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  • Proposal Essay

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    A comparative study of customer motive based on the services offered by Tesco and Giant hypermarket in Cheras and Kuala Lumpur. Introduction In 2006, the Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) forecast that the retail industry is projected to increase about 6% in the year 2007 as it happen in the previous year. The raised in fuel costs, toll gate fees and utility rates have decreased consumers’ disposable income and also affected their purchasing power. MRA (2006) reported that the Malaysian retail

  • Pest Analysis of Speed99

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    PESTEL analysis for 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd 99 Speedmart Sdn Bhd is one mini- market that was providing customer daily needs. 99 Speedmart was open since 1997 they was have more than 300 stores around Malaysia until now. With using take line near and save the mini market 99 Speedmart is more be chosen by customer. The PEST as a tool for strategic business plan because of PESTEL is a strategic framework for understanding external influence on a business. Beside that the PEST also easy to 99 Speedmart

  • The Impact of Marketing Mix on Customer Satisfaction on Tesco Hypermarket in Nilai Essay

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    Paper Project The Impact of Marketing Mix on Customer Satisfaction on Tesco Hypermarket in Nilai Module: BM 4417 Lecturer: Dr. Jason Lee Wai Chow Name: Hu Huanqi (Na’na) ID number: 21109206145010 Course: Master of business administration Copyright The copyright of this thesis belongs

  • Tesco Essay

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    COMPANY’S BACK GROUND: Tesco is a large multinational hypermarket which operates in 13 countries worldwide. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by revenues (after Wal-Mart and Carrefour). It was found in the 1920s by Sir Jack Cohen who was operating street groceries in London. The company name is the initials of the Tea Supplier (T.E.Stockwell) and the name of Mr.Cohen himself. The company was successful and went internationally. It started opening stores in different countries

  • Giant Essay

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    Giant Malaysia Introduction In Malaysia, Giant is the leading retailing chain and also has provided a wide variety of food products at the lowest possible price in the comfortable shopping environment. Furthermore, Giant mission is “Low Price, Big Variety and Great Value”; A favorite destination for family shopping. (http://www.giant.com.my). The Giant store brand was founded by the Teng family as a simple grocery store in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in 1944. In 1999, Giant was acquired

  • Evolution of Fast Food Industry Essay

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    sandwiches and snacks (Report Linker, 2013). Malaysia fast food industry began relatively late in 1963, when A&W opened up its first outlet in Kuala Lumpur (Ghazali, 2010). In Malaysia, the fast food and restaurant industry has been dominated by the American franchises. Malaysia fast food industry witnessed growth once after other fast food food chains such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Burger King, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut began their operations in Malaysia (Habib et al, 2011). The estimated total

  • Wet Market Vs. Hypermarket Essay

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    Wet Market VS. Hypermarket The wet market is the very first and traditional market that we can get in our life. But slowly, there is a competitor across the wet market, which is the hypermarket. After reading the article about Malaysia Marketing-Wet Market vs. Hypermarket, I got some opinion to talk about the wet market and the hypermarket. Compare with the wet market, the hypermarket is much more different with the wet market. The hypermarket is more clean, tidy and comfortable for customers

  • Marketing Assignment Essay

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    that is up and running in Malaysia. Not many Malaysian knows about 99Speedmart® that offers far cheaper price compared to any other retail stores in Malaysia. Furthermore, 99Speedmart® is also a brand that can be consider young compared to any other brand in Malaysia. With limited stock of product line and also small stores, the chances of people going there are limited compared to bigger retail stores. In addition, it still does not have many outlets through out Malaysia. This situation analysis

  • Strategic management assigment Essay

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    Introduction This compilation is an environmental analysis of the supermarket industry in Malaysia. The external environment will be analyzed in Part A by applying the PESTEL framework and The Porter Five Forces model will be applied to help identify the attractiveness of the supermarket industry in terms of competitive forces. In Part b, an internal company analysis of the hypermarket Tesco will be done to study how the externalities in Part A have effected the operation of Tesco as

  • Business Ethics Essay

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    expectations in other countries by entering into joint ventures with local partners. Malaysia operation Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established on 29 November 2001 as a result of a strategic alliance between Tesco Plc UK and local conglomerate, Sime Darby Berhad. In February 2002, Tesco Malaysia officially commenced operations with the opening of its maiden hypermarket in Puchong, Selangor.  Tesco Malaysia has an employee size of approximately 15,000 and it currently operates 46 outlets

