I Couldn't Believe My Eyes Essays

  • My Amazing Day

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    do better and try to win. Wouldn’t you want to experience something that extraordinary? (I know I sure would have.) Well this year was a very special day for me because I get to experience it from the super bowl for the first time in my young life. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first walked pass these metal, shiny golden doors with a big sign on top with the words ENTER in big bold letters I felt like I just enter an extraordinary and amazing castle from the middle years. It was immense. There

  • Informative Speech Outline

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    educate my audience about the proper procedures for undergoing cataract surgery. CENTRAL Idea/Thesis: With the numerous issues that comes with aging, some forms of poor vision is one that can be treated. INTRODUCTION I. For over a year I have been slowly losing my independence. Blurry vision in both eyes hindered my ability to drive safely; reading traffic signs, recognizing faces, even judging distances became a problem. Eyeglasses and contact lenses helped somewhat, but I still couldn’t see

  • Dolphin Tale Essay

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    My Day with a Dolphin One day I was in Peru, I saw a dolphin so I decided to go out for a swim. While I was swimming I felt a bump on the foot I looked to see what it was but it was gone, after a while I felt another bump but this time on my back. When I looked back I saw a fin, my parents told me be careful of sharks in the water. I was terrified and in a moment of panic I swam as fast as I can to shore. When I was swimming back I can see the fin following me, I began to swim faster than I ever

  • Parasailing Memoir Essay

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    10/18/2012 “Just close your eyes for a minute. Picture this. The view of the ocean shoreline passing through your eyes.. Cool and breezy wind flying through your face as your loved one sits next to you. Come today to enjoy parasailing with us high up in the sky”. The advertisement on the television rambled on about how interesting parasailing is. My dad exclaimed, “Let’s go parasailing! It seems like a fun adventure.” My heart dropped. Never in a million years would I have thought that he would

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Narrow Escape From Death

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    usual, boring day of my vacation. I really wished for a change outside of this house. But I knew my mom wouldn’t like to miss a day at her work place because it was where we earned our living. One day, I was really astonished as she told me we were going to the beach. I never fancied the beach, but at that very moment anywhere outside the house was fine with me. The sun was setting as we arrived at the beach, which was crowded with people. We got a little cottage for ourselves. My mom went for swimming

  • Lear vs Oedipus

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    Oedipus Blindness is one similarity between Lear and Oedipus. Even though Lear wasn’t physically blind he couldn’t differentiate between genuineness and cunning. He couldn’t see that his two oldest daughters were deceiving him and Cordelia loved him most. [“For we Have no such daughter. Nor shall ever see That face of her again. Therefore be gone Without our grace, our love, our benison.” (Act I, Sc I, Ln 265-267) ]. He proved his blindness again when Kent posed as one of his servants after being banished

  • Sandstorm Story Essay

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    When I learnt that my squadron was in Greece, I wasted no time. The next day early in the morning, I went to the hospital and said farewells to my doctors and to Nurse Mary Welland. I got on my Hurricane’s cockpit and flew South-East away from Alexandria. After a few hours, I realized that I wasn’t flying over the Mediterranean Sea. Where was I heading? I checked my map and figured out that I was flying the wrong direction. I didn’t have much fuel left, I had to land somewhere. I checked my map

  • The Great Gatsby Artistic Symbolism

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    named “Celestial Eyes,” isn’t a picture that describes the novel in a literal sense. Instead, it uses vibrant colors, significant design settings, and small details to portray the novel both figuratively and symbolically. There are many different analyses that could possibly describe “Celestial Eyes,” but no one can be positive about the deeper meaning behind Cugat’s artwork. What caught my attention first in the painting were the two mysterious eyes that the piece was named after. My interpretation

  • Diary Entries: The Diary Of Claudio's Diary

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    Beatrice’s Diary, Entry 2 Wedding I couldn’t believe what has happened. I couldn’t believe Claudio thought it. It was Hero’s weddings and I was a bride’s maid. As I walked up the stone path towards the church, there were white roses on either side of the path. The church looked large and the painted double doors were open. Soon the church was full of people. Benedick was the first person I noticed walking in with Claudio, Benedick wasn’t too happy about being best

