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  • Mutation Essay

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    MUTATION Introduction A mutation is any change occurring in the message that a gene carries. Mutations mainly arise as copy errors when DNA is replicated at mitosis and meiosis. Darwinian evolution requires a constant supply of variation: much of it is supplied by mutation, and a mutation-selection balance can maintain a genetic polymorphism. The first major geneticist to study mutation was H.J. Muller, who demonstrated it can be induced by X-rays. He also recognized that the rate of mutation

  • Are All Mutations Harmful? Essay

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    The statement ‘all mutations are harmful’ states that every mutation reaction that takes place on Earth are harmful to the reactant associates. The biological term for ‘mutation’ is ‘a permanent change to the nucleotide sequence of the genetic material of an organism’, which basically means ‘a permanent change in the DNA sequence of a gene’. Mutation is believed to be a factor in evolution. Mutations can be caused by errors being copied into the genetic material during cell division and exposure

  • Mutation Essay

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    A Mutation is a change in the DNA, the hereditary material of life. An organism's DNA affects how it looks, how it behaves, and its physiology. I believe more mutations are harmful then beneficial as they are more dangerous. Mutations are extremely harmful, they can be passed on from one generation to the next causing physical deformities and genetic diseases. Harmful mutations decrease an organisms chance of survival and reproduction. When individuals have an extra chromosome in the 21st chromosomal

  • Unit Four Science And Mutation Essay

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    mqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwwerty uiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdf ghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Earthquakes and Energy Unit 4 Natasha Simpson SC300-24:   Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation Instructor: Alireza AliabadiSeptember 20, 2011 | Earthquakes and Energy Unit 4 When viewing the map or recent earthquake activity it is clear that some regions experience more earthquakes than others. The most activity occurs around the

  • Real Life Mutation Essay

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    Real life Mutation I decided to look-up the genetic history of redheads because I thought it was interesting and also since I have 3 siblings with red hair, so this topic was important to me. What I didn’t know was that having red hair is a mutation of the 16th chromosome, of the MC1R protein. Hair color and skin color are decided by a pigment called melanin, there are two types of melanin: eumelanin which is brown-black and phaeomelanin which is a sort of reddish brown. People who are redheaded

  • Human Evolution Essay

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    Shelby Hammett Human Evolution Abstract An ongoing debate between the theory of evolution and creationism has plagued scientists, creationists, and the general public for decades. There are several ways for each theory to counter the other, as have been debated over the years. By testing ancient mtDNA from different species, many different phylogenic trees have been constructed as one way of interpreting these issues. Studying mitochondrial DNA has proven useful in illustrating the African origin

  • Human Essay

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    Humans (known taxonomically as Homo sapiens,[3][4] Latin for "wise man" or "knowing man")[5] are the only living species in the Homo genus.Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago.[6] Humans have a highly developed brain and are capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the hands for manipulating objects

  • Human Essay

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    Human Impact on Ecosystems Mr. Garside Mr. Jones Mr. Schumacher Mr. Wilcox © 2008 McDougal Littell Human Impact on Ecosystems I. As the human population grows, the demand for Earth’s resources increases. Human Impact on Ecosystems A. Earth’s human population continues to grow. 1. Earth’s human carrying capacity is unknown. Human Impact on Ecosystems 2. Technology has helped to increase Earth’s carrying capacity. a. gas-powered farm equipment b. medical advancements Human

  • Mutations Essay

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    Option #1 – Research a real-life mutation and create a mini-poster on it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A three-year-old Michigan boy is super-strong. He can move furniture, hold five-pound weights, and do sit-ups with ease. Liam Hoekstra likely has a condition called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy, which means his body has very little fat and enlarged muscle fibers that make him exceptionally

  • Human Essay

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    Human nature is unavoidable. In his novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding is making a profound statement on human nature. He is expressing mankind's essential illnesses through the boys on the island. Golding establishes that the nature of human beings is truly destructive, evil and savage. Before the boys arrive on the island is a beautiful tropical paradise untouched by civilization. When the boy's plane crashed a "long scar (was) smashed into the jungle" (p.1, Chapter 1) The island has been

