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    Chennai Mathematical Institute Entrance Examination for B.Sc. (Mathematics & Computer Science) May 2010 Duration: 3 hours Maximum Score: 100 PART A Instructions: • There are 13 questions in this part. Each question carries 4 marks. • Answer all questions. 1. Find all x ∈ [−π, π] such that cos 3x + cos x = 0. 2. A polynomial f (x) has integer coefficients such that f (0) and f (1) are both odd numbers. Prove that f (x) = 0 has no integer solutions. 3. Evaluate: n − n xk k=1 x→1 1−x e−1/x (b) lim x→0

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    15 September 2009 The Comparison and Contrast of a Popular and Scientific Article After reading both 'Survival of the Cutest' Proves Darwin Right, a popular source and Large-Scale Diversification of Skull Shape in Domestic Dogs: Disparity and Modularity an academic source by Chris Klingenberg and Abby Drake I have come across differences and similarities. They had a lot of similarities but also a lot of major differences. Differences, being the main subject matter. They are similar in purpose,

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    Hai giám đốc điều hành của United và Continental Airlines tuyên bố rằng các nhà cung cấp dịch vụ kết hợp sẽ được hưởng lợi từ tiết kiệm của năm ít nhất 1 tỷ USD và từ các khoản thu thêm đáng kể khi tích hợp hoạt động được hoàn thành vào năm 2013. Vai trò Trong năm 2010, United Airlines và Continental Airlines thông báo ý định của họ để hợp nhất các hoạt động của mình trong một thỏa thuận USD3 tỷ đồng để thành lập hãng hàng không lớn nhất thế giới. Sự kết hợp sáp nhập các hãng hàng không hai sẽ

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    Informative Email Now I know how you see in this office building there are four floors. We only occupy one floor out of the four floors. The only time we go off of this floor is to go take our break in the break room all the way downstairs. Why not have our own break room on your own floor? If we can install you and your employees a break room on your floor you would have to worry about the awkward silence when your trying to enjoy your break with someone you might have never seen before sitting

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    In fact, abstract photography is a direct outcome of the earlier abstract art form that was made famous by many noted artists. Nearly everyone at some point of time has had a brush with this genre of photography and as we will see later in this article, has appreciated or collected the abstract photographs. What is it really and is it the same as Abstract Art? As the name implies "abstract" denotes what can be interpreted but not seen. The art form is many times debated to be complex and difficult

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    Week Three Assignment Two: Letter of Advice Research Jayson H. Jackson COM 200: Interpersonal Communication Instructor: Latricia Carter 1/23/2012 Letter of Advice Research When giving advice of a newly engaged couple, the first item that I would explain to this couple is the importance of interpersonal communication with each other. Every item should be a group effort and talking to each other is the key. Interpersonal communication is the number one item in a healthy relationship

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    determine the picture’s mood; however, each view also has its own shortcomings. The vertical axis determines the status of the viewer; a high viewpoint gives an elevated status while providing an abundance of information, such as many of the renowned Dutch master, Peter Bruegel’s street view paintings. In these street views, the high viewpoint gives a large angle view of the cityscape, providing a wealth of characters in the city. Yet, this high view deployed by Bruegel, also never brings the viewer

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    aid. Reference Page 2009, May 4 Occupational Employment Statistics 2009, October 18 Network and Computer Systems Administrator 2009, May 4 Occupational Employment Statistics 2009, May 4 Occupational outlook handbook, 2008-09 edition . Bhattacharjee, A. 2006, November 18 The

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    Moberg and Romar said, “In many ways, WorldCom is just another case of failed corporate governance, accounting abuses, and outright greed.” When I read this the first thing that came to me is why would they use the word “greed”? While reading the article more in-depth, I agreed with them. I believe that they were absolutely getting pressured from investors who wanted to see more from the company, and they company itself wanted to be able to grow and show their investors that they are capable of functioning

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    Positive Media in the Courtroom Expository Essay Elizabeth Schmidt Com / 150 April 4, 2010 Lorraine O’Donnell Axia College University of Phoenix Positive media in the courtroom Through this information I will try to inform you on the positive aspects of having any kind of media in the courtrooms. Even though there are people who think that media shouldn’t be in the courtroom because of the privacy issues, there are still so many reasons why it

