Hyperbolic Equation Simulation Of Lax Wendroff Method With Parallel Program Essays

  • Hyperbolic Equation Simulation of Lax-Wendroff Method with Parallel Program Essay

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    Topic   : Hyperbolic equation simulation of Lax-Wendroff method with Parallel Program Introduction Consider a wave is propagating in a closed-end tube. The wave has a triangular shape which is to be used as the initial condition at t=0.0. u 20 0 20 30 60 x ( Initial Condition ) Formula for the Lax-Wendroff method : u( x, t +Δt) = u ( x, t) + ∂u∂t Δt + ∂2u∂t2 (Δt)22! + o (Δt )3 ; Apply: ∂u∂t = - a∂u∂x (a=speed of sound); uin+1