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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    stores and hypermarkets in the country. Not only is The Store Corporation Berhad recognised as the largest supermarket and departmental chain by The Malaysia Book of Records (since 2001), it is also the oldest existing supermarket cum departmental chain in Malaysia. In 2008, The Store Corporation Berhad is celebrating its 43rd anniversary since its first outlet at Jalan Besar in Bukit Mertajam opened on 28 November 1968. The Store Corporation Berhad has been listed on Bursa Malaysia since 3 March

  • International Business Essay

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    subsidy campaign for Fresh Produce. As the leading hypermarket chain in Malaysia, this campaign was a first of its kind in the industry. Promotion of Malaysian Products To support Malaysian-made products, especially those manufactured by SMEs, organizes special promotional events locally and abroad. campaigns which have been launched include 'Buy Malaysian-made Campaign' and the Taste of Malaysia Campaign. In Malaysia, the "Produk Malaysia, Citarasa Kita", series has been highly successfully

  • business Essay

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    Implementation of Recommendations 9.2 Monitoring of Action Plan/Contingency Plans REFERENCES APPENDICES 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This marketing plan outlines the export of Santa Vittoria Still Mineral Water to Malaysia. It was revealed that increases in living standards are present within the Malaysian market which is moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Competitors have been researched & discussed displaying one domestic company, Spritzer, as the market leader

  • Tesco Essay

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    1 Tesco Stores Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was incepted on 29 November 2001, as a strategic alliance between Tesco Plc UK and local conglomerate, Sime Darby Berhad of which the latter holds 30% of the total shares. Tesco opened its first store in Malaysia in February 2002 with the opening of its first hypermarket in Puchong, Selangor. Tesco Malaysia currently operates 33 Tesco and Tesco Extra stores. In 2004, Tesco Malaysia launched its own house brand

  • Kk Super Mart Essay

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    supermarket/hypermarket operators. Cooperate Econsave of products will probably reach four million consumers in Selangor state, one of the most affluent section of the population of Malaysia. Moreover, Econsave has a strong presence, nationwide, constantly looking for new opportunities in Malaysia (situation-analysis, 2013). In 1999, the first Giant hypermarket store opened in Selangor. In 2006, the company has a total of 86 Giant hypermarkets in Malaysia. Chain also includes six in 17 hypermarkets in Singapore

  • Swot Tesco Essay

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    customers, leverage with suppliers and access to talent. * Overseas strength Under the leadership of Sir Terry Leahy, Tesco built up a vast and highly profitable overseas empire, stretching from South Korea and Malaysia, to Hungary and Poland, and also embracing the US and China, across hypermarket, supermarket and convenience store formats. * Clubcard database and Dunnhumby Tesco was early into the loyalty card market in the 1990s, developing the Tesco Clubcard into a valuable marketing and promotional

  • Business Management Essay

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    finally to Consumers. (Faheem89 n.d) Consumers can find Lipton Yellow Label Tea at all convenience stores, 24-hour convenience stores, retail stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Below is the Geographic Segmentation table for Lipton Yellow Label Tea : - World Region | Asia | Country | Malaysia | Cities | All major cities in Malaysia | Density | Urban - Rural | Promotion Information Lipton has used a lot of promotional tools for their products such as advertisements on television, through

  • Key Drivers of Rfid Adoption in Fmcg Retail Companies in Malaysia. Essay

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    for granting us interviews and giving us a great insight in the world of FMCG in Malaysia and the adoption of RFIDs. Although some photo shoots were not encouraged, they were very gracious in providing guidance and information. Abstract Purpose – As part of the BMIT5103 course, this is a case study assignment on the key drivers of RFID adoption in FMCG retail companies in Malaysia. A few large companies in Malaysia adopt this technology, yet there are many who have not and are not convinced of

  • Marketing Essay

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    from the market there will be a lot of competitors that it will face, if Carrefour can not maintain their motto, buyers can switch to other alternative of hypermarket, so Porters model actually believe that since there are fair competition in the market, there were great availability for buyer to substitute their preference to other hypermarkets, with this type of competition in market there will be rivalry of competition that will affect Carrefour and their competitors to reduce the price anytime

  • Carrefour Essay

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    of these markets is China, where Carrefour is opening seventy-three new stores. Company Information Carrefour is a hypermarket that specializes in grocery and retail items. These items include: hardware, clothing, perishable and non-perishable food items, and a variety of other household items. Carrefour’s networks relating to various retail businesses include supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount stores, convenience stores, online stores, and electronic commerce. Because of the variety of items sold