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    Annotated Bibliography COM 220 June 21, 2012 Annotated Bibliography Morrow, A. (2012). What are the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana?. Retrieved from I believe this Source is a great source to use for my research paper due to the fact that the information being presented on this page is summarized and does not show any type of biased information. This article was created by a registered

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    HTTP preko SSL protokola (HTTPS) POVZETEK Seminarska naloga predstavlja sistem delovanja in vzpostavljanja varnih povezav med brskalnikom in spletnim strežnikom z uporabo HTTPS. Ključne besede: HTTPS, SSL, MITM, varen internetni protokol,… KAZALO 1 UVOD 1 2 HTTP 2 2.1 Kaj je HTTP 2 2.2 Vrste in razlike HTTP protokola 2 2.3 Kako deluje HTTP 2 3 HTTP z SSL 4 3.1 Kaj je SSL? 4 3.2 Kako deluje SSL 4 3.3 Rokovanje 5 3.4 Potek vzpostavitve enosmerne varne povezave

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    of becoming “dot-com millionaires or billionaires (Smith, 2012), but such expectations led to the “Dot-Com Bubble” or what is known as the Internet Bubble”. In Robert J Shiller’s book, Irrational Exuberance, the study of many factors which influenced the boom, skyrocketing after 1995 is discussed and I will like to discussed in this paper three of these factors (Internet Culture; Effect of the News Media and A New Era of Economic thinking); the influence of the World Wide Web (www) on the bubble and

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    Home is Where the Meth is Raymond Mallett Com-172 May 1, 2012 Judy Morency Home is Where the Meth is The main culprit for a speedy high during the 1980s and 1990s, crack cocaine has taken a back seat to the latest growing drug epidemic, Methamphetamine (meth), known for its ability to overcome users and turn them into addicts after one use. This highly addictive stimulant increases dopamine into the brain

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    ©2012 Louis Chatriot, Stanislas Marion, Charles Migliei is version was published on 2012-04-29 is is a Leanpub book, for sale at: Leanpub helps authors to self-publish in-progress ebooks. We call this idea Lean Publishing. To learn more about Lean Publishing, go to: To learn more about Leanpub, go to: Contents Preface Who Is this Book For? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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    JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE of Holmes, Christopher R.J. (Vol.2)“God’s Attributes as God’s Clarities: Wolf Krotke Doctrine of the Divine Attributes.” International Journal of Systematic Theology (January 2008), p.54-72. Choses topic for JAC 1: Attributes of God THEO 525 LUO (Winter 2012) Systematic Theology I Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Jason T. January 01, 2012 Introduction and Summary In the article, “God’s Attributes as God’s Clarities: Wolf Krotke’s Doctrine

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    Relate the topic to those around the audience • Be realistic in what you can accomplish o Unreceptive  Six strategies: • Don’t immediately announce plans • Discuss agreement before disagreement • Don’t expect major change • Acknowledge opposing views • Establish strong credibility • Make understanding the goal  Try to make the audience move from the ‘total rejection’ point to a little bit closer to your point Organize persuasive speeches • Four patterns: o Problem-Solution o Refutation

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    Ignatius of Loyola The founder of the Jesuits. Ghetto A separate part of Venice reserved for Jews. Sect A religious group that has broken away from an established church. Henry VII Was made the "only supreme head on Earth of the Church of England." Cannonize To make someone a catholic saint. Anabaptists called for... religious toleration and separation of church and state. Who was executed for opposing the Act of Supremacy? (Sir) Thomas More In 1545, the Council of Trent

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    * The first article I choose to read was “Keep Your Dog Healthy”. * 1. What characteristics make these essays expository? * * The characteristics that make this article as an expository essay are how the author explains to choose a vet wisely and to have a good relationship with the vet. Also, how this article stays on topic about ways to help make and keep a dog healthy. It explains what to do and how often to do it. * 2. Identify the type of organization each author

