe it was just only an assignment for writing”

  • Anglo Norman Traditions And The Irish Writer Essay

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    take refuge in Aquitaine. 1169 A Norman army, led by Richard FitzGilbert de Clare, Earl of Pembroke (Strongbow) lands in Ireland. 1171 Following Dermot’s death, Strongbow assumes the office of King of Leinster 1199 On John’s ascension to the English throne, the second phase of the Norman conquest is innitiated. 1366 The Statutes of Kilkenny acknowledge the Irish Revival of the 14th c. • In the mid-1100's, two competing Irish Kings, Dermot MacMurrough of Leinster and Rory O’Connor of Connacht

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    post- independent Indian English poets are concerned kamla das is one of the pioneering Indo- Anglian poets who has contributed immensely to the growth and development of modern Indian English poetry. Her life has been long drawn battle against cultural and religious orthodoxy. But without caring for the restriction created by the society she mirrors her life in all her nakedness. With a frankness and openness unusual in the Indian context, Kamala Das expresses her need for love. The uniquess in her

  • What Is Your Relationship Between Reading and Writing? Essay

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    What is your relationship to writing and reading? The writing and reading are two necessary skills that I need while I’m learning a new language, especially English. Reading and writing are connected with each other. Reading is the activity of someone who reads books, magazines, newspapers, novels… to interpret the information that someone else has written in a language. Writing is another activity in contrast to reading, speaking and listening. It happens when the people create the language themselves

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    speeches- “I Have a Dream” * course- Economics; English (not math) * nationality- Chinese; American * languages- Chinese; English * brand names- Nikes; Oreo’s * titles- The Gift * geographic regions- South; North; Southwest * name of awards- Academy Awards; Emmy Awards * races- African American; Caucasian * title of schools- Hunter College; Columbia College * seasons are NOT capitalized (spring, winter, summer, fall) EX: Katie went to English.

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    I am eager to speak about children”s motivation in school. It is obvious that teacher should motivate pupils to study English. English language is sure to be very interesting subject, but it is natural that the great part of pupils in school shouldn”t realize this fact. So, the main thing for really good teacher is to make them do it. It is up to the techer to provide effective development for children. I insist that you should be in teaching only if you feel that it is your vocation. How to motivate

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    搜尋結果 Essay: First Love By John Clare www.coursework.info › ... › By Genre › Love Poetry - 翻譯這個網頁 11 Jul 2002 – Have a little read: ... First Love By John Clare This is a poem about love. The writer John Clare wrote this poem in the 19th Century and worked ... John Clare - First Love English Literary essay on love poetry www.writework.com/essay/john-clare-first-lo... - 頁庫存檔 - 翻譯這個網頁 5 票 This poem hit the spot. Mentally that is. Why? Well, when I first heard of the assignment I knew immediately

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    teacher, I hope you are excited to teach me English this year. I like English. Anyway my name is XYZ. I am responsible student with many responsibilities and I perform my responsibility dedicatedly. Let me tell you I love to study English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and most important Computer. I want to become “Engineer”. My hobby is to study new things related to computer and math in free time. Here are some amusing things so that you know I love to walk in sun and to ride a bike. I love sun and

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    I dreamed in English. I was in an ecstasy of joy in the next morning. My mother who is an English teacher once told me that people having dreams with English dialogues are proficient English learners. It is because they can master the language well and English has a tendency to supersede their mother tongue. To achieve this is not easy, especially for people living in a Chinese speaking country. However, with my passion in English, I have succeeded after immersing myself in an ‘English World”

  • Love in Language Essay

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    such as love and friendship have always been and still are of paramount importance. People are trying to figure out what is the meaning of love, why love is so important, why life without love is not nice. However, those eternal questions that have no single interpretation, causing much controversy. Nevertheless, humanity does not leave persistent attempts to comprehend the phenomenon of love. The object of the present study is the concept of "Love" is described by linguistic means in English. The

  • Is the English Canon Worthy of Study Essay

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    that ‘is the English canon worthy of study’, I agree with the statement that the English canon is worthy to study, the English canon is basically a list of sacred books accepted as a genuine, now let’s take one popular example of one is Shakespeare’s plays and stories, Romeo and Juliet, plot is basically two teenagers who are enemies which fall in love with each other and go through all the trouble to get to see one another, we can straight away tell that one value of the story is love and the other

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    I’ve often wondered what makes English so attractive to such a large number of people. Only very rarely do I hear someone say that they don’t like this language. Are you born with a love for languages, can you fall in love with them, is it a gradual process or is it only a matter of acquired taste? As far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty sure it was a kind of ‘love at first sight’ thing. And I owe it all to the American film industry, and to the old musicals in particular! Growing up in a Spanish