  • Tesco Essay

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    The background will include details about how company was founded, who founded and started operating the company, and, finally, how it was promoted all around the world. Furthermore, a history and basic information will be provided about Tesco in Malaysia. We analysed Tesco‟s logistics from before 1996 up until to date. We realised that Tesco implemented the same supply chain flow strategy as Toyota. A short SWOT analysis will be listed based on the available information that was found in the internet

  • Economic Environment Essay

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    is the rate of change of prices. Therefore, some marketers will adjust the price of the products of the company in order to deal with this problem. For example, Carrefour as the retail company therefore the price of products will less than other hypermarket because there is no other intermediary’s interaction they directly get the goods from the manufacturer. There are five main components inside the economic environment. The first element is economic condition. This condition has a large affect

  • Carrefour the Internationalization Essay

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    countries where Carrefour is established only through its partners and franchisees for instance in Egypt or Japan. Thus Carrefour is present in all the geographic areas of the world . The group currently operates four grocery store formats: * hypermarkets, * supermarkets, * Cash & carry * Convenience stores. The Carrefour group currently has over 9,870 stores, either company-operated or franchises. Revenue | €81.271 billion (2011) | Operating income | €(481) million (2011)

  • Store Image Essay

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    postponement of unnecessary purchases and less interaction with sales personnel. Depending on type of retail business, for some consumer segment such as Hypermarket, crowded stores may perceive popularity of the stores and its products. In order to avoid large crowds in the store which cause customer’s complaint and waiting time, Telekom Malaysia Berhad had re-brand its TM Point by improving its atmosphere such as interior design that increase comfort level of customers and better traffic flow pattern

  • Executive Summary Madura

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    was incorporated in 1994 and the operation was shifted to Skim Kilang Bimbingan, Bank Pembangunan in Kg. Raja, Besut. Since then, the company has grown in strength and captured a respectable share of the local market inclusive of the major local hypermarkets, and export to few countries in Southeast Asia. Further achievement, we have secured the right from Marditech Corporation Sdn Bhd, which is the subsidiary and commercial arm of MARDI, to commercialize the Clarified Sparkling Fruit Juice Using

  • Subway Essay

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    was found in 1965 which the founder name Fred De Luca, start to run his restaurant business when he was just 17 years old. Subway is the third largest fast food in the world after McDonalds and KFC. Subway in Australia has about 1367 stores and in Malaysia having about 125 stores of Subway. A market segment must be meeting with several criteria and it must be measurable in terms of size and identifying characteristics. The common bases ofthe target segments include demography, psychograph, geography

  • Executive Summary

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    as well as advanced education, have compelled Asians to adopt Western brands with enthusiasm. The stores with leading advantage in aspects of customer preference are those with diverse brands to provide, as was the situation with supermarkets, hypermarkets, and online retailers. Nonetheless, various nations in the region and away are experiencing rigorous economic challenges because of the present mayhem in the global financial markets. The overflowing result of this mayhem has not left the retail

  • Strategies Management Essay

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    Making this transformation is not a single step but an overarching strategy. We call it the “value agenda.” It will require restructuring how health care delivery is organized, measured, and reimbursed. The spatial distribution of health clinics in Malaysia was examined using spatial statistics method. The average nearest neighbour was used to analyse whether health clinics are clustered, random or dispersed. It measured the distance between each feature centred and its nearest neighbour’s centred location

  • Swot Analysis on Hypermarkets

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    | |Over the next few years after the tin-mining town idea got a kick start, Cold Storage established branches in Klang, Penang, Taiping and Telok | |Anson. As our history permits us to know, we had European settlers in Malaysia already during that point and the arrival of fresh meat and | |products from countries like Australia was very popular and supported. By 1932, Cold Storage could be called a well established company. By | |this time, the reliability and

  • Cultural Diversity Essay

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    HBO 580 MANAGING DIVERSITY AND CULTURE     TERM 3, 2011    3.0  Details of Observation     Regarding the issue mentioned, I decided to observe the behaviors of different races that work  as front line workers in the Boulevard Hypermarket, Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia. I had found out  that different races are behaved differently in their workplace.   An observation form was developed to record down all the details about how the different races  behave in their workplace. Races that I have observed were the Malay

  • Imc Plan for Ice Joy

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    ice cream; it is a place that leaves people happy and wanting to come back for more. It is where people can come and indulge, have fun, and relax. (Folk, S. 2006) 2.0 External Analysis Customer analysis Survey of consumer buying habits in Malaysia indicated that over 50% of customers at ice cream shops were between the ages of 15 to 40 years of age. This runs counter to the advertising focus of most of ICE JOY’s competitors. Yet it is an accurate description of ICE JOY’s target customer groups