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    In this example i m going to describe how to create crystal reports in ASP.NET. In this i am generating report by fetching data from two tables and grouping them based on Project Name. Database tables are just for demo purpose you can create your own tables with whatever schema you want Two tables are as shown below. Create a new website and right click on solution explorer > add new Item > Select Crystal Report In the dialog box choose blank report.   Now click on CrystalReports

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    you can print each chapter by clicking on the Downloads tab. If you have Study Pass, click on the print icon within Study View to print out your notes and highlighted sections. Search: To search, use the text box at the bottom of the book. Click a search result to be taken to that chapter or section of the book (note you may need to scroll down to get to the result). View Full Student FAQs Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailShare on gmailShare on stumbleuponShare on favoritesShare

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    Com 9 12/11/12 CASE STUDY 1. Shawna and Ray started to argue because she had set up an appointment with a client during the time she was supposed to watch the kids while ray worked on grading papers before heading out to his mothers birthday party. Ray got mad and reminded her about the arrangements they had made and Shawna had completely forgot. He told her that she better call and reschedule the appointment and that she always puts her career before the family. Shawna became angry, she

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    COM 156 Assignment 1 There are many challenges that could arise when writing a paper, for example one big challenge that a writer faces is effectively researching the topic. In order to effectively research a topic the writer must first allow him or herself enough time to make sure the research is effective and correct so their paper has a full body. Another challenge

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    Saving for retirement is vital. Social Security will be insolvent for future needs COM/172 Planning for retirement is one of the most important endeavors that anyone can take on, yet so many people fail to make adequate preparations. Saving for retirement is vital. Social Security will be insolvent for future needs (, 2010). The details involved in this plan have numerous factors to consider when looking ahead to the time of retirement age. Social Security will not have the funds

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    childhood research and practice, 3 (2), 1-14. Retrieved from Kearns, K. (2012). Supporting education: The teaching assistant’s handbook. Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Education. Lee, J., & Fox, J. (2009). Children’s communication and socialization skills by types of early education experiences: Journal of research in childhood education, 23.(4), 475-488. Retrieved from

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    Government 2302 Critical Thinking Article Project 2 -Government in Current Events The principles of American Government are present in the daily activities reported in the news media. The effects of political culture, interest groups and state government. The concepts presented in our classroom are not stagnant, they are part of decisions that our federal, state and local leaders make on our behalf every day. This assignment is designed to assess your understanding of concepts presented

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    the buses. Most of the bus operators don’t agree with the strict measures taken but if they do not abide by these laws their vehicles will be impounded. Today at school it was the topic being discussed the most and I even had the chance to hear the views of Mrs. Downey, my favorite teacher on the topic. I asked “Mrs. Downey what do you think about the steps taken to ban these gun and explicit songs?”, she said “Well Jared, I could not have heard any better news. The filthy songs being played on out

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    COM Research Assignment Student Name: Van Nguyen Instructor: Click here to enter text. Date: Click here to enter a date. Specific Purpose Statement: What are you doing your speech on? Possible Search Terms: Click here to enter keywords. ------------------------------------------------- 1. Find a Book using our online catalog: A. Book Title: Click here to enter book title. Evaluate this book. Is there information from this source that you can use in your speech? Why

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    Gastric Bypass versus Healthy Eating Michelle Barbour COM/155 May 07, 2013 James Nobis Gastric Bypass versus Healthy Eating Gastric Bypass has taken off as the new way to lose weight and get healthy. The important question one should ask though, is this the best way to get healthy? You can get the same results from healthy eating. To do this you need to change the foods you eat. Although gastric bypass seems like the easier way, healthy eating is a healthier solution for life. Healthy

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    device is attached to two or more networks in an internet and that performs routing and relaying of data between end systems. The most common examples of intermediate systems are bridges and routers. The figure shows the intermediate system in the HTTP specification. The specifications are proxy, gateway and tunnel. These specifications are described in the above figure. Proxy server is a computer that offers a computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other

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    ____ Evaluating Scholarly Articles Worksheet Please type answers to the following questions. Please be sure to number your answers to coordinate with the questions are listed below. Handwritten answers will not be accepted. Completing this worksheet is worth 50 possible points. Questions 1 - 7 focus on the information you will need to generate an APA citation for the scholarly journal article. 1. What is the name of the article? The name of the article is “Associations Between Online