  • Humans Essay

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    Anthropology – “Anthropos” and “Logos”; is the study of humans 4 Major Sub-Fields • 1) Biological Anthropology o Deals with our bodies/mammals in the primate order o Changing over long periods of time o Fossil records o Primates “are the closest human relatives” o Physical/biological differences in humans today – the study of human race o Evolution over 50 million years o Human health and diet • 2) Cultural Anthropology o Deals with human behavior o “Culture is behavior is learned o Ethnography

  • Humans Fear Humans Essay

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    Humans Fear Humans Maria Bagwell Freed Hardeman University Abstract Education is important throughout the lives of humans, especially when they are young and developing. One of the subjects taught throughout the twelve or thirteen years of school is communications and public speaking. It is necessary to be able to stand up in front of a small audience and speak. One day when job an opportunity is presented, one must be able to communicate and speak publicly in front of others they

  • Humans Essay

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    centuries before the coming of Jesus Christ. Before Genesis was put together, there were several major religions (Christianity had not yet emerged). Greeks, Hindus, Middle Eastern worlds, Egyptians and Mesopotamians all believed that everything and every human was made out of stuff that pre-existed and that they would recycle infinitely. According to them, time wasn’t important since everything would keep on coming back over and over again. Also, they thought that a person wasn’t entirely responsible

  • Genetic Mutations Essay

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    Genetic Mutations Linked to Stuttering News Article Report Genetic researchers have recently identified three genes that may play a role in stuttering. These researchers were from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This article, by Salynn Boyles, was found on in the Children’s Health section among many other gene specific research articles. It has been long suspected that genes play a role in the speech disorder. Stuttering tends to run in families and affects 3 million Americans

  • Humans Essay

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    Kurtz English, Per. 3 October 25, 2011 Humans are of minute existence; our physical being is nothing of importance to the world. What we look like, and how we work has no significant outcomes. Beyond the outside, beyond the image, and beyond what lies in what we see, we have something special hidden inside of us. I can’t exactly tell you what’s inside, but it’s a feeling, emotion, and dream. Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth we live on, the mere virtue of our lives are buried deep

  • Humans Essay

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    document is pasted below. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on the website, as replies to this email address cannot be retrieved. -------------------------------------------------------- Characteristics of Human and Non-Human PrimatesWhat makes a human a primate? A primate is defined by its many incredible features. A primate is a mammal that has certain characteristics such as: flexible fingers and toes, opposable thumbs, flatter face than other mammals, eyes that face forward

  • Female Mutation Essay

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    has no positive benefits and has been known to lead to disease, sexual confusion and even death. Female genital mutilation is a huge ethical issue beucase there is generally no informed consent and causes many serious health problems. It is also a human rights issue and should be worked towards stopping all together. There are obviously many health issues that occur due to this unethical process. Some short term health problems are bleeding or hemorrhaging, infection, pain and trauma. If the bleeding

  • Methods of Mutation Essay

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    Big Ideas in Science from Methods to Mutation SC300 Unit 4 Submitted by: Date: September 11th 2012 1. What patterns do you see in the distribution of earthquakes across the continental United States? When conducting research on the earthquake patterns across the United States, it becomes obvious that the majority of the earthquake activity in the continental U.S. centers on the western coastal region which includes California, Oregon, and Washington

  • Protein Synthesis and Mutations Essay

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    protein begins in the nucleus and ends in the cytoplasm. a.) Describe the process of protein synthesis in terms of molecular structure of the nucleic acids b.) Explain how a new phenotypic characteristic may result from a change in DNA (mutations) Proteins are used as a structural material in cells and in enzymes, and they have jobs to do in every part of an organism, even in the organism’s genes. The way in which proteins are created for the purpose of genetic inheritance is in protein

  • Mutation Essay

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    The Scars of Evolution Human beings, like all other species on this planet, have a history. We came into existence through a process of slow, grinding trial-and-error, occurring over geological time via the sieve of differential survival. And like all species, our bodies and our genes reflect and bear witness to that history. Far from being perfect, one-time creations, we still bear the scars of the evolutionary process that made us. This post will discuss some of the lines of evidence which hint

  • Mutations Essay

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    53.000 women. 2. Mutations can cause a change in the genetic structure of just about anyone. Those genetic changes can be inherited from the mother and the father and into the offspring causing them to have a series genetic change or one that isn’t even noticeable. Sometimes the offspring wont inherent the mutation but if it is inherited then sometimes the mutation can be dangerous for that person. Because these mutation can completely alter the genetic make up some mutation can cause the cells