  • My Experience Essay: How To Have Fun With My Life

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    MY EXPERIENCES... Once in a life time never get to do anything fun or the enjoyment of outing. Hi my name Kate I am 17 years old and never once in my whole life get to go outside for fun, what I mean by fun is the enjoy of going outside to the party, well the rest of my friends do, but except for me, my parents doesn’t even let me out that why I'm stuck in the house. But for me, I want to try to have fun with my life once in a life time, but my parents said that it will come to my time when I'm ready

  • I Am Fallen Angel (Modern Fairytale)

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    I Am Fallen Angel Once upon a…God, I hate that start, starting it of as if it’s a happy story, a story that will have the ending of the famous last words; happily ever after. I will start this story again, this time with a different set out. One day, there was this Goth, his name was Dean. Dean never talked much, but when he did he would blow everyone’s minds, he was so passionate with his words and looked so innocent. His English teacher would be absolutely baffled by his essays, but when

  • Some Close Encounters of a Mental Kind

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    mentioned in the article that there are three levels of potential error in direct and objective vision: misperception, retention, and retrieval. Gould uses several different examples to support his statement. I was convinced by Gould that people should careful and doubt itself of what we see with our eyes when we think back from our memories.     Firstly, people should doubt when remembering their memories back again. People should doubt with their memories, because they might rethink in a wrong way. Their

  • Percy Jackson Diary Entry

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    Dear Diary, I had the craziest day at school today. We went on a trip to some ancient Greek ruins. Even though Mr. Brunner was leading the trip it didn’t make anything better. On the way to the ruins (on the coach) Nancy Bobofit kept winding me up by throwing her rotten food at my best friend Grover. She knew I couldn’t do anything as I’m on probation, and apparently I’m on my last chance. Anyway, she kept throwing food at Grover. I sat up straight and counted to 10. I wanted to strangle her right

  • A Frightening Experience

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    habits. I used to ride a motorcycle and always used to drive carefully. I had never realized I could have a motorcycle accident that gave me a strong lesson on the rest of my life. Learning something new can be really a scary experience. It happened long time ago on a summer, gray and rainy evening in Shah Alam. It was vacation time, and like usually I decided to go to a disco club by a motorcycle in order to meet my friends. On that day, I was appointed only with my well-known friends. To my astonishment

  • Experiences in Digital Literacy

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    Experiences in Digital Literacy To my realization technology has always been in my life. Every time I make a turn there is technology in each path. Whether I’m in school or at home even outside, technology has dominated society from the bottom up. Thus I have encouraged myself to become a Digital Native by enjoying technology to my fullest capacity. I could name a great amount that changed the way I see technology. However there are only three that remain most important to me. My computer, old IPod, and internet

  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

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    Copyright Copyright © 2009 by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl All rights reserved. Except as permitted under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Little, Brown and Company Hachette Book Group 237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017 Visit our website at www.HachetteBookGroup.com. www.twitter.com/littlebrown

  • When I Joined the Marines

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    An event were I learned a lesson from was when I signed up for the military. Even though I don’t regret joining I did learn a lesson and that is to not sign up for something that I don’t know much about or haven’t done any research about. When I was in high school I signed up for the Marines poolee program which is a program where you have to go do exercise once a week and sometimes one Saturday a month with other guys and girls that also want to join the marines . I was enrolled in the program

  • Hunting Camp Essay

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    break, and I had nothing to do but sit around and enjoy life. This area was covered with dirt, and no matter how hard I tried, I would get filthy. I couldn't wait to get home to take a nice shower. Even though it was so dungy, it was a nice place to sit around and clear my mind. In the middle of September, my mother and I would go to the store to buy tons of food for hunting camp. At last, after being at the store for hours, we would be on our way to Black Mesa to meet my dad and my brothers.

  • Imaginative Writing - The Secret River

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    Selected Context: Exploring the issue of conflict between two different races. Prompt: ‘Conflict is an unavoidable part of being human.’ Explanation of decisions: I intend to write this piece in the imaginary form to capture what Sal saw and felt on the first night that her husband, William, had an encounter with an aboriginal. My recollection of the first few pages of the novel will be told from Sal’s point of view and will reveal the reasons why she wanted to leave Sydney as soon as they had

  • Park Day Essay

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    fall is approaching slowly but surely. In front of where I’m sitting there’s a U shaped pond, which isn’t your average shape. As I’m sitting in the grass the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, the sun proceeded to reflect off the water keeping my eyes focused on the water glistening like diamonds instead of the odd green color and debris of the water. The wind is currently blowing east causing the water to collide against the debris making it come to a quick halt. All around the pond there’s a