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    to strip them of their identity, and deny them of their culture. I am a Catholic Filipino American female, a student, sister, aunt, cousin, friend who enjoys playing tennis, traveling, cooking and basically everything that ends in –ing. In the article, Understanding Whiteness in the United States, Martin declared that “our identities are expressed through norms and labels-the communicative behaviors and terms that reflect the core symbols or priorities of our group-associated identities”. I am

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    Best Game Productions: An Analysis David Canola December 11, 2012 University of Phoenix COM/357 Prof. Dennis Boedeker The video game console industry is one, which continues to grow at a rapid rate. Currently, we are witnessing the second generation of the video game consoles, the leaders companies being Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Wherever there is such a market, with an opportunity for growth and a fierce rivalry, the internal and external factors will always have to be exploited and

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    us to see if, and how, the self-fulfilling prophecy affects people. 2. Summary of the script of the presentation: storyboard This will be a shot of the city The Hague to view different situations about Dutch people like riding bikes, eating stroopwafels, being blond… This will be a shot of the city The Hague to view different situations about Dutch people like riding bikes, eating stroopwafels, being blond… A shot of our school. A shot of our school. We want to ask questions to different

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    as body | |Summarize the information |audience to understand |writing and main points |Double check all data and|Check that all guideline | |Begin the writing process |their views. |Avoid and eliminate |figures used in the |requirements have been met.| | |Add views to draft |prejudice language |writing. | | Corporate Office Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 January 12, 2014 Joan Smith

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    Harley-Davidson: Change or die! University of Phoenix COM/530 Harley-Davidson: Change or die! Harley-Davidson is celebrating their 110th anniversary this year and is still dominating as the world’s most popular line of touring motorcycles (Newswire, 2013). The major shift in product development and leaner manufacturing costs focused on what biker enthusiasts prefer, leading to “Project RUSHMORE” campaign. RUSHMORE focuses on rider wants and desires and is proving itself to be successful

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    student, please use it as a research. Do not copy and paste. Thanks, MM. Go to the EBSCO-Host Academic database. Find a recent research article from a scholarly journal in the field of psychology. It must have been published less than twelve (12) years ago. Be sure to select an article for which the full-text is available. This will be your “target article”. Actual journals for which full-text is available include Advances in Cognitive Psychology, British Journal of Social Psychology, Journal

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    OIL prices on SEPT. 5. (2012). MENA Report,  Retrieved from Douglas, D. (2012, Jan 30). Fuel economy, alternative fuel cars dominate auto show talks. The Washington Post. Retrieved from Yoder, E. (2012, August 9). Fleets Expanding Use of Fuel Efficient Vehicles.  The Washington Post, p.B.4.   Retrieved from

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    Poor Communication Evelyn Bradford COM200 Thora Greaves 5/12/14 After reading Close Relationships Sometimes Mask Poor Communication, I feel like this article gave great examples on how love ones can easily misunderstand each other. In a couple of studies, researchers have shown that for many people, couple communication skills with each other aren’t as strong as they think they are. Sometimes what we say can easily be taken the wrong way. For example, my fiancé and I often have misconnections

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    What’s equally impor- INsTaNT DELayED facE-TO-facE TELEPHONE/ cELL PHONE INsTaNT MEssaGE cOLLaBORaTION TOOL E-MaIL ELEcTRONIc DOcUMENT vOIcE MaIL WRITTEN DOcUMENT TExT MEssaGE 2 Harvard Business review May 2011 For ArTICLe rePrINTS CALL 800-988-0886 or 617-783-7500, or vISIT Repeat to succeed Managers without formal power sent more redundant messages than managers with formal power, but also got tasks done faster and with fewer hiccups. Managers with power

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    1 COM 3702 MEDIA STUDIES Policy management and media representation Semester 1,2014 Student number : 3356-7514 2 I, the undersigned, hereby declare that this is my own and personal work, except where the works or publications of others have been acknowledged by mean of reference techniques. I have read and understood Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301, regarding technical and presentation requirements, referencing techniques and plagiarism. Name: Bonita Europa Student Number: 33567514