  • Convinience Stores Essay

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    workshop by the author, subsequently amended to take account of contributions by the participants and research that has become available since October. Trends and reasons for them In much of Western Europe and in North America supermarkets and hypermarkets now account for well over two-thirds of all food retailing. In some other countries the share is believed to be now over 50 per cent, or rapidly reaching that figure. There has certainly been a rapid growth in the role of supermarkets in almost

  • Tesco Essay

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    the world measured by profits after the Wal-Mart. There are over 6350 stores distribute in 14 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. At the same time, it is the grocery market leader in the UK where it has a market share of around 30%, Malaysia, the Republic of Ireland and Thailand (Finch 2010). According to Tesco (2012), the total revenue of Tesco is £64.539 billion and is has 519,671 employees work for it to create profits. In 2004 the Tesco enter the Chinese market. Although Tesco is

  • Actrivities Essay

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    99 Speedmart is a convenient mini-markets that having more than 230 branches around whole Malaysia and still growing.( Bernama, 2011). According to researches, 99 Speedmart could able to success in Malaysia market because it fullfill customer requirements and needs by supplying various type of daily use products with reasonable price compare to its competitors like 7-11 and KK marts. Political is one of the factors in PESTLE analysis. Political is a factor that determine the policy extent like

  • Carrefour Exits From South Korea Essay

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    rate of store openings, to further strengthen the group in markets where it is already well established. The group plans to open 1,000 additional stores in 2007, adding 1.5 million sq.m of surface area, and, between now and 2008, more than 100 hypermarkets per year. This strategy of store openings will concentrate on key markets where the group aims to become a leading player, in China, Brazil, Indonesia and Poland in particular. By the end of 2006, the group will have seen its highest-ever rate

  • Business Enterprise Part Cd Essay

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    also sell stationeries that are suitable for all ages from kindergarten to university. This opens up a whole new market for them. On the other hand, Tesco’s technological factor only seems to be improving. First of all, Tesco is the first hypermarket in Malaysia who went online and started the online grocery shopping trend. This was a breakthrough for them as grocery shopping is now made convenient for most people. Secondly, Tesco came up with the Clubcard Scheme. Basically, each time you shop at

  • Human Resource Management Essay

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    scheme in Malaysia. Its primary aim is to provide a measure of security for old age retirement to its members. It also provides supplementary benefits to members to utilize part of their savings for house ownership and other withdrawal schemes. EPF is the abbreviation for Employees Provident Fund. Employees Provident Fund is commonly known in the Malay term as KWSP or Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja. Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 is the act governing the Employees Provident Fund in Malaysia. This

  • If I Were The Ceo Of Carrefour… Essay

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    Carrefour changed their CEO into Lars Olofsson, whose strategy is “to be only where it knows it can win”. Therefore, for then on, Carrefour began to give up part of Asian market, which is not profitable for them, such as Japan in 2010, Thailand in 2010, Malaysia in 2010 and Singapore in 2010 and focus on other markets they’ve already in the leading position. And the reason why Carrefour failed in those markets is because the group is not familiar with the Asian people living style and their taste. Otherwise

  • Follow Me Essay

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    Tohtonku ventured into the rest of the nation.This brands have found a growing market in the South East Asian region and are now extremely popular in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brunei, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and of course in Malaysia. In this discussion, we will further on discuss the marketing mix and suggest more market opportunities that may exist into one of the Tohtonku product, Follow Me. 2.Content 2.1.Product Strategy Product strategy is the most important function

  • Study Essay

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    Carrefour & Suppliers’ Relationship 1. Background a. Background in formation of Carrefour Carrefour S.A. (French pronunciation: is a French international hypermarket chain headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, France, in Greater Paris). It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world (with 1,395 hypermarkets at the end of 2009, the second largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue and third largest in the profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco). Carrefour operates mainly

  • Padini Research Essay

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    has nine labels in its family of brands and retail in 330 freestanding stores, franchised outlets and consignment counters in Malaysia and around the world. The company’s subsidiaries include Vincci Ladies’ Specialties Centre Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in dealing of ladies’ shoes and accessories; Padini Corporation Sdn Bhd., Seed Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Yee Fong Hung (Malaysia) SendirianBerhad (Yee Fong Hung) and Padini International Limited, which is engaged in dealing of garments and ancillary products;