  • Human Essay

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    Human Resource Management | Ryan Jordan, Stanislav Grozev, Marcus Smith | 23, July 2012 | Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. HRM can also be performed by line managers. HR came from the human relations movement, which began in the early 20th century due to work by Frederick Taylor in lean manufacturing. Taylor explored what he termed scientific

  • Mutation Essay

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    are three examples of mutations that occur in cells are single base substitutions, insertions and deletions, and chromosomal mutations. Each of these mutations causes damage to the DNA, which changes it and may seriously harm the cell. The first type of cell mutation is single base substitutions. This is when a single base changes, which is also called a point mutation. If the substitution is of the same kind, (purine to purine or pyrimidine to pyrimidine) the mutation is called a transition

  • Humans Essay

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    VIOLENT HATE CRIME IN SOUTH AFRICA Introduction This report is a submission to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) for consideration in its summary of stakeholder submissions for South Africa’s appearance before the thirteenth Universal Periodic Review session, scheduled from May 12—June 1, 2012. It is submitted jointly on behalf of the following organizations: • • • • • • • • • • • The Centre for Applied Psychology of the University of South Africa (South Africa)* The Consortium

  • Brca 1 & 2 Mutation Testing for Breast Cancer Essay

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    for 21 to 40% of these cases” (Jimenez-Johnson, 2009, p. 1). “More than 1,000 mutations in the BRCA1 gene have been identified, many of which are associated with an increased risk of cancer (particularly breast cancer in women). Most of these mutations lead to the production of an abnormally short version of the BRCA1 protein, or prevent any protein from being made from one copy of the gene. Other BRCA1 mutations change amino acids in the protein or delete large segments of DNA from the BRCA1

  • Human Evolution Essay

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    Human Evolution Steven Research Paper Biology/ Mr. Massimini Page 1 Evolution, for nearly a century, is a topic that has sparked debate, controversy, and speculation. Ideas from its original founder, Charles Darwin, still echo in the minds of scientists today. The basics of evolution are that a species will undergo it to overcome difficulties. However it seems to be that evolution wasn’t an orderly sequence, meaning that many things

  • Are They Human? Essay

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    Is Jared Dirac human? Are any of the Special Forces soldiers human? One of the main themes in John Scalzi’s novel The Ghost Brigades is whether the created Special Forces soldiers are human. But what does it mean to be human? Is it the idea of being able to think for your self and having free will or does it mean being born with the ability to have emotions and therefore have a soul. Or is it simply being created or born with human DNA and a human body. In the book the Special Forces are used as

  • Genetic Mutation and Skin Cancer Essay

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    type, i.e. fair, olive, African American/Black, Hispanic etc., all play a role in the risk of skin cancer development. With that being said, in reference to the first paragraphs statement alluding to weather skin cancer is an inherited gene mutation or if it is due to exposure to the UV light. Let’s take a closer look to make it clearer; most fair skin, light hair, freckled, and light eyed people have a higher risk of developing skin cancer. However they HAVE to be exposed to sun light in

  • Gene Mutation Essay

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    Activity Gene Mutations 1 Normal Condition a) AUGAAGCGGCAACCACAUCAUAAAAAGGGAACCAUGCCC b) Methionine, lysine, arginine, glutamine, proline, histidine, histidine, lysine, lysine, glycine, threonine, methionine, proline. 2 Mutation deletions a) AUGAAGCGGCACCACAUCAUAAAAGGGAACCAUCCC b) Methionine, lysine, arginine, histidine, histidine, isoleucine, isoleucine, lysine, arginine, glutamate, proline, cysteine, C-C c) The codon on the right end is incomplete and will attach to the next

  • Genetic Mutations Essay

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    with some mutations. These mutations are inherited from both parents. But, there are some mutations in life that you can also acquire throughout a person’s life. Mutations can happen at any time. Some mutations happen during cell division when the DNA gets duplicated, process of telomeres. But there are still other mutations that happen when the DNA gets damaged by either environmental factors like chemicals and viruses. Some mutations are bad for you, but there are some mutations that can help