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    COM 156 Week 7 Exercises Please select and highlight the correct answer. One question has more than one right answer.  Parallelism (In one through five you want to choose the answer that is written using parallelism) 1. Please choose the correct answer: Jenny is going to travel to France, will study in Italy and will be finishing her studies in Spain. Jenny is going to travel to France, study in Italy, and finish her studies in Spain.   2. Please choose the correct answer:

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    Normand. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved 11/12/14. Crawford, Krysten. Sept. 23, 2005. Ebbers gets 25 years. CNN Money. Retrieved 11/11/14. Crossley, Angela. Oct.27, 2008. Case Analysis of the Accounting Fraud at WorldCom. Scribd. Biz Ethics-Accounting Fraud at WorldCom. Retrieved 11/15/14.

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    ARTICLES There are only three articles in English: a, an and the. There are two types of articles indefinite 'a' and 'an' or definite 'the'.  Indefinite articles - a and an  * A and an are the indefinite articles. They refer to something not specifically known to the person you are communicating with. A and an are used before nouns that introduce something or someone you have not mentioned before:- to refer to something for the first time, For example "I saw an elephant this morning

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    cost effective way to monitor PR activity is to manually collect articles from printed publications or websites. Services, such as Google News, offer a relatively easy and free way to track coverage that's posted online. However, collecting and clipping articles can be time consuming, especially for a small business owner. Professional clipping services can assume this burden, but at a price. Equally important to the number of articles generated is the effectiveness of the coverage.  Were your key

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    over a million first-generation biracial babies have been born since then (Root, 1996). This increase in biracial births is also true among non-black/white and biethnic babies, such as white/Hispanic, Hispanic/Asian, and white/Native American. This article will address the needs of all young children whose biological parents come from two or more traditional racial/ethnic groups (Cruz-Janzen, 1997) and discuss the terms multiracial and multiethnic. Multicultural Education Multicultural books, college

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    添真址不成功 打开的网址放入部分域名找不到 点开按钮,网址不出现 弹窗太多了,com_kunena/Itemid,2/func,post/ 后台有部分资源需要使用代理才能打开,可不可以有个记录,把用代理能打开的资源和不用代理就能打开的资源区分开来,这样感觉好,因为同一批资源有的能用代理打开有的不能用,为了都能发,要连上或打开,很是费事。 我这网址明明是正确的? 我这的 某些按钮反应好慢,如果着急点了的话,待会儿马上就一直出现弹窗今天有半个小时是这样,网线连得好好的,可能是网速的问题,后台的按钮点了,也出不来资源,急。 这个是资源录入没录好么?这后台还是前几天的比较好用,好像是因为改了一个东西就导致其他问题的出现了,那如果你记得以前是怎么设置的,那不就差不多了吗 我发的好的资源还要我找 我刚才用了后台,感觉不错,只是我经常自己先不去判断这个资源要用什么样的锚文本,然后发现是错的,又重新选择锚文本,又重新修改帖子。 而且听老板说什么,如果一个资源没用文章的话,可能出现问题,所以就是说要一个个弄,不让有些文章的值会获取有问题。

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    due to scattering are caused by such imperfections in the core material and irregularities between the junction and cladding REFERENCES: 1. Progress in Electromagnetics Research, PIER 74, 379–405, 2007. 2. 3. fiber.html

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    Journal Article Critique CNSL5153 Prairie View A&M University September 12, 2015 Journal Article Critique Koh, H. K., Graham, G., & Glied, S. A. (2011). Reducing racial and ethnic disparities: The action plan from the department of health and human services. Health Affairs, 30(10), 1822-9. Retrieved from The article, “Reducing racial and ethnic disparities: The action plan from the department

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    The philosophical views of Plato and Aristotle compared The world of the ancient Greeks was one of growing intellectual research and was the cradle for some of the greatest minds in western thought. In this vigorous and animated intellectual atmosphere of that ancient world there were none more notable academic figures than Plato and his student Aristotle and they still are the two most influential figures in the history of Western thought. Both of them admired Socrates and his spirit of open-minded


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