  • Starbucks Corporation (2013): Analysis on Internal and External Environment

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    products. 5. The growing office coffee marketplace. | Threats | 1. An increase in the inflation rates creates a demand in lower priced products. 2. Many companies are pricing their products cheaper to impress customers. 3. Increase in hypermarkets and economical supermarkets. 4. A lower supply of raw materials in the near future and rising prices may increase company’s cost. 5. Introduction of house brewer machine. | Table 4 – Starbucks’ Opportunities and Threats Opportunities

  • Tesco Self Checkout Essay

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    operates in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Tesco's Republic of Ireland business operates in the region of 82 stores, and around 60 stores in the Hungarian market. Tesco's Polish operations include former HIT operated stores. It operates around 66 hypermarkets and supermarkets in this country. In the Czech Republic and Slovakian markets, Tesco operates 22 and 23 hypermarkets respectively. Tesco also operates stores in Asia, including Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan. The

  • Colgate Brand Essay

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Acknowledgement 2.0 Topic: A Report on The Student’s Feedback TowardsColgate Toothpaste Product in Malaysia 2.1 Abstract 2.2 Terms of Reference 2.3 Introduction and Objectives 2.4 Company Background 2.5 Procedure 3.0 Data Collection Method 4.0 Data Findings 4.1 Age Of Students 4.2 Gender Of Students 4.3 Nationality Of Students 5.0 Graph Findings 5.1Usage of Variations Of Colgate Toothpaste Product

  • Swot Analysis Mcnolad

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    compare with other types of cheaper food. Opportunities refer to favorable conditions in the environment that could produce rewards for the organization if acted upon properly. Mostly, McDonald’s located at shopping mall such as Gurney and Jusco, hypermarkets like Tesco, urban areas, near worker places and tourist attractions such as Genting Highlands. These places will let McDonald’s easy make high turnover and profit. Nowadays, the life style of people especially city people always busy with their

  • Pakli Kopitiam Issues Essay

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    TABLE OF CONTENT PART A 1.0 INTRODUCTION       1.1 Overview of Kopitiam Industry in Malaysia       1.2 Introduction Company       1.3 Issues in Pakli Kopitiam PART B 2.0 ANALYSIS       2.1 PEST Analysis 3.0 STRATEGY FORMULATION AND IMPLEMENTATION 3.1 Strategy Formulation 3.1.1 SWOT Analysis 3.1 2 IFE Matrix       3.1.3 EFE Matrix       3.1.4 IE Matrix 3.2 Stratety Implementation 3.2 Hold And Maintain Strategy

  • Tesco Company Background Essay

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    prepaid mobile phones. In the same year, Tesco started their partnership with Samsung and enter to Korea market. In 1999, Tesco has owned over 450 stores including both large hypermarkets and small Express stores. In 2000, Tesco has entered to internet by having their website Tesco.com. In 2002, 47 stores opened in Malaysia. UK’s second largest store chain, One Stop has been purchased by Tesco. Tesco expanded in Poland by purchased 220 stores in 2006. Tesco set out their plans to build a full service

  • Strategic Business Plan for Orion Foods

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    consultant 82 5.12 Next Step to be taken 82 5.13 SUMMARY - Conclusion and Recommendations for Future Research 83 5.14 Limitations of the work completed 83 References 84 List of Figures & Tables Fig 1.1 plan of analysis 13 Fig 2.1 Malaysia GDP Growth Rate 14 Fig 2.2 The top 10 major export products Jan-May 2011 & Jan – May 2012 15 Table 2.1: Value added of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, 1990 - 2010 16 Table 2.2 Time Schedule for the project 20 Fig 3.1 SWOT Analysis

  • Essay

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    hurtling down a spiral. One must also not forget how countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand, who opened their retail sector to FDI in the recent 13 Census 2001, Registrar of Census, GOI 14 Robbins, Nick, “The World’s First Multinational.” The New Statesman, (Dec. 13, 2004) 13 past, have been forced to enact new laws to check the prolific expansion of the new foreign malls and hypermarkets 15 . Given their economies of scale and huge resources, a big domestic

  • Porter`s 5 Forces Of Tesco Plc Essay

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    three retailers in the world, operating over 3,700 stores globally and employing over 440,000 people. Tesco operates in 13 countries outside the UK – Republic of Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Poland in Europe; China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and India in Asia, and the U.S.Everyday life keeps changing and the Tesco team excels at responding to those changes. Tesco has grown from a market stall, set up by Jack Cohen in 1919. The name Tesco first appeared above a