  • Humans Essay

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    What Does It Mean To Be Human Essay #3 Tescia Bratcher Human Origins Submitted: 12/14/13 Morals, Journey, and growth. These three words are a huge part of my thoughts of “being human”. This essays purpose was to identify what it means to be human and what perspectives changed during the course of this class. In this paper I will be talking about the meaning of my existence as a human, where we came from, and the changes I have made in my thinking about existence. In the beginning of

  • Humans Essay

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    How Humans Impact Each Cycle EVS-1001 January 23, 2014 Humans impact to the carbon cycle with the circulation of the carbon among many living organisms and their environment as well. The carbon dioxide that is surrounded will be synthesized by the plants and their tissue that is swallowed by animals with transforming in to carbon dioxide again while living or dead. The humans affect this cycle with taking 40% from the photosynthetic effect of plants on land. Where there are burning fossil

  • Mutation Essay

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    Question: Discuss the issues related to genetic diversity: mutations, sexual reproduction, migration, and population size. Answer: Genetic diversity is the degree to which individuals in a population possess alternative alleles for characteristics. High genetic diversity in a population means population possesses many different kinds of alleles for each characteristic and low genetic diversity indicates that nearly all the individuals in the population have the same alleles. There are numerous

  • Human Essay

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    HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Denna Henderson Introduction to Human Resources Everest University October 14, 2013 Introduction This essay is designed to show the importance of Human Resource Management, and how it affects businesses worldwide. We will learn about the key aspects necessary for a successful human resource department, and how to make the business run in a compatible manner. Human Resource Management is a vital part of

  • Mutation Essay

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    strong odor in their sweat, urine, and breath. People with Trimethylaminuria experience depression and social isolation, which can be very hard on them in life. Trimethylaminuria is an uncommon genetic disorder; its incidence is unknown. Mutations in the FMO3 gene cause Trimethylaminuria. This gene (FMO3) provides instructions for making an enzyme that breaks down nitrogen-containing compounds from the diet, including trimethylamine. The strong body odor may result from an excess of certain

  • Mutation and Its Consequences Essay

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    Mutation and its consequences Mutations are unpredictable changes in genes, which are passed onto daughter cells, they can happen at any time but are most likely during DNA replication at interphase. There are 3 basic types of gene mutation: * Substitution – A nucleotide is replaced with one that has a different base; this only affects one amino acid so has less severe effects, if the substitution is on the third base of a codon it may have no effect as it doesn’t affect the amino acid coded

  • Human Essay

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    financial and human needs of our stakeholders: employees, franchisees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. To courageously ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. To meaningfully contribute to local, national and international communities in which we trade, by adopting a code of conduct which ensures care, honesty, fairness and respect. To passionately campaign for the protection of the environment, human and civil

  • Mutations and Cancer Essay

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    Unit 8 Assignment 1: Mutations and Cancer Hodgkin’s lymphoma, also known as Hodgkin’s disease, is “a cancer that starts in white blood cells” (American Cancer Society, 2014). These white blood cells, called lymphocytes, are a crucial part of the body’s immune system. Lymph nodes (clusters of lymphocytes) are found in numerous parts of the body including the chest, neck, abdomen and pelvis. Hodgkin’s lymphoma most often starts in the lymph nodes found in the upper part of the body (American Cancer

  • Uv Radiation Induces Mutation Essay

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    Arianna Seth Professor Birgit Woelker BIO 116 G1 Genetics October 17, 2014 To deduce if UV Radiation induced a mutation in the DNA of Serratia Marcescens and prevented the production of the red pigment called Prodigiosin. Hypothesis: Maybe the disappearance of red color in Serratia Marcescens is caused by the UV light which induces mutations in its DNA and is known as a common mutagen. Prediction: If UV light mutates the DNA of Serratia Marcescens then the red pigment colonies of

  • Mutations Essay

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    I choose to write about mutations because anything that has to do with genes and DNA is very fascinating to me. One mutation that has a negative effect on your body is Sickle-Cell anemia. Sickle cell anemia occurs through mutagenic effect. In order to get the disease you have to inherit to gene’s it from your parents. Your red blood cells are disc-shaped and move very easily through your blood vessels. Red blood cells carry hemoglobin and this protein takes oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the