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    normal day I get up early at 5.30. I have a shower and get dressed. I usually have toast, coffee and orange juice for breakfast. After breakfast I clean my teeth. I leave home at 7.00 and go to school by taxi. On the taxi, I read the newspaper. I go to the market at two o’clock. Then I come home at about half past five. Then I cook. After dinner, I wash up and I usually watch TV or read book before I go to bed. It’s about 11.30/. Write about your meal My name is Diem. I work in a factory. I have breakfast

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    My name is Travis Wilson Jr. I am from Hartsville, SC. I attended Hartsville High School and played varsity football there. I have two brothers Jacoby 11, and Jared. I am 18 and love to have fun. Usually in my spare time I play basketball outside with friends. I play video games on rainy days or ill be on the phone with some friends. In school I loved math, and physical education. English wasn’t always my strongest subject. I struggled at times but I still tried my hardest and got by with a high

  • Word Order, Implications and Importance in Translation Essay

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    importance in translation A word order language? What does that mean? It means that in the English language, the order of words is essential to the meaning of a sentence. A simple sentence like: ”The policeman arrested the thief”, makes complete sense. However, if we change the order of words and say: ”The thief arrested the policeman”, we may be conveying a meaning we did not intend. This means that English is less flexible in its word order than many inflected languages. In linguistics, word

  • Opportunity Of Life Essay

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    Opportunity of Life Certainly, English is the main tool of the communication. Many times I found myself were on the miscommunication situations. This is a big problem in my life. I consider that staying abroad and living with the native English speakers for a while would be a benefit. There are a number of reasons why I wish to go to aboard, those are; to improve and expand my English skills, and to take a great opportunity with multi-cultural society. I think living in aboard is very excellent

  • Thomas Harriot: the Analysis

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    and how English men easily overcame them and rule over them. As it is stated on the report, “[In] respect of troubling our inhabiting and planting…..inhabit with them.” (Harriot, 81). This means that the Native Americans have only one thing with them i.e. their land which if anyone tries to take away from them, they will not fear to fight with the invaders and will fight till death as they love their land dearly. This reminds me of my friend’s dog. His name was Tiger. My friend loves him so much

  • Report Card Romeo and Juliet

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    struggles to keep on task in maths. I don’t know if this is just a stage he’s going through or it’s just his love for Juliet that keeps him off task. Science Needs Improvement Romeo normally is really good in this subject but lately he has been struggling to keep up with the class. English Excellent Romeo’s stories are creative and fun but recently all of his stories revolve around forbidden love and the tragedies around love. Although these stories are superb I think he needs to be more versatile

  • New Land Essay

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    Loyola Admission Essay I remember the first day I attend school in America, eyes full of fear and uncertainty. In this mysterious land, people existed in all shapes and colors: black, white, yellow, brown, and everything in between. Despite these physical differences, however, everyone shared one thing in common, English, the language that tied lives together and make communication possible between diverse individuals. However, I knew little to nothing of the English language. I never imagined myself

  • The English Patient Essay

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    The English Patient - assignment THEME 1. How is the theme of nationality and identity expressed in the story? Can you identify other themes? Almasy and Kip are the 2 main examples of how nationality and identity is expressed in the story. Almasy is the protagonist of the story. We don’t know his name or identity; he is actually a very mysterious person in the beginning. He reveals his identity little by little throughout the story. When he reveals his name and identity, we suddenly

  • Improving English Essay

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    WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH? Talking about learning English, you may say, “English is the most difficult language in the world.”  And it is true, isn’t it?  But don’t worry. You can improve your English quickly.  Here are tips: Listening to music, arrange words on flash cards, and talking to English speakers. They are my powerful learning methods.    Listening to music helps you to capture new vocabulary. When listen to music, I often sing along with the singer. That helps me to memorize vocabulary

  • On the Grasshopper and the Cricket Essay

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    The Pleasure of Teaching English Poetry Luke P. M. Chan & Liu Hsiao-Fang Fooyin University of Technology ABSTRCT Students in Fooyin do not show much in studying English poetry. If they have a chance to select between English Poetry and some other courses, most of them would rather like some other courses, instead of English Poetry. Hence, how to create a better atmosphere of learning and develop the pleasure of learning in the classroom is the most concerned in the teaching of poetry

  • Jazz Chants Essay

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    that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and intonation patterns of conversational American English. Jazz Chants are designed as a language tool to improve students’ speaking and listening skills while reinforcing the language structures of everyday life. Why Jazz Chants? • They introduce and reinforce the language structures and functions of everyday spoken English. • They provide an innovative, exciting and effective way of improving students’ speaking and listening skills

  • Life Is Beautiful Essay

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    Summary of Punctuation Marks Click on the link for each punctuation mark to find out more. Punctuation Mark | Name | Example | | full stop or period | I like English. | | comma | I speak English, French and Thai. | | semi-colon | I don't often go swimming; I prefer to play tennis. | | colon | You have two choices: finish the work today or lose the contract. | | hyphen | This is a rather out-of-date book. | | dash | In each town—London, Paris and Rome—we stayed in youth hostels