  • Human Essay

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    age selective - urban populations are generally younger leading to raised levels of natural increase * Without economic growth there are problems with unemployment (up to 30%) and low living standards * Modern technology often substitutes human labour - many factories have relatively little employment * Unskilled jobs are very low paid * Dual Economy consists of the formal and informal economies. Formal economy is often foreign-owned and tends to only cater for an elite population

  • How Mutation Affect Dna 3 D Structure Essay

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    How mutation affects a 3d DNA model. DNA contains the information which makes each person unique. It is found in the nucleus of the cell. Nucleic acid is the basic of unit of DNA. It exist as a double strand helix molecule. Each strand has a sugar phosphate backbone and a complementary base pair. The strands are held together by hydrogen bonding (non- covalent) between paired bases, adenine (A) with thymine (T) and guanine (G) with cytosine (C). DNA plays a great role in protein synthesis, because

  • Human Essay

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    1995, and they continue to surface at a quickening pace. I intend this book to be a companion volume to Emotional Intelligence, exploring the same terrain of human life from a different vantage point, one that allows a wider swath of understanding of our personal world. When I wrote Emotional Intelligence, my focus was on a crucial set of human capacities within an individual, the ability to manage our own emotions and our inner potential for positive relationships. Here the picture enlarges beyond

  • Human Essay

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    Therertrt are many factors that affect human comfort in the internal built environment. Human comfort is affected by thermal factors; physical factors and personal factors. Another factor that can affect human comfort is sound of the environment around tghghem. The final factor that affects the human comfort is the visual of the room and the light intensity. There are ways to measure the physical factors that affect human thermal comfort, the sound comfort and the visual comfort. The average temperature

  • Mutation on Genes Essay

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    c. What would be the sequence of the mRNA after this sequence is transcribed? d. How many amino acids does this portion of Henry's coding stand actually code for? In the first mutation of the CYP2C9 gene described in Henry's story, the 1075th nucleotide has been changed from an adenine (A) to a cytosine (C). This mutation converts an ATT triplet code in the coding strand of the DNA molecule to CTT. Beginning with this triplet code on the DNA, describe the effect that this change would have on the

  • Novel Cenpj Mutation Causes Seckel Syndrome Essay

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    Preclass 18 Novel CENPJ mutation causes Seckel syndrome 1. How was the reading experience? Provide examples from the reading experience. The reading experience for this paper was straighter forward compared to the previous reading and the material became easier to comprehend after going through it again. Knowing more about the functions CENPJ and how it relates to Seckel syndrome and microcephaly in humans makes the material easier to understand. 2. Write at least 3 terms used in the paper

  • Humans Essay

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    views, depending on our age, social status and personal qualities. As for me, at this stage of my life I can’t say it for sure that my personal philosophy is complete and well-shaped. In my research paper I want to express my views on several sides of human life. I’d like to attract attention to such concepts as sense of life and happiness, good and evil, morality and faith in God, love and death, eternal life values, karma and religion. I’ll answer the questions what love and happiness mean for me personally

  • Mutations and Cancer Essay

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    Unit 8. Assignment 1. Mutations and Cancer Breast Cancer, this cancer can be passed down from parent to child. This type of cancer is actually a genetic mutation. However, the child who has the cells isn’t necessarily going to get the cancer. In the hereditary cases of breast cancer, the cancer cell can be found in BRCA 1, and BRCA 2 cells, the cells are called breast cancer gene 1 and breast cancer gene 2. Breast cancer gene abnormalities account for 10% of breast cancer cases, this is 1 out of

  • Mutations Essay

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    Lesson 03.06 Mutation Lianna Jones 8/11/15 Mrs. Swider 1.Describe how mutations lead to genetic variations. By producing random changes in an organism's genetic code. This causes a different protein to be produced, or none at all. Usually has a negative effect, due to an important protein, e.g. an enzyme, not being produced, so the organism cannot do a certain thing (e.g. digest fats), occasionally makes an organism better able to survive (positive effect). This means that it is more likely

  • 3.06 Mutations Essay

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    Mutations produce random changes in an organism’s genetic code. Mutations can occur in non- reproductive cells and not be passed down to the next generation, therefore they will not contribute to genetic variation. Only mutations that occur in reproductive cells are passed down to the next generations and contribute to genetic variation. If the offspring inherits a copy of the mutated DNA, the effects of the mutation won’t be in the offspring’s phenotype if it is located on a recessive allele. If