  • Personal Statement

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    applying for an education course is to instil my love of learning into the next generation, by inspiring and influencing children throughout their formal education. The areas of education that interest me the most are whether it is realistic to separate children who are supposedly more academically intuitive after primary school on the basis of a non-representative reasoning test, and whether ability-based segregation into sets for Maths and English at an early age is effective or counter-productive

  • How To Improve One's English Essay

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    How to Improve Your English I am currently teaching English at SAM Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor (SAMBBST). I started teaching English in June 2008. Although I'm new to teaching English, I have a passion and a strong desire to improve and enhance my skills in teaching English and finally make students love English.  I am more than happy to share the teaching materials that I have developed or gained from the English courses  that my colleagues and I attended. I would also like to

  • English Struggles and Ilinguistic Identity Essay

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    ENGLISH STRUGGLES AND ILINGUISTIC IDENTITY Amy Tan, a Chinese-American writer most known for her book “The joy luck club”, who one wouldn’t think would become a writer based on her background. In her article, “Mother Tongue”, she writes about the countless times she had to learn from, cover for, and defend her mother’s interpretation on the English language. One might call it broken English, typical of a Chinese immigrant, but

  • Edward Thomas Essay

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    INTRODUCTION Through this paper, which deals with the poetry from the World War I, I am going to analyse the work by Edward Thomas. What I want to reflect here are the feelings and all the thoughts that can come to a soldier’s mind during this kind of conflict. First, I am going to look carefully to the context (the events during the time his poem “This is no case of petty right or wrong” was written), which I think is very important to understand the poetry of this time. Later, we’ll focus on

  • My Files Essay

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    O U T P U T I: The Analysis of the Poem VERGARA, RAVEN DAVE M. BA ENGLISH LANGUAGE I MW-1:30-3:00 P.M SEPTEMBER O1, 2014 One thing that is hard to be explained but easy to be felt – that’s love. It’s probably the abundant thing that is not for short-lived but for unending purposes. People with great minds can’t even give the exact definition of such a word, for it is not just a word but a broad feeling that requires will. However, love at first sight happens for some individuals. Could

  • Who Am I? Essay

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    Who Am I? I can never be completely aware of myself. There are things that I know about myself but others do not know. On the other hand, there are also things that people know about me whereas I myself do not know. Sometimes, my family and friends do not understand me. I seem to be different in terms of how I relate to them. Occasionally, they say that I am easy to deal with but most of the time I am not. I think it is because of mood swing. When I experience unpleasant at the same time unexpected

  • Teenaged Illiteracy Essay

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    essay, I Know Why the Cage Bird Cannot Read, Francine Prose writes about how we are supposed to be introduced to major literary works during high school--and, furthermore, learn to evaluate and understand the language used in them and the connections that we make with it--and how this is being inhibited in an alarming number of schools across the United States. If this is truly the case, then we should all be very concerned about the literacy of our nation, because my own high school English education

  • Look Back in Anger Essay

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    that Osborne approached about producing it. George Divine, the creative producer for the struggling Royal Court Theater, decided to gamble on the play and staged its first production. The play opened on May 8, 1956. It received mixed reviews from English theater critics, yet it won a rave review from the Times. This established the play's notoriety and helped it eventually build an audience. The two iconic motifs of the play are the aforementioned concepts of the Angry Young Man and the Kitchen Sink

  • Amy Tan Essay

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    with English speaking parents. Amy Tan describes this perfectly in "Mother Tongue." Amy has lived her entire life dealing with her Chinese-influenced English speaking mother. Amy has always been in love with the English language but wasn't always the best at it. Growing up, she always felt neglected by her English teachers but eventually pushed through and became a writer. I myself, live with my Japanese mother, who also speaks what I call "Japanglish." It’s my mothers way of speaking English with

  • The “Dream Teacher” For Teaching English For Youn Essay

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    Nowadays, English is really important to get better future. In Indonesia, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) has been introduced in elementary school to respond this condition. Many parents also realize how important English is, so they provide their children with additional English lesson. They register their children in playgroup or English course that designed to teach English to young learner. To teach English effectively for young learner, we need teacher who understand them. In this essay, I would

  • 6556 Essay

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    Professor Rife English 1100 25 November 2014 Texting is Destroying English Can texting affect our English? The answer is yes, it can. It seems like I can’t walk anywhere without seeing at least one person glued to their phone screen typing away as fast as they can. “Adolescents reported receiving 46.03 and sending 45.11 text messages per day” (Cingel and Sundar 1310). The English language is like a beautiful ocean, when it's polluted, it becomes ugly and unwanted. Most people love and